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Epic Horseback Ride through Patagonia

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Patagonia 1,000 Mile Horseback Adventure - 4K

el gringo rojo

Patagonia is a region on the southern cone of South America, shared between Argentina and Chile.  Contributor El Gringo Rojo, her two horses, and her dog embarked on a 1.6k km (1k mi) journey down the length of Argentine Patagonia.  The video includes stunning footage of the waterfalls in El Chalten, horseback riding through Bariloche, a hike to the base of the famous Fitz Roy mountain (part of the Andes chain), and more sights from this spectacularly beautiful land.  Prepare to be amazed by these views from the bottom of the earth.

Cordoba: Argentina's Second City

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Mornings in Cordoba Argentina


Codoba is the second most populous city in the South American nation of Argentina, and the capital of the province bearing the same name.  It sits in the interior of the country, northwest of the capital city Buenos Aires, in the foothills of the Sierra Chica Mountains.  In this video, top content creator and pilot Justin Poore uses a drone to give us a bird's eye view of this amazing city, which was founded by the Spanish in the 16th century and is considered a major cultural center for all of South America.  

Aconcagua: Giant of the Andes

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Luiz Gerbase

Mt. Aconcagua is the highest peak in the Andes range and enjoys the distinction of being the highest mountain in both the Western Hemisphere and the Southern Hemisphere, rising to a height of nearly 7k m (almost 23k feet) above sea level.  It lies in a far western part of Argentina, more or less due west from Buenos Aires, and not far from the country's western border with Chile.  In this amazing drone video, contributor Luiz Gerbase uses a drone to give us an amazing aerial view of this monster mountain.     

Iguazu: World's Largest Waterfall

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Iguazu Falls from the Air


Iguazu Falls is the largest waterfall system in the world.  It is situated on the Iguazu River in South America, on the border between Brazil and Argentina.   It's not a single falls but rather a complex cataract system comprising 275 drops, with a total height of 82 meters (269 ft.).  In this video by JustinPoore, you will be treated to an aerial tour of this magnificent waterfall system, which is a UNESCO World Heritage site, compliments of AirVuz contributor Justin Poore and his DJI Mavic Pro drone.  

Flying over Cordoba Province

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@DronDruilio above Nature of Córdoba


Argentina's Cordoba province is its second largest, after the Buenos Aires province.  In this video by contributor and pilot DonDruillo gives us a drone's eye view of the rural areas of this province outside of its core city Cordoba.  The province is split between the Pampas plain in the east and a series of mountains in the west, with many foothills, rivers, and lakes, with several large reservoir lakes tied to power projects.   It's the country's second most populous province after Buenos Aires.

Buenos Aires by Drone

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Zekedrone created this brilliant VLOG/aerial video of his trip to Buenos Aires, Argentina.  The city is situated on the estuary of the Rio de La Plata River.  Buenos Aires is one of the wealthiest and most cosmopolitan cities of South America.  His video will give you a bird's eye view of the the Plaza de Mayo, where the Piramide de Mayo is located and which is essentially the beating heart of Argentina.  Also, get bird's eye views of the bridges over the Dique, the Floralis Generica sculpture, and more.  

Ushaia: World's Southernmost City

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Ushuaia - Beagle Channel

Fabio Knoll

Ushuaia, Argentina enjoys a notable distinction - it is regarded as the southernmost city in the world.  It is situated on the island of Tierra Del Fuego at the southern tip of South America, which is part of the region of Patagonia.  Top contributor Fabio Knoll created this spectacular aerial video of this city  on the Beagle Channel, a passageway between the Atlantic and Pacific that's an alternative to the comparatively well-travelled Magellan Strait on the northern side of the Tierra del Fuego.   

Atlantic Coast: Mar del Plata

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Mar del Plata Vista de Junio

miguel guaschi

Contributor and drone pilot Miguel Guashi created this beautiful aerial video of Mar del Plata, on Argentina's Atlantic coast.  The city is situated a bit to the south of the Rio del Plata estuary, in the state of Buenos Aires.  It is the fifth largest city in this South American country.  Mar del Plata was settled in the mid-1800's, considerably later than many other South American cities.  Today, tourists drawn to its beaches have turned it into one of Argentina's larger tourism destinations.

La Bombonera: Legendary BA Football Stadium

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Buenos Aires: La Bombonera


Contributor and drone pilot Zekedrone created this amazing bird's eye views of one of the world's most well recognized football (soccer) stadiums.  La Bombonera stadium is located in Argentina's capital city Buenos Aires.  It's name translates into "Chocolate Box" due to its unusual shape.  It's the home stadium of the Boca Juniors, one of the most popular football teams in South America.  Opened in 1940, the stadium has a seating capacity of about 50,000.  It's been refurbished several times.

Mendoza: Laguna Potrerillos

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Laguna Potrerillos: Lovely Lake in the Andes

Content creator and drone pilot created this spectacular drone video of a large reservoir lake in Argentina.  Potrerillos Dam was built around the turn of the millennium.  It's in the state of Mendoza in west central Argentina.  The dam is powered by water runoff from the Andes Mountains flowing into the Mendoza River. The Mendoza River also feeds the vineyards of the well known Mendoza winegrowing area, which is situated further downstream and is home to about two-thirds of the country's wine production.

Santa Cruz: Argentino Lake

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El Calafate: Lago Argentina Twilight

Let's Fly Production

Check out this amazing drone video of the largest freshwater lake in the South American country of Argentina.  Argentino Lake is located in the state of Santa Cruz, which is part of the Patagonia region in the southern part of the country.  The lake covers over 1.6k square km (about 550 square mi.) and is quite deep - about 500 meters (approximately 1.6k ft.) at its deepest point.  Contributor Let's Fly Production used a drone to create this beautiful video of the great lake and neighboring city of El Calafate. 

Dronie from the Leona River

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Río La Leóna Patagonia Argentina Dronie

  • wrenee
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Contributor and drone pilot Wrenee, aka the Queen of the Dronie, brings her trademark pullout dronie shot to the Patagonia region of southern Argentina, in the southern cone of South America.  The spot is the Leona River, which flows through Los Glacieres National Park near the border with Chile.  The river is fed by La Glacieres, the giant icecap which enjoys the distinction of being the largest glacier in the world outside of the polar icecaps.  The river flows into Lake Argentino, the country's largest freshwater lake. 

The Vineyards of Mendoza

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Explore Argentinian Vineyards in 4K

el gringo rojo

El Gringo Rojo created this beautiful drone video of Argentina's wine country, which is the heart of the world's fifth largest wine industry.  The state of Mendoza is in west central Argentina, with its western reaches covered by the Andes Mountains.  Runoff from the mountains feeds the Mendoza River, which irrigates the otherwise arid landscape in addition to powering the Portrerillos Dam.  This makes for ideal winegrowing conditions, which is why Mendoza is home to about two-thirds of the country's wine production. 

Patagonia: Perito Moreno Glacier

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Patagonia Glacier Perito Moreno


Contributor and pilot The World as Playground used a DJI Mavic Pro drone to create this marvelous aerial video of one of the world's most unusual glaciers.  It's called the Perito Moreno glacier, and it's located on the Argentina side of Patagonia near the southern tip of South America.  The glacier is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Patagonia, and it's also of interest to scientists: whereas most of the world's glaciers are shrinking, this one is slowly but steadily growing in size.  

BA Province: Parque Costera del Sur

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Reserva de la Biosfera - Parque Costero del Sur


The Coastal Park of the South (Parque Costero del Sur Biosphere Reserve) is situated on the Rio de la Plata estuary of Argentina, downstream from the city of Buenos Aires.  It represents an important subtropical nature reserve that is easily accessible from the capital city, in the Buenos Aires Province.  It's part of the World Network of Biosphere Reserves.  In this video, you can see this spectacular scene from a bird's eye perspective, compliments of contributor and drone pilot Drone Video. 

Puerto Madero: BA's Old Harbor

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Roadventures world created this fascinating aerial video of the Puerto Madeo district of Buenos Aires, the capital of Argentina.  This was the site of the original port of Buenos Aires, which became obsolete with the advent of larger ships.  When a new port was built in the 1920's, the original port area became a large slum.  Beginning in the 1990's, Puero Madero was the subject of a massive redevelopment, and is now heralded as one of the world's most successful waterfront redevelopment projects.  

Cordoba: The Chicago of Argentina

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@DronDruilio above Córdoba City


Cordoba is Argentina's second city, and its development in some respects that of the USA's one-time second city, Chicago.  It's in the interior of the country, and while it is nearly as old as Buenos Aires, it didn't really take off until the advent of the railroads.  This occurred a couple of decades later than it did in the USA, but when it did, Cordoba exploded: its population quadrupled in the first half of the 20th century.  Check out this thoroughly modern city in this beautiful drone video by @DronDrullio.

Argentina Pro Drone Reel

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Luciano Gonzalez Perlender

Check out this fantastic drone demo reel from Argentina, compliments of contributor Luciano Gonzalez Perle.  It features footage from across this thoroughly modern country in the cone of South America.  Highlights include shots of the Iberá Provincial Reserve in the Corrientes Province, shots of Buenos Aires (including its famous  Obelisco), the desert northwestern province of Jujuy, and the Andes province of Mendoza.  It also includes many complex shots of events and vehicles of various sorts.

Iguazu: Movie Star Waterfall

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Iguazú Falls - A Taste of Paradise

The Iguazu Falls, which straddle the border between Brazil and Argentina, is the world's largest waterfall.  It's also one of the most filmed.   It was the shooting location for a scene in the 1977 James Bond movie Moonraker, #12 in the series.  More recently, the Falls starred in Indiana Jones And The Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull (2008) the fourth installment of the series. Contributor roadventures used a DJI Mavic Pro drone to create this beautiful aerial video of these ever-so-cinematic South American falls.

Laguna Nimez, Santa Cruz

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Laguna Nimez - El Calafate - Patagonia

Luiz Gerbase

Check out this stunning drone video of a nature reserve area in the Patagonian region of southern Argentina, compliments of contributor Luiz Gerbase.  It's called the Laguna Nimez, and it's situated in the southerwestern corner of the Province of Santa Cruz, the next-to-southernmost of the country's 23 provinces.  It sits right next to the city of El Calafate, one of the three main cities of Santa Cruz.   Laguna Nimez was created as a means to protect the unique flora and fauna that are native to the area.

Patagonian Whale Watching

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Drone Whale Watching | Patagonia | 4K


Among the many attractions of South America's Patagonia region are some of the world's best spots for whale watching.  Seasonal migration patterns result in many species of whales moving in large numbers past the coasts of southern Chile and Argentina near the southern tip of the continent.  In this video, contributor and pilot Jonathanwyn used a DJI Mavic Pro drone to film Southern Right Whales off the coast of Argentina during the winter months when they move away from the waters of Antarctica.

Vallecitos Mountain, Cordon del Plata

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My Epic Shot Over 5200 Meters in the Andes


Contributor and pilot MountainRunner headed into the Andes Mountains of western Argentina to take this amazing drone video from some seriously high altitudes.  The video was shot around Cerro Vallecitos, which is part of the Cordon del Plata Mountains.  This sub-range of the Andes Mountains system is located in the Mendoza Province, which runs along the Chilean-Argentinian border.  Vallecitos is considered amongst the most hikeable (and therefore popular) of the mountains in the chain.  

Aerial Tour of Buenos Aires

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Buenos Aires - Argentina | 4K


If you are thinking of making a trip to South America, you'll want to add Buenos Aires, Argentina to your itinerary after you check out this drone video by c13studio.  It opens with a beautiful shot of the Palace of the Argentine National Congress at the end of the  Avenida de Mayo.  Other top sights you'll see include the Obelisk of Buenos Aires (which marked the city's 400th birthday), the Puente de la Mujer (Woman's Bridge), the modern skyscrapers in the revitalized Porto Madeiro district, and more.   

BA's Nordelta Golf Club

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Nordelta Golf Club

Luciano Gonzalez Perlender

Check out this drone video of one of the most well known golf courses in Argentina, compliments of contributor Luciano Gonzalez Perlender.  The Nordelta Golf Club is situated in the northwestern suburbs of the Argentinian capital city of Buenos Aires, a short distance from the head of the Rio de la Plata estuary.  The par 72 course was designed by Jack Niklaus, and is considered one of the toughest in the country.  The course routinely hosts some of South America's most prestigious golf tournaments.  

Mendoza's Diverse Landscapes

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Mendoza Landscape


Argentina's Mendoza province has some of the most diverse natural landscapes of anywhere in the world.  Its eastern portion is a semi-arid flatland which is now one of the world's top wine-growing regions, and its western portion is home to some of the world's highest mountains.  In between there are all manner of valleys, rivers, rock formations, and waterfalls.  Check out the diverse landscapes of this spectacularly beautiful region in this drone video by content creator and pilot Macupaya.  

Winegrowing in Salta's Calchaquí Valley

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Pasión por crear


Contributor and drone pilot pablogeno brings us this beautiful aerial view of a winegrowing area in northern Argentina.  It's in the Calchaquí Valley near the town of Cafayate, in the Salta province which occupies much of the northwestern part of the country.  The mild climate and low humidity of the region make for excellent winegrowing conditions, and the valley is home to some of the finest Argentinian vineyards.  It's especially well known for its Torrontés grape varieties.  

Jujuy: On the Antiplano

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Otro Norte

Martín Baldoni

Check out this drone video from the very northern reaches of Argentina, compliments of contributor Martin Baldoni.  It was filmed in the province of Jujuy, the northwesternmost of the country's 23 states.  Its only internal border is with the state of Salda; its western and northern borders are with Chile and Bolivia, respectively.  Most of the province is covered by the Antiplano, the great Andean plateau which covers a fairly large portion of Bolivia and a smaller portion of northern Chile. 

Patagonia's Puerto Madryn

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Puerto Madryn, Patagonia Argentina

Jema Ic Phantom

During the winter months, large herds of whales migrate past the coast of Patagonia in Argentina to escape the winters of Antarctica.  In this video, you'll see a pair of them off the coast of the northern Patagonian region.  Contributor and pilot Jema Ic Phantom used a DJI Phantom 4 drone film the whales, the seaside city of Puerto Madryn, and the beautiful Atlantic coastline of southern Argentina.  This area is part of the state of Chubut, which lies to the north of the main Patagonian state of Santa Cruz.

Buenos Aires by Drone

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Buenos Aires City Reel by CinePilots


Check out this magnificent drone video of the Argentinean capital city of Buenos Aires, compliments of contributor CinePilots.  The video opens with a fantastic shot of the domed National Congress building, the seat of the country's legislative branch, which sits at the end of the Avenida de Mayo (one of BA's main thoroughfares).  From there, you will be taken over some of the more modern parts of the city, considered one of the most cosmopolitan in South America.  The city is located on the Rio de la Plata, the estuary of the Parana River.  

Drone Reel from Argentina

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Drone Reel

Juan Manuel Ferraro

AirVuz contributor and drone pilot Juan Manuel Ferraro has put together this reel of his favorite shots from across his home country of Argentina.  Shot with a DJI Phantom 4 Pro drone, the video features interior shots of dancers, theaters, and houses, as well as plenty of exterior shots with marathon runners, car races, cityscapes, and mountain views.  The video features footage from nearly a half-dozen of the country's 23 provinces, including  Buenos Aires, Corrientes, Mendoza, San Juan, and La Pampa.

Laguna Brava, La Rioja Province

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Laguna Brava, Argentina

Limba  Creators

Check out this drone video from a lake in the Andes Mountains of Argentina, compliments of AirVuz contributor and pilot Limba Creators.  It was filmed around Laguna Brava,  a relatively long, narrow pond in La Rioja, one of the country's 23 provinces.  It's situated on the eastern slope of the Andes Mountains, not far from the country's western border with Chile.  The lake, which measures about 17 km long (aroun 10 mi.) and about 4 km at its widest (abour two mi.), is part of a nature preserve created in 1980.

Palacio Barolo: Buenos Aires Architectural Landmark

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Palacio Barolo


The Palacio Barolo is an important architectural landmark in Buenos Aires, Argentina.  Completed during the 1920's, when the Argentine capital had one of the highest living standards of any city in the world, the tower was the city's tallest until the mid-1930's, when it was surpassed by the Kavanagh Building.  The work of a top Italian architect, the design of the building was inspired by Dante's Divine Comedy.  It's topped by a lighthouse, which can be seen from across the Rio de la Plata in Montevideo, Uruguay.  

Aerial Tour of Buenos Aires

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@DronDruilio Above Buenos Aires


Buenos Aires, Argentina is unquestionably one of the great cities of South America. It is situated on the south side of the giant river estuary known as the Rio de la Plata.  The the center of a metropolitan area which is home to about one in three Argentinians, the city has a distinctly European flavor to it.  In this video, contributor DonDruillo treats us to a highly creative aerial tour of this cosmopolitan South American metropolis, replete with amazing drone footage and incredible post-production editing.  

Argentina by Drone

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G20 Argentina, 2018

Luciano Gonzalez Perlender

See the beautiful South American country of Argentina by drone in this video, courtesy of AirVuz contributor and pilot Luciano Gonzalez Perlender. He created the piece to commemorate a meeting of the G20 countries which took place in Argentina's capital city of Buenos Aires in December of 2018.  The G20 or Group of Twenty is an international forum for the governments and central bank governors from 19 countries and the European Union that was founded as a was to promote international financial stability in 1999. 

Argentine Patagonia by Drone

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Sur by Dron Duilio


Top AirVuz contributor and pilot @DronDuilio put together this fabulous highlight reel of his footage from southern Argentina.  Argentina controls the eastern part of Patagonia, as the southern "cone" of South America is known.  Argentine Patagonia includes six of its 23 provinces: La Pampa, Neuquén, Río Negro, Chubut, Santa Cruz, and Tierra del Fuego.  The area includes the eastern slopes of the Andes (which serve as the natural border between the two countries) and a vest steppe area to the mountains' east.  

Demo Reel from Mendoza Province

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Here's a fantastic professional drone reel from the Mendoza province of Argentina.  The province lies on the western side of the country, with a long border with Chile.  It includes the magnificent Mt. Aconcagua, the highest mountain in the western and southern hemispheres.  The province slopes down moving east, into one of the world's great wine-growing regions at lower altitudes.  In between are more massive mountains, stunning glacial lakes, yawning canyons, and all manner of other visual delights.