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The Desert of the UAE


In Search of Elysium: Aerial UAE in 4K

Ghadir Sha...

Created over a 10 month period, this short film by Ghadir Shaar is meant to show off the United Arab Emirates and all the country has to offer. See the UAE's sharp, rugged mountains and endless, sandy deserts, its sprawling city of Dubai with its world-renowned architecture (as well as the world's tallest skyscraper), camels, deserted towns, and stunning sunrises.  This video was AirVuz Drone Video of the Week, December Week 2 and is now a Drone Video Awards' Nature & Landscape nominee.

DVOW Nominee in the Gobi Desert, Mongolia


Come to Mongolia

  • BaBi
    • 2.4k VŪZ
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    • 21
  • over 2 years ago

The massive desert that covers southern Mongolia can be seen in this exciting, 4K drone video by contributor BaBi. The Gobi Desert is bound by the Altai Mountains, the Mongolian steppes to the north, the Taklamakan Desert to the west, the Hexi Corridor and Tibetan Plateau to the southwest and North China Plain to the southeast. It has a rich history, being part of the Mongol Empire and the home of several important cities along the Silk Road. This video was a Drone Video of the Week nominee in May, 2019.

Chile's Atacama Desert


Atacama desert / Chile


Check out this absolutely magnificent drone video of Chile's Atacama Desert, compliments of top AirVuz contributor and pilot nevinxavier.  The Atacama runs in a north-south direction for a length of about 1k km (around 600 mi.) along Chile's west coast, with small portions in Peru and Bolivia.  Covering an area of roughly 105k square km (a bit over 40k square mi.), it's considered part of the Andes system.  In terms of aridity and lack of temperature variation, it's considered the most "perfect" desert.  This was a DVOW Winner in June, 2020.

Namib Desert, Namibia


The Mighty Namib Desert

Elevated P...

The west coast of the African nation Namibia is covered by the Namib Desert, which runs the length of the country's Atlantic coast. In this video, contributor and pilot Elevated Perspectives International gives us a bird's eye view of the mighty desert and includes footage of Sossusvlei, Cape Cross and Spitzkoppe.  The desert, which has been designated a UNESCO World Heritage site, was the primary shooting location for the movie Mad Max: Fury Road (1999), the fourth installment of the series.

Oasis in Egypt's Great Western Desert


The Siwa Oasis in Egypt's Great Western Desert

  • Etch
    • 2.9k VŪZ
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    • 16
  • over 3 years ago

Contributor and drone pilot Etch created this marvelous bird's eye view of Siwa Oasis in Egypt's great Western Desert, a part of the great Sahara.  It's located just a few km/mi from the country's border with neighboring Libya to the west.  The desert here is considered the most remote part of Egypt, North Africa's largest country in terms of population.   The oasis was named for a famous oracle and was once known as Oasis of Amun Ra.  It's believed that the area was settled in the tenth millennium BC.  

The Wadi Rum Desert, Jordan


E L E M E N T S - Jordan 4K Aerial

Ghadir Sha...

Top AirVuz contributor Ghadir Shaar, a Finalist for the Drone Video Awards for his video from the United Arab Emirates, created this DVOW winning piece from a different Middle Eastern country: Jordan. Created in collaboration with the Jordan Tourism Board, the video opens with footage from the other-worldly Wadi Rum Desert. Other highlights include the Citadel of Amman at the :47 mark, the shores of the Dead Sea (:55), the great Petra ruins complex in the Arabah Valley (1:30), the amphitheater ruins at Jerash (1:42), and more.  

India's Thar Desert


Adventures in India's Thar Desert


While India is perhaps most closely associated with gigantic mountains and wide rivers, it's also home to one of the world's largest deserts.  The Thar Desert, sometimes known as the Great Indian Desert, covers 200k square km (just over 75k square mi.), most of which is in the northwestern Indian state of Rajasthan.  It's one of the world's top 20 deserts in area, and the most populated.  In this video, you'll get an aerial tour of this magnificent desert, compliements of contributor Miapvideos.

California's Kelso Dunes by Drone


Desert Magic


California's Kelso Dunes presents one of the most iconic desert scenes to be found in the USA.  It's part of the Mojave Desert in San Bernardino County, east of Los Angeles.  Covering 120 square km (around 45 square mi.), the dunes here rise to a height of up to 200 meters (about 650 ft.) above the desert floor.  Part of the Mojave National Preserve, you can check out the marvelous hills of sand from above in this fantastic drone video by top AirVuz content creator and pilot rememorales. This video was selected as a DVOW finalist in July 2020.

The Great Chihuahuan Desert


Aguja Inferior


The Chihuahuan Desert is one of the 15 largest in the world by area.  It's considered to be of the semi-tropical variety, and it covers over 360k square km (about 140k square mi) in the Southwestern USA and northern Mexico.  The Mexican part of the desert covers a large part of Chihuahua and four other states, and on the USA side it covers much of West Texas as well as portions of New Mexico and Arizona.  In this video by k2team.mty, you'll get a bird's eye view of this magnificent desert in the state of Nueva Leon.  

Sahara Desert in Libya


Majestic Desert of Akakus

Naim sh ...
  • Naim sh
    • 1.6k VŪZ
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    • 19
  • almost 3 years ago

Contributor and pilot Naim sh brings us this amazing drone video of some spectacular rock formations in the Libyan desert.  The Acacus Mountains begin at Ghat in the country's southwestern corner (near the Algerian border) and extend northward, forming part of the Sahara Desert.  The rock formations you'll see in the video host some of the world's most well known pre-historic cave art.   With paintings that are as old as 14 millennia, the area has been designated a UNESCO World Heritage site. 

The Sahara Desert in Algeria


Djanet Tassili N'ajjer Vue du Ciel

Tarik Kiko...

Contributor Tarik Kiko Mavic Pro used a DJI Mavic Pro drone to create this magnificent drone video from the Sahara Desert in Algeria.  Tassili n'Ajjer ("Plateau of the Rivers") is a national park in the southeastern part of this vast country in North Africa, not far from the border with Libya.  In addition to its spectacular natural scenery, the park is home to some well known pre-historic rock art, some of which is up to 12,000 years old.  The park has been designated as a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Resort in the Empty Quarter, UAE


Qasar Al Sarab

Fabio Knol...

Qasar Al Sahab is a five-star resort in the heart of the Middle Eastern desert.  It's in the United Arab Emirates, not far from the city of Dubai.  Top contributor Fabio Knoll created a stunning drone video of the recently built resort.  The property is situated at the edge of the Empty Quarter, which covers roughly the southern third of the Arabian Peninsula and is the largest uninterrupted area of desert in the entire world.  This area achieved a degree of fame by appearing as the planet Jakku in Star Wars: The Force Awakens (2015).

Kenya's Chalbi Desert


Kenya on Air - Marsabit County

Maurice Mb...

Contributor and pilot Maurice Mbui is creating a series of drone videos showing off the great African nation of Kenya.  In this segment, he put together a stunning aerial tour of Marsabit County in the north central part of the country.  This is desert country (the Chalbi Desert) for the most part, punctuated with magnificent volcanoes and crater lakes.  The gigantic county covers over a territory of 65k square km (about 25k square miles) and is inhabited by fewer than 300,000 people as of 2018.  

Iran's Mesr Desert


IRAN - The magical desert of Mesr 4K


New AirVuz contributor ART 4 FACT used a DJI Mavic Air to create this beautiful aerial video from the vastness of central Iran.  It was filmed in the area known as the Mesr Desert, which is located in the Isfahan Province in the north-central part of this giant Middle Eastern country.  This area is sparsely populated, to say the least - the surrounding (and gigantic) Khur and Biabanak County has only a few thousand families in residence.  It's believed to be the least-populous county in the country.  

Jordan's Wadi Rum Desert



Chris Borg...

Top contributor and drone pilot Chris Borg put together this amazing trip reel from the Middle Eastern country of Jordan.  Two of the main areas featured have become famous as filming locations.  The first is the Wadi Rum Desert, located in the southern part of the country, which was used for Lawrence of Arabia (1962) and later the 2015 edition of the Star Wars series.  The other is the ancient city of Petra, which has been featured in numerous movies, most famously Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade (1989).

FPV in the Arabian Desert


Saudi Arabia - Johnny FPV

  • JohnnyFPV
    • 27.5k VŪZ
    • 124
    • 38
  • almost 3 years ago

Top first-person view (FPV) pilot and drone racer JohnnyFPV, who travels the world making FPV freestyle videos, created this magnificent video from Mada'in Saleh, an archaeological site in northwestern Saudi Arabia.  With full permission from the requisite authorities, he gives us a unique view of one of the most iconic desert landscapes from the vantage of a quad-mounted GoPro. This was the winning video in the 2nd Annual Drone Video Awards in the Cinematic FPV category and was FPV Video of the Year.

Death Valley: Mojave Desert


Death Valley: The Beauty of the Desert

  • EUCORP88
    • 1.1k VŪZ
    • 15
    • 12
  • about 3 years ago

Death Valley is located in the Mojave desert of southeastern California.  It's a land of extremes - the lowest point in the USA, and home of some of the hottest temperatures ever recorded.  In the 1970's, the other-worldly look of the place caught the attention of a filmmaker named George Lucas.  The result was that Death Valley was used as a filming location for the first Star Wars movie, now called Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope.  In this video, EUCORP gives us a bird's eye view of the famous valley.

The Empty Quarter: Largest Contiguous Desert


Rub Al Khali, the Empty Quarter

  • Verano47
    • 1.6k VŪZ
    • 16
    • 15
  • over 3 years ago

Rub' al Khali or Liwa Desert (also known as the Empty Quarter) is the largest contiguous sand desert in the world.  Part of the Arabian Desert, it covers much of the Arabian Peninsula, including most of the United Arab Emirates.  The UAE portion of the desert became much more well known following its appearance as the dusty world of Jakku in Star Wars: The Force Awakens (2015), the first of the Star Wars Sequel Trilogy.  In this video, you'll get an epic bird's eye view of Planet Jakku, courtesy of content creator and drone pilot Verano47.

Israel's Negev Desert


Daylight: Hike on "Big Crater" in the Negev Desert

Ori Feldma...

The desert areas of southern Israel are home to some of the world's most unusual rock formations.  One of these is the HaMakhtesh HaGadol ("Big Crater") in the Negev Desert, near the southern extent of the country.  It's actually not a volcanic crater but rather a makhtesh, a landform which is caused by unusual erosion patterns and which is almost unknown outside of southern Israel and the Sinai Peninsula.  In this video, Ori Feldman used a DJI Mavic Pro drone to create an epic aerial video of a hike on this amazing formation.

Desert in Australia's Northern Territories


Episode 6 - Desert Australien


The continent-nation of Australia is covered in deserts; named ones cover almost 1.4 million square km (over 500k square mi.); taken together as a single desert it would be the fourth largest in the world and the second largest (after the Sahara) not counting the polar deserts.  Most of the country's desert areas are to be found in the state of Western Australia, South Australia, and the Northern Territories.  In this video by Falconskytech, you'll get a bird's eye view of a desert area in the Northern Territories.  

The Sonoran Desert


Alan Watts ~ Ghosts and Heroes 4K

  • GBdrone
    • 1.7k VŪZ
    • 14
    • 13
  • 7 months ago

AirVuz contributor GBdrone returns after a three year hiatus from AirVuz to bring us this magnificent drone video from the Sonoran Desert in Arizona.  The desert covers about 260k square km (around 100k square mi.) in southern California, southwestern Arizona, and northern Mexico.  Unlike adjacent deserts such as the Mojave and Chihuahuan Deserts, the Sonoran features relatively warm winters and two seasons of rainfall.  It's home to a wide variety of flora and fauna, including 350 species of bird, 20 reptile species, and more.   

The Canary Islands' Desert Dunes


Gran Canaria: The Desert


Contributor Hamed.razzaghi created this memorable drone video of a spot on Gran Canaria in Spain's Canary Islands. Maspaloma is a town on the southern coast of the island, which lies in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean archipelago.  It is surrounded by an arid area of other-worldly beauty.  Moviegoers may see some familiar territory here; the Maspaloma sand dunes were used to film the 2010 blockbuster action movie Clash of the Titans, which grossed nearly a half billion dollars at the box office.

Burning Man: Desert Music Festival


Burning Man 2017 from Above

  • memmi
    • 53.7k VŪZ
    • 122
    • 58
  • almost 4 years ago

Burning Man is an annual multiday concert and personal discovery event held in the desert of Nevada in the western United States.  The event began as a modest affair in the mid-1980's in San Francisco, switching to a desert location the next decade.  The modern era Burning Man see tens of thousands of attendees, many of whom camp in the desert during the run of the event.  Contributor and pilot Memmi used a DJI Inspire 2 drone to fly over the Burning Man grounds, treating us to this amazing aerial video.  

Camels of the Sahara, Tunisia


Morning Commute in Tunisia

  • bbloss
    • 1.7k VŪZ
    • 31
    • 20
  • over 5 years ago

Top contributor Bbloss put this video together from his trip to the North African country Tunisia.  No matter how many drone videos you've seen, you probably haven't seen many from a camel-borne pilot.  That's what you'll get here; most of the video was shot riding a (two hump) camel on the Mediterranean coastline, where the Sahara desert goes right up to the sea.  The video wraps up with a beautiful sunset shot of a hilltop town somewhere in the vast Sahara desert, which covers most of the country's land area.

Israel's Judean Desert


Secrets of the Judaean Desert


The Judean Desert runs parallel to the Dead Sea in the southeastern part of Israel, south of Jerusalem.  It is an area steeped in history, with tremendous historical importance to Judaism, Christianity, and (to a somewhat lesser extent) Islam.  In this video, contributor Rea Burla treats us to spectacular tour of this amazing desert, which includes bird's eye views of St. George’s Monastery in the Wadi Qelt valley, the tomb of Moses, the ancient fortress of Masada (a UNESCO World Heritage site), the Dead Sea, and more.

The Atacama Desert in Bolivia


Bolivian Desert


The Atacama Desert runs along the western coast of South American, covering parts of Chile, Peru, and Bolivia.  The desert, the driest in the world, is part of the Andes Mountains system, whose mountain peaks more or less surround it.  The Atacama has a surface area of about 120,000 square km (54k square mi.), making it one of the world's 20 largest.  Using a DJI Phantom 3 Professional drone, Aerial Nomads gives us a bird's eye view of the portion of the Atacama which lies in southwestern Bolivia.  

Desert Compilation Video


Deserts from Above

AirVūz Soc...

Deserts cover 1/3 of the earth’s land surface area. There are four distinct types of deserts on earth. Subtropical deserts - very hot and dry in the summer and cooler but still dry in the winter. Coastal deserts - cool to warm areas with long, warm summers and cool winters. Semi-arid deserts - long, dry summers and cold winters with low rain or snowfall. Cold deserts - very dry and cold year-round Drone pilots from around the world have long been attracted to the barren beauty and mystery of deserts.





Trona Pinnacles

angel from...

Mars landscape in California


Namib Desert


Desert Life

Aerial Eye...

Moreeb Dunes: The Sands of Time

  • PaulVlad
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  • over 3 years ago

Mongolia - Gobi Desert

  • BaBi
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  • over 2 years ago

Aerial over Monument Valley