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Algeria Aerial Tour




Contributor Hamza Charkaoui used a DJI Phantom 4 Pro drone to create this stunning mini aerial tour of the great North African country of Algeria. Most of the video was shot along the country's Mediterranean coastline.  The coastline extends about 1.6k km (about 1k mi.) from west to east, with the capital city of Algiers (the second-largest in North Africa) located about midway.  The footage in the video was taken away from the capital city, in remote parts of the coast that are simply spectacular.     

Algieria's Capital City


Algiers the White Capital from the Sky

Waleed Alg...

Behold this aerial tour of Algiers, the capital city of Algeria.  With a metropolitan population of over 5 million, Algiers is the second largest city in North Africa after Cairo, Egypt.  Lying in the northern part of the country on the Mediterranean Sea, Algiers represents a unique blend of African and European (specifically, French) cultures.  In this remarkable video, AirVuz contributor and drone pilot Waleed treats us to an amazing look at this spectacular city and its surroundings, all from a bird's eye view! 

The Tell Atlas Mountains Near Chréa


Chréa Mountains - Cinematic Drone Shots | Dji Mavic Air in 4K

Herr Raouf...

Check out this fantastic drone video from the mountains of northern Algeria, compliments of AirVuz contributor and pilot Herr Raouf.  The area filmed is in the area near Chréa in the Tell Atlas Mountains, part of the greater Atlas Mountains chain which runs roughly parallel to the North African coast through Algeria, Morocco, and Tunisia.  The mountains here are part of the Blida Province, which lies just south of the coastal area around the national capital city of Algiers.  

Algeria's Plateau of the Rivers


Djanet Tassili N'ajjer Vue du Ciel

Tarik Kiko...

Contributor Tarik Kiko Mavic Pro used a DJI Mavic Pro drone to create this magnificent drone video from the Sahara Desert in Algeria.  Tassili n'Ajjer ("Plateau of the Rivers") is a national park in the southeastern part of this vast country in North Africa, not far from the border with Libya.  In addition to its spectacular natural scenery, the park is home to some well known pre-historic rock art, some of which is up to 12,000 years old.  The park has been designated as a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Street Protests in Algeria


Algiers: Drone Video of Giant Protest in the Algerian Capital

Nazil Mokt...

Contributor Nazil Moktari created this powerful drone video showing a large protest taking place in mid-March, 2019, in the streets of the Algerian capital city Algiers.  The protesters were demanding the resignation of Abdelaziz Bouteflika, the octogenarian who has served as president of this important North African country since 1999.  In February of 2019, Bouteflika announced his intention to run for a fifth term.  Within weeks, facing widespread opposition, he dropped his bid.  

El Kantara, Biskra Province


El Kantara Vue du Ciel Biskra-Algeria (Drone Mavic Pro)

Tarik Kiko...

Biskra is one of the 48 provinces of the North African country of Algeria.  It's in the northern part of the country, on the south side of the mountain range which lies just south of its Mediterranean coastline.  In this drone video by Tarik Kiko Mavic Pro, you'll get an aerial tour of the area around El Kantara, a town in the northern tip of the province.   The video features footage of the town as well as the nearby gorge, which was part of key caravan routes going back to Roman times and which is known as the "Mouth of the Desert".  

Constantine: Algeria's Third City


Constantine vue du ciel

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Constantine is Algeria's third-largest city, after Algiers and Oran.  It's located in the northeastern corner of this giant North African country, about 80 km (around 50 mi.) south of its Mediterranean coastline.  Originally founded by the Phoenecians, it's been the most important city in the region for centuries.  Built on a plateau overlooking a ravine of the Rhumel River, it's one of Algeria's most picturesque major cities.  You can check it out from above in this excellent drone video by contributor Zagnoun.  

Annaba: City of Northeast Algeria


Hippone - Annaba City - Algeria 2020

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Check out this excellent video of the port city of Annaba, Algeria, compliments of contributor MiD.  Located in the northeastern corner of the country, Annaba is the center of a metropolitan area of about a million residents, Algeria's third-largest.  The city is located on a large bay of the Mediterranean Sea, not far from the border with Tunisia to the east.  An important city since the Antiquity, Annaba played a key role in the dissemination of Christianity in North Africa.  It's now considered Algeria's leading industrial center.  

Sidi Fredj, Algiers Province


Algeria Sidi Fredj Vue Du Ciel "Thalasso Thérapie" 2020 Version Étalonnée ❤️

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For a first upload to AirVuz, brand-new contributor and drone pilot MiD brings us this excellent aerial view of the town of Sidi Fredj, Algeria.  The town sits on a small peninsula (almost an island, joined to the mainland by a narrow strip of land) on the country's Mediterranean Sea coastline, a bit west of the capital city of Algiers.  The main focus of the video is the Thalaso Hotel complex, which sits on the western side of the peninsula.  The video was filmed with a DJI Mavic Pro drone.  

The Djurdjura Mountains



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Check out these spectacular drone views of Algeria's Djurdjura Mountains, compliments of brand new AirVuz contributor and pilot chinzaka.  Located near the country's northeastern corner, the Djurdjura's are part of the Atlas Mountain system that runs on a roughly east-west axis through much of North Africa.  Comprised of two separate peaks, the highest point in the Djurdjura Mountains is Lalla Khedidja which has a peak elevation of about 2.3k meters above sea level (just under 7.6k ft.).

Lake Agulmim


Lac Agulmim, Algeria - The view of sky

Herr Raouf...

While the North African country of Algeria is home to many lakes, most are saline.  In this drone video by AirVuz contributor and drone pilot Herr Raouf, you'll get an aerial view of one of the country's relatively few freshwater lakes: Lac Agulmim.    It's situated in the mountains which sit just south of the country's Mediterranean coastline, more or less due east of Algiers.  Unlike the belt of larger saltwater lakes which run to the south of here, Agulmim is supplied with freshwater runoff from its surrounding mountains.  

Chréa National Park, Blida Province


The Chréa National Park - Cinematic Drone Shots | Dji Mavic Air in 4K

Herr Raouf...

Check out this drone video of one of the largest national parks in Algeria, compliments of AirVuz contributor Herr Raouf.  Chréa National Park is located in Blida Province, in the northern part of this giant North African country.  The park is covered by the Atlas Mountains, a great chain which runs on a roughly southwest to northeast axis through Morocco and Algeria, more or less parallel to the North African coastline.  Among other distinctions, the park is home to one of the few African ski resorts that use natural snow.  

Kayaking in Tipaza


Algeria - Tipaza - Gouraya Sidi Brahem

Herr Raouf...

Check out this drone video of the kayaking scene on the coast of Algeria in North Africa.  The video was filmed in Tipaza, a small city and provincial capital located roughly in the middle of the country's coastline on the Mediterranean Sea.  While the town was founded in 1857, early in the French colonial period, it is situated near the ruins of the town of Tipasa, which was an important regional trading post during Roman times.  Located on a shallow bay, its calm waters are perfect for recreational aquatic activities.  

Coastal Algeria


Algerian coasts & landscapes

Hmida new ...

By any standard, the North African country of Algeria is massive.  Covering a land area of almost 2.4 million square km (about 920k square mi.), it's the world's tenth-largest.  Despite its size though, its coastline is relatively modest, stretching for about 1.6k km or aound 1k mi. along the Mediterranean Sea.  Apart from the capital city of Algiers, which lies near its center, coastal Algeria is fairly lightly populated.  Check out the Algerian coast from above in this drone video by Hmida new prod.  

Plateau of Rivers by Drone


SEFAR ... The Mysterious City - A View From The Sky - Cinematic

Herr Raouf...

Check out these excellent drone videos from the Sahara Desert in Algeria, compliments of AirVuz contributor and pilot Herr Raouf.  The video was filmed near the city of Sefar, which lies on the Plateau of Rivers (Tassili N'Ajjer) in the southeastern part of this giant North African country, not far from the borders with Liberia, Niger, and Mali.  The area is famous for its prehistoric cave art, and has been designated as a UNESCO World Heritage site.  It is visually distinguished by its many sandstone arches and other formations.  



Dam Of Bni Haroun


Algeria Land Of light


Tipaza - Dam of Boukerdan

Herr Raouf...