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Aussies Surfing with Sharks

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Sharks have been a hazard of surfing since the Polynesians first figured out how to ride ocean waves.  While shark attacks on surfers do occasionally (and tragically) happen, it's much more often the case that  surfers and sharks ply the same waters oblivious to each others existence.  In this video by Aero Retina Optics, you'll see this dynamic in action in the waters of Victoria, South Australia, where some harmless sharks linger just a few meters/yards from some epic surfing action.


Great white shark bites boat as drone pilot goes to catch drone as battery is almost out.

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Contributor Douglas Thron is one of the top commercial drone pilots in California.  He was doing some drone filming for a Discovery Channel show on sharks in California when a couple of great white sharks showed up.  With his battery running low, he decided to take the risk of losing his drone in the water in order to get the "killer" (no pun intended) footage of one of the sharks trying to take a chomp on the boat.  It makes for some memorable viewing, as you'll see in this video.


Tiger Shark & Cobia - The Hunt

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While sharks are common sightings on the eastern shore of Australia, they are actually even more common on the (much less densely populated) western shores, in the state of Western Australia.  In this video, contributor Intrepid Drone Services flew over (appropriately named) Shark Bay, a UNESCO World Heritage natural site in the middle of the WA coast.  He was able to film a tiger shark roaming the waters with a pilot fish in tow.  



Shark Week


The Drone Dish: Douglas Thron

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Shark Sighting

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Shark Droning in Albany

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Small Shark Sighting

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