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Ancient Ruins Site in Şanlıurfa Province

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Gobeklitepe - Zero Point in Time - 4K


Check out this fascinating drone video of an important ancient ruins site in eastern Turkey, compliments of top contributor and pilot jesus_tr.  It's called Göbekli Tepe, and it's located in the Şanlıurfa Province in Turkey's Southeast Anatolia region.  Under archaeological excavation since 1996, it's a series of 200 pillars arranged in about 20 different circles; each pillar weighs up to 10k+ kg (about ten tons).  Believed to be an ancient temple, the ruins are estimated to be 10-12k years old, amongst the oldest ever found.  

Aerial Tour of Kars Province

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Turkey's KARS Province - 4K


Take a wintertime aerial tour of Turkey's Kars province, compliments of contributor and drone pilot jesus_tr.  Kars is one of the provinces in the northeastern part of Turkey (a region known as Northeast Anatolia), a mountainous area which borders Armenia and which is home to some of the best ski slopes in Turkey.  The video was shot as part of a trip on the Doğu Ekspresi, a train which runs about 1.3k km (around 800 mi.) from the Turkish capital Ankara to the city of Kars, the province's capital.  

Ancient Mardin by Drone

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MARDİN; fairytale city of ancient civilizations


Prepare to be blown away by this stunning drone video of the ancient Turkish city of Mardin, compliments of contributor Burak BÜYÜKBAYRAKTAR.  Mardin is the capital of the eponymously named province in the southeastern part of the country, and was an important city in the "original" as well as the "neo" Assyrian Empires.  The city is known in part for its distinctive architectural style, much of which stems from the use of beige-colored rock which is produced by nearby quarries.

Ishak Pasha Palace and Mt. Ararat

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Ishak Pasha Palace and Mt. Ararat, Turkey


Prepare to be amazed by this drone video of a famous castle and an even more famous mountain in eastern Turkey, compliments of top AirVuz contributor and pilot Iskenderfilm.  Ishak Pasha Palace is a castle in the Ağrı Province, which lies near the country's borders with Armenia and Iran.  The palace was completed in the late 18th century, construction having started in the 17th.  The semi-ruined edifice lies in the shadow of Mt. Ararat, Turkey's highest peak and the purported resting place of Noah's Ark.  

Captioned Tour of Mardin

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Mardin - The Shining City of Mesopotamia - 4K


One of the great cultural treasures of eastern Turkey is the city of Mardin, which is situated near the southeastern border with Syria.  Situated atop a hill overlooking the Tigris River, the city is known for its distinctive architectural style.  The captioned video contains footage of the following: Zinciriye Medresesi, Kasmiye Medresesi, Mor Smuni Kilisesi, Deyrulzafaren Monastiri, Dara Antik Kenti, Mardin Musezi, Mardin Kent Musezi, Tahrihi Kez Meslek Lisesi, Mardin Kilesi, Latifiye Camii, and more.

Cathedral of the Holy Cross, Akdabar Island

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Drone footage of an Armenian Church on Akdamar island on the lake Van in Eastern Turkey.

  • Spyd7r
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  • 4 months ago

Check out this stunning drone videos from one of the most iconic sites in eastern Turkey, compliments of contributor and pilot Spyd7r.  It's a 10th century Armenian church called the Holy Cross Cathedral.  It's situated on Akdamar, one of the islands of Lake Van, Turkey's largest lake.  For nearly eight centuries, it was the seat of the Armenian Apostolic Church, the national church of the Armenian people.  It fell into disuse after World War I but was "rediscovered" in the 1950's and extensively restored.  

Shamiram: Ancient Canal

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Turkey's Ancient Shamarim Canal


Among the many historical treasures of Eastern Turkey is the Shamiram Canal, which was once also known as the Menua Canal.  Located a short distance to the east of the provincial capital Van, the canal predates the Roman aquaducts by centuries.  It was constructed in the 8th century BC on the orders of the king of Uartu, an ancient kingdom in what is now the region of Eastern Anatolia.  Content creator and drone pilot Skaty brings us this marvelous aerial view of this marvel of early hydro-engineering.  

Ezurum: Çifte Minareli Medrese

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Çifte Minareli Medrese from Above

Turkey Home

Turkey Home submitted this beautiful drone videos of one of the most iconic sites in eastern Turkey.  Çifte Minareli Medrese is a 13th century school in the city of Ezurum, which is the capital of the province of the same name.  The province lies towards the northeastern corner of the Eastern Anatolian region, just west of the province of Kars.  The school, which is associated with the daughter of a Sultan from the Ottoman Empire days, is well recognized for its dual "minarets" which dominate its facade. 

Castle on Lake Van

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Urartian Castle Van Castle

  • FlyONE
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  • 3 years ago

Contributor FlyONE created this stunning drone video of the Van Fortress, a massive fortification just east of Turkey's Lake Van in its Eastern Anatolian region.  The fortress was built during the 9th-7th centuries BC by the Urartu kingdom, an ancient kingdom which sprung up in the area around Lake Van.  The Urartu kingdom went into decline and was conquered by Persia, following which it became part of the kingdom of Armenia.  The fortress continued to be used by successive occupiers of the region.  

Van Province: Hosap Castle

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Hosap Castle Van Turkey

  • FlyONE
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  • 2 years ago

Hosap Castle was an important element of rule of the lands of eastern Anatolia by Istanbul under the Ottoman Empire.  The landmark is situated in Van province, southeast of the provincial capital city of Van which lies on the eastern shore of Lake Van (Turkey's largest lake).  Hosap Castle was built in the 17th century by an Ottoman governor who was responsible for this region of the great empire.  FlyONE used a drone to create this amazing aerial view of this impressive looking and formidable medieval castle.  

Turkey's Kemalye Canyon

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Dark Canyon ( Kemaliye )

Alp Karagulle

Although it goes by several different names, Turkey's Kemalye Canyon is definitely on the top five lists of many of the world's canyon-rankers.  Carved out by a major subsidiary of the Euphrates River (one of the ancient world's most important waterways), the canyon runs through a portion of Turkey's Eastern Anatolia region.  Top contributor and pilot Alp Karagule filmed this marvel by drone.  When you watching this aerial video, you will appreciate the meaning of its name, which translates to "Dark Canyon".

Ancient Inscription of Xerxes

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Xerxes' Inscription: Van, Turkey

  • FlyONE
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  • 3 years ago

Contributor FlyONE used a drone to create this amazing shot of an ancient incription by the Persian King Xerxes I.  Known as the XV Inscription, it's etched into a mountain near Lake Van in eastern Turkey.  It dates to the fifth century BC.  In the inscription, the king of the Achaemenid (Persian) Empire declared himself the King of Kings, as indeed he was: at the time, the Empire was the largest the world had ever known.  The words were written on a slate which been cleared by Xerxes' father, Darius I.

Express Train in Kars Province

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Eastern Express Train, Kars, Turkey

Murat Turna

Contributor and pilot Murat Turna created this highly cinematic drone video of an express train rolling through the countryside of eastern Turkey in the depths of winter.  It was shot in the Kars province, which lies in the far northeastern corner of the country, bordering Armenia.  The lands here bear the imprint of a number of different cultures; in ancient times Kars was part of the Kingdom of Armenia, which ruled over much of what is now modern-day Armenia and eastern Turkey in for about six centuries.

Ani: Ancient Kars City

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Kars Ani Harabeleri

Tansel Öztürk

Check out this drone video of a stunning spot in the far eastern part of Turkey, compliments of contributor Tansel Öztürk.  It was filmed near the city of Ani, in the Kars province, near the border with Armenia, in the foothills of the Caucasus Mountains.  The city was the capital of the Bagratid Armenia and was one of the largest cities in the world in the 10th and 11th centuries AD.  It suffered a one-two punch of the Mongols and an earthquake in the 12th and 13th centuries, never to recover.  

The Kemaliye Region, Erzincan Province

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Kemaliye Turkey video by Murat Turna

Murat Turna

Contributor Murat Turna created this drone video of a beautiful region of eastern Turkey known as Kemaliye.  It's part of the Erzincan Province in Eastern Anatolia.  The main geographic feature of the region is the Karasu River, which is also known as the Western Euphrates and one of two sources of the great Euphrates River itself.  In Kemaliye, the river has created a canyon, which is both a major recreational area and also the route by which Kemalye is connected to the rest of the country by rail and road.  

Van Province: Mountain Waterfall

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The Magnificent Fountain /Kanispi Çatak

  • FlyONE
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  • 3 years ago

Here is an aerial video of an amazing sight in the eastern part of Turkey. It's a waterfall created by the opening of an underground river pouring forth from a mountain.  It's located near the town of Çatak, which lies just to the south of Lake Van in the Van province of Eastern Anatolia.  The video, which was created by contributor FlyONE, opens with an amazing shot over the dead-flat approaches to the mountain, which lies on the Anatolian Plateau, the great landform which dominates the geography of central Turkey.

Dilkaya, Lake Van

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Small islands and morass at Van Turkey Dilkaya

  • FlyONE
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  • 3 years ago

Check out this beautiful drone video from Turkey's Lake Van, compliments of content creator and drone pilot FlyONE.  The video was filmed around the area of Dilkaya, which lies in the southeastern portion of Turkey's largest lake.  It lies in the province of Van, in the Eastern Anatolia region.  Lake Van is something of a natural wonder - it's what's known as a saline soda lake, and it's one of the world's largest lakes with no outlet.  The lake has a surface area of over 3.7k square km, or over 1.4k square mi.  

Paul and the Murat River, Elâzığ

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Chorus of History - Elazig/Turkey


Top contributor and pilot IlkerCagatayAsik created this drone video of a beautiful spot in eastern Turkey.  It's the town of Palu, which is part of the Elazığ Province in the Eastern Anatolia region.  The video features footage of this historic town, as well as of the Murat River which runs through the area.  The Murat is also known as the Eastern Euphrates; it joins the Western Euphrates just downtstream from Palu to form the main section of the Euphrates River, the longest waterway in the Middle East.  

Karanlik Canyon, Erzincan

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Serdar SEN

Check out this drone video of a well-known canyon in eastern Turkey, compliments of contrent creator and pilot Serdar SEN.  Karanlik Canyon, which translates roughly to "Dark Canyon", runs across two districts of Erzincan, one of the provinces of the Northeast Anatolia region. The 25 km (16 mi.) long canyon is up to 1k meters (3.3k) deep.  The canyon is created by the Karasu River near its source; the river is one of the main tributaries of the Euphrates, one of the most important waterways in Eurasia.  

Mardin: Ancient City of SE Turkey

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Mardin (Heritage City)


Top content creator and pilot jesus_tr used a DJI Spark drone to create this stunning aerial video of Mardin, a city in southeastern Turkey.  Mardin is the capital of the province of the same name, in Turkey's Southeastern Anatolia region.  The city lies just a short distance north of the Syrian border.  The city has been inhabited since the Bronze Age, and was part of two different Assyrian empires.  Most of its prominent architecture dates to its time under a Turkmen dynasty in the 11th-12th centuries.

Ani: Bagratid Armenia Capital

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Ancient City

OGB - Omer Gokcen

Contributor OGB Omer Gokcen created this drone video of a famous ruined medieval town in eastern Turkey.  It's called Ani, and it's in the province of Kars in Northeast Anatolia.  Around the turn of the first millennium, Ani was the capital of a vast empire called Bagratid Armenia which covered much of modern-day Armenia and parts of Turkey.  Once one of the world's largest cities, Ani was sacked by the Mongols in the 13th century and devastated by an earthquake in the 14th; it never recovered.

The Lake Van Express Train

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Van Gölü Ekspresi - 4K (Lake Van Express)


Top contributor jesus_tr aerially captured an express train crossing a bridge amidst some of the most spectacular natural scenery to be found in Turkey.  Van Gölü Ekspresi (Lake Van Express) is a new twice-weekly rail service between the capital city of Ankara and Tatvan, a city on the western shore of Lake Van.  The route provides another way to see the beauty of eastern Turkey by rail; it follows the success of the Eastern Express route which runs between Ankara and the northeastern city of Kars.  

Russian Hunting Lodge in Kars Province

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Drone footage of an abandoned Russian Czar palace in Sarikamis

  • Spyd7r
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  • 4 months ago

Sarıkamış is a town in the Kars province of northeastern Turkey.  It came under control of the Russian Empire at the conclusion of the Russo-Turkish War of 1877-78, in which the Ottoman Empire was defeated and Russia re-established itself on the Black Sea following its defeat in the Crimean War two decades earlier.  During the four+ decades when it was under Russian control, a hunting lodge was built here by Tsar Nicholas II.   Known as the Katerina Mansion, you can see it from above in this drone video by Spyd7r.

Lake Van: Akdamar Island

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Van/Turkey Akdamar Island

  • FlyONE
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  • 3 years ago

Contributor and pilot FlyONE created this beautiful drone video of a famous Armenian cathedral on Akdamar, an island in the middle of the enormous Lake Van of Eastern Turkey.  Akdamar is one of four islands in the lake, Turkey's largest and one of the largest lakes in the world having no outlet.  The Holy Cross Cathedral was built in the 9th century AD by the king of one of the Armenian provinces.  It had fallen into a near-ruined condition and was nearly demolished but was subsequently saved and then restored.  

Ishak Pasha Palace: Shadow of Ararat

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Mount Ararat and Ishak Pasha Palace


Of all the magnificent sights of Turkey, one of the best is undoubtedly in its far eastern reaches, in the Ağrı Province.  Here lies the Ishak Pasha Palace, an Ottoman era landmark constructed during the 17th and 18th centuries.  Not only is the palace itself an incredible sight, but it lies in the shadow of Mt. Ararat, Turkey's highest mountain at 5.1k meters (around 16.9k ft.).  You can see this spectacular area of Eastern Anatolia in this amazing drone video by top contributor iskanderfilms.  

Nemrut Mountain and Tombs

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Nemrut - Mountain of Gods - 4K


The mountain of Nemrut (sometimes called Nemrud) in southeastern Turkey is known for its summit, not its peak. The summit has a number of large statues erected around what is generally believed to be a royal tomb from the 1st century BC. At an elevation of around 2.1k meters above sea level (around 7k ft.), it is one of the highest peaks on the eastern side of the Taurus Mountains. See the incredible mountain by drone in this 4K video by pilot jesus_tr.  Also, you can read more about the mountain in his informative description. 

Lake Van's Horses

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Horses on the Beach of Lake Van, Turkey

  • FlyONE
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  • 3 years ago

FlyONE used a drone to create this epic video of horses riding along the shore of Turkey's largest lake.  Lake Van lies in the country's Eastern Anatolian region, not far from the eastern Turkish border with Iran.  The lake covers almost 3.8k square km (just under 1.5k square mi), with a maximum depth of 450 meters (just under 1.5k ft).  It is one of the largest saltwater lakes in the world.  The lake's unique structural features have led to its being closely studied by geologists around the world.

Tortum Waterfall, Ezurum Province

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Turkey's Tortum Waterfall


Contributor and drone pilot Skaty created this amazing aerial video of Turkey's largest waterfall.  Tortum Waterfall is located in the northeastern corner of the country, in the Ezurum province which is part of the country's Eastern Anatolia region.  A massive hydroelectric project completed in 1960 drastically reduced the flow of water over the falls, such that it's dry much of the year.  The falls and the lakes which surround it are popular sightseeing destinations in this part of the country.  

Wildlife in a River Gorge, Erzincan

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Mountain Goats in Nature

Serdar SEN

Check out this stunning drone video from eastern Turkey, compliments of content creator and pilot Serdar SEN.  He managed to aerially film some mountain goats in a river gorge near Kemaliye, in the Erzincan Province of the country's Northeast Anatolia region.  The river you'll see running through the gorge is the Karasu, also known as the Western Euphrates.  The Karasu joins its eastern counterpart to form the Euphrates proper, one of the most important rivers of the entire Middle Eastern region.  

Drone Views of Akdamar Island

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Akdamar Island - 4K


Contributor jesus_tr created this amazing drone video of one of the top attractions of eastern Turkey: Lake Van's Akdamar Island.  It's the second-largest of the four islands of Turkey's largest lake.  Located about 3 km (around 2 mi.) from the shoreline, the island is best known for its famous church, the Cathedral of the Holy Cross.  This Armenian church was built in the 10th century AD.  Recently restored, the church was once one of the most important in the Armenian branch of Christianity.