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Finland Aerial Tour


Finland Compilation Video

DroneTV: P...

Take an aerial tour of Finland in this compilation video, which was created using some of the best footage from the "Aerial Views of Finland" collection.  The video features footage from the cities of Helsinki and Tempere, the lakes of the Southern Savonia Region, the open expanses of Lapland, and more.  

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Helsinki: Finnish Capital City


Helsinki Morning 4K

Riband Kur...

Enjoy this marvelous aerial tour of the Finnish capital of Helsinki, compliments of contributor and pilot Riband Kurd.  Situated on the north side of the Gulf of Finland (an inlet of the Baltic Sea), Helsinki is the center of the fourth-largest urban area in Scandinavia after Copenhagen, Stockholm, and Oslo.  It's also distinguished as being the northernmost metropolitan area in the world.  The video features footage of some of the city's top sights, including Senate Square, the Government Palace, and Helsinki Cathedral.

Three Spots in Wintertime Lapland



Eaglewood ...

Drone pilot and AirVūz contributor Eaglewood Pictures created this stunning aerial film of Lapland, Finland's largest and most northern region.  Snow falls in Lapland as early as late August with the thickest snowfall being in early April. The video features footage of Riisitunturi National Park in the municipality of Posio; Pyhä-Luosto National Park in the central part of Lapland; and  Ruka Ski Resort in Kuusamo, near Finland's eastern border with Russia. This video earned a Drone Video of the Week nomination in March 2021. 

Autumn in Lapland


Remains of the Fall (in Lapland, Finland 2019)


Enontekiö is a municipality in the Lapland region of northern Finland.  Enontekiö occupies a sort of "land peninsula" which is sandwiched between Sweden to the south and west and Norway to the north.  The region is one of the most sparsely populated in Europe: covering almost 8k square km (around 3k square mi.), it's home to fewer than 2,000 inhabitants.   Contributor timoksanen was nominated for the Drone Video of the Week for this beautiful Fall piece from this magical spot well above the Arctic Circle.  

Lapland's Enontekiö Peninsula


Remains of the Fall 2021 in Hetta, Enontekiö (Finland)


Here's a beautiful aerial view of Fall in the storied Finnish region of Lapland, compliments of former Drone Video of the Week Finalist timoksanen.  It was filmed near the village of Hetta in the municipality of Enontekiö, an appendage of northwestern Finland which is sandwiched between the territory of Sweden and Norway. Popular with cross-country skiers, this is some of the most remote territory in continental Europe: during the off-season, the nearest operating airport is about a two hour drive away.  

Turku: Former Capital City


Turku 4K tilt-shift


Turku is a Finnish city on the southwestern coast of the country, near where the Aura River empties into the Baltic Sea.  Turku has a storied history; it is the oldest city in Finland, was its capital until 1812, and remained its largest city for decades after that.  While it has since been surpassed by Helsinki and other cities, Turku remains a significant center for Finnish culture.  Contributor and pilot Nikkelodeon used a DJI Phantom 4 drone to create this amazing aerial view of his hometown.

Endless Days: Lake in Southern Savonia


Bright Days, White Nights


If you look at a map of southern Finland, you won't be able to count all the lakes you see - big, small, connected, there are tens of thousands of them.  In this amazingly cinematic piece by top AirVuz contributor and multiple Drone Video of the Week Finalist timoksanen, you will see just one of these lakes: Lake Lääminki in the municipality of Kangasniemi in the Southern Savonia region.  Not especially large or notable, the lake was filmed with a combination of drone and ground camera footage on one of the longest days of the year.

Lapland: Levi


KopterCam: Winter in Levi, Finland


Finnish drone pilot and AirVuz contributor Koptercam created this amazing aerial video of the Levi skiing and recreational area of Lapland in Northern Finland.  Located north of the Arctic Circle, it's Finland's largest ski resort.  Using a DJI Inspire drone with a DJI X5 camera, much of the film is tracking a group of snowmobilers trekking through the Scandinavian winter wonderland.  If nothing else, it will help you to understand why Lapland and Christmas are so often mentioned in the same breath.

Porvoo: Finnish Medieval Town


Old Porvoo fly through


Contributor and pilot Porvoo brings us this beautiful drone video of one of the oldest towns in Finland.  Porvoo is located on Finland's southern coast, just a bit to the east of Helsinki and bit north of the coastline on the Gulf of Finland.  It's a very well preserved medieval town, one of just a half dozen or so which remain intact in this Scandinavian country.  The town was established by Swedish colonists in the 13th or 14th centuries.  It was partly destroyed by a fire in the mid-18th century.  

Fall in Kilpisjärvi, Municipality of Enontekiö


Kilpisjärvi autumn colours (September 2020)


Former Drone Video of the Week Finalist timoksanen brings us this spectacular drone video from Finland's Lapland region at the height of the Fall colors season.  The video was filmed around the town of Kilpisjärvi, which is part of the municipality of Enontekiö in the far northwestern corner of this Scandinavian country.  Filmed with a DJI Mavic Pro 2 drone, it was filmed in mid-September, with the short summer already a distant memory.   The latitude here is about 69 degrees north, putting it well inside the Arctic Circle.  

Aerial Tour of Lapland


The Art of Drones - Lapland Finland 4k

The Art Of...

The Art of Drones created this stunning drone video of Lapland (sometimes called Lappi), Finland's northernmost province.  Located above the Arctic Circle, Lapland has become synonymous with the Christmas holiday in many countries.  Filmed in winter, the video provides a glorious aerial view of this magical, quintissential Scandinavian world, including stunning views of endless snow-covered forests and ski resorts which dot the region.  Lapland covers roughly the northern third of the country. 

Lapland in Winter


Lapland in February 2018


Lapland is an official region of northern Finland.  Much of it lies above the Arctic Circle.  It's a land of dense forests, thousands of lakes, and endless winters.  Lapland may present the ultimate winter landscape, and for this reason it is closely associated with Christmas in certain countries.  Top contributor and pilot Timoksaken, who has some of the best drone videos of Finland to be found anywhere, created this stunning aerial picture of Lapland's Kolari and Muonio in the heart of winter. .  

The Finnish Lakeland


Lääminki Summer Views (2021 edition)


Former Drone Video of the Week Finalist timoksanen brings us this stunning drone video of a lake in southern Finland.  It's called Lääminki, and it's located a bit east of Jyväskylä in the region known as the Finnish Lakeland.  The Finnish Lakeland is one of the world's largest lake districts; one of the country's four natural regions, it's home to many of Finland's 188,000 lakes.  The video was created with a mix of aerial footage (shot with a DJI Air 2S drone) as well as ground camera footage.  

Fall in Lapland's Kittilä


Autumn in Kittilä, Lapland (September 2023)


Former DVOW Finalist timoksanen brings us this stunning early Fall video from the Lapland region of Finland.  The video was filmed along the Kapsajoki and Loukinen Rivers in the municipality of Kittilä, in the far northern part of the country.  Not far from the Swedish and Norwegian borders, and well within the Arctic Circle, this area has become a popular tourist destination.  Not in the winter, though: Kittilä was the location of the coldest temperature ever recorded in Finland - minus 61 degrees Farenheit (-52 degrees Celsius)! 

Exploring Northern Finland


Exploring Finland with Hertz in 4K

Planet Pix...

The duo behind the AirVuz profile Planet Pixels take us on another drone adventure, but this time it's on a road trip through Northern Finland. In collaboration with the car rental company, Hertz, they gathered aerial views of travel on roads that weave through Finland's transitioning landscapes.  Its vast forests and countless lakes make it one of the most pristine wilderness areas in Europe.  From autumn to winter, their aerial footage explores a range of wondrous sights in this giant Scandinavian country.

Wintertime in Uusimaa


Luukki, Helsinki, Finland in 4K

Richard Be...

Top AirVuz contributor Richard Beresford Harris brings us this spectacular wintertime drone video from greater Helsinki, Finland.  The video was filmed over the Luuki Recreation Area and the Nuuksio National Park, both of which lie a bit to the north of Espoo, Helsinki's "twin" city to its west.  Covered in dense forests and dotted with hundreds of lakes, these are very popular getaways for the roughly 1.5 million people who call the Greater Helsinki Metropolitan Area their home.  They form part of the region of Uusimaa.  

Winter in Turku and Lieto, Southern Finland


Winter Moments (in Turku and Lieto, Finland)


Top AirVuz contributor and multiple Drone Video of the Week Finalist timoksanen brings us this magnificent wintertime drone video from southern Finland.  The first part of the video was filmed in Turku, at the mouth of the River Aura.  The remainder of the video was filmed around the town of Lieto, which lies about 15 km (around 9 mi.) northeast of Turku; like much of this giant Scandinavian country, it's largely forest-covered.  The video incorporates both drone and ground camera footage, the former from a DJI Mavic Pro 2 drone.  

Lapland in Autumn


RUSKA (Autumn in Lapland)


The celebration of the transitional colors of autumn is recognized differently in various parts of the world.  In Lapland, the northernmost region of Finland, this colorful seasonal transformation is described with its own word.  "Ruska" not only aptly describes these beautiful hues of fall, it's also the name of this remarkable video by top contributor Timoksanen.  His stunning use of DJI products like the Phantom 4 Pro, Mavic Pro, Ronin S, and OSMO+ created this stunning footage of this storied region north of the Arctic Circle.

Windsurfing Frozen Saimaai


Cooler Windsurfing

  • MM FPV
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  • almost 5 years ago

Winters in Scandinavia can seem endless, and many Scandinavians have developed ways to make the elements work for them.  Witness this fantastic first person view (FPV) video from contributor and FPV pilot karlsson on the roof.  It captures a winter version of windsurfing on a very frozen Lake Saimaa in Finland.  The lake is enormous, covering 4.4k square km (1.7k square mi.) in the southeastern part of the country.  The temperature during filming is reported at around 0 Celsius, but that's before the effect of the 20-30 knot winds.  

Finland's Finland-Shaped Lake


Neitokainen - lake shaped like Finland


If a country known in part for its lakes makes an artificial lake, what shape should it be?  The shape of the country, right?  Top contributor and pilot Timoksanen created an amazing drone video of Neitokainen, an artificial lake in Finland.  Using a DJI Mavic Pro Drone, he gives us a bird's eye view of this lake designed and constructed in the early 1990's. Look at a map while watching the video; you will see for yourself it looks like Finland. It's located near Kittilä, in the Lapland region.

Rovaniemi: Lapland's Provincial Capital


Church of Rovaniemi | Night flight

Jarno Niem...

Rovaniemi is the provincial capital of Lapland, the northernmost province in the Scandinavian country of Finland.  The city is situated just a few km/mi outside (ie, south of) the Arctic circle, at the confluence of two of the region's most important rivers.  A very old settlement, Rovaniemi came into its own as a mid-sized city in the early 1800's, when Lapland's vast natural resources began to be exploited.   In this drone video, you'll get a bird's eye nighttime view of a beautiful church in this far northern city.  

Tampere: Finland's Second City


Tampere Finland Aerial 4K

  • Kapatzy
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  • about 4 years ago

New AirVuz contributor Käpätzy created this excellent drone video of Tampere, Finland's second-largest city.  It's located in the south-central part of the country, roughly a two hour drive northwest of Helsinki.  Tampere is situated between Lakes Näsijärvi and Pyhäjärvi, which are separated by nearly 20 meters (about 60 ft.) of vertical distance and connected by rapids.  The city used this energy source to industrialize in the 19th century, earning the nickname the "Manchester of Finland".  

Oolu: Finland's Northern City


Oulu, my home city

Jani Ojala...

Take a an aerial tour of the Finnish city of Oolu in this beautiful drone video by AirVuz contributor and drone pilot Jani Ojala.  Oolu is situated in North Ostrobothnia, which is the second-northernmost of the country's 19 regions, located just south of Lapland.  Oolu is the country's fourth-largest city, after Helsinki, Tampere, and Turku.  It's the northernmost major city in Finland and one of the northernmost in the world: the only city to its north with a larger population is Russia's Murmansk.

Autumn Near Hetta, Enontekiö


Hetta Autumn Colours (September 2022)


Multiple Drone Video of the Week Finalist timoksanen bings us this outstanding Fall drone video from the Lapland region of Finland.  It was filmed near the village of Hetta in the municipality of Enontekiö, an appendage of northwestern Finland which is sandwiched between the territory of Sweden and Norway.  Popular with cross-country skiers, this is some of the most remote territory in continental Europe: there's an airport nearby which has seasonal flights, but off-season the nearest airport is about a two hour drive away.  

Dogsledding in Lapland


Husky sledding in Lapland


If you've ever wondered why Finland's Lapland region became almost synonymous with Christmas, check out this drone video by MIAPVIDEOS.  He was able to film a team of Husky dogs pulling a sled through the snow-covered Lapland forests.  Finland's northernmost region covers an enormous 100k+ square km (around 39k square mi.), an area about 15% larger than Austria.  Mostly covered in coniferous forests, it's become closely associated with Christmas traditions, particularly in the UK and the USA. 

The Aura River


Autumn by the River Aura


The Aura is a short river in southwestern Finland.  The river ends at the Finnish city of Tarku, ultimately discharging into the Archipelago Sea (a section of the Baltic Sea).  Not especially long, the Aura is known for dark brown waters and a series of rapids.  Using a Yuneec Typhoon H drone, top AirVuz contributor andn pilot Timoksanen created this spectacular aerial video of the area along this magnificent Finnish waterway.  The drone video shows the beauty of this area of southern Finland.  

Lapland Trip: Early 2020


Finland Trip 2020

Volare Vid...

Top contributor Volare Video brings us this excellent video record of a trip to Finland's Lapland region in early 2020, before the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic.  Using a combination of drone and ground camera footage, the video features footage of the following locations:  the Seaside Villas in Kemi, near the Finnish-Swedish border; the Pyhä Igloos in the municipality of Pelkosenniemi in eastern Laplandl; the Kemi Sampo Icebreaker Boat;  the Pyhan Asteli in central Lapland; and an AirBnb outside Rovaniemi, the Lapland regional capital.  

Rukatunturi Ski Resort, Kuusamo


Ruka Winter Drone Movie

  • Tekkzi
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  • about 4 years ago

Rukatunturi is a ski resort near the town of Kuusamo, Finland.  It's located in North Ostrobothnia, the next-to-northernmost (after Lapland) of Finland's 19 official regions.  In addition to its 29 downhill slopes serviced by 20 lifts, the resort offers many km/mi of cross-country skiing and snowmobile trails.  Not surprisingly given its northern location, it also offers one of Europe's longest ski seasons - it's generally open into June.  Check out the winter wonderland from above in this drone video by new contributor Tekkzi.  

The Devil's Nest, South Ostrobothnia


Devil's Nest - Hollola, Finland (DJI Mavic 2 Pro)

  • plepola
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  • about 4 years ago

The geological formation known as the Devil's Nest is one of the natural wonders of Finland.  It's what's known as an earth erosion, basically a giant sinkhole created over millions of years through the process of erosion and glacial activity.  It measures 14 meters wide (about 45 ft.) and 23 meters deep (around 75 ft.).  It's located near the village of Hollola in Finland's (west-central) South Ostrobothnia region.  In this video, new AirVuz contributor plepola used a DJI Mavic Pro 2 drone to film the great sinkhole during the winter months. 

Lake in Southern Savonia


Lääminki Midsummer 2022


The Norwegian country of Finland boasts an incredible 188k lakes: that's roughly one lake for every 30 residents.  The largest concentration of lakes is in the southern part of the country, a significant portion of which is covered by water.  In this drone video by former Drone Video of the Week Finalist timoksanen, you'll fly over one of these lakes during the early summer, when the daylight runs to nearly midnight.  Lake Lääminki is located in the Southern Savonia region, in the heart of the country's southern lake country.  

Fall in Enontekiö


Kilpisjärvi Autumn Colours (September 2022)


Multiple Drone Video of the Week Finalist timoksanen brings us this excellent Fall drone video from Finnish Lapland.  The video was filmed near the village of Kilpisjärvi, which is part of the municipality of Enontekiö.  Sparsely populated Enontekiö covers a considerable land area which appears on a map as an "arm" of northwestern Finland which is largely surrounded by the territory of Sweden (to the south) and Norway (to the north).  It covers nearly 2k square mi. (8.4k square km) but has a population of less than two thousand.  

Vanhakaupunki: "Old" Helsinki


Vanhakaupunki, The old city of Helsinki.

Riband Kur...

When it was founded in the mid-16th century, the Finnish city of Helsinki was originally located at the mouth of the Vantaa River.  Due to a fire and a plague outbreak, it moved to its current location, about 7 km (around 4 mi.) to the south, at the tip of the Vironniemi Peninsula.  The original Helsinki site is called Vanhakaupunki, which translates to "old town" in reference to its history.  Seen here in this drone video by Riband Kurd, Vanhakaupunki is now a district within the (now much larger) Finnish capital city.  

Nuuksio National Park


Nuuksio National Park

Richard Be...

Former Drone Video of the Week Winner Richard Beresford Harris brings us this stunning drone video from Finland's Nuuksio National Park, one of the country's great national treasures.  Located about 20 mi (around 30 km) northwest of central Helsinki, the park covers portions of three different municipalities: Espoo, Kirkkonummi and Vihti.  An outdoor enthusiasts' haven, it features thousands of acres of forests and hundreds of lakes, eight marked hiking trails, and almost 20 mi. (30 km) of biking trails.  

Möhkö, North Karelia


Fishing in Möhkö. Finland. Relax


Check out this idyllic scene from the Finnish countryside, compliments of new AirVuz contributor chill_side.  It was filmed around the town of Möhkö in North Karelia, the easternmost of Finland's 19 official regions.  It's located about 500 km (around 300 mi.) northeast of Helsinki, near the border with Russia.  The area is home to thousands of lakes, which are mostly surrounded by the iconic Finnish forests.   The video was shot during the early morning hours, when a thin mist covers the water and the fish are biting.  

Music Video: Finland 100


Kotimaani: Jukka Nykänen - Karjalan kunnailla

Olli Huttu...

For a project that was part of marking Finland's first century of independence, contributor Olli Huttunen created this beautiful drone video featuring a pianist playing the Finnish National Anthem in an iconic-looking spot in the vast forests of this Scandinavian country.  The video features some fabulous shots showing the seemingly endless Finnish wilderness.  Finnish independence was triggered in 1917 by the Russian Revolution which led to the immediate collapse of the Russian empire of which it was part.  

Autumn in the Lapland Forests


Autumun in Lapland, (Ivalo, Finland).

Riband Kur...

Lapland is not just a possible mythical home of Santa Claus, it's the official name for the northernmost province of Finland.  With a land area of over 93k square km (just under 36k square mi.), Lapland covers about as much area as mid-sized European countries like Hungary and Portugal.  But while these countries each have around 10 million inhabitants, Lapland's population is under 200k.  In this drone video by Riband Kurd, you'll get a nice view of the area around Ivalo, a town set amidst the endless Finnish forests.  

Tampere and the Pirkanmaa Region


Aerial shots in Finland summer (Dji Mavic 2 Pro)

  • Kapatzy
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  • almost 3 years ago

Take in these marvelous drone views from southern Finland, compliments of AirVuz contributor and pilot Kapatzy.  The video was filmed in the Pirkanmaa region, which covers a portion of the interior of the southern part of the country.  The video opens with some beautiful shots of the lakes and forests of the countryside here.  In the second part of the video, you'll be treated to some nice shots of Tampere, the country's second-largest city and the largest Scandinavian city not located on a coastline.  

Siikaneva: Wetlands of Pirkanmaa Region


Siikaneva, Ruovesi Finland | Dji Mavic 2 Pro

  • Kapatzy
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  • almost 3 years ago

Take in these drone views of the wetlands of southern Finland, compliments of AirVuz contributor and pilot Kapatzy.  The video was filmed over the Siikaneva, the country's largest continuous wetland area.  It's part of the Pirkanmaa region, which covers a portion of the interior in the southern part of the country and whose regional capital is the city of Tampere.  Like most wetland areas, Siikaneva is an important bird sanctuary.  Much of the area is accessible via a duckboard trail.  

The Turku Cathedral


Turku Cathedral in December 2023


Former Drone Video of the Week Finalist timoksanen brings us this excellent aerial video of Turku Cathedral, generally considered the most important religious landmark in this Scandinavian country.  Originally built in the 13th century, the church was heavily modified later in the medieval period.  Heavily damaged in the Great Fire of Turku, which destroyed much of the city in 1827, it took on its current form in the restoration which followed the fire.  It is the "mother church" of the  Evangelical Lutheran Church of Finland.  

Kilpisjärvi, Enontekiö, Lapland


Early Winter in Kilpisjärvi (October 2023)


Former Drone Video of the Week Finalist timoksanen brings us this excellent aerial video from the far north of Finland.  The video was filmed in the area of a town called Kilpisjärvi in the municipality of Enontekiö, a region of Lapland (the northern part of Finland) which is well above the Arctic Circle and which is almost completely surrounded by the territory of neighboring Sweden and Norway.  The video was filmed around the Saana fell (small mountain) in early winter with a DJI Mavic Pro 3 drone.   

Ylläs: Ski Heaven in Lapland


YLLÄS ON A WINTER'S DAY (February 2020)


Top AirVuz contributor and pilot timoksanen created this stunning wintertime drone video from the northern Finnish region of Lapland.  The video was shot on and around the Ylläs, an elevated structure known as a fell.  It reaches a maximum altitude of about 718 meters above sea level or a little under 2.4k ft.  It's located in Kolari, a municipality of the western Lapland region which lies along the Swedish border.  This is one of the most popular areas for skiing (both downhill and cross-country) in the country.  

Turku at Christmas


Turku Christmas Lights


Check out this stunning aerial tour of the Finnish city of Turku decked out for Christmas, compliments of top contributor timoksanen.  Located in the southwestern part of the country at the mouth of the Aura River, Turku is one of Finland's most important cultural centers.  Founded in the 13th century, the one-time Finnish capital city is sometimes called Finland's "Gateway to the West" due to its close connections with Western Europe.  The video features footage of the city's waterfront, ending with a great shot of the Turku Cathedral.  

Christmastime in Lapland


Lapland, Finaland - A Travel Film


Top contributor, drone pilot, and travel vlogger th3venture does it again with this fantastic video record of a Christmastime trip to the "capital" of Christmas: the northern region of Finland known as Lapland.  Using a combination of drone and ground camera footage, the video shows the best of what this winter wonderland has to offer: vast snow-covered forests, a Santa Claus village, a sign marking the Arctic Circle, Northern Lights, a cosy cabin (AirBnB) in the woods - it's all here, even a pack of reindeer! 

Winter in Äkäsmylly, Lapland


Äkäsmylly in February 2020


For iconic winter scenery, it's tough to beat the Lapland region of northern Finland.  Witness this amazing piece by top AirVuz contributor and pilot timoksanen.  He used a DJI Mavic Pro 2 to film the area around Äkäsmylly, a Lapland village.  It's located well to the north of Rovaniemi, the Lapland capital city which is situated at the edge of the Arctic Circle.  As you'll see in the video, this is a land of seemingly endless forests and lakes, a true winter wonderland in the snow-covered months.  

Reindeer Racing in Rovaniemi


Reindeers Race in Rovaniemi

JB Meert...
  • JB Meert
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  • almost 4 years ago

The Finnish region of Lapland has long been associated with Christmas traditions, and one of the reasons for this phenomenon has to do with reindeer.  As in, Lapland has lots of them: with a human population of about 185k, the region is home to about 200k reindeer.  In this drone video by AirVuz contributor and pilot JB Meert, you'll see get an aerial view of a reindeer race near Rovaniemi.  Located in the south-central part of Lapland, Rovaniemi is the regional capital as well as its largest city.  

Sights of Lapland


Lapland Aerial Footage 2021

  • Kapatzy
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  • over 2 years ago

Explore the Lapland region of northern Finland in this excellent drone video by AirVuz contributor Kapatzy.  The first stop is the highland area known as Ylläs.  Then it's on to Levi, the country's most well-known ski area.  From there, you'll head to the Juutuanjoki River, which flows between Lakes Paatari and Inari.  Other featured locations include the Tana (Tenojoki) River, Lake Pulmankijärvi on the Finnish-Norwegian border, the village of Kilpisjärvi in the municipality of Enontekiö, and the Saana (Saanatuntiri) highland area.

Christmas in Oulu


Merry XMas and Happy New Year 2024

Jani Ojala...

Check out this awesome Christmastime drone video from Finland, compliments of contributor and pilot Jani Ojala.  The video was shot in the town of Oolu in North Ostrobothnia, the region which lies just to the south of Lapland.  Oolu is the largest city in the northern half of Finland and the fourth-largest overall in this giant Scandinavian country.  With a population of around 180k, the city is situated at the mouth of the River Oulujoki, on the Baltic Sea inlet known as the Gulf of Bothnia which separates Sweden from Finland.  

Winter in Tampere


Tampere, Finland Aerial footage (Winter 2021)

  • Kapatzy
    • 1.6k VŪZ
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  • almost 3 years ago

Contributor Käpätzy returns to AirVuz with this excellent drone video of Tampere, Finland.  Located about a two hour drive northwest of Helsinki, Tampere is the center of the country's second-largest metropolitan area and also has the distinction of being the largest of Scandinavia's inland cities.   Located between two lakes with differing elevations, the waterway which connects them helped to power the city's early industrialization; for that reason, it's sometimes called the Manchester of Finland.  

Helsinki from Above


HELSINKI | Finland by Drone in 4K - DJI Mavic Air 2


AirVuz contributor eCKsplorer used a DJI Mavic Air 2 to create this excellent aerial tour of the city of Helsinki, Finland.  At the :07 mark, there's a nice shot of the green-domed Helsinki Cathedral in the Kruununhaka neighborhood, followed by the SkyWheel Helsinki Ferris wheel.  Then it's on to the Suomenlinna fortress, which is situated on a group of islands southeast of the city center.  At :27, you'll see the Temppeliaukio "rock church", which is situated in the Töölö district, on the western side of the city.  

Profile of Timo Oksanen


The Drone Dish: Timo Oksanen

The Drone ...

Timo Oksanan (AirVuz profile: timoksanen) is a top Finnish drone pilot and videographer.  His work is featured extensively in the Finland collection as well as the collection of the best videos from all of Scandinavia.  He is also known for his highly effective use of the Yuneec Typhoon H drone, which was released around the same time as the DJI Phantom 3.  On this epsode of the Drone Dish, host Tyler Mason and Timo talk about how he uses his drone honed eye to capture the natural beauty of Finland and beyond! 

Profile of KopterKam


The Drone Dish: KopterCam

The Drone ...

KopterCam is one of the top commercial drone piloting companies in northern Europe, and was the winner of the 2017 New York City Drone Film Festival in the Aerial Reel category.  The company is known for doing highly complex and technical aerial videography, and their work has been featured on many TV shows, commercials, and feature length films.  On this episode of The Drone Dish, host Tyler Mason chats with founder Marco Godles about how he got into the aerial videography field, favorite places to fly, and more.  



Lääminki (from Dawn till Dusk)


Flyby Helsinki


Helsinki, Eira, Finland

Richard Be...

Nuuksio Finland

Riband Kur...

Helsinki Hyperlapse

Richard Be...

Nuuksio, Finland

Richard Be...

Lake Littoinen


Autumn in Lapland


Enontekiö in September 2016