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Aerial Tour of Lebanon

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Rise Above Lebanon


Lebanon is a land of stunning Mediterranean coastline, snow-capped mountains, verdant valleys, puncutated by the highly cosmopolitan Beirut.  Contributor Riseaboveearth works with travel companies and tourism bureaus to create travel content.  To make this video of Lebanon (commissioned by the Lebanese Ministry of Tourism), they spent five months filming Lebanon from above using a drone, capturing the stunning diversity of this incredible Middle Eastern country.

The Lebanese Highlands

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Lebanon - Highlands

Fabio Knoll

Award winning contributor Fabio Knoll created this amazing aerial tour of the highlands of Lebanon.  Though a small country, Lebanon has an enormously varied landscape, with two parallel mountain ranges running down much of its north-south extent.  The highest mountains are in the northern parts of the Mt. Lebanon range.  The peaks here top out at a maximum elevation of around 3k meters above sea level (about 10k ft.).  This area is also home to Lebanon's six ski resorts, some of whose slopes are featured in the video.

Outdoor Fun in Lebanon

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Lebanon Adventure


Top contributor Bachir_Photo_Phactory used a drone to show the breadth of outdoor activities available in the small Middle Eastern country of Lebanon.  Ride along to get a bird's eye view of what is available to adventure seekers in this land, once known as the Switzerland of the East.  The video will give you bird's eye views of surfing in the Mediterranean, mountain biking in the country's extensive hills and mountains, rock climbing, waterskiing on the Mediteranean Sea, and even paragliding over Beirut! 

Beirut by Drone

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Cinematic Drone Video: Beirut 2018

nasr khabbaz

AirVuz content creator and pilot Nasr Khabbaz used a DJI Mavic Air drone to create this amazing aerial view of modern Beirut.  Situated on the eastern Mediterranean Sea, the Lebanese capital city is one of the oldest urban areas in the world.  More than 5,000 years old, at various times the city has played a central role in the affairs of the Middle East.  In the mid-1970's, following a several decade boom, Beirut was the epicenter of a brutal civil war which drew in most of the other powers of the region.  

From Beirut to the Highlands

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Lebanon Aerial Scenes - 4K


For a 2-3 minute aerial tour of the fascinating country of Lebanon, it's hard to beat this drone video from contributor FoxPhoto.  He took a drone through his native country to capture some of its most spectacular footage from the air.  You will see the country's spectacular Mediterranean coastline, the blend of the very old and very new which defines modern Beirut, and the stunning snow capped mountains which abound in the northern Highlands part of this fascinating Middle Eastern country.

Baskinta: Highland Village

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Flying with The Eagles Above Baskinta.


Contributor Digiweb created this beautiful drone video from one of the highest villages in Lebanon.  Baskinta is located about 45 km (a little under 30 miles) east of the Lebanese capital city Beirut, more or less in the geographic center of this small Middle Eastern country.  Its base elevation is around 1.3k meters or around 4.5k ft.  For reasons which will be apparent when you watch the video, it's become extremely popular with mountain bikers and hikers traveling from the coast of the country.