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Mavic + GH5 - cinematic video of the Rotterdam container terminals


Netherland's port of Rotterdam is the largest shipping port in Europe.  For a forty year period after World War II, Rotterdam was the largest shipping port in the world.  As the end point for many containership routes, it is the most crucial connection point for freight traffic between Europe and Asia.  Contributor Mike Zwigjers used a DJI Mavic Pro to create an amazing aerial video of this mammoth port in the southern Netherlands, the driver of the economy of the second largest Dutch city.


The Port of Veracruz


The Port of Veracuz lies in the Mexican city of the same name on Gulf of Mexico, just west of the Yucatan Peninsula.  It's the third largest port in Mexico as well as the largest on the east side of the country.  In 1914, the United States and Mexico fought a mini-war here, during the course of which USA forces fought for and then occupied the city for seven months.  Award winning contributor Postandfly used a drone to create an amazing aerial view of this important historical seaport.


A shortfilm of the port of Gothenburg by Droneflix

Droneflix Productions

Gothenberg is the second largest city in Sweden after Stockholm.  A port city, it faces the northern tip of Denmark, beyond which is the North Sea.  It hosts many festivals, including the annual Gothenberg Film Festival, the largest such event in Scandinavia.  Droneflix used a Phantom 4 Pro drone to create this mesmerizing portrait of the city from an aerial perspective.  Most of the footage is of the city's port, Sweden's primary port for trans-Atlantic trade.


Kobe Harbour with Mavic Pro


Kobe is Japan's sixth largest city, a seaport city lying on the north side of Osaka Bay on the southern side of the island of Honshu.  Considered part of the greater Osaka area, it is Japan's fourth largest seaport.  In this video, Styfly Studio uses a DJI Mavic Pro drone to take us on an aerial tour of Kobe.  You'll get a bird's eye view of this important (and very old) seaport city, whose harbor is dotted with artificial islands to increase the city's useable land area.


The Sugar Shack

Jeff Walrich - TK-421

Baltimore, Maryland in the Mid-Atlantic USA has deep roots as a port city.  While the city's Inner Harbor area has been converted to other uses (in part because it was not deep enough to handle large containerships), the port still remains one of the top 20 in the country, and it is the largest dry bulk port on the East Coast.  In this drone video, top contributor Jeff Walrich gives us an epic aerial view of the Sugar Shack, the country's largest terminal for receiving sugar. 


Mist ~Victoria Harbour


Understanding how Hong Kong became a major city starts with its relationship to the sea.  Victoria Harbor is the body of water separating Hong Kong Island from the Kowloon Peninsula, and it is one of the finest natural harbors in the world.  Contributor Minglam created this spectacular drone video flying over the mist-covered harbor, giving us an aerial look at some of the ship traffic heading in and out of the great city, which is one of the ten busiest ports in the world.


Cargo Ship in the port of Miami


One of the benefits of using a drone to film a large cargo ship is the ability to capture the size of these vessels, which can carry billions of dollars worth of cargo.  This is even more the case when filmed as they cruise near land, when the scale of the ship can stand in contrast to more familiar objects.  Case and point is this drone video from contributor Sikview.  The aerial view of a Maersk vessel heading out of the Port of Miami shows the enormity of a modern containership.     


Containership and Elbphilharmonie / No Filter / P4P

Elb Cut Media

Contributor Elb Cut Media used a DJI Phantom 4 drone to shoot this epic aerial video of a containership being pulled by tugboat through the Port of Hamburg.  Hamburg is Germany's largest port nad one of the keys to its export-driven economy, although it lies not on the seacoast but 110 km (about 70 mi) upstream from the (North Sea) mouth of the Elb River.  The video provides a great perspective on the process of moving massive ships through crowded ports like this one.  




Fortaleza is one of the oldest settlements in Brazil; it was actually "discovered" by the Spaniards but was not recognized as a Spanish discovery under the 1494 treaty that effectively divided the non-European world between Spain and Portugal.  Today it is one of the most important cities in Northeastern Brazil.  Its modest-sized port is Brazil's primary sugar export port and is increasingly being used as a cruise ship port of call, as you'll see in this drone video by DCIMagens.


Sydney Harbour, Australia


Contributor EdDrone used a DJI Mavic Air to treat us to this epic aerial view of Sydney Harbor.  Australia's largest city and capital of the New South Wales state, Sydney is blessed with one of the world's finest natural harbors, comparable to Hong Kong's.  Watch the video to get a sense of how closely the city's most recognized landmarks - the downtown, the famous Opera House, and the equally famous Harbor Bridge - are tied to its great harbor, the second busiest in Australia after Melbourne.


From the Queen Mary to the Harbor


One of the main drivers of the economy of greater Los Angeles is international trade.  The Port of Los Angeles is the largest container port in the United States, while its neighbor, the Port of Long Beach, is the second largest.  The two ports, which are intensely competitive, adjoin each other on San Pedro Bay, south of downtown LA.  In this video by Skybounddrones, you'll get a bird's eye view of the Long Beach Port, which is also the final resting port of the Queen Mary cruise ship.  



Icarus Aerial Filming

Icarus Aerial Filming created this captivating drone's eye view of Volos, an important Greek seaport.  It is in the Thessaly region, in the center of the eastern coast of the Greek mainland.  While the area has been inhabited for millenia and mentioned in numerous ancient texts, the modern port only dates to the late 19th century.  The video provides a nicely captioned view of some of the different vessels which are loading and unloading their cargoes at the port facilities.  


Huge containership passing under Westgate Bridge with Melbounre city as the backdrop


Among the other things which distinguish the Australian city of Melbourne is its seaport.  The city, which lies at mouth of the Yarra River, was actually not blessed with a great natural harbor like Sydney.  In the late 19th century, the river was widened to be able to accommodate larger ships.  Now, the port is the country's busiest containership port.  In this drone video by Steffshots, you'll get a bird's eye view of a giant containership heading out of the great port to sea.


Industry of Newcastle


One of the world's largest dry bulk ports is Newcastle, Australia.  Located in the state of New South Wales, Newcastle is the primary export port for Australia's vast coal exports.  While Australia is the world's fourth largest coal producer, it's the largest coal exporter, and Newcastle is the world's largest coal export port.  In this video, contributor thescience of travel gives us a bird's eye viw of the great port as well as the railroads which feed it millions of tons of product from mines in the interior.   


Sea Work job


For centuries, the Black Sea was the world's most important body of water for shipping.   While that is no longer the case, it remains very significant, and is the only water path to the open ocean (via the Bosphorus Strait and then the Mediterranean) for four different countries.  The largest port on the great sea is Constanta, in Romania's Dobrogea region.  In this video, Claboo Media gives us a drone's eye view of this extremely modern seaport, part of a city which dates to 600 BC.


jaffa port

Shlomi Znati Photography

Next to the very modern Israel city of Tel Aviv lies the very ancient city of Jaffa, which is known for its port on the Mediterranean Sea.  The port has been used for over 7,000 years – it is said to have been founded by Japheth, the son of the Biblical character Noah. Contributor Shlomi Znati uses a drone to give us an epic bird's eye view of this ancient seaport, which sits in the shadows of the skyscrapers of Tel Aviv.  


DJI Mavic Pro Epic Cinematic Footage That Rivals Inspire X5 And Phantom 4 Pro!!!


This epic video by ProCinemaFX confirms two things: (1) Cape Town is one of the world's most beautiful cities and (2) when its footage is properly shot and color graded, the DJI Mavic Pro can hold its own against much larger drones.  The video shows the gorgeous city on the Cape of Good Hope from several angles, with particular focus on its port.  The Port of Cape Town is one of the most important in Africa; it's second in container traffic to Durban but the country's largest for dry bulk freight.  


Droning America: Duluth, MN

Droning America

The port of Duluth, Minnesota sits on a corner of Lake Superior, the queen of the Great Lakes and indeed the world's largest lake.  By serving as the primary port for shipment of iron ore mined from the Iron Range of northern Minnesota, Duluth has been critical to the USA's steel industry for over a century.  It's also a major port for handing bulk agricultural products.  This episode of Droning America will give you a bird's eye view of this remarkable Great Lakes port city.