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Moab, Utah by Autel EVO

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Moab: Shot on EVO

Autel Robotics

Moab Canyon is actually a series of canyons and related geological marvels created by the Colorado River in southern Utah.  Named after the biblical area of Moab in Jordan, the area around Moab Canyon has become a huge magnet for outdoors-seekers of many stripes, ranging from rock climbers to Jeep drivers, as well as for big-budget movie makers.  In this video, you'll get an aerial look at marvelous Moab shot on an EVO drone, produced by its maker Autel Robotics.  

Burning Man Concert in Nevada

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Burning Man 2017 from Above

  • memmi
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  • 2 years ago

Burning Man is an annual multiday concert and personal discovery event held in the desert of Nevada in the western USA.  It began in the mid-1980's in San Francisco, switching to a desert location the next decade.  The modern era Burning Man see tens of thousands of attendees, many of whom camp in the desert during the run of the event.  Contributor Memmi used a DJI Inspire 2 drone to fly over the Burning Man grounds, treating us to this amazing aerial video.  

DVA Winner from the American Southwest

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jay worsley

Award winning contributor and drone pilot hails from Phoenix, Arizona in the Southwestern USA.  This epic aerial film showcases the beauty of the western United States, seen from the perspective of a drone.  "Perspective" was a winner at the 2017 AirVuz Drone Video Awards, taking the honor in the Landscapes category.  Prepare to be mesmerized by his "Perspective" of the great American West, one of the most popular videos ever uploaded to AirVuz.

Aerial Views of America's Southwest

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Kasei Vallis


Inspired by a book he read about the colonization of Mars, Peter Franc shot this Drone Video of the Week finalist in the Southwestern USA.  The video was compiled from footage assembled from three states - Arizona, New Mexico, and the southwestern portion of Utah.  Here are found the USA's deepest canyons and gorges, as well as some of its most unusual rock formations.  All are on vivid display in this remarkable drone video, which was shot across several hundred miles/km of the great Southwest.    

The Grand Canyon

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Grand Canyon in one minute


The Grand Canyon in Arizona, USA, is one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World. The almost 2,000 miles of red rock canyons that surround the Colorado River are one of the most heavily toured parks in the county. See its magnitude and beauty in this drone video by emanuele. *Flying in the Grand Canyon or any other National Park in the United States is illegal. If you or your company would like to fly in these areas, you must contact the proper authorities.*

Other-Worldly Southern Utah

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THE VISITOR — A Short Film


What would it look like to land on Mars? This Drone Video of the Week Nominee and Drone Video of the Month Staff Pick by petemaj23 shows us what he imagines a lone astronaut would see and feel. The deserts of southern Utah are the perfect backdrop for his short, experimental narrative, shot with a DJI Mavic Air, about what life would look like on another planet.  This video was picked as a Finalist in the Originality category for the second annual Drone Video Awards.

DVOW Nominee Video of Moab, Utah

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Exploring Moab in 4K - Utah


Contributor Hayden Kast explores the legendary Moab area of Utah in this video, which was nominated for the Drone Video of the Week in March, 2019.  Moab is located in the southeastern part of Utah.  It's a series of canyons laid out across an iconic-looking desert landscape and interspersed with spectacular rock formations, often drawing comparisons to the Grand Canyon to its southwest.  This video was shot outside of the the Arches and Canyonlands National Parks, which are off-limits to drones.

Monument Valley, Arizona

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Aerial over Monument Valley


Monument Valley, which spans the Utah-Arizona border in the Southwestern USA, has some of the most spectacular rock formations in the world.  In this 18 second drone video, you will forget all abouth them.  Watch as contributor Rick Ray Films captures a "cowboy" sitting on his horse overlooking this spectacular expanse of desert in the heart of the great American West.  In just over a quarter of a minute, you will experience the feelings which drew a mighty nation westward.

Around Las Vegas

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Away from Vegas


Las Vegas, Nevada is one of the world's most improbable cities.  Nothing in the physical environment of southern Nevada would suggest that a city of 2 million would rise there some day.  In this video, top contributor AttilioRuffoPhotography took the opportunity to show this surrounding area.  He gives us some epic aerial footage of nearby Lake Mead, Red Rock Canyon, the Valley of Fire, and Hoover Dam, whose construction during the Depression years was the spark that lit what became modern Las Vegas.

Sedona: Midway to the Grand Canyon

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Sedona, Arizona

Keith Thompson

Getting to the Grand Canyon from Phoenix, Arizona by car is a long haul - almost 375 km (about 220 mi).  For those seeking spectacular rock formations on a day trip from Phoenix, Sedona is a good alternative - it's about half the distance, easily achievable without an overnight stay.  As you'll see from this awesome drone video by Keith Thompson, the famous Red Rocks of Sedona are amazing sights, comparable in their own way to the Grand Canyon further north. 

Winged Rock of the Navajo

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Tsé Bitʼaʼí


Contributor and pilot tglass0000 created this epic drone video of one of the most well known rock formations in the Southwestern USA: Shiprock.  The giant inselberg (isolated rock) is situated on lands of the Navajo Nation in northwestern New Mexico.  Considered to be of significant cultural importance to the native peoples of the region (who named it the "Winged Rock"), Shiprock was used as a filming location for the movie Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle, scheduled for release in late 2019.

The Rocks of Moab, Utah

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Moab Canyon: The Sacred Rocks

pk productions

In this video, PK Productions flies his DJI Phantom 4 Professional drone over Moab Canyon in southern Utah, a state in the Southwestern USA. The canyon is known for its gigantic rock formations.  The other-worldly look of the canyon, and its resemblance in places to the Grand Canyon, have made it one of the go-to spots for movie shooting locations.  Among the well known movies which had scenes shot in Moab Canyon are Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade (1989) and Thelma & Louise (1991).

Abandoned Cars in the Nevada Desert

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Nevada's International Car Forest

60 Seconds

The strangest sight in the great western USA state of Nevada isn't actually in Las Vegas, as you might expect.  Rather it's a spot in the desert called International Car Forest of the Last Church, where abandoned cars have been "planted" into the ground in various orientations and covered in graffiti.  Located in Goldfield, NV these "sculptures" are the work of some very creative modern artists.  Contributor 60 Seconds filmed the ICF with a drone to prove that this actually exists! 

Aerial Views of the Nevada Desert

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Beyond Vegas

Where's Fuji?

Set in the heart of the Southwestern USA, Nevada is really two states (three if one includes Reno) - a largely empty desert, and Las Vegas, one of the country's most dynamic cities.  In this video, contributor Fujibara uses a drone to show the "two Nevada's" in one video.  Starting with aerial shots of the Las Vegas Strip, it transitions to areas just outside the city, showing the stark contrast between these two planets.

Driving around Southern Utah

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Utah's Backroads

John Stinnett

The western USA state of Utah is one of the most varied in terms of landscape.  The northeast corner of the state is in the heart of the Rocky Mountain system - it looks like Colorado.  The southern part of the state couldn't look more different.  Contributor John Stinnett spent a day driving around southern Utah with a DJI Mavic Pro drone, giving us some epic bird's eye views of this very arid and mysterious looking land in the heart of the mythical American West.  

Tucson's Mt. Lemmon

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Mavic 2 Pro Flight on Mt. Lemmon

  • azgeek
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  • a year ago

Check out this DJI Mavic Pro 2 drone video of Mt. Lemmon in Tucson, Arizona, compliments of contributor azgeek.  It's the highest peak in the Santa Catalina range which runs through the northern part of Arizona's second largest city.  The mountain has a peak elevation of almost 2.8k meters (about 9.2k ft.) above sea level, making it one of the highest in the entire Southwestern USA.  The mountain hosts a ski resort which reportedly averages about 500 centimeters (200 inches) of snow per year. 

Dronie from Dead Horse Point, Utah

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Dronie from Dead Horse Point, Utah

  • wrenee
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  • 2 years ago

Wrenee, aka Queen of the Dronie, took this epic drone selfie shot off of Dead Horse Point, in southern Utah.  It's part of the Moab Canyon area in southeastern Utah.  This area has been a go-to shooting location for moviemakers for decades, due in part to its similarity to the Grand Canyon.  The spot where this video was taken was the filming location for the opening scene of Mission: Impossible 2 (1999) in which Ethan Hunt (Tom Cruise) is seen scaling a giant rock face.  

Arizona's Superstition Mountains

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Superstition Mountains Arizona


Check out this beautiful drone video of Arizona's Supersition Mountains, compliments of contributor cward360.  They are situated just east of Phoenix, and draw heavily from the 3+ million who live in its metropolitan area.  The highest mountain in the range is Supersition Mountain, which has a peak elevation of about 1.55k meters (around 5k ft.) above sea level.  Most of the mountains are part of the Federally-designated Superstition Wilderness Area.  

Spiral Jetty on the Great Salt Lake

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Aerial drone video of Utah's Spiral Jetty


Check out this remarkable drone video of a famous sculpture built into the shores of the Great Salt Lake, Utah, compliments of contributor Dewey_Drone.  The Spiral Jetty was built by an American sculptor named Robert Smithson.  Completed in 1970, the sculpture spans a lenth of over 450 meters (about 1.5k ft.).  Its construction was documented in a film produced by the Smithsonian.  It is situated on the shore of the lake, the largest salt lake in the Western Hemisphere.  

Arizona's Roosevelt Dam

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Experience the Roosevelt Arizona Dam & Bridge


The Theodore Roosevelt Dam is located in Arizona, in the Southwestern USA.  The dam, which is primarily for irrigation and flood control, was built in the early 1900s.  With a height of over 100 meters (350 ft), the spillway moves up to 4,300 cubic meters of water (150k cu ft) per second.  Contributor RusselKriz85 used a drone to create this amazing aerial video of the structure, which is a  protected landmark.  

The Red Rocks of Sedona

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Adventure in Sedona

Dave Yip

You could argue that there are no colors quite as lovely as the ones that can be seen in the hills surrounding Sedona, Airzona, United States of America. The rich crimson and blood orange of the red-rock buttes and steep canyon walls, blended against the deep plums and cobalt blues of the distant skies are something to behold. Sedona is located about halfway between Phoenix and the Grand Canyon.  See it for yourself in this gorgeous 4K aerial piece by Dave Yip.

Colorado River: Waterway of the American West

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The Mighty Colorado River

pk productions

The Colorado River is one of the principal waterways of western North America.  It rises in the Rocky Mountains, and runs over 2.3k km to discharge into the Gulf of California in northern Mexico.  Its course carved out some of the world's most well known canyons, including the Grand Canyon and the Black Canyon, the site of Hoover Dam.  In this video, you'll get a great aerial view of the river flowing through Moab in southern Utah, compliments of PK Productions.

Southern Utah and Colorado

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Top contributor Hayden Kast created this stunning drone video showcasing the natural beauty of the Southwestern USA.  The video features footage from the area around Zion National Park in southeastern Utah, the Valley of the Gods and Mexican Hat in southeasern Utah, and Durango in southwestern Colorado.  Lying to the south and west of the Rocky Mountains, these desert and semi-arid landscapes are home to some of the country's most amazing canyons and rock formations.  

Mighty Hoover Dam

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Aerial Hoover Dam


Contributor TampaRandy created this beautiful narrated video from Hoover Dam, arguably the world's most famous.  Situated on the Colorado River about a half-hour drive from Las Vegas, the 221 meter (726 ft.) tall concrete gravity dam created Lake Mead, the USA's largest reservoir.  A Depression-era public works project designed for hydroelectricity and flood control, its construction cost over a hundred lives but provided much-needed employment for thousands and helped give birth to modern Las Vegas.  

The Sonoran Desert

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Sonoran Desert: Saguaro Forest to Owl Head

  • azgeek
    • 1.1k VŪZ
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    • 11
  • 3 years ago

The United States and Mexico share two deserts, both of which are amongst the world's 15 largest: the Chihuan and Sonoran Deserts both straddle the two countries' long border.  The Sonoran covers about 300k square km (around 120k square mi.) in the states of California, Arizona, and New Mexico on the USA side and Sonora and Baja California on the Mexico side.  In this drone video by AZGeek, you'll get a look at the Sonoran Desert just northwest of Tucson in Arizona.  

Reno's Mt. Rose Summit

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Winter flying at Mt. Rose Summit in Reno, Nevada


Mt. Rose Summit is a pass through the Carson Mountains near Reno, Nevada.  The Carson's are considered a spur (a type of extension) of of the Sierra Nevada range of eastern California and western Nevada.  With an altitude of about 2.7k meters (about 8.9k ft.), it's the highest pass through the Sierra's which is open year round.  You can see this beautiful spot in the winter in this stunning drone video of the pass by contributor pnoymavic30.

New Mexico's Scenic Railroad

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Cumbres and Toltec Scenic Railway


Katie.j11 created this awesome bird's eye look at the Cumbres and Toltec Scenic Railway in New Mexico.  The narrow-gauge historic railroad runs just over 100 km (around 60 mi.) between  Antonito, Colorado and Chama, New Mexico in the Southwestern USA.  Famously, the railroad was the filming location for a chase scene in the 1989 film Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, the third installment of the Indiana Jones series which was a collaboration between Steven Spielberg and George Lucas.  

Utah's Monument Valley

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Monument Valley Utah


Top contributor NGreyTravels created this short-but-epic drone video of Monument Valley in the Southwestern USA, near the spot called Four Corners where four states come together: Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico, and Utah.  Situated on the Colorado Plateau, the area is home to some of the most iconic scenery in the American West.  So much so that this very spot was used to film a famous scene in the 1994 film "Forrest Gump"; this was where Forrest (Tom Hanks) and his followers stopped after he "ran to the ocean".  

Arizona's Coal Mine Canyon

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Echoes of the Canyon


Located only 70 miles from the most well-known canyon in the world, the Grand Canyon, Coal Mine Canyon is a remote gem in southwestern U.S.A. Bordering the Hopi and Navajo Indian Reservation, you can see in this drone video why this Arizona canyon is nearly just as worthy of recognition as the epic Grand Canyon. From the gorgeous sunrises to the vibrant red sunsets, tglass0000 does a marvelous job capturing the natural beauty of the landscape. 

Mighty Shiprock

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Shiprock Formation | New Mexico


Tsé Bitʼaʼí or "rock with wings" in Navajo is a monadnock, rising above the high-desert plains of the Navajo Nation in San Juan County, New Mexico, United States. Shiprock has large religious and historical significance for the Navajo people and has been featured in several prominent movies and novels.  It's made up of what remains of the throat of a volcano and was probbably formed 2,500 - 3,000 feet below the Earth's surface, but has been exposed after millions of years of erosion. 

Grafton: Utah Ghost Town

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Grafton Utah


Grafton, Utah is perhaps the USA's best-known true "ghost town".  It was settled in an area south of what is now Zion Park in 1859.  Between flooding, silting of its river, and attacks from the native population, it was more or less completely abandoned by 1920.  Gone, but not forgotten: with the dawn of the movie age, Grafton was used in the first outdoor "talkie" movie in 1929 and later in the 1969 classic Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid.  Check out Grafton from above in this drone video by NOSTROMO.   

Snow Canyon, Utah

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Spring Time in Snow Canyon

Allan Crawford

Check out this stunning drone video of a canyon in the Southwestern USA welcomes the Spring.  Snow Canyon is located in Washington County the southwesternmost county of Utah.  Snow Canyon and its "sister" canyon West Canyon sit in the Snow Canyon State Park.  The video was created by contributor Allan Crawford.  The canyon is notable in part for its fabulously colored rocks, which are part of the Navajo Sandstone formation that covers huge tracts across the region.  

Boat Chase on Lake Powell

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pk productions

While the southwestern USA isn't typically associated with aquatic recreation, it does have a number of great boating lakes.  One of these is Lake Powell, a reservoir on the Colorado River which straddles the states of Arizona and Utah.  While Powell was created for flood control and hydroelectricity, it also makes for some epic boating.  Witness this spectacular drone video by contributor pk productions chasing a "Supersports" boat across this aquatic paradise.  

Phoenix and Scottsdale Drone Reel

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Arizona Drone Reel

  • Axlfro
    • 2.0k VŪZ
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  • 10 months ago

Check out this amazing drone reel of the Phoenix, Arizona area, compliments of contributor Axlfro.  This desert city has been one of the fastest growing urban areas in the USA for decades.  With only about 65,000 residents on the eve of World War II, the Phoenix metropolitan area is now home to over 4 million and is the principal city of the Southwestern USA.  The video features aerial footage of work done around the Phoenix area, including Camelback Mountain and nearby Scottsdale.  

St. George, Utah

2:38 click to play video

Three winter days in a Southern Utah desert!


Utah has some of the most diverse set of landscapes of any USA state.  While the northeastern part of the state is covered by the Rocky Mountains, its southern and southwestern parts are lands of spectacular deserts, canyons, and other-worldly rock formations.  In this drone video by contributor robinsaville, you'll get a bird's eye view of the area around St. George, in the southwestern corner of the state.  Situated near the borders with Arizona and Nevada, St. George sits at the northern end of the great Mojave Desert.

Utah's Kennecott Smelter Stack

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Kennecott Stack and the Great Salt Lake


Contributor Weatherman created this amazing aerial view of Utah's Great Salt Lake as well as its most prominent man-made landmark: the gigantic Kennecott Garfield Smelter Stack.  It's one of the world's largest chimney structures, standing 370 meters (just over 1.2k ft.) above the surface.  Built in 1974, the chimney is part of the gigantic Kennecott copper smelter, which refines copper ore from the nearby Bingham Canyon mine, the world's largest open pit mine.  

Arizona's Navajo Bridges

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Navajo Bridge

Luiz Gerbase

Get an aerial view of one of America's tallest bridges, compliments of contributor Luiz Gerbase.  The Navajo Bridge in the Southwestern USA state of Arizona is actually two separate spans over the Colorado River.  The original bridge opened in 1929 and is 250 meters long (834 ft.).  The second span, which is 23 meters (75 ft.) longer, opened in 1995 and now handles all vehicular traffic.  With a height of about 142 meters (around 470 ft.), both rank amongst the country's ten tallest bridges. 

Utah Road Trip

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Dave Yip

Drone pilot Dave Yip takes us all on a road trip through the beautiful outbacks of Utah, USA. With five breathtaking national parks - Arches, Canyonlands, Capitol Reef, Bryce Canyon, and Zion - and a plethora of state and city parks, Utah is an adventure worth taking for anyone who loves the great outdoors. See some of the sunset-red deserts, petrified sand dunes, canyons, vibrant pine forests, and more in this fantastic, 4K aerial video from one of the top AirVuz content creators.

Flagstaff's Chocolate Waterfalls

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Grand Falls - Arizona's chocolate waterfalls


Most people don't associate Arizona with waterfalls; this may be the reason why a waterfall system near Flagstaff may be the state's best-kept secret.  The Grand Falls is located about a half hour drive from Flagstaff in the Painted Desert.  The falls sports a total height of 56 meters (around 185 ft.).  The mud content in the water yields a dark brown water, earning the falls the nickname Chocolate Falls.  You can see this natural treasure from above in this drone video by contributor Nteschler.  

Scottsdale, Arizona

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Scottsdale Arizona in 4K


Scottsdale, Arizona has sometimes been called the desert equivalent of Miami Beach.  It's essentially a very large suburb of Phoenix, Arizona, located to the north and east of the state's largest city.  The large, rectangular-shaped city is about 50 km (around 30 mi.) north to south.  Its estimated population of about 25k, it's the fourth-most populous city in the Grand Canyon State.  You can check out this legendary wintertime destination from above in this drone video by RussellKriz85.

Utah's Sombrero Shaped Rock

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The Mexican Hat, Utah

Michael McColl

Contributor Michael McColl created this excellent drone video of a well-known rock formation in the Southwestern USA called Mexican Hat.  It derives its name from its sombrero shape, which you'll see clearly in the video.  The rock can be climbed via two separate routes.  The rock (and the town which is named after it) are located near the San Juan River in San Juan County, which lies in the southeastern corner of Utah, not far from the Four Corners area where Utah touches three other states.

Blair, Nevada: Mining Ghost Town

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Ghost Towns & Mines: Blair, NV 2019

ray dunakin

Historically, the USA state of Nevada was closely tied to the mining industry.  In the 19th and early 20th centuries, mining finds created instant towns, some of which were subsequently abandoned.  In this drone video by ray dunakin, you'll get a bird's eye view of one of these Nevada ghost towns.  It's called Blair, and it's situated roughly midway down the diagonal section of Nevada's western border.  Blair emerged out of the silver strike in nearby Tonopah in the early 1900's; by 1920 it was a ghost town.  

Utah's Great Salt Lake

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SALT - A Film by Avian Cyclops


The Great Salt Lake in Utah offers up some of the more interesting scenery in the USA.  Situated in the northern part of the state, it's the largest saltwater lake in the Western Hemisphere.  With a maximum depth of only about 10 meters (less than 35 ft.), it's area varies considerably based upon rainfall.  In this drone video by aviancyclops, you'll get a bird's eye view of the lake, sometimes called America's Dead Sea.  It includes footage of the Lucin Cutoff, salt mines, the Bonneville Salt Flats, and more.  

Arizona's Picacho Peak

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Picacho Peak from Mavic Pro 2

  • azgeek
    • 322 VŪZ
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    • 9
  • a year ago

Contributor azgeek used a DJI Mavic Pro 2 drone to create this nice aerial view of Picacho Peak in the USA's southwestern state of Arizona.  The centerpiece of a state park of the same name, it's located roughly halfway between Phoenix and Tucson, a bit closer to the latter.  the summit has a peak elevation of a little over 1k meters (just under 3.4k ft.).  It's well known for its spring wildflower blossom, as well as its clear views of the vast Sonoran Desert from its western side.  

The Nature of Nevada

4:41 click to play video

Wild Nevada 2019

ray dunakin

In this drone video by ray dunakin, you'll get a narrated tour of a side of Nevada which is far removed from the Las Vegas Strip - a desert land which is full of flora and fauna that are unique to its desert landscape.  The video, which combines drone and ground camera footage, will bring you sights like the pronghorn (a member of the antelope family), herds of wild horses, mule deers, and even beautiful butterflies, in addition to some epic views of the seemingly endless deserts and spectacular rock formations.   

Las Vegas and the Desert

0:53 click to play video

Las Vegas


Las Vegas, Nevada is the gambling capital of North America. The city is known for its casinos that are filled with gambling, shopping, fine dining and entertainment. Just outside of the city limits lies the Mojave Desert, the driest desert in North America. The dichotomy between the two can be seen in this video, featuring the Vegas Strip and rolling desert hills, by travispacheco. He used the DJI Mavic 2 Pro and DJI Osmo Pocket to create this film.

Drone Tour of Southern Utah

3:20 click to play video

DJI Mavic Pro in Southern Utah (and the Utah Salt Flats)


This drone video is all encompassing when it comes to the Southern Utah State and National Park experience.  Pilot vospader took his DJI Mavic Pro out to the great western, American state to capture all that he saw. Locations he flew include Bryce Canyon, Red Canyon, Connonville, the Bonneville Salt Flats, and Grand Escalante. The vivid colors of the sky reflect off of the majestic peaks, canyons, and buttes in a way only the untouched landscape of a protected park can. 

Sedona's Bell Rock

2:51 click to play video

Bell Rock Sedona Arizona 4k Aerial Drone Video


Of the famous "red rocks" of Sedona, Arizona, probably the most famous is the one you'll see in this drone video by JordanB22: Bell Rock. It's located near the town of Oak Creek, just south of the city of Sedona.  Like the other rock formations here, it's what's known as a butte - basically, a giant "rock hill" arising out of an otherwise flat landscape.  Created by deposition and erosion patterns, buttes are among the more distinctive features of the Southwestern USA landscape.  

Lake Havasu, Colorado River

2:06 click to play video

Lake Havasu, Arizona | London Bridge (USA) | Drone Video by Aces Up

Aces Up
  • Aces Up
    • 1.0k VŪZ
    • 14
    • 14
  • 3 months ago

Lake Havasu is one of the largest artificial reservoir lakes in the USA.  It was created by the damming of the Colorado River at Parker Dam on the California/Arizona border, about 255 km (around 150 mi.) downstream from Hoover Dam.  Its most famous landmark is the London Bridge (not the original medieval bridge but its 19th century replacement) which was deconstructed and moved here in the 1960's as a tourist attraction.  You can see Lake Havasu from above in this drone video by Aces Up. 

Durango & Silverton Railroad

6:12 click to play video

Chasing the Durango & Silverton Train by Drone


TampaRandy created this marvelous drone video involving the Durango & Silverton Railroad, a historical (narrow-gauge) line in southwestern Colorado.   Opened in 1882, the railroad once used to hauling gold and silver ore out of the San Juan Mountains is now a major tourist attraction.  And filming location: it was used to film the famous train heist sequence in the 1969 classic Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, and years later to film another famous train heist scene in the TV show Breaking Bad. 

Cathedral Cliff, New Mexico

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Cathedral Cliff, San Juan County, New Mexico

  • azgeek
    • 832 VŪZ
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    • 14
  • 3 months ago

Here's a terrific aerial view of a rock formation in New Mexico, compliments of contributor azgeek.  It's called Cathedral Cliff, and it's located in San Juan County, in the northwestern corner of the state.  It's what's known as an Inselberg, which is basically a rock formation that rises abruptly off of a plain.  Cathedral Cliff is located close to the better-known Shiprock formation, a larger inselberg, which you can see off in the distance at around the :50 mark of the video.  

New Mexico's Mighty Shiprock Formations

1:19 click to play video

Ancient Volcanoes

  • azgeek
    • 1.5k VŪZ
    • 16
    • 19
  • 10 months ago

Contributor Azgeek created this epic drone video of Shiprock, one of the world's most recognized rock formations.  It's situated in northwestern New Mexico, near the four corners area where the states of New Mexico, Arizona, Utah, and Colorado all come together.  The rock is a volcanic plug which rises just under 500 meters (about 1.6k ft.) above the desert floor.  Known as the Winged Rock by the local Navajo Native American's, who consider it sacred.

Phoenix Outskirts

2:23 click to play video

Phoenix Sun with the DJI Mavic Pro

Jeff Walrich - TK-421

Top contributor Jeff Walrich did a phenomenal job with this drone video from the areas surrounding Phoenix, Arizona.  The city which had a population of less than 100k as late as the 1940's is now the center of a metropolitan area of nearly 5 million.  However, even as this desert city has grown it still offers some of the best close-in nature spots of any large US city.  Despite decades of spreading sprawl, it's still possible drive for less than a half hour, and feel like you're a million miles from civilization.  

Droning America: Phoenix

7:48 click to play video

Droning America: Phoenix, AZ

Droning America

In this episode of Droning America, host Angie Avestruz heads to sunny Phoenix, Arizona.  She meets up there with award-winning drone pilot Jay Worsley, who hails from the great city in the American Southwest.  Together they explore the greater Phoenix area and the surrounding desert, capturing the highlights with Jay's DJI Phantom 4 drone.  Highlights include shots of Camelback Mountain, some of the area's famous golf courses, and some great shots of downtown Phoenix.

Droning America: Las Vegas

7:30 click to play video

Droning America: Las Vegas, NV

Droning America

Las Vegas, located in the desert of Nevada in the Southwestern US, is a most improbable city.  What has sustained the city almost since its beginnings has been legalized gambling, mostly in the form of huge casinos which line the Strip south of downtown.  In this episode of Droning America, hostess Angie Avestruz gives us a bird's eye view of Vegas and the surrounding desert.  

Profile of Jay Worsley

5:20 click to play video

The Drone Dish: Jay Worsley

The Drone Dish

In this episode of Drone Dish, host Tyler Mason caught up with the award-winning drone pilot Jay Worsley, who traveled from his home in Phoenix to the New York City Drone Film Festival, where one of his entries was a finalist.  Jay's videos of the Southwestern USA's spectacular landscapes are some of the most popular videos on AirVuz; his classic "Perspective" won the "Landscapes" category in the first annual Drone Video Awards, and "Ethos" was selected as a Finalist for the second.  

Profile of Hayden Kast

4:46 click to play video

The Drone Dish: Hayden Kast

The Drone Dish

In this episode of Drone Dish, host Tyler Mason catches up with American drone pilot Hayden Kast.  He got started with a DJI Spark drone and soon upgraded to a DJI Mavic Air.  While his videos cover three continents, his home base is the American west.  Based in Colorado, much of his content features the Rocky Mountains region and the arid Southwest.  Listen to him talk about how he developed his passion, tips and tricks on flying in difficult mountainous conditions, and more.