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Spring Break in Florida

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Florida Spring Break by DJI Mavic Air | 2018


Contributor Tarcy_Vision created an unforgettable aerial tour of Miami and the Gold Coast of Southern Florida during Spring Break, a time of year when many of the state's beaches and cities are flooded with college students.  Although somewhat more subdued compared to its heyday in the 1970's, it's still considered one of the prime Spring Break destinations.  This amazing video was shot with a DJI Mavic Air drone, who video quality is astonishing given its diminutive size.

Hyperlapses of Miami

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Miami 4K (with Timelapse/Hyperlapse)


 Award winning contributor Majestic used a DJI Mavic Pro 2 drone to create one of the most epic aerial tours of Miami, the great city on Florida's Gold Coast.  He captured some stunning day and night shots of the skyline along Brickell Avenue, the towers of South Beach, and a massive powerboat cruising the waters of Biscayne Bay.  He then stitched it together with some highly creative editing and timelapses to create an memorable portrait of what may be the USA's most photogenic city.

Tampa: Florida's Second City

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Dusk in Tampa


Tampa is the largest city on the west coast of Florida.  It sits on Tampa Bay, which opens up into the Gulf of Mexico.  The metropolitan area, the second largest in Florida after Miami, is often called Tampa St. Petersburg in reference to the smaller city which lies on the other side of the bay.  It's home to over 2 million Floridians.  Top contributor Tampa Randy flew a drone over the lovely Southeastern city at dusk to create this amazing aerial video.  

Florida's Amazing Keys

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Explore the Florida Keys by Air


Florida's Keys are a group of islands which extend in an arc beginning just south of Miami and extending to the southwest.   This video will give you an aerial tour of Florida's Keys, compliments of contributor and drone pilot Nonexistent Jay.  It includes footage from Seven Mile Bridge and Key West, both of which were filming scenes for the 1989 James Bond film Licence to Kill (1989), #18 in the series.  The Keys were also used as a filming location for the next Bond film, GoldenEye (1995).

Palm Beach: Florida's Old Money Center

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The Breakers Palm Beach Queen of the Drone Style

Queen of the Drone

Sitting just across the Intracoastal Waterway from the larger city of West Palm Beach, Palm Beach, Florida is one of the wealthiest cities in the USA.  The oldest and most fashionable hotel in Palm Beach is the Breakers, a 538 room lodging built by oil tycoon (and John D. Rockefeller partner) Henry Flagler in 1896.  Top contributor Queen of the Drone treats us to a spectacular aerial tour of this magnificent hotel on one of America's most exclusive beaches.

Naples: On Florida's South Gulf Coast

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Summer in Naples!


Naples, Florida is the southernmost city on the state's Gulf Coast.  While not a large city, it is known for having a large concentration of wealth from retirees and vacation home owners in the city.  In recent years, the city's metropolitan area has grown such that it almost joins the larger Fort Myers area to its north in one continuous region.  Contributor Drone_America created this epic drone video of the sights of Naples in the hot Florida summers. 

Florida's Panhandle: The Emerald Coast

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Scenic Shots of the Emerald Coast

8 Fifty Productions

The Florida Panhandle along the Gulf of Mexico is known as the Emerald Coast.  While it has historically lagged behind the Miami and Fort Myers/Naples areas as a beach destination, it has made great strides in recent years.  Contributor 8 Fifty Productions created this video in which he treats us to epic aerial views of Rosemary Beach, Watercolor, Grayton Beach, Sandestin, and Destin, and more.  These are currently some of the fastest-growing communities in Florida.  

Droning the Miami Skyline

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Miami 4K - All The Stars


In this amazing drone video, award winning contributor  Majestic makes a compelling visual case for Miami having the USA's most impressive skyline.  Shot with a DJI Mavic 2 Pro, the video opens with a stunning shot from over Miami Beach, looking west at the downtown Miami skyline over the Bay of Biscayne.  From there it transitions to some incredible shots of the Brickell Avenue skyscrapers, followed by more aerials of South Beach at the southern end of Miami Beach.  

Lake Buena Vista: Home of DisneyWorld

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Lake Buena Vista Florida


Lake Buena Vista in Central Florida is the best known USA city with 10 residents as of the 2010 census.  The reason is that it lies next to the Disney World amusement park, which is located in adjacent Bay Lake but which has a Lake Buena Vista mailing address.  Top contributor Aerialfilmsmia put together this outstanding drone video of this bit of suburban Orlando which lies next to one of the world's biggest attractions.  

Central Florida's Salt Marshes

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Salt Marshes ~ Florida 2018


The interior of Florida was once almost entirely covered in wetlands and marshes.  In fact, much of the interior of the southern part of the state was uninhabitable until relatively recently due to the problems of mosquito-borne infections.  Effective insect control and air conditioning solved one problem but created another - the wetlands have shrunk alarmingly due to population pressure.  In this video, PeterBloch gives us an aerial view of some salt marshlands near Tampa.

Orlando: Disney Springs

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DJI Phantom 4 POI: Disney Springs, Florida

Planet Phantom

Planet Phantom created this aerial view of Disney Springs, an entertainment complex outside of the Walt Disney World Theme Park near Orlando, Florida.  Disney Springs has been through several iterations, most recently as the Downtown Disney.  Since the beginning, the idea has been to provide grown-up entertainment for visitors who may be spending most of their waking hours with their children in the nearby parks.  The complex was recently renovated, in the process of which it took its current name.

Florida's Everglades

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Everglades National Park - Florida

Tapp Channel

Florida's Everglades is one of the world's most well known wetlands.  As the Everglades came under pressure from the explosive growth of the Florida population, it became one of the first areas which became the subject of intense concern from the emerging worldwide environmental movement.  Contributor Tapp Channel used a DJI Phantom drone combined with ground footage to give us this look at an important and endangered resource.   

Panhandle Coast: Destin

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East Pass Towers - Destin, Florida

8 Fifty Productions

Drone video footage is becoming a must-have tool for marketing residential properties which have boat access.  The bird's eye footage afforded by drones are by far the best way to show use of the property for marine recreation.  Contributor 8 Fifty Productions created this beautiful promotional video of a harborside apartment complex in Destin, Florida, providing an aerial view of the boating lifestyle awaiting the new owner.  

Fort Lauderdale: Yachting Mecca

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Fort Lauderdale, the City of Yachts


Contributor Tampa Randy created this beautiful drone video of Fort Lauderdale, the lesser known half of the Miami-Ft. Lauderdale urban agglomeration in South Florida.  Located a half hours' drive north of Miami (at least at the rare times when traffic is light) Fort Lauderdale has a long Atlantic Ocean beachfront and numerous channels and harbors.  It's one of the biggest yachting markets in the world, and the annual boat show held here is one of the largest of its kind.  

Aerial Tour of the Gold Coast

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South Florida Drone Video


Contributor o_a_photography created this mesmerizing aerial look at the dynamic urban agglomeration variously known as South Florida, So Flo, the Gold Coast, or Miami-Fort Lauderdale.  The video starts on the Fort Lauderdale (northern) end of the area, which features both a long beachfront and a downtown area slightly inland.  Then it moves south to Miami, where you'll see some epic shots of the Miami skyline, the gleaming white towers of Miami Beach, and the boating scene on Biscayne Bay.

Tampa Bay Area: Clearwater Beach

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Aerial Tour of Clearwater Beach


Florida's Clearwater Beach is one of a series of long islands which run parallel to the Gulf Shore coast of the mainland.  It sits opposite the town of Clearwater, the third largest city in the Tampa-St. Petersburg area, which sits in the top left position of an upside down triangle formed by the three cities (Tampa being in the top right).   In this drone video by Tampa Randy, you'll see the length of Clearwater Beach from a bird's eye perspective, with the mainland of Florida being in the background.

Mid-Gulf Coast: Sarasota

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Sarasota and Surrounding Keys


TampaRandy created this beautiful drone video of Sarasota and its surrounding islands ("keys), on Florida's western (Gulf of Mexico) coast.  Considered part of the Greater Tampa Bay area, the city lies on Sarasota Bay, which is created by a series of long islands called keys.  Both Sarasota and even more so the keys (the most well known of which are Fiesta and Long Boat Keys) are a boat-lover's paradise: it's an aquatic-oriented spot, with many marinas and countless boats ranging from canoes to large yachts.    

Drone Tour of Orlando

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Mavic Drone Flying through Orlando

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LOA used a DJI Mavic Pro drone to create this short but informative look at Orlando, in Central Florida.  Once a sleepy town, it was chosen by Walt Disney Company to be the home of a new theme park called Disney World in 1971.  The rest, as they say, is history.  The city is the center of a greater Orlando are of over three million souls, it's one of the world's top tourist destinations and a Tier 1 convention center, and in 2018 Orlando International Airport was the eleventh busiest in the country.

Seaside: Truman Show Country

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Seaside, Florida: Golden Hour

8 Fifty Productions

8 Fifty Productions created this beautiful drone video of Seaside, a quiet planned beach community on Florida's panhandle.  Situated in Walton County between the much better known Panama Beach City and Destin, it shares the very high ratio of boats to humans which is common in this part of the world.  Famously, Seaside was the primary filming location for The Truman Show, the 1998 sci-fi parody movie starring Jim Carey which was one of the most financially successful movies of the 1990's. 

Florida's Mid-Keys

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Florida Keys' Islamorada to Seven Mile Bridge


TampaRandy created this drone tour of a stretch of the Florida Keys running from Islamorada and Seven Mile Bridge.  While it's not actually seven miles (it's 10.9k meters or about 6.8k miles), it was one of the longest bridges in the world when it opened in 1912 as a railway extension.  The popular drive is actually two bridges now; the more recent one was built in 1982.  The bridge was the filming scene in the 18th James Bond film License to Kill (1989) in which a truck is driven off of it.

SoFlo: Florida's Gold Coast

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Cruising through SoFlo


This drone video by Jpcorzo will show you how Miami's cruise ship traffic relates to South Beach. It follows a cruise liner as it heads out to sea from the cruise ship berths on Dodge Island in Biscayne Bay.  Since the early 1900's, ships have been able to head directly to sea through the Government Cut channel, which essentially chopped off the southern tip of Miami Beach, creating Fischer Island in the process.  Passing through the Cut, South Beach is on the ship's left.  

Aerial Tour of the Tampa Bay Area

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Tampa / St. Petersburg, Florida Drone Footage

Matt Hallum

Take an aerial tour of the Tampa/St. Petersburg area of Florida in this beautiful drone video by contributor Matt Hallum.  The "twin cities" lie on either side of Tampa Bay on the state's western (Gulf of Mexico) coast.  The video includes footage of Downtown Tampa, Downtown St. Petersburg, St. Pete Beach (on the Gulf of Mexico), and Clearwater Beach (also on the Gulf side).  The Tampa Bay area is home to over three million people, making it the state's second-largest metropolitan area.  

Tallahassee: FSU's Stadium

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Doak Campbell Stadium


Terryjames shared this drone video of Doak Campbell Stadium, the home of the Florida State University Seminoles.  It's based on the school's campus in the state capital, Tallahassee. Opened in 1950, for nearly seven decades it's been the home field for one of the most storied college football programs in history.  The stadium, which seats just over 80,000 fans, is known as the largest continuous brick structure in the United States.  It's now technically called Bobby Bowden Field at Doak Campbell Stadium.

4th of July on Crab Island

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Crab Island July 4th 2019 - Destin, Fl.

8 Fifty Productions

Now this is where the party is at! See the thousands of boats floating around Crab Island off the coast of Destin, Florida during the 2019 4th of July festivities. The 4th of July or, Independence Day, is a holiday in the USA that commemorates the Declaration of Independence which says the the USA was free from the British monarchy. This top-down view of some Floridians' celebration shows just one way Americans choose to celebrate their independence.

Jacksonville: Florida's Largest City

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Alvin Nyemah

Many people would be astonished to know that the most populous city in the state of Florida is not Miami, Tampa, or Orlando but rather Jacksonville.  Due to a quirk of urban planning, the city of Jacksonville, the metropolitan area of Greater Jacksonville, and Duval County are very nearly one and the same.  In this drone video by Alvin Nyemah, you'll get a bird's eye view of the city on the banks of the St. Johns River in the northeastern part of the state, the largest city in the USA by land area.  

Profile of 8Fifty Productions

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Drone Dish: 8 Fifty Productions.

The Drone Dish

On this episode of The Drone Dish we hear from the man behind 8 Fifty Productions, Jason Ellis. From his home base in the Florida panhandle, he drones everything from dunes to dolphins! Jason tells Ryan how he came up with the name 8 Fifty Productions and why his area is not only unique, but perfecting for droning! His favorite video on the site? "Dolphins Playing off the Coast of Seaside, Florida!" Jason says dolphins seem to know when a UAV is shooting them; they always put on a show for him! 

DA Heads to Fort Myers

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Droning America: Fort Myers, FL

Droning America

Ft. Myers is the second largest city on Florida's Gulf Coast.  It first came to prominence as the winter retreat of Henry Ford and Thomas Edison.  With a metropolitan population of over 1 million, the city has grown beyond its roots as a place for retirees and winter vacations.  In this episode of Droning America, Angie Avestruz and contributor Queen of the Drone to give us a bird's eye view of this city on the Gulf of Mexico.  


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Florida Keys

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Formula Drift Orlando

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iDroneU - Miami FL

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