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Beauty & Bounty

Doug A
  • Doug A
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  • 3 years ago

Golden wheat fields and lush green hills highlight the sweeping landscapes of Kansas farm country, on the Great Plains of the United States. This amazing drone video shows the beauty of the Kansas plains and the bounty of wheat harvest.  In the video and accompanying description, contributor and drone pilot Doug Armknecht describes how drones allow him to share stunning views of his family farm with the world. This video was selected as a finalist in the 2017 New York City Drone Film Festival.

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Harvest Time in Lancashire

Stratus Imagery

Contributor and professional drone pilot Stratus Imagery does a good deal of commercial aerial videography of large scale farming operations, primarily in northern England.  In this video, they use a drone to film a New Holland tractor harvesting hay in the region of Lancashire, the area just north of Manchester and Liverpool on England's western coast.  Lancashire was very close to the center of the Industrial Revolution, in part because of the role it had played in the earlier Agricultural Revolution.

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Kansas: 2018 Rural Reel

Doug A
  • Doug A
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  • 2 years ago

Kansas is a USA state that lies close to the geographic center of the country.  The western part of the state (by far the majority of its overall land area) is part of the Great Plains.  Westernn Kansas is one of the principal wheat growing areas of the USA; it regularly produces well over 300 million bushels of the grain on an annual basis.  Award winning contributor Doug A used a drone to create this spectacular reel about the landscape of the Sunflower State, whose vast rolling wheatfields are the Breadbasket of America.   

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Harvesting Oat Crop in Norway in a drone perspective


Only about 3% of the land area of Norway is under cultivation, primarily in the central and southern parts of the country.  While cultivation of wheat and certain other grains has declined, cultivation of oats, used primarily for livestock, has grown dramatically.  Top contributor Hope Norway used a drone to film an oat field being harvested.  This type of aerial footage is extremely helpful in understanding what large scale harvesting looks like. 

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Potato Planting. Gloucestershire U.K. (4K)

Kevin Watkins

While farm mechanization began with the harvesting process, the mechanization of planting is equally important.  Precise planting in order to conserve seed and maximize yield depends on a host of technologies, including high horsepower tractors.  In this video, contributor Kevin Watkins uses a drone to show how the process of mechanized potato planting.  The video was shot in Gloucestershire in the southwestern UK.

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The Drone Dish: Doug A

The Drone Dish

On this episode of The Drone Dish, Tyler chats with Kansas-based pilot Doug Armknecht. Doug was a finalist in the news/documentary category at the 2017 New York City Drone Film Festival for his film "Beauty & Bounty." He talks with Tyler about that film, what it was like to be a finalist in the festival, and about his favorite parts of showcasing harvesting and other farm activities from a bird's eye perspective.

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Harvest Time


The term "combine" refers to a harvesting machine that combines several operations, namely reaping, threshing, and winnowing.  The mechanization of these processes with a single tractor propelled piece of farm machinery was one of the keys to the agricultural revolution.  In this video, contributor Inspire Cornwall shows us a combine in operation in Cornwall in the South of England.

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Mechanization of agriculture has been one of the main factors in the stabilization of the food supply in Asia.  Until the mid-20th century, many parts of Asia were highly susceptible to famine due to crop failures and other natural disasters. Nowadays, the greatly improved productivity of the ag sector in Asia has allowed most countries to build sufficient safety stocks.  In this video, contributor Omarladen uses a drone to provide a bird's eye perspective of a rice harvesting tractor in Malaysia.

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Field harvesting, ISRAEL

Dan profeta

Despite an arid climate and relatively high labor costs, Israel has been able to develop a highly productive agricultural sector.  By using diesel fueled tractors, the most labor intensive farming operations - planting and harvesting - can be accomplished far more quickly and with far less labor input.  In this video, contributor Dan Profeta uses a drone to provide a bird's eye view of both the planting and harvesting processes in a grain field in Israel.