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LOCKDOWN (feels like) | Riga, Latvija

Jurgis Kre...

Top AirVuz contributor Jurgis Kreilis / FilmDay brings us this excellent drone video from the historic city of Riga, Latvia.  Shot during the COVID-19 pandemic, the video will take you over some of the most well-known sites of this former Hanseatic League city on the Baltic Sea.  At the :30 mark, you'll see the Freedom Monument statue, which was built in the 1930's and commemorates the Latvian War of Independence of 1918-20.  At the :54 shot, there's a marvelous shot flying over the city's Old Town and looking towards the Daugva River.  

Dome Cathedral, St. Peters Church, and More


Explore Latvia: Riga's Kempinski Hotel

Chris Borg...

Contributor Chris Borg took a stay at the Kempinski Hotel in Riga, and created this amazing video from the Latvian capital city and its surrounding area.  The video's opening aerial shot is over the city's Old Town and some of its distinctive spires, including the Dome Cathedral (center) and St. Peter's Church (right).  Other highlights include an epic shot of the Daugava River and the giant Riga Radio Tower, a nearly 370 meter (over 1.2k ft.) communication tower which is the tallest structure in Europe.  

Drone Tour of Riga


Epic Drone Video of Riga and Surroundings


In this video, content creator and pilot Drone Zurich uses a DJI Phantom 3 drone to film the Latvian capital city of Riga and its surroundings on the Baltic Sea.  The video features bird's eye views of the victory memorial from World War II, the Kristus Piedzimšanas Pareizticīgo Katedrāle Orthodox church, the old town of Riga (a UNESCO World Heritage site), and the TV Tornis Television Tower, one of the tallest structures in Europe.  Riga's Old City has been designated as a UNESCO World Heritage site. 

Autumn in Riga


Autumn in Riga (4k)

Andrey Sem...

When the Soviet Union dissolved in the early 1990's, its Baltic states were among the earliest beneficiaries.  All three had enjoyed a period of independence between the World Wars, and had longstanding cultural and economic ties to Germany and other countries on the Baltic Sea.  Latvia's capital city Riga perhaps best exemplifies this  economic progress.  Here is a beautiful aerial tour of this dynamic and well-preserved city, compliments of content creator Audrey Semjonov and his DJI Mavic Pro drone.

Sights of Riga by Drone


Riga, Latvia (PART #9)

Baltic Dro...

Take in these beautiful 4k aerial views of Riga, Latvia in this excellent piece by AirVuz contributor and pilot Baltic Drone Videos.  The video features footage of the following locations in the city, the largest of the three Baltic Republics:  the neo-Byzantine Riga Nativity of Christ Cathedral;  the neo-Gothic Art Academy of Latvia; the Latvian National Museum of Art; the monument to the Latvian poet and playwright Rainis monument; and Freedom Monument, the memorial to those lost in the Latvian War of Independence (1918-20).

Wintertime in Riga


Experience Riga Latvia 4K


Check out these wintertime drone views of Riga, Latvia, compliments of contributor davetke2002.  The video opens with a shot of the spire of St. Peter's Church in the city's Old Town, followed by the Riga Radio and TV Tower, the tallest structure in the EU as of 2020.  Starting at about the :33 mark, you'll fly through the city's modern skyscraper district, followed by the Vanšu Bridge over the Daugva River.  At around the 1:07 mark, you'll see the Stalinist era Latvian Academy of Sciences (1:07), followed by the Freedom Monument.  

Riga Old Town Highlights


Riga | Europe from a drone


See the Old Town of Riga, Latvia from above in this winter-time drone video by pilot proskalov. The city's historic core lies on the east bank of the Daugava River, just south of its mouth.  The video features footage of some of the top sights in the Old Town, a UNESCO World Heritage site.  Some of the highlights include the Riga Cathedral, the seat of the Evanglical Lutheran Church here; the green-steepled Church of St. Peter, most of which dates to the early 18th century; and the Freedom Monument, a World War I commemoration just east of the Old Town.   

Riga: Old and New


Old town of Riga, Latvia


Contributor RJurevics managed to hit most of the visual highlights of Riga in this marvelous aerial tour of the Latvian capital city.  The video includes footage of the St. Peters Church in the heart of the city's Old Town; the "multi-humped" Railway Bridge over the Daugava River; the House of the Blackheads, a merchant guild building; the Latvian National Opera House; the Riga Cathedral; the National Library of Latvia; Fredom Monument; and the Riga Radio and TV Tower, the country's tallest structure.  

Wintertime in Riga


DJI Mavic Air 2 | First snow in Riga | December 2020


Take in these excellent wintertime drone views of Riga, Latvia in this excellent video by AirVuz contributor and pilot ivomarks.  Filmed with a DJI Mavic Air 2 drone, most of the video was shot in the outskirts of this very old port city at the head of its namesake bay, the capital of the small Baltic republic.   The video features footage of the snow-covered forests and lakes which dot the cityscape, as well as the Daugava River, which runs through the city just before emptying into the Gulf of Riga.  

St. Peter's Church


Epic One Shot Take on St. Peter's Church, Riga

Reinis Vil...

Contributor Reinis Vilnus created this beautiful one-shot video of one of the most well-known churches in Eastern Europe. It's the St. Peter's Church in the Latvian capital of Riga.  While it's a Lutheran Church, its construction pre-dates the Reformation.  Originally built in the 13th century, the church was destroyed in 1941 during the early days of Operation Barbarossa, the invasion by Nazi Germany of the (then) USSR.  It was meticulously reconstructed after the war, a process which took decades to complete.   

Nativity Cathedral



Reinis Vil...

Here's a short but amazing aerial look at the Latvian capital city of Riga, compliments of contributor Reinis Vilnis.  It was taken with one of the best setups available - a Zenmuse X7 camera mounted to a DJI Inspire 2 drone.   It opens with a shot of Old Town square, then slides behind a modern skyscraper for a "reveal" of the distinctive gold-domed Nativity Cathedral.  Completed in 1883, when Latvia was part of the Russian Empire, it's the largest Eastern Orthodox church in the Baltic States.

The House of the Blackheads


The House of the Blackheads | Phantom 4 Pro

Reinis Vil...

The House of the Blackheads is one of the top attractions in the Old City of Riga, Latvia.  It was built in the early 1300's as a guild for merchants and other professions in the port city, which at the time was a member of the powerful Hanseatic League, a group of Baltic Sea cities which controlled much of the trade of northern Europe.   The building had been essentially destroyed during World War II, but was carefully reconstructed in the 1990's when Latvia won its independence from the Soviet Union.  

The Riga Freeport


Riga Freeport by Mavic 2 Zoom

Reinis Vil...

Reinis Vilnis used a DJI Mavic Pro 2 Zoom to create this aerial tour of Riga Freeport, an important port on the Baltic Sea.  The capital and largest city of Latvia, Riga was one of the original Hanseatic League cities which dominated trade in Northern Europe for centuries.  It continues to serve an important transport function.  The largest by far of several ports in Riga, the Freeport primarily handles cargo (bulk and container) headed in and out of Russia and the other former Soviet Union states.  

Riga's Marathon



Reinis Vil...

Reinis Vilnis is one of the top drone pilots in Latvia. In this video, he brings us an aerial view of the Riga Marathon, the country's premiere marathon and one of the fastest growing in northern Europe.  The race starts and ends at Riga Castle, probably the most well known landmark in the country's capital city.  It's officially called the Lattelecom Riga Marathon in reference to its sponsor, one of the country's top telecommunications and media companies.  

Vanšu Bridge, Swedbank, Z-Towers



Reinis Vil...

Using a new DJI Mavic 2 Zoom, contributor Reinis Vilnis created this aerial video of some of the modern landmarks in the Latvian capital city of Riga.  The first part of the video features the modern-looking Vanšu Bridge; this Soviet Era (1981) cable-stayed bridge spans the Daugava River.  Much of the rest of the video focuses on the two tallest skyscraper complexes in Riga: the  Swedbank headquarters building and the twin Z-Towers; the latter became the country's tallest buildings in 2017.  

Riga's Maskavas Forštate District


Riga (Latvia) bird's eye view 4K, Part 8

Baltic Dro...

Maskavas Forštate is a suburb of the Latvian capital city of Riga.  It's situated south of the Old City, on the right (eastern) bank of the Daugava River, Riga's principal waterway.  Maskavas Forštate became run-down in the latter years of Communism, but has staged a revival since the turn of the century.  This drone video features footage of the following spots in this very old district: St. John the Forerunner Orthodox Church, the Armenian Church, the Grebenstchikov House of Prayer, and the old Sports Arena.

The Riga Radio and TV Tower


Radio and TV Tower in 🇱🇻 Riga, Latvia


One of the most recognizable landmarks in the Baltic republic of Latvia is the Riga Radio and TV Tower.  Situated on an island in the Daugava River just upstream from Riga's Old City, the tower stands 368 meters or about 1.2k ft.  It's the tallest tower in the EU, and one of the 15 tallest in the world as of 2019 (using a definition of "tower" which excludes buildings used for living or work space).  Seen via drone in this excellent video by DimiDRONE, the tower was completed in 1989, when Latvia was still part of the Soviet Union.  

Profile of Jurgis Kreilis


The Drone Dish: Jurgis Kreilis

The Drone ...

In this episode of Drone Dish history, host Tyler Mason talks with Jurgis Kreilis of Film Day (AV profile: Jurgis Kreilis / FilmDay).  Jurgis hails from the Baltic republic of Latvia just outside of Riga, and most of his videos have been shot there.  Many of his videos can be found in the AirVuz Latvia country collection as well as the Riga city collection.  In this episode, he talks about flying drones in Latvia, as well as his specialty in showcasing beautiful landscapes alongside carefully selective music. 



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