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Drones Over Dolphins 🐬

AirVūz Soc...

Drone pilots are capturing dolphins swimming in the ocean around the world. Watch this compilation by AirVūz of the worlds best aerial films of dolphins. The reel includes dolphins having fun bow riding the waves created by this boat, playing with humpback whales, catching big air surfing in Australia, a superpod of dolphins sharing the water with these kayakers in South Africa, and more. Dolphins love putting on a show for drones!

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Wave Sharin' is Carin'

  • Jaimen
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  • over 2 years ago

If you think that dolphins always stay away from the surf line, you'll need to watch this video.  Australian contributor and drone pilot Jaimen filmed a large group of dolphins swimming off the shore in Australia.  They repeatedly ride the surf in and then break away seconds before getting beached, literally  leaping out of the water to do so.  This video was a 2017 Drone Video Award Animal Category Nominee.  It was filmed in Western Australia, home of some of the world's best dolphin-watching waters.  

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Dolphins playing around Hawai´i


Filming dolphins was one of those things which just couldn't be done before the age of drones.  And as you'll see in this drone by contributor Videosophy, watching dolphins play from an aerial perspective is mesmerizing. His capture of these graceful sea mammals in the waters of Hawaii will delight dolphin lovers of all stripes, showing as it does how social these animals are.  

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Superpod of Dolphins, Cape Town, South Africa

Naudé Heun...

Due to ocean currents and weather patterns, the South African city Cape Town offers a veritable cornucopia of marine mammal life.  In this amazing drone video, AirVyuz contributor and pilot Naudewasheresuper used a drone to film a pod of hundreds of dolphins swimming near a kayaker in Camp's Bay, part of the waters surrounding Cape Town.  This is the spot where the Atlantic and Indian oceans meet and mix, acting a magnet for dolphines.  The seeming synchronization of their motion is hynotizing.

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Above The Sea


TheDroneBooth ventured with a drone over the Pacific waters off Newport Beach, California and did not come back empty-handed.  Plying these waters, which are a bit south of Los Angeles in Orange County, he was fortunate enough to run into a pod of 11 humpback whales and countless dolphins, literally hundreds of them.  The picture of these sea-mammal cousins frolicking in these beautiful blue waters of Orange County is not to be missed.

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Dolphins in Bahia Solano 4K | DJI Phantom 4


Sometimes when you look for whales, you find dolphins.  That's the lesson learned by contributor FabianBPhoto.  He set off over the Pacific coast of Colombia in search of the larger sea mammals, and to his surprise and delight he stumbled across a group of dolphins playing in the ocean. Shot with a DJI Phantom 4 drone, this aerial film perfectly captures the fun and playful nature of dolphins in the wild. 

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Dolphins from Above and Below


The two best ways to see dolphins are from above the water and from underwater.  In epic video by Offroader 808, he manages to do both.  On a dolphin snorking tour in Oahu, he and a friend split the duties - one filmed the dolphins from above with a drone, and the other from beneath the waves.  He then stitched the feeds together in post-production, creating this cinematic dual view of these intelligent creatures.  

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Ocean Giants of Cape Town

Exclusive ...

South Africa's Table Bay is so named because it sits in the shadow of Table Mountain, above the great city of Cape Town near the southern tip of the country.  Due to its location very close to the border between the Atlantic and Indian Oceans, the Table Bay has always sported a wide diversity of marine life.  AirVuz contributor and pilot Exclusive Aerials flew a DJI Phantom 4 drone over the bay and created this impressive drone film of whales and dolphins passing through these waters during seasonal migration.  

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2016 sure was a beauty!

  • Jaimen
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  • about 3 years ago

Dolphins take the center stage in this epic year-end compilation by top contributor and Jaimen.  His creative edit alternates between scenes of dolphins plying the waters of his native Australia with highlights of his other drone footage across Australia  and North America.  The rhythm of the video -  dolphins, British Columbia, dolphins, pink Lake Hillier, dolphins, whales, dolphins,...- is addictive to watch.   


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Flying with Dolphins

Francisco ...
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Dolphin Therapy II

OGB - Omer...
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Flying with Dolphins

Adeel Khan...
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Dolphins of Noonu Atoll - Maldives

  • mikkobey
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  • about 3 years ago
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Spinner Dolphins By Drone

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Who Doesn't Love a Dolphin?

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Dolphins from a DJI Phantom 4

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Wild and Free

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Dolphin Haze

  • Jaimen
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  • almost 4 years ago
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The beauty of Dolphins

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Dolphins in San Diego