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Panama Collection Highlights


Panama: Drone Video Highlights

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Get a bird's eye tour of Panama in this compilation video, which features highlight footage from the "Aerial Views of Panama" collection.  You'll be treated to drone views of the beaches of Bocas del Toro, the skyscrapers of Panama City, the mountains of Coclé Province, and more.

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Panama Drone Reel


IdronePanama 2019 Drone Reel

  • djrialdo
    • 1.1k VŪZ
    • 19
    • 28
  • about 2 years ago

Explore the Central American country of Panama by drone in this DVOW nominated film by contributor djrialdo.  The fast-paced piece opens with a shot flying over a large boat, before cutting to views around the Panama Canal, the waterway which bisects the country and connects the Pacific Ocean with the Caribbean Sea.   The reel also features some excellent action footage, with shots ranging from fast-moving speedboats to fireworks to mountain hikers. You'll also see some great views of the country's coastline as well as its namesake capital city.

Coclé Province


El Valle: A Journey Through Panama's Coclé Province


Top AirVuz contributor and Drone Video of the Week Winner msember brings us this marvelous aerial tour of the Coclé Province of Panama.  One of the ten provinces of this Central American country, Coclé is situated near the middle of the country.  It has a coastline along the Pacific Ocean, with most of the province's roughly 5k square km of land area (around 2k square mi.) consisting of mountainous interior jungle.  The video features excellent footage of the inactive El Valle volcano as well as some spectacular nearby waterfalls.  

Isla Escudo de Veraguas


Flying Escudo de Veraguas


Check out this amazing drone video of a small but ecologically important island of Panama in Central America, which won Drone Video of the Week in March 2019.  Isla Escudo de Veraguas lies off of Panama's eastern (Caribbean) coastline, in the Golfo de los Mosquitos.  Only a little over 4 square km (about a square mile), the tiny island is the only known remaining natural habitat of a rare fruit bat called Thomas's fruit-eating bat and an equally rare Pygmy three-toed sloth.   Both species are considered to be critically endangered.  

Panama City


Soaring Over Panama City (4K)

  • martigen
    • 1.9k VŪZ
    • 22
    • 25
  • almost 4 years ago

Panama's capital, Panama City, is a true cosmopolitan gem of Central America.  The city lies near the southern (Pacific) end of the Panama Canal.  Its electrifying urban center sits right along the water's edge with its impressive skyline providing a visual dynamism that are meant to be captured by drone.  Contributor martigen's aerial footage takes us over Panama City, sharing views of Panama's blend of the old and the new. This video was nominated for Drone Video of the Week in November, 2018.

Panama City Drone Tour


Panama City in 4K


Get a bird's eye view of one of the most impressive skylines in Latin America from contributor and drone pilot DuarteDellarole, who put together this awesome drone video of Panama's eponymous capital city as part of a travel promotion.  Like most Latin American capitals, it was founded by Spanish conquistadoras in the 16th century.  Due in large part to its position at the south (Pacific) end of the Panama Canal, Panama City has developed into a very important international banking and trade center.  

The San Blas Islands


Drone Views of Panama's San Blas Islands


Canadian contributor Braybraywoowoo created this epic drone video of Panama's San Blas Islands.  The islands lay off the east (Caribbean) coast of this Central American country.  It's an archipelago of over 350 islands, only about 15% of which are inhabited.  The San Blas Islands are considered an important watchpoint in the process of global warming; due to their low, flat terrain they are highly vulnerable to changes in worldwide sea levels and will be at great risk if current worldwide temperature trends continue.

Cruise Ships in the Panama Canal


Two Cruise Ships Crossing the Panama Canal


When it was opened in 1912, the Panama Canal represented one of the great feats of human engineering up until that time.  Its original size limited its ability to handle the most modern ships.  It is currently in the process of being widened to accommodate bigger vessels.  The 80 km (50 mi) waterway hacked out of the Panama Jungle connects the Atlantic (via the Caribbean Sea) and Pacific Oceans.  In this video, a drone gives us an aerial view of two cruise ships using the locks in the canal to cross it.  

The Western Panama Coastline


Panama Remote Islands, Surfers, Whales and Dolphins


While the Central American country of Panama is primarily associated with the great canal that bears its name and the skyscrapers of its namesake capital city, the country is home to some far less well known yet spectacular natural scenery.  Contributor and pilot imoveisbrasilbahia created this beautiful drone video of some remote areas along the western part of the country's long Pacific Ocean coastline, including Morro Negrito, Isla Silva, El Toro and the rapidly-emerging surf area of Cambutal. 

Guna Yala, Northeast Panama




Northeast Panama is home to Guna Yala Comarca, an indigenous province that is home to the Gunas people. As you can see via this drone video by content creator and pilot vagamundo, Guna Yala has incredible, clear waters perfect for scuba diving and sandy, idyllic beaches. Guna Yala’s capital is El Provenir, and the beautiful province is bordered by the Caribbean Sea on the north, the Darién Province and Emberá-Wounaan to the south, Colombia to the east, and the province of Colón to the west.

The Pearl Islands, Gulf of Panama


Las Perlas Islands


Unusually amongst the Central American countries, Panama has a large group of islands on both its Pacific and Caribbean coasts.  Most of them lie in the Pearl Islands archipelago, a group of 200+ islands in the Gulf of Panama.  Situated south and a bit east of Panama City, most of the islands are uninhabited.  A number of the islands have resorts and/or year-round residences.  In this drone video by vagamundo, you'll get some nice aerial views of the tropical and very beautiful Islas de las Perlas. 

The Playa Blanca


Playa blanca PTY I 2K I Sarmientodanielph


In this video, you'll get a bird's eye view of Panama's Pacific Coast, courtesy of contributor and drone pilot Sarmientodanielph.  The video focuses on the most well known stretch of the coastline, which is called Playa Blanca.  It's a roughly two hour drive west of Panama's namesake capital city, and, as you can see in the video, it's quite a spectacular beach area.  Similar to what has happened in other Central American countries, Panama has seen an influx of tourists seeking new beach destinations.  

The Skyscrapers of Panama City


Panama's Torre Vitri Tower


In this drone video, you'll get an epic look at some of the tallest structures in Central America.  The Torre Vitri is a highrise residential development in Panama, the capital of the country of the same name.  Construction on the towers commenced in 2007 and was completed (having been delayed somewhat by the 2008 worldwide financial collapse) in 2012.  The highest tower is 75 floors and reaches 280 meters (about 920 ft.), making it the second highest building in Central America, and the tallest residential structure in the region. 

Coclé Province's Hilly Interior


My definition of Nature

by starBoy...

AirVuz contributor and pilot by starBoy brings us this excellent drone video from the Central American country of Panama.  The video was filmed over Coclé Province, one of the main territories of central Panama.  The province covers a stretch of the country's southern (Pacific Ocean) coastline west of the national capital, and extends some ways inland - up to three-fourths of the width of the isthmus in places.  The video was filmed over the hilly interior of the province, one of the ten which make up the country. 

The Panama City Waterfront


IMercado de los Mariscos PTY I 2K I Sarmientodanielph


Content creator and pilot Sarmientodanielph created this marvelous drone video of the waterfront of Panama City, the largest city in the region of Central America.  The video shows some epis shots of the city's harbor, near the Pacific end of the Panama Canal.  You'll see the city's impressive looking skyscrapers, some of the tallest in Latin America.  From there the video will take you over the city's Mercado de los Mariscos, its large seafood market which is one of the city's bigger tourist attractions.   

Portobelo, Colón Province




Portobelo is a small port town in Panama, on its Caribbean coast.  It's located a short distance to the northeast of  Colón, the capital of the eponymously named province, which sits at the northern (Caribbean Sea side) entrance to the Panama Canal.  A very old Spanish colonial city, it was destroyed during the 18th century Anglo-Spanish conflict known as the War of Jenkins Ear.  In this video by content creator and drone pilot PanamaAerials, you can check out this beautiful spot from a bird's eye perspective.  

Panama Drone Tour


Eternal Beauty


Panama is a small country on the isthmus linking Central and South America. Possibly most famous for the Panama Canal, a feat of human engineering, that cuts through its center linking the Atlantic and Pacific oceans that creates an essential shipping route. Home to just over 4 million people, it also has the bustling capital Panama City, clear, turquoise seas, coffee farms, breathtaking mountains, and the cloud forests of Chiriquí. See a hint of beautiful Panama in this stunning drone video.

Panamà City Drone Views


Panamà City


Check out this fantastic drone video of Panamà City, Panamà by AirVuz contributor pietropilot.  Situated at the southern (Pacific Ocean) side of the Panamà Canal, the city plays a critical role in facilitating world trade and associated financial flows through that crucial artery.  In the past two decades, the city has seen an intense skyscraper building boom; as of early 2021, there were nearly 50 completed or under-construction buildings in the city of at least 150 meters in height (500 ft.), the most in any Latin Americas city.  



Panama City from the Air


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