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Wakeboarding and Drones


NurkFPV has shown that he is not afraid of putting his FPV quads in harm's way.  No surprise then that he and his wakeboarder bud, Randy Kizer, took some risks in the filming of this drone video.  Flying a quad over water and allowing your buddy to chase you with a set of blades can be tricky biz.  These guys manage to pull through with an action-packed FPV vid you have to watch!

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Miniquads and Slalomski ||Part 1|| - Funsports filmed with a Racing Drone


FPV pilot JibberFPV took on a challenge to combine the thrills of racing drones and slalom skiing in this rad drone video.  His challenge was conquered as he speeds along the water skier with his mini-quadcopter right in tow.

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Getting Shreddy on the Lake


In this video, contributor Munoa32 manages to combine some epic wakeboarding with a spectacular location.  Shot on a beautiful lake in the Rocky Mountains of the western USA, you couldn't ask for a more amazing setting.  Munoa32's drone does a beautiful job of capturing this very talented wakeboarder doing all manner of flips and tricks, seemingly undistracted by his breathtaking surroundings.  


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Kite Rip

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Skiing drone

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FPV with Kite Surfers

Guru Nate
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Let's Get Wet

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Golden Hour

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Glass - FPV Freestyle

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FPV with the WAVES

Multicopter Maui