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Ice Climbing by Drone: iced waterfall in italian Alps NOT YET RATED

Enrico Pescantini

If you think rock climbing in the Alps would be challenging, how about climbing an iced waterfall.  Really?  Contributor Enrico Pescantini used a drone to film a climber scaling the Cascata di Cambrembo waterfall, one of Italy's largest, in its frozen state during the depths of winter.  The waterfall is located in the Italian Alps in Italy's Lombardy region.  Despite its copious water flow, during the frigid winter months it completely freezes, allowing it to be scaled like a rock cliff. 


Winter Paddle Boarding

The paddle boarder in this drone video appears to drift into the unknown... Contributor followed the paddle boarder out to Lake Geneva in Switzerland, with his DJI Phantom 4 drone, to capture this mysteriously misty aerial footage.  First he's surrounded by white, then bird's eye views reveal the clear blue lake water below.




While the population of the Canadian province Quebec is heavily concentrated in its southern area along the St. Lawrence River, the province is enormous.  It extends over 1.3 million square km (over 500k square mi.) of land area, making it the largest southern tier province.  Most of this area is in the northern part of the province.  In this amazing video by contributor Dizifilms, you'll get an aerial view of this frozen wonderland, which extends to latitudes running through Greenland.  


Antisana Skiing

Esteban Barrera

Esteban Barrera may very well have set a record by flying his drone over the Antisana Volcano in Ecuador.  Using his DJI Phantom 3 drone, he hit an altitude of of 5.7k meters (18.7k ft) atop the volcano, one of the highest such mountains in the world.  The volcano is part of the Andes Mountains, a geological system which runs much of the length of western South America and covers most of the western portion of Ecuador. 


A New Perspective (Audi Nines 2018) - Johnny FPV


Action sports and FPV drones is one of the best combinations that this industry has to offer! In this edit by top drone racer and FPV freestyle pilot JohnnyFPV, watch as he follows some of the world's best freestyle skiers at the Audi Nines competition in the mountains of Tyrol, Austria.  This amazing FPV film was nominated for the AirVuz Drone Video of the Week Contest in the Spring of 2018 and is currently a Drone Video Awards Extreme Sports nominee.


Mount Hutt Snow Palooza 2018


The moutains of the Southern Alps in New Zealand provide an abundance of recreation for its winter season, and travel blogger YoumiTrip caught the highlight of winter fun when he flew his drone over the 'mad spring party' known as the Mount Hutt Snow Palooza.  Revelers cruise their way down the ski mountain either via snow kayaking, proving that the winter in the Southern Hemisphere is not to be missed. This video was a Drone Video of the Month Staff Pick.


Ninja H2 - Fastest Wheelie On Ice


The only thing more insane than driving a motorcycle over 200 kph (145 mph) is doing it on ice, and then popping a wheelie in the middle of the run.  In this video, you will see Bubba Myers do just that with his Kawasaki Ninja H2.  He unofficially broke the world record for the fastest motorcycle wheelie on ice.  All captured for posterity via drone by contributor Chrisian Michel in this amazing aerial video. 


Winter Jet-ski in 20°F Weather!


Yes, you read the title correctly.  Lake Superior is not warm even in the summer months, rarely exceeding 60 degrees.  In the winter months, well, let's just say it's cold.  But not too cold for contributor Andrew Achter and his friends, who attend the University of Minnesota Duluth.  They took a jetski out on the Duluth Harbor when it was plenty cold outside but the lake was still jetskiable - that is, before it froze completely for the winter! 


iRev 2018 - Geoff Kyle's Freeride


Geoff Kyle has made a career out of big mountain freeride sledding. His tours take other snowseekers throughout Whister on sleds and snowbikes. However, the team in this video are no amatuers - they're team iRev, a group of people that love anything to do with motors and revs. Watch them rip down, around, and over the mountain in this Drone Video of the Week nominated video. 



Icemoto Szeged