Manhattan and Jersey City
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New York and Jersey City Lights 4K


In this spectacular drone video, Majestic shows us that the only skyline scene more spectacular than that of Manhattan is that of Manhattan at night.  The award winning contributor and aerial videographer gives us some epic views of the skyscrapers of Manhattan, as well as those of Jersey City, a sort of "satellite" city that lies across the Hudson River from the Big Apple.  Using some nice editing techniques, he juxtaposes footage of the two cities to great effect.

Hudson Yards and Jersey City
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New York City, Hudson Yards, Jersey City Lights


Experience one of the world's most recognizable city skylines in this 4K drone video. New York City’s skyline is always growing and changing, but one thing remains the same: it always looks good at night. See all of New York lit up in this very special video of America's largest city by top contributor and drone pilot Majestic.  The video features some beautiful footage of the Hudson Yards area on the West Side, which has been transformed by new construction in recent years. 

Brooklyn Bridge
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My 9/11 Tribute: DJI P4 Over the Brooklyn Bridge


The Brooklyn Bridge connects the New York City burroughs of Brooklyn and Manhattan over the East River.  Completed in 1883, the construction of the 1.8k meter (almost 6k ft.) long hybrid cable-stayed/suspension bridge was one of the most important events in the building of modern day New York.  In this video, creator Sikview flew a DJI Phantom 4 Professional drone over the bridge, providing us with a memorable bird's eye view of this immense structure.

New York by Mavic Pro
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New York Drone Video - DJI Mavic Pro - 4k

PROEPICS (Jannis & Carlota)

Take a spin over the Big Apple with this remarkable drone video from contributor Jannis and Carlotta.  The video features beautiful aerial aerial footage of Lower Manhattan including shots of Freedom Tower, flyovers and flyunders of the Brooklyn Bridge, a shot over the Manhattan Bridge, a beautiful shot looking north towards the Empire State Building, and more epic shots of the Financial District waterfront.  It also includes ground footage of Times Square which is skillfully edited into the mix.

NYC Highlights
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The Big Apple

  • bbloss
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Contributor Bbloss hits a bulls-eye with this epic 60 second drone video of New York City.  It opens with some great aerial shots of the Brooklyn and Manhattan bridges.  Given the difficulty of flying drones in New York, he mixes ground footage and aerial footage to give us some awesome footage of the Financial District, Times Square, and some epic time-lapse shots of the two historic East River bridges: the Brooklyn Bridge, which opened in 1883, and the Manhattan Bridge (1909).

Manhattan and Queens Skylines
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NYC State of Mind

Elena Buenrostro

Founder and CEO of Women Who Drone, Elena Buenrostro is killing the dronie game with this flyout and reveal of the New York City skyline as well as its emerging satellite in Queens.  The first shot is from Brooklyn facing west, with Freedom Tower luring in the background and the massive Con Ed powerplant on the East River in the foreground.  The second reveal faces north to the Long Island City mini-skyline in Queens, home of the new Amazon headquarters facilities.  

New York's Financial District
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New York City's Financial District: DJI Mavic Pro


In this video, Lleeyyooww treats us to a great aerial look at New York City's Financial District in lower Manhattan.  This area was the target of the 9/11/01 attacks, which destroyed the World Trade Center towers that loomed over Wall Street.  Following years of disputes, a new World Trade Center arose, anchored by the 94 story One World Trade Center, aka Freedom Tower.  The main focus of the video, it opened in 2014 and reaches the symbolically important height of 1,776 ft. (540 meters).  

Aerial Tour of Queens
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THIS IS QUEENS (Trailer) An Aerial Short by Kevin P. Coughlin

All Island Aerial

All Island Aerial treats us to this aerial tour of the New York City Borough of Queens, which lies just across the East River from Manhattan.  Most of the video is shot in the Flushing Meadows area of northern Queens.  Enjoy the birds eye views of the old World Fair site, Citi Field (home of the New York Mets), Forest Hills (site of the US Open tennis championship), the 59th St. Bridge over the East River, and more. Queens is the city's second most populous borough, after Brooklyn.

Coney Island
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A Night in Coney Island


New York City's Brooklyn borough, which sits across the East River from Lower Manhattan, is the city's largest by population.  It is perhaps best known for  the Coney Island Amusement Park, which lies in the southern part of the borough, near the Verrazano Bridge.  Contributor Remorales treats us to an aerial view of this park, which was the shooting location for the climactic final scene of the 1979 feature film The Warriors, a movie about gang warfare in New York City.

Staten Island
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This, is Staten Island

Matthew Chirico

Staten Island is the smallest of New York's five boroughs.  It lies  across New York Harbor from Manhattan, which is most easily accessible via the Staten Island Ferry.  It also connects to Brooklyn to its west via the Verrazano Bridge.  In this remarkable video, contributor Matthew Chirico used a drone to give us a look at this borough-island which became part of New York City in its 1898 consolidation in which the five boroughs joined to become a single city.

Commuter Trains in the Bronx
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Chasing Trains In The Bronx New York City

Novice Quads

The Bronx is the fourth largest borough of New York City, both in terms of population and land area.  Given its location between Manhattan and some of New York's largest suburban areas to the north, the Bronx is home to some of the most important transportation infrastructure in the city, construction of which fundamentally changed the look of the borough.  In this video, Novice Quadcopters gives us an aerial look at some of the commuter trains and highways that course through the borough. 

Verrazano Bridge
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New York's Verrazano Bridge


The Verrazano Bridge is a relatively recent addition to the transportation infrastructure of New York City.  The double-decked suspension bridge spans the Narrows, a stretch of water passing between the boroughs of Brooklyn and Staten Island.  When completed in 1964, the bridge's main span of 1.3k meters (just over 4.2k) ft.) was the longest in the world for almost two decades.   In this video, conteibutor Leonard James flew a drone into the Narrows to film a ship passing under the span.  

Queensboro Bridge
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New York's Queensboro Bridge


Contributor Ninjaone created this epic drone video of the Queensboro Bridge, a vital yet under-appreciated part of the infrastructure of New York City.  Also known as the 59th Street Bridge, it connects Midtown Manhattan with Queens over the East River.  The cantilevered bridge was opened in 1909, the same year as the Manhattan Bridge, which connects Lower Manhattan to Brooklyn.  The Queensboro Bridge is the point at which the New York Marathon crosses into Manhattan.  

Statue of Liberty
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Statue of Liberty


Berco_Aerial created this epic fly-by drone video of the Statue of Liberty in New York Harbor.  With a height (measured to the top of the torch) of 93 meters (over 300 ft.) it's one of the world's tallest statues as well as one of its most well known.  The landmark, which depicts the Roman Goddess Libertas, was a gift to the United States from France.  Accessible by ferry from Lower Manhattan, it is one of the top tourist attractions in New York City and one of the USA's most iconic sights.

FPV Diving in Brooklyn
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Diving Season


Across the East River from Manhattan, Brooklyn always lacked some of its glamour.  In recent years though, Brooklyn has seen much more construction of high rise offices and residential buildings, and some of its neighborhoods are now as desirable as Manhattan.  Contributor and FPV pilot BrooklynMark uses the Brooklyn waterfront as the backdrop for many of his videos; you will be amazed at how this part of New York looks when seen from the perspective of an FPV drone. 

Tappan Zee Bridge
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Tappan Zee Bridge Implosion Demolition


Osullivanstudios brings us this amazing aerial of the destruction of New York City's Tappan Zee Bridge.  It crosses the Hudson River at one of its widest points, and at almost 5 km (about 3 mi.) it was the state's longest span when it opened in 1955.  In the early 2000's, it became something of a poster-child for crumbling US infrastructure, and a $6 billion+ package was assembled to build a replacement.  The new Mario M. Cuomo Bridge opened in 2017, following which the original bridge was demolished.

Yankee Stadium
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Yankee Stadium

  • JLes94
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Get a bird's eye view of the world's most expensive stadium, compliments of JLes94 and his DJI Mavic Pro drone. He shot this 360 aerial of the New Yankee Stadium, which was completed in 2012 at a cost of about $2.3 billion.  Located in the Concourse neighborhood of the Bronx, it was built next to the original stadium.  The first structure, built in 1923, was known as the House that Babe Built in honor of Hall of Famer Babe Ruth.  It was the site of Lou Gehrig's famous "luckiest man" speech of 1939.

NYC Drone Montage
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Epic NYC Drone Montage

B. Dumas

Check out this amazing "drone montage" of the Big Apple, compliments of contributor and drone pilot B. Dumas. It opens with a shot of the twin towers of Time Warner Center, the great millennial era development on Columbus Circle.  From there it's on to a shot of the 59th Street Bridge, a look facing south from Central Park, an awesome overhead of the Brooklyn Bridge (at the :50 mark), and some great shots of Midtown.  It even includes a few shots of Long Island's famous beaches.

Brooklyn's Williamsburg Neighborhood
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NYC Day Breaker Party - Williamsburg, Brooklyn

Elena Buenrostro

Conributor Elena Buenrostro created this beautiful drone video of a rooftop party in the Williamsburg neighborhood of Brooklyn, New York.  It was put on by Daybreaker, a group which organizes early morning dance parties in cities around the world.  Williamsburg is one of the neighborhoods of western Brooklyn; lying across the East River from Manhattan.  Like much of Brooklyn, Williamsburg has gentrified in recent years, and has seen the construction of many new residential high rises.

FPV Flying Coney Island
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Coney Island Brooklyn


The famous Coney Island Amusement Park in Brooklyn, NY comes at us from a different perspective in this epic, one-minute FPV cut by Brooklynmark. Many have heard of the Brooklyn, New York City, New York area, but did you know that it actually has two separate amusement parks,  and that three of the rides are listed on the National Register of Historic Places? Seen in this video, the Wonder Wheel opened in 1920 while the The Cyclone was built in 1927. 

The George Washington Bridge
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George Washington Bridge


The George Washington Bridge has the distinction of being the world's busiest in terms of annual motor traffic - it carries over 100 million vehicles per year over the Hudson River between Upper Manhattan in New York City and Fort Lee, New Jersey.  The double decker suspension bridge, which carries 14 lanes of traffic, has a length of 1.45k meters (almost 4.8k ft.).  Inmotionaerial created this amazing drone video of the bridge, which was completed in 1931 and was the first span over the Lower Hudson.

The Hudson River
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Frozen Hudson


New York City is largely defined by the two waterways which sit on either side of Manhattan Island: the East River (which is actually an estuary) and the Hudson River, whose mouth is in New York Harbor.  In this video by tripartiste, you'll get an amazing bird's eye view of a partially frozen Hudson in the depths of winter.  The video features some amazing shots of the West Side of Manhattan, from Midtown all the way to the Financial District.  

NYC Hyperlapse
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Hyperlapse City Nights 4K (New York and Jersey City)


The hustle and bustle of New York City and Jersey City (a "satellite city" lying across the Hudson River in New Jersey) is perfectly captured in this hyperlapse aerial footage from top contributor Majestic.  All the lights flashing by in a flurry are reflected upon the waters of the Hudson and New York Bay, and create a warm glow across the night sky.  It's truly mesmerizing to see the skylines of these American cities in full 4K hyperlapse mode.

Big Apple Aerial Montage
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Sky Candy Studios Visits the Big Apple

Sky Candy Studios

Professional drone piloting company Sky Candy Studios made the most of a trip to New York, creating this epic aerial montage of the Big Apple. The footage includes both Midtown and Downtown (Lower Manhattan), collectively home to one of the world's most impressive collection of skyscrapers.  It's also got some great shots of the East River and its spectacular bridges, the lifeblood of the island of Manhattan.  It's even got some great shots over Central Park! 

Lower Manhattan
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New York, NY: DJI Mavic Pro


AGLAerials used a DJI Mavic Pro drone to create this beautiful aerial of New York City. The video opens with a couple of sweeping shots of the Lower Manhattan skyline, shot from the New Jersey side of the Hudson. You'll get a great look at the Freedom Tower, built on the site of the World Trade Center which was destroyed in the 9/11 attacks.  You'll also see some of the other towers being constructed around Freedom Tower; the new complex will eventually have six skyscrapers.

NYC in Spring
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Spring in New York City


Contributor Bentleyian11 found a perfect Spring Day to capture some beautiful aerial footage of New York City.  It starts with a nice shot of the new Freedom Tower, shot from across the Hudson River in New Jersey.  Then you'll see a shot of Midtown Manhattan looking west over the East River, followed by some shots of the East River bridges.  At about the 2:20 mark, there's a great view of Midtown from the west side of Manhattan; here you'll see the new skyscrapers rising up from Hudson Yards.

Aerial Tour of NYC
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Aerial New York City


Contributor Tampa Randy does commercial drone work around the US.  In this video, he gives us an aerial tour of Manhattan, the center of New York City.  The footage includes aerial views of the Freedom Tower, the skyscrapers of Midtown, the East River, the Williamsburg Bridge, the Manhattan Bridge, and the Brooklyn Bridge.  It's also got some great shots of the downtown financial district (Lower Manhattan), shot from the perspective of the harbor.  

Drone Tour of NYC
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NYC 2.0


Check out this stunning aerial montage of New York City, compliments of contributor and drone pilot PO3SMITH. It opens with some beautiful shots of the Empire State Building, the Art Deco masterpiece in Midtown which was the city's tallest building for four decades.  Then it shifts to downtown for some beautiful shots of New York Harbor and the new World Trade Center.  From there it's on to the East River, some beautiful footage of the Brooklyn and Manhattan Bridges, and more! 

NYC Compilation Video
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New York City from Above

AirVūz Social

New York City is one of the most visually stunning cities on earth. Check out some of the most visited locations in the Big Apple from above including the Brooklyn Bridge, the 9/11 Memorial and World Trade Center, the Statue of Liberty, Times Square, Central Park, Coney Island, Staten Island, Flushing Meadows, the East River bridges, and numerous other sights amongst favorite tourist destinations in America's great city on the Hudson River! 

Profile of Majestic
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The Drone Dish: Majestic

The Drone Dish

In this segment of the Drone Dish, Tyler catches up with Noel Thomas aka Majestic.  Winner of one of the first Drone Video of the Week awards, he is known for his epic hyperlapses and timelapses of cities and landscapes around the world. His work is featured extensively in the New York City, Miami, and numerous other collections on AirVuz.  He'll share what it takes to create one of those videos, as well as share other shooting and editing tips.


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Sights of Manhattan

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NYC - MP2 View

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4K New York Drone Footage

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Exploring NYC