Boston 4K Drone Tour

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A Beautiful Day in Boston


Take an aerial tour of Boston, Massachusetts in this 4k drone video by pilgrimdroner.  The video features footage of the following locations: Back Bay, the Massachusetts State House, the Harvard Allston Campus, the Bunker Hill Monument in Charlestown, Fenway Park, the Maurice J. Tobin Bridge connecting Charlestown and Chelsea,Boston Public Garden, MIT and the Harvard Bridge, the Longfellow Bridge, the Financial District, Park Street Church, Arlington Street Church, and the John Hancock Center.  

Aerial Tour of Boston

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Boston: Awesome Drone Footage in 4K


Fly high throughout Boston in this beautiful drone video by AirVuz contributor and pilot nohesitations.  He used a DJI Mavic Pro drone to create this amazing drone video of the great New England's metropolis.  Sit back and take in an aerial perspective of one of America’s oldest cities, with views of the Boston Common, the Boston Public Garden, Langone Park, and much more!  Boston is the de facto regional capital of New England and the center of the USA's tenth largest metropolitan area as of 2019.

Boston Hyperlapse

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Boston Hyperlapses 2018

  • CShel
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  • a year ago

Contributor and pilot Cshel put the DJI Mavic Pro 2 to work creating this awesome hyperlapse from greater Boston.  The first few shots are from Gloucester, an outer suburb of the city on Cape Ann.  Then the action shifts to Boston proper, beginning with a beautiful shot looking over the Charles River towards Fenway Park.  Then it's on to the skyscrapers around Copley Plaza before finishing up near the Financial District, wrapping up with a nice sunset sequence in the Back Bay neighborhood.

Fenway, Gillette Stadium and More

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Boston - Home of Champions

  • Blaze
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  • a year ago

Check out this amazing aerial tour of Boston, shot on a DJI Mavic 2 Pro drone by AirVuz contributor and pilot Blaze.  The video opens with an epic shot over the Charles River towards the MIT campus in Cambridge, followed by amazing views of the Financial District and Back Bay.  Most of the video is focused on two of the best known spots in the Boston Area, a legendary sports town: Fenway Park in South Boston and Gillette Stadium in suburban Foxborough, home of the Red Sox and New England Patriots, respectively.

The Boston Common

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The Boston Common


Pilgrimdroner created this aerial video of the Boston Common, the oldest city park in the United States.  Located just outside of the city's Financial District, the Common is the anchor of Boston's Emerald Chain, a series of parks (some of which were never completed) running from the Common westwards into suburban Brookline.  Covering about 50 acres, the park is home to numerous recreational spots and a historic graveyard.  It's considered one of the main gathering spots in this dynamic city.  

The Charles River

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On the Charles River, Boston


The aesthetic heart of Greater Boston is the last few km/mi of the Charles River, which separates the city of Boston from Cambridge to the north before emptying into Boston Harbor.  In this drone video by pilgrimdroner, you can fly over this beautiful stretch of waterway, which is a popular sailing and rowing spot.  The video features footage of downtown Cambridge on the north side of the river and the Back Bay area of the city of Boston to the south.  

Fenway Park: Home of the Red Sox

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Fenway Park, Boston

Chris Bonanno

Contributor Chris Bonano used a DJI Mavic Pro 2 to create this aerial view of Boston's Fenway Park, one of the most storied venues in American sports.  The oldest ballpark in Major League Baseball, since 1912 it's been the home of the Boston Red Sox.  Part of its appeal is its size - with seating for just over 37,000, it's one of MLB's smallest stadiums.  Located in the city's Fenway-Kenmore neighborhood along the Charles River, the park was the filming location for the climax of the crime thriller the Town (2010).

Charlestown and Bunker Hill

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Droning Charlestown


Check out this drone video of the Boston's historic Charlestown neighborhood, compliments of pilgrimdroner.  Boston's oldest neighborhood, it's located just across the Charles River from the Financial District.  It's perhaps best known as the home of  Bunker Hill, site of a famous battle in the early stages of the US Revolutionary War in 1775 and commemorated with a prominent Charlestown monument.  Charlestown has appeared in numerous movies, most notably in the 2010 thriller The Town.    

Harvard University

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Harvard University, Cambridge, Massachusetts


Harvard University is the USA's oldest institution of higher learning and is generally regarded as the world's most prestigious.  Its main campus in located in Cambridge, Massachusetts, just west of Boston.  Founded in 1636, its enrollment of about 22k is roughly 30% undergraduate.  In recent decades, much of the growth of campus has been on the far (southern) bank of the Charles River, in the Allston neighborhood of Boston.  Check out the famous campus from above in this drone video by pilgrimdroner.   

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology

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Massachusetts Institute of Technology Campus

Chris Bonanno

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology, or "MIT" for short, is one of the world's top science and engineering universities.  Founded in 1861 as an institution devoted to the advancement of technological progress, it's situated across the Charles River from Boston in the town of Cambridge, just a km/mi. downriver from the Harvard University campus.  In this drone video by contributor Chris Bonano, you'll get a bird's eye view of the MIT campus.  The video was shot with a DJI Mavic Pro 2 drone.  

Boston Public Garden

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Boston Public Garden


One of the most prominent of Boston's many parks  is the Boston Public Gardens, which is located adjacent to the Boston Common just outside of the core Financial District of New England's largest city.    One of the great green spaces of this historic city, the Garden has made numerous movie appearances, most notably as the filming scene of a famous monologue by actor Robin Williams in the 1997 modern classic Good Will Hunting.  Check out the Public Garden from above in this drone video by pilgrimdroner. 

Boston University

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Boston University Campus


Boston University is the largest of the post-secondary schools in Boston, a city known in part for its world-famous colleges and universities.  Founded in 1839, BU has a historical affiliation with the Methodist church but is now secular.  The university's main campus is in the Fenway-Kenmore and Allston neighborhoods, along the Charles River.  Its current enrollment of about 34k is a bit less than 50% undergraduate.  You can check out BU from above in this drone video by content creator pilgrimdroner.  

The Back Bay District

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Droning around Boston's Back Bay


Among the confusing aspects of navigating the city of Boston, Massachusetts is that it really has two downtowns - the Financial District at the end of the Boston Peninsula, and the Back Bay area to its west.  Back Bay was built on land reclaimed from the Charles River in the late 1800's.  Originally a residential district, it is also home to the city's two tallest skyscrapers as of 2019 - the Prudential and John Hancock centers.  Check it out from above in this drone video by pilgrimdroner.  

The Massachusetts State House

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Massachusetts State House, Boston


One of the more prominent landmarks of Boston, Massachusetts is the gold-domed Massachusetts State House.  The state capitol, it is situated in the Beacon Hill neighborhood, just off the Boston Common.  Its cornerstone was laid in 1795 by none other than Paul Revere.  The iconic-looking landmark has appeared in numerous feature movies, most notably in the 2006 Academy Award winner the Departered; the dome is visible from the apartment of "bad cop" Colin Sullivan, played by Boston native Matt Damon.  

Boston College

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Boston College


Boston College is one of the most prominent schools in Boston, and its largest affiliated with the Roman Catholic church.  Not to be confused with its great crosstown rival Boston University, the Jesuit-sponsored BC is located in Chestnut Hill, about 10 km (around 6 mi) west of central Boston.  Founded in 1863, its enrollment of about 14.4k is roughly two-thirds undergraduate.  Contributor pilgrimdroner created this aerial view of the BC campus, considered one of the USA's most idyllic.  

Wellesley College

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Wellesley College, Massachusetts


Wellesley College is an all-women's liberal arts college based in suburban Boston, Massachusetts.  It's one of the Seven Sisters, a prestigious group of women's colleges founded in the 19th century.  In the 2019, US News & World Report college rankings, Wellesley was tied for third amongst the liberal arts schools.  The Wellesley campus was the setting and filming location for the 2003  romance movie Mona Lisa Smile starring Julia Roberts.  Check out Wellesley from above in this drone video by pilgrimdroner.    

Museum of Fine Arts

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Boston's Museum of Fine Arts


Boston, Massachusetts is one of the USA's great cultural centers.  Not surprisingly, it's home to some of the country's best-known museums.  One of the most prominent is the Museum of Fine Arts.  Situated in the Fenway-Kenmore neighborhood adjacent to Northeastern University, it houses over 450k works of art.  Measured by floor area, it's the fifth largest art museum in the United States.  Check out this drone video of the museum by pilgrimdroner.  

Tufts University

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Tufts University in Medford, MA


Tufts University is one of the USA's most selective; in recent years, fewer than one in six undergraduate applications has been accepted.  Founded in 1852, its campus sits atop a hill on the border between Medford and Somerville, two Boston suburbs.  Its enrollment of about 11.5k is split roughly evenly between its undergraduate programs and its graduate and professional schools, including the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy. Check it out from above in this drone video by pilgrimdroner.   

Historic Salem

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Salem, Massachusetts


Salem, Massachusetts is one of New England's oldest settlements.  Located about a half hour drive northeast of Boston, the town was the epicenter of one of the USA's greatest travesties of justice: the Salem Witch Trials of 1692-3, in which 20 innocent people were executed.  The episode was later adapted as an allegory for McCarthyism by playwright Arthur Miller in his classic play, the Crucible (1953).  In this video by pilgrimdroner, you'll get a bird's eye view of historic Salem, including its Witch Museum.  

The Country Club, Brookline

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The Country Club, Brookline, Mass


Here's a drone video of the USA's oldest golf club, compliments of pilgrimdroner.  It's called (simply) the Country Club, and it's located in Brookline, Massachusetts, just west of Boston.  Founded in 1882, it is one of the original charter members of the US Golf Association.  The club will be hosting its fifth US Open Champsionship in 2022; it also hosted the Ryder Cup in 1999, among other honors.  Its most famous members are New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady and his wife Gisele Bündchen.

Brandeis University

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Brandeis University


Brandeis University is one of the newer institutions of higher learning in the Boston area.  It's located in the town of Waltham, about 20 km (around 12 mi.) west of downtown.  Brandeis was founded in 1948 as a non-sectarian institution with close ties to Boston's Jewish community.  Named after US Supreme Court justice Louis Brandeis (the first Jewish justice), the school's enrollment of about 5.7k is roughly 65% undergraduate.  Get a bird's eye view of the Brandeis campus in this drone video by pilgrimdroner.