DVOW Nominee in the Gobi Desert, Mongolia
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Come to Mongolia

  • BaBi
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The massive desert that covers southern Mongolia can be seen in this exciting, 4K drone video by BaBi. The Gobi Desert is bound by the Altai Mountains, the Mongolian steppes to the north, the Taklamakan Desert to the west, the Hexi Corridor and Tibetan Plateau to the southwest and North China Plain to the southeast. It has a rich history, being part of the Mongol Empire and the home of several important cities along the Silk Road. This video was a Drone Video of the Week nominee in May, 2019.

Sahara Desert in Libya
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Majestic Desert of Akakus

Naim sh

Contributor Naim sh brings us this amazing drone video of some spectacular rock formations in the Libyan desert.  The Acacus Mountains begin at Ghat in the country's southwestern corner (near the Algerian border) and extend northward, forming part of the Sahara Desert.  The rock formations you'll see in the video host some of the world's most well known pre-historic cave art.   With paintings that are as old as 14 millennia, the area has been designated a UNESCO World Heritage site. 

The Desert of the UAE
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In Search of Elysium: Aerial UAE in 4K

Ghadir Shaar

Created over a 10 month period, this short film by Ghadir Shaar is meant to show off the United Arab Emirates and all the country has to offer. See the UAE's sharp, rugged mountains and endless, sandy deserts, its sprawling city of Dubai with its world-renowned architecture (as well as the world's tallest skyscraper), camels, deserted towns, and stunning sunrises.  This video was AirVuz Drone Video of the Week, December Week 2 and is now a Drone Video Awards' Nature & Landscape nominee.

Namib Desert, Namibia
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The Mighty Namib Desert

Elevated Perspectives International, LLC

The west coast of the African nation Namibia is covered by the Namib Desert, which runs the length of the country's Atlantic coast. In this video, contributor Elevated Perspectives International gives us a bird's eye view of the mighty desert and includes footage of Sossusvlei, Cape Cross and Spitzkoppe.  The desert, which has been designated a UNESCO World Heritage site, was the primary shooting location for the movie Mad Max: Fury Road (1999), the fourth installment of the series.

Chile's Atacama Desert
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Patagonia fixer

Sandwiched between the Pacific and the Andes, the incredible landscape of Chile’s Atacama Desert is like no place on earth. Contributor Patagonia Fixer created a memorable aerial video of this amazing arid zone, with its jagged, rust-colored ravines, white salt flats, and volcano-topped horizons.  The desert is closely studied by scientists as it is considered to be the "truest" desert in the world.  It is considered to be part of the broader Andes Mountains Sytem of western South America.

Jordan's Wadi Rum Desert
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Wadi Rum Desert, Jordan

Fabio Knoll

Wadi Rum is a desert valley lying in the southern portion of Jordan.  The area is home to some of the most spectacular rock formations anywhere on earth.  It was chosen as the primary shooting location for the legendary 1962 Columbia Pictures film Lawrence of Arabia. More recently, Wadi Rum "stood in" for the desert moon of Jedha in the 2015 Star Wars film The Force AwakensAward winning contributor Fabio Knoll created this marvelous drone's eye view of the great desert.  

Kenya's Chalbi Desert
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Kenya on Air - Marsabit County

Maurice Mbui

Contributor Maurice Mbui is creating a series of drone videos showing off the great African nation of Kenya.  In this segment, he put together a stunning aerial tour of Marsabit County in the north central part of the country.  This is desert country (the Chalbi Desert) for the most part, punctuated with magnificent volcanoes and crater lakes.  The gigantic county covers over 65k square km (about 25k square miles) and is inhabited by fewer than 300,000 people as of 2018.  

Israel's Judean Desert
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Secrets of the Judaean Desert


The Judean Desert runs parallel to the Dead Sea in the eastern part of Israel.  It is an area steeped in history, with tremendous historical importance to Judaism, Christianity, and (to a somewhat lesser extent) Islam.  In this video, contributor Rea Burla treats us to spectacular tour of this amazing desert, which includes bird's eye views of St. George’s Monastery in the Wadi Qelt valley, the tomb of Moses, the UNESCO World Heritage site Masada, and the Dead Sea.

Resort in the Empty Quarter, UAE
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Qasar Al Sarab

Fabio Knoll

Qasar Al Sahab is a five star resort in the heart of the Middle Eastern desert.  It's in the United Arab Emirates, not far from the great city of Dubai.  Top contributor Fabio Knoll created a stunning drone video of the recenly built resort, which sits at the edge of the so-called Empty Quarter, the largest uninterrupted area of desert in the entire world.  This area achieved a degree of fame by appearing as the planet Jakku in Star Wars: The Force Awakens (2015).


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Magnificent Mojave Desert

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Desert Dunes Dronie

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60 Seconds
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Valley Of The Gods