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Los Angeles from Above

AirVūz Social

With a plethora of some of the most epic aerial views of Los Angeles anywhere, AirVuz has created this highlight clip showing some of the best views of the City of Angels on the site.  Catch bird's eye views of all of the following spots:  Hollywood, Griffith Observatory, Disney Concert Hall, Staples Center, Dodger Stadium, the Getty Museum, Santa Monica Pier, Venice Beach Skate Park, and Beverly Hills.  Catch all the sights and sounds of the 2028 Olympics host city!   


Fly With Me - DTLA Film Festival Entry

Matt Dutcher

For a two minute aerial tour of downtown Los Angeles, it's hard to beat this video by contributor and drone pilot Matt Dutcher.   He combined some phenomenal drone footage with some extremely impressive timelapse and other editing techniques to make this amazing drone video of America's second largest city.  This instant classic was selected by the AirVuz editorial staff as a Drone Video of the Week Nominee and Drone Video of the Month Staff Pick. 


Downtown Los Angeles Skyline in 4k!!

Glazed Aerials

Los Angeles was slower to develop a world class skyline compared to New York and Chicago, despite long ago surpassing Chicago to become the USA's second largest city.  Things are changing.  In this remarkable video, contributor Glazed Aerials flew a drone amidst the canyons of downtown LA to provide an amazing aerial perspective of this ever changing city.


Dodger Stadium

Dave Yip

Contributor Dave Yip brings us this aweseome aerial view of Dodger Stadium, home of the Los Angeles Dodgers Major League Baseball team.  In the 1960's, when the then-Brooklyn Dodgers couldn't get a new stadium built in New York, the owner relocated the team to LA.  Dodger Stadium was built to become the home of California's first MLB team.   As you'll see in the video, the stadium is located near downtown LA.


24 Hours in Los Angeles

Marco Hernandez

Drones are allowing content makers to create highly creative videos that appear to be big budget affairs but aren't.  Marco Hernandez is a top AirVuz contributor, and his short travel videos are highly inspirational.  In this video, he takes a 24 hour period in Los Angeles and creates a marvelous drone video incorporating a beautiful woman, a Jeep, and the background of Los Angeles.  It is an aerial masterpiece! 


Los Angeles


Contributor Lucas Pinhel is an Instagram phenomenon, with over 200k followers who love his creative videos combining drones,  ground camera, and people.  In this piece, he travels to Los Angeles, California to make one of his signature videos, one that highlights many aspects of living that LA lifestyle. Whether it's playing basketball with buddies, rollerskating on the sidewalks of Venice Beach, or grabbing a bite from In-N-Out, this drone footage is all about the City of Angels.


Cali Trippin

Tommy Choi

Contributor Tommy Choi used a drone to make this highly imaginative aerial video of Los Angeles.  Using a variety of editing techniques, his video shows us the towering skyscrapers of downtown Los Angeles and the Southern California shoreline from an amazing perspective.  This video was a finalist for the AirVuz Drone Video of the Week Contest. 


Angel City Aerials Los Angeles Drone Reel

Matt Dutcher

Angel City Aerial is one of the top professional drone piloting companies in Southern California.  All the thrilling city action of Los Angeles comes together in this impressive professional aerial reel. This aerial footage company skillfully captured time-lapse shots of the Los Angeles skyline at day and night and from various angles, epic shots of the famed Hollywood sign in the hills northwest of downtown, amazing aerial shots of a tux-clad BMXer, and more sights and sounds of the City of Angels.


La La Land // Los Angeles

Marco Hernandez

Los Angeles, often synonymous with California, has always been able to hold our collective imaginations captive.  You'll dream a little dream of America's second largest city when you watch this cinematic reel from filmmaker Marco Hernandez. The quick cuts from scenes of the famed Pacific Ocean, to the towering skyscrapers of the downtown district and the hills of Hollywood, to the many amusements offered by Southern California, perfectly capture the lively vibe of the City of Angels.


La La Land - Los Angeles by 4K drone


Take an aerial tour of sunny Los Angeles in this beautiful compilation of drone footage of the great Southern California metropolis. From the Pacific Coast to the Hollywood sign, from the Venice Skate Park to Bevery Hills, evanthomas1 takes us around all the sights and sounds of LA. Set to the soundtrack from the film “La La Land,” this drone video brings a new romantic feeling to the City of Angels.


Life in Los Angeles


Contributor Tdheyen created this amazing aerial portrait of his native Los Angeles.  With footage of the city's skyscrapers and surrounding freeway system, so vital to the lifeblood of this city with historically limited public transportation, the video shows the Southern California metropolis at its very finest.  Enjoy the aerial views of La La Land in this amazing production! 


Los Angeles | 2018


What can you if you have a week in Los Angeles with a drone and a ground camera.  Find out in this epic video by contributor Bentleyian11.  He spent the time compiling this amazing portrait of America's second largest city.  Starting with an epic shot of the famous Hollywood sign, he takes us around the city's great beaches, the skatepark at Venice Beach, Dodger Stadium, and the mansions of Hollywood Hills, interspering some amazing shots of the downtown skyline.  


From the Queen Mary to the Harbor


One of the main drivers of the economy of greater Los Angeles is international trade.  The Port of Los Angeles is the largest container port in the United States, while its neighbor, the Port of Long Beach, is the second largest.  The two ports, which are intensely competitive, adjoin each other on San Pedro Bay, south of downtown LA.  In this video by Skybounddrones, you'll get a bird's eye view of the Long Beach Port, which is also the final resting port of the Queen Mary cruise ship.  


DeeFair23: The Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum & Memorial Sports Arena "Let's Ram It" Cinematic (4K)


The Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum is one of the most storied sports venues in the USA.  Built in the 1920's, it was expanded to be the prime venue for the 1932 Summer Olympics, a role it replayed when LA hosted its second Olympics in 1984.  At times, it was also home to the LA Rams and Raiders of the National Football League, all the while the home field of the USC football team.  In this video, DeeFair23 gives us a bird's eye view of the great sports venue.


Silicon Beach Surfers - Malibu, CA


Although surfing didn't originate in California, it was in the Golden State where an obscure activity which originated in the South Pacific migrated (by way of Hawaii) and became transformed into a mainstream activity seen throughout the world.  The cauldron where this occurred was in the string of beach communities west of Los Angeles from Huntington Beach to Malibu.  Contributor Sky.shots brings us this drone video of surfing in this legendary area, now referred to as Silicon Beach. 



Los Angeles Hyperlapse

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Running from the maze

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