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Preikestolen: Norway's Pulpit Rock

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The Pulpit Rock

Grim Berge

The Pulpit Rock (Preikestolen) is a major tourist attraction of Rogaland in the southwestern corner of Norway. The top of the rock, which is roughly 600 meters (2000 ft) above the base, is essentially a flat table from which tourists can view the Lysefjord fjord, one of Norway's biggest attractions.  Top contributor Grim Berge used a drone to treat us to a spectacular aerial view of this magnificent rock, the shooting location for a key scene in Mission: Impossible - Fallout (2018).  

Drone Tour of Hardaland

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JW Media

Hordaland is one of the counties which comprise the Western Region of Norway.  Its administrative center is the port city of Bergen, Norway's second urban center, as well as Hardangerfjord, its second largest fjord.  It is a magical place of sparkling mountains and gigantic glaciers which feed into an endlessly long fjord.  Contributor JW Media spent a couple of days in Hordaland with his drone and produced this stunning aerial video of an icy paradise in the heart of Scandinavia.   

Geirangerfjorden: Seven Sisters Waterfall

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The Seven Sisters Waterfall

The Seven Sisters waterfalls is a natural phenomenon which has to be seen to be believed.  It is a system of seven related waterdalls on the northern side of Geirangerfjorden, in Møre og Romsdal county of Western Norway. The tallest of the falls has an enormous free fall of 250 meters (820 ft).  Contributor Aerial Norway created this epic aerial video of the falls, taken in early summer when the snow melting from the mountain peaks swell the flow over the falls.

Mission Impossible in Norway

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Grim Berge

Award winning contributor Grim Berge created this amazing recreation of a scene from the 2018 blockbuster Mission: Impossible - Fallout from its original filming location.  Located in the western Norway, Preikestolen, aka the Pulpit Rock, features a vertical cliff of over 600 meters (almost 2k ft.) down to the Lysefjorden.  Shot mainly with a a DJI Inspire 2 drone, the video recreates an epic escape scene in the film, which was set in the Himalaya's but was in fact filmed right here in Norway. 

One Week Trip in Western Norway

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Norway | best of

Muhamad AbuShakra

Top contributor Muhamad AbuShakra has won multiple Drone Video of the Week awards for his videos of the Alps in Central Europe.  To make this magnificent piece, he headed to Western Norway for a one week backpacking trip.  Starting at the city of Stavanger, he travleled and filmed his adventure, resulting in some amazing aerial footage of such sights as the Preikestolen (Pulpit Rock), the Kjeragbolten suspended boulder at nearby Kjerag Mountain, and of course some of the world's most famous fjords.  

BASE Jumping at Kjerag

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Leave it to the PilotViking to capture some of the most intense footage above the cliffs of Western Norway.  The aerial footage he captured at the Kjerag mountain range contains chilling views of BASE jumpers and slack-liners.  Watch as these fearless adventurers take the leaps of a lifetime in this drone video.  This video was voted as the winner of the Sports category by vote of the AirVuz contributor community for the first Annual Drone Video Awards.

Norway's Western Coast

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Discover Western Norway

Mohri Films

While Norway's largest city is in its southeastern region, most of the country's spectacular scenery lies on its west coast.  Along this long coastline lie a mind-boggling number of famous fjords, mountains, and towns and cities.  The visual cornucopia is the main reason why a large cruise ship trade has developed here.  In this video, contributor Mohri Films used a drone to create an epic captioned aerial tour of the Atlantic coastline.  It includes bird's eye views of Sognefjord, Trollstigen, Lovatnet, and more.   

Constitution Day in the Fjords

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Celebrating Norway


Featuring plenty of gasp-worthy drone shots, literally on the edge of a fjord, this spectacular film reminds us of what's celebrated on Syttende Mai (known to the rest of us as Norway Constitution Day). The breathtaking views of this beautiful Nordic scenery are certainly reason enough to celebrate...kudos to simenhaughom, a young but very skilled Norwegian drone pilot, for capturing them all so perfectly.  Watch it and you'll see why his drone videos have run up over a hundred million views on YouTube.  

Stavanger's Cruise Ships

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Cruise Ships in Stavanger, Norway

Brent De Bleser

Stavanger in southern Norway is a prime port of call for cruise ships sailing through the Scandinavian fjords, one of the world's major cruise ship markets.  In 2016, this Nordic port handled a cruise ship nearly every other day, amounting to about 300k passengers over the course of the year.  In this spectacular drone video, top contributor and drone pilot Brent De Bleser captures the hustle and bustle of this busy port as these floating behemoths ply its icy waters.  

Drone Tour of Western Norway

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The Art of Drones Norway 4K Directors Cut

The Art Of Drones

For an aerial view of the spectacular natural scenery of western Norway, it's tough to beat this three and a half minute video by The Art of Drones.  The video was shot with a DJI Mavic Pro drone.  It features bird's eye views of some of the most iconic and popular spots in the heart of Norway's fjord country.  Highlights include Beseggen, Jotenheim National ParkKjerag, Trolltunga, Voringsvossen waterfall, Geiranger Fjord, and more scenes from the region, the most-visited part of this Scandinavian country. 

Stave Church in Fjordane County

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Stave Church in Norway - 4K


In this video, PilotViking treats us to a bird's eye view of a stave church, a once common church design in northern and western Europe.  Thousands of these wooden churches were built over a wide area, mostly in the late Middle Ages.  Alas, while they were easier and cheaper to build than stone churches, they did not have the same longevity: very few remain and virtually all of them are located in Norway.  This is the Hopperstad Church in Vik, a town in Fjordane Couty of western Norway. 

Vettifossen Waterfall

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Norway's Mighty Vettisfossen Waterfall


Prepare to be blown away by this drone video of Europe's highest waterfall, compliments of Tsmedegard.  Vettisfossen is located in the mountains of western Norway, in Sogn og Fjordane County.  It's a single-drop, plunge-type waterfall, with a top-to-bottom height of 275 meters (just over 900 ft.).  On that basis, it's the tallest waterfall on the European continent.  Vettisfossen can be reached by a few km/mi. hike through the Utladalen Valley from the town of Øvre Årdal.

DVA Nominated Dronie from Norway

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Dronie from an Island in the South of Norway


Dropped in the middle of a Norwegian sea atop a small islet, contributor hopenorway casts his drone up into the air and gives it a big smile.  There are many ways to take a good dronie, but what makes this one baffling is that although he's surrounded by sea water, there's not one drop of water on his knickers. It's one of the reasons why this video was nominated as a Finalist in the Dronies category for the second annual AirVuz Drone Video Awards. 

Vøringsfossen Waterfall

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Vøringsfossen: Spectacular Norwegian Waterfall


Behold this amazing drone video of Vøringsfossen, one of Norway's great waterfalls, compliments of contributot Sundsoy.  It's located in the valley of Måbødalen near the town of Eidfjord, in Western Norway.  It's a cascading, plunge-type waterfall with a total drop of 182 meters (just under 600 ft.).  The famous Fossli Hotel sits at the top of the waterfall, considered one of the top tourist destinations in Norway.  The waterfall was known only to locals until being "discovered" early in the 19th century.

Trolltunga and Bergen

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‘Back home’ Bergen, Norway (DJi Mavic, Gopro Hero6)


Check out this amazing drone video of a couple of famous spots in Western Norway, compliments of contributor Didrikwasson.  The first location is Trolltunga, a rock formation which is in Odda in Hordaland County, one of the counties which make up the region of Western Norway.  The other location is the port city of Bergen, the county's administrative center and Norway's second largest city.   The video beautifully weaves together the two spots, and includes some amazing timelapses.  

BASE Jumping Pulpit Rock

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Base Jumping in Norway


Kjerag Mountain in southwestern Norway offers one of the best BASE jumping spots anywhere on earth - from the mountain top it's a nearly 1k meter (3.2k ft) vertical drop to the Lysefjord fjord below.  Pilot Viking filmed an epic BASE jumping session from this hallowed spot (called Preikestolen or "Pulpit Rock"), using a drone to capture some VERY brave jumpers.  If that isn't enough, it's got some professional pyrotechnics thrown in to make things even more interesting! 

GoPro Karma over Pulpit Rock

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Preikestolen in Norway with GoPro Karma


PilotViking used a GoPro Karma drone to create this amazing aerial video of Preikestolen, also known as the Pulpit Rock.  This giant rock in western Norway drops 600 meters (almost 2k ft.) almost vertically down into one of the country's famous fjords.  Pulpit Rock, disguised as a spot in Kashmir, made an appearance in one of the key scenes of Mission: Impossible - Fallout (2018), where actor Tom Cruise made his sixth appearance as agent Ethan Hunt.

Nature of Western Norway

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Norway`s Nature 4K


From the fjords to the waterfalls, and then onto winsome waterside villages, every single frame of this beautiful production feels like a postcard.  OnFocus created an epic compilation of shots from across Western Norway, home of some of the world's most spectacular scenery.  The region covers the western part of the country from its southern tip up through its "thickest" part before it narrows and transitions to the Central Norway region.  The video was shot with a DJI Phantom 4 Professional drone.  

Western Norway Tour

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Norway: Above and on the Ground

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Check out this magnificent video tour of Norway, compliments of contributor Pava.  The video, which was shot with a DJI Inspire 1 drone and also includes ground camera footage, was shot across a number of expanses of Western Norway, home of its most popular travel destinations.  Skillfully weaving together incredible video footage and timelapses, the piece does a marvelous job of showing the stunning natural beauty of this place, which abounds with fjords, glaciers, green valleys, and towering cliffs.  

FPV Video of Vinufossen

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Vinnufossen by FPV

 suicide quad

In the last couple of years, the great waterfalls of the world have caught the attention of first person view (FPV) drone pilots.  As piloting skills and long-range control technology have improved, FPV waterfall diving is now officially a "thing".  Exhibit A is this amazing video of Europe's tallest waterfall.  FPV pilot Suicide Squad donned his video goggles to tackle the mighty Vinnufossen falls in western Norway, the sixth tallest waterfall in the world.  Its four drops total 860 meters (about 2.8k ft.) in height! 

Mountain Trek in Sunndalsøra

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Grøvelnebba Above 4K | Norway Sunndalsøra


Take a look at this magnificent drone video of a trek to a snow-covered mountain peak in Western Norway, compliments of contributor Vegardho.  Vegardho, whose first upload to AirVuz garnered a Drone Video of the Week nomination, aerially captured an epic hike to Mt. Grøvelnebba, near the town of Sunndalsøra.  Sunndalsøra is situated in the northeastern part of Møre og Romsdal County, one of the counties which make up the region of Western Norway.  

Hardanger Bridge

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Hardanger Bridge, Norway | DJI Phantom 4 Pro

mike miguel

Contributor Mike Miguel used a drone to aerially capture one of the most important bridges in Norway.  The Hardanger Bridge crosses a branch of the Hardanger Fjord in Hordaland County in Western Norway.  It connects the municipalities of Ullensvang and Ulvik, although its primary purpose was to shorten the driving time between the national capital Oslo and Bergen, the country's second largest city.  At 1.4k meters (about 4.5k ft.), it's the longest suspension bridge in Norway.

Phantom over Western Norway

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A Drone In Norway


Contributor Tramontohiti used a DJI Phantom 3 Advanced drone to create this magnificent aerial tour of the western region of Norway.  The video will show you the stunning beauty of this land of the fjords.  It's worth watching in its entirety, but one highlight to point out starts at about the :30 mark.  It's an overhead shot of the Preikestolen, the famous mini-plateau in Forsand, which is sometimes known as Pulpit Rock; it's one of the most-visited sites in Norway and has become popular with BASE jumpers.  


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NORWAY near Gudvangen 2018.

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Check out this magnificent drone video from the fjords of Western Norway, compliments of contributor YURAN.  The town is located at the end of the Nærøyfjord an 18 km (11 mi.) long but extremely narrow fjord in Sogn og Fjordane County.  Nærøyfjord is an extremely populat tourist destination and it's listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site.  The fjord is actually a branch of the Sogn og Fjordane, otherwise known as the King of the Fjords for being the country's largest. 

Kjeragbolten: Suspended Boulder

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Look Up, Not Down

Brent De Bleser

Top contributor Brent de Bleser created this jaw dropping drone video from a highly unusual rock formation in Western Norway.  Kjeragbolten is a suspended boulder on Kerag Mountain, near Forsand in Rogaland County.  It was created by a glacial deposit thousands of years ago.  Let's hope it stays there, because it's a long drop from here - almost 1,000 meters (a bit over 3k ft.) to the ground.  The rock is accessible by hiking and it is one of the more popular tourist destinations in Western Norway.  

Urban Art in Klepp

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World's Largest Outdoor Mural

Brent De Bleser

Brent De Bleser shares aerial footage of the world's largest outdoor mural in Klepp, a town on the southwestern coast of Norway. The large scale painting by artists Ella & Pitr, produced (incredibly) in just four days, spans across a building's rooftop.  While the title of "world's largest mural" is difficult to confer precisely, this one is considered a legitimate contender.  As you watch this amazing video, you will see that the best way this particular work of art can be appreciated is from a bird's eye view.  

The Nigard Glacier

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Nigardsbreen (Glacier), Jostedalsbreen National Park, Norway

Allan Crawford

Check out this stunning 4k drone video of a well known glacier in Western Norway, compliments of contributor Allan Crawford.  It's the Nigard Glacier (Nigardsbreen), and it's located in Sogn og Fjordane County.  It currently covers just under 50 square km (just under 20 square mi.) Nigardsbreen is an arm of the Jostedal Glacier (Jostedalsbreen), Europe's largest.  The glacier is named after a farm which was enveloped by the glacier during a period of expansion in the 18th century.  

Bergen, Preikeistolen, and the Geirangerfjord

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Norway from above [4K]


Top contributor thedronetrip created this marvelous trip reel from the Western region of Norway.  The video features footage from the following locations: (1) the port city of Bergen in Hordaland County, Norway's second-largest city and the de facto capital of the Western region; (2) Preikeistolen (aka the "Pulpit Rock"), a 600+meter (nearly 2k ft.) cliff overlooking the Lysefjord fjord in Rogaland County; and Geirangerfjord, a fjord in Møre og Romsdal, the northernmost of the Western Norway counties.  

Norway's Best-Preserved Monastery

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Utstein Kloster - Dji Phantom4 Pro 4K


Check out this beautiful drone video of Norway's best-preserved monastery, compliments of top contributor PilotViking.  It's called the Ulstein Kloster, and it's located on an island of the same name in Rogalund County in the southwestern part of the country.  The monastery dates to the 13th century, and is dedicated to Saint Lawrence.  The complex underwent substantial restoration in the early 20th century and further work on its buildings and grounds was undertaken several decades later.  

Pulpit Rock and More

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This is Norway! Best of 2017 *Must Watch


There is definitely something for everyone in this stunning aerial tour of Western Norway, compliments of top contributor PilotViking.  Treat yourself to epic bird's eye views of the mighty Preikestolen (Pulpit Rock), some of the famous fjords, pastoral villages, paragliding, one of the region's distinctive stave churches, and epic waterfalls.  PilotViking has become an Instagram phenomenon with his amazing content from one of the world's most beautiful regions.  

Roadtrip: Pulpit Rock to Ålesund

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Norway Roadtrip

Ekermann production

For a first upload to AirVuz, contributor Ekermann Production brings us this marvelous video record of a tour of Western Norway. The video, which features a mix of ground camera and aerial footage, covers the two endpoints of this storied region:  Preikestolen (aka the "Pulpit Rock") near Stavanger in Rogaland County (close to the southern tip of the country), all the way to the port town of Ålesund in Romsdahl County (the northernmost county of the Western Norway region).  

Lysebotn and the Lysefjord

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Norway From Above: Pt 1 - Lysebotn


Lysefjord is not largest fjord, but it's probably the most well known. It lies in Rogaland County, the southernmost of the counties which comprise the Western Norway region.  In this drone video by Prelator, you'll get a bird's eye view of the famous fjord, which is located just to the east of the city (and cruise ship port of call) of Stavanger.  The video was filmed around the head of the fjord and includes footage of the beautiful town of Lysebotn and Kjerag Mountain just to the west of the town on the fjord's south side.  

Profile of Grim Berge

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The Drone Dish: Grim Berge

The Drone Dish

In this segment of Drone Dish, Tyler catches up with Grim Berge, one of the top aerial videographers in Europe.  Hailing from Norway, he was nominated for the Drone Video Awards in each of its first two seasons, "Summer is Coming" for the first and "Discover Norway: A 100 Day Journey" for the second.  Having started flying back in 2012 with custom-made drones, Grim is a wealth of aerial filming knowledge, and his work has been featured in numerous TV shows, movies, and commercials.  


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Norway 2019

Daan van Lierop
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Infinity Norway

aqua william
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