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Vida Futura


We might be barking up the wrong tree when we say that MATTYSTUNTZ is one of the most influential FPV guys when it comes to innovative style but it's just true. See for yourself in this forest freestyle where he effortlessly dives pine trees and dodges branches in the snow.

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BLACK BIRD FPV - The last JUICE of Summer

Black Bird FPV

Black Bird FPV gets in that last juice of summer down to the very last drop in this epic freestyle session. The transitioning colors of the trees he rips are about as lit as his FPV skills — and those are on fire! Chase up the trees with Black Bird FPV to get a taste of that juice!

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Join FPV master airblastr while he races through the woods chasing a professional mountain biker! The lines and cinematic shots he's able to capture are one of a kind, as they were taken at a super-high speed that's only possible with a nimble, yet lightning-fast racing drone. This cruise through the woodland track around the biker will blow your mind (and perhaps push your heart rate up a few clicks as well). This video is a 2nd Annual Drone Video Awards' FPV Freestyle Technical nominee.


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Sunset in a Forest

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600 Years Old Trees

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My New Favourite Spot

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New Year, Same Me

Wild Willy FPV
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Become Free

  • PShaw
    • 1.3k VŪZ
    • 27
    • 28
  • 2 years ago
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The last lipo

  • Gab707
    • 515 VŪZ
    • 19
    • 10
  • 10 months ago
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Forest Freestyle Fun!

  • MGfpv
    • 122 VŪZ
    • 14
    • 5
  • 9 months ago
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