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Aerial Tour of Venezuela

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Venezuela lo tiene todo

Djivzla Drone

Venezuela is one of the largest and most diverse countries in South America.  It has a long coastline, a gigantic interior, and some of the world's largest rivers.  In this epic video by contributor DJIVzla Drone, you will experience  the wonderful natural landscapes of Venezuela, all from a drone’s perspective! In this aerial tour, you will see everything from the mighty Orinoco River to  the white sandy beaches of the Caribbean Sea.  Venezuela really does have everything!

Caracas: Venezuela's Capital City

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Infinity Visuals - Casco central of Caracas, Venezuela

Infinity Visuals

Venezuela's capital city Caracas is situated in the northern part of the country, near the Caribbean Sea coast.  Depending on the area counted, it is one of the 6-7 largest urban areas in South America.  Contributor Infinity Visuals, one of the top drone piloting companies in Venezuela, treats us to an aerial tour of this city, which (like the majority of the Latin America capital cities) was founded by Spanish conquistadors in the 16th century.    

Fashion Shoot in Los Roques

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iDroneU - Los Roques

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Contributor iDroneU collaborated with a swimsuit company to make this amazing drone video of fashion models showing their stuff on a Venezuelan island in the Caribbean Sea.  The video was shot in Los Roques, a group of islands and coral reefs lying a short distance off the nortern Venezuelan mainland coast.  Watch this video to get a bird's eye view of a tropical paradise and see see why Los Roques is widely considered one of the top beaches in the Caribbean Basin.

Santa Fe, Sucre State

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Equipo de remo del Estado Sucre, Santa Fe, Venezuela

aerea estudio

Check out this stunning drone video from the Sucre state of northern Venezuela, compliments of contributor aerea studio.  Santa Fe is a beach town in Sucre, one of the 23 states which make up the South American country.  It's located in a biologically diverse part of Venezuela's Caribbean Sea coastline, towards its eastern end.   The colors of this area, which you will see come through in the video, are spectacularly beautiful. 

The Mighty Orinoco River

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Edición XXVI Paso a nado del Río Orinoco y Río Caroní

Djivzla Drone

While the Amazon is South America's mightiest river, the Orinoco is a very close second.  This waterway runs over 2.1k km (about 1.3k mi) through Colombia and Venezuela, discharging an average of 37k cubic meters of water (over 1.3 million cu ft.) into the Atlantic every second.  By average discharge, it's the world's #3 river.  DJIVzla Drone gives us this epic aerial view of this mighty river in its primary country Venezuela, where the Orinoco plays a role analogous to the Amazon in Brazil. 

Isla Tortuga

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Infinity Visuals - Isla La Tortuga, Venezuela - Aerial Footage HD

Infinity Visuals

Isla Tortuga is a Venezuelan-controlled island off the country's Caribbean coast, not to be confused with the Haitian island of the same name.  The 156 square km (about 60 squaremi) island is situated off the middle part of the coast, northeast of capital city Caracas.  Frequented by various European colonists over the centuries, the island has no permanent inhabitants.  That said, as you'll see from this drone video by DJIvzla Drone it is not devoid of a human presence! 

The Gran Sabana

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Infinity Visuals - La Gran Sabana, Venezuela - Aerial Reel

Infinity Visuals

One of Venezuela's least well known regions is its Gran Sabana, on its eastern end.  As the name suggests, this is a savannah, a vastly different landscape from the rainforests and jungles which cover much of this enormous nation.  The savannah includes the Canaima National Park, and extends eastward into Brazil and Guyana.  See this remarkable biodiverse area via drone in this amazing video by Infinity Visuals.  

Angostura Bridge: Spanning the Orinoco

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Angostura Bridge

Djivzla Drone

The Orinoco River, which is situated primarily in Venezuela, is the fourth largest river system in the world by discharge rate.  Due to its width, the Orinoco was not bridged until the construction of the Angostura Bridge near Bolivar, in the southeastern part of the country. Contributor DJIVzla Drone used a DJI Inspire drone to create this aerial video of the roughly 700 meter (about 2.3k ft.) suspension bridge, which was built in 1967 and until 2006 was the mighty river's only crossing.

Lagoon of Lake Maracaibo

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Laguna de Ologa, South of Lake Maracaibo. Venezuela


Venezuela's Lake Maracaibo isn't technically a lake; it's actually an inlet of the Caribbean Sea, although it's believed that at one point it was fully closed-off from the sea.  Known in part for the density of lightning strikes, it covers a massive 13k+ square km (around 5.1k square mi.) and is one of the key geographical features of this South American country.  In this drone video by dronemaracaibo, you'll get a nice aerial view of one of the lagoons which are situated on the western side of Maracaibo.  

Showreel from Venezuela

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Infinity Visuals - Showreel 2017

Infinity Visuals

Infinity Visuals is one of the top professional drone piloting companies in Venezuela.  They have a nationwide reputation for doing some of the most technically demanding work, such as filming major concerts and sporting events, and in high-risk zones.  Their demo reel includes some amazing highlights of this work, at the same time providing epic bird's eye views of some of the most beautiful spots in this major South American country.

Mochima National Park

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Mochima National Park - VENEZUELA

Djivzla Drone

Top contributor Djivzla Drone created this spectacular drone video of one the great natural treasures of Venezuela: The Mochima National Park.  It's located on the country's northeastern coast, in the states of Anzoátegui and Sucre.  The park covers an area of nearly 100,000 hectares. It's known for a tremendously biodiverse environment spanning from rare plants to whales. Unfortunately, the park is currently threatened with encroachment from commercial developments.   

The Paraguaná Peninsula

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Infinity Visuals - Paraguana, Falcon, Venezuela - Aerial Footage HD

Infinity Visuals

Contributor Infinity Visuals created this beautiful aerial view of a spot in the far northern reaches of Venezuela.  It's called the Paraguaná Peninsula, and it juts out northward from the mainland of the Falcon State into the Caribbean Sea.  The peninsula is roughly halfway between Caracas (to the east) and Maracaibo (to the west), Venezuela's largest and second largest cities, respectively.   The peninsula connects to the mainland via the tiny Médanos Isthmus.

Canaima National Park, Bolívar

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Canaima National Park- Venezuela

Djivzla Drone

Top contributor Djivzla drone created this spectacular drone video of one of the greatest parks in South America: Venezuela's Canaima National Park.  The gigantic park covers about 30k square km. (around 12k square mi.) in the state of Bolívar, the largest (by land area) of the country's 23 states which covers most of its eastern portion.  Canaima Park is largely contiguous with the vast Gran Sabana region, a grassland plateau which is home to come of the world's largest waterfalls.  

Venezuela's National Pantheon

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Infinity Visuals - The National Pantheon of Venezuela, Caracas, Venezuela

Infinity Visuals

One of the most recognized sites in the Venezuelan capital Caracas is the National Pantheon.  Built as a burial site for the nation's  heroes, much of the temple's artwork is dedicated to Simon Bolivar, who led the country's war of liberation from Spain in the 19th century.  Contributor and drone piloting company Infinity Visuals created this amazing aerial view of the Pantheon, located in Caracas's old city.  The Pantheon was constructed in the 1870's, when Venezuela was a relatively newly independent country.  

Aragua's Puerto Colombia

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Puerto Colombia - Choroní desde el aire


Contributor dronepixel created this beautiful aerial video of a port town on Venezuela's Caribbean coast.  Puerto Colombia is  situated in the state of Aragua, roughly midway along the country's coastline.  The video features some stunning top-down shots of the steep hills that descend almost vertically to the blue-green sea below.  The hills are part of the Cordillera mountain range which runs parallel to the coast.   The area is located a bit to the west of Caracas.  

The Islands of Nueva Esparta

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Margarita and Coche Islands Venezuela


Contributor 360media created this drone video of the Venezuelan islands of Margarita and Coche.   Situated in the southern Caribbean Sea, they represent two of the three islands of Nueva Esparta, one of the country's 23 states.  Margarita, the largest of the islands, was visited by Christopher Columbus in 1498.  The island is split into two large peninsulas.  Coche lies to the south of the eastern part of Margarita, to the east of the (largely uninhabited) Cubagua, the state's third island.  

Mérida: Andean Venezuela

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VENEZUELA - Estado Merida


While Venezuela is not generally thought of as a mountainous country, the fact is that a portion of western Venezuela is covered by the Andes Mountains.  In this drone video by dronemaracaibo, you'll get an aerial tour of the state of Mérida, one of the five states which make up the official Andean Region of this vast South American country.  In this drone video by dronemaracaibo, you'll get an aerial tour of Mérida, whose landscape is more reminiscent of Peru or Bolivia.

Fun in Los Roques

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Los Roques: Get Lost in Paradise!


Los Roques is an archipelago of hundreds of small islands in the southern Caribbean Sea.  It lies north of the coast of Venezuela, of which it is part.  The islands are known around the world for stunning blue waters, white sand beaches, and ubiquitous coral reefs.  In this video, top contributor Isabellefabre uses a drone and ground camera to show us the range of activities available on this Caribbean paradise, which is located due east from the somewhat better known island of Curacao.


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