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Lebanon - Highlands

Fabio Knoll

Award winning contributor Fabio Knoll created this amazing aerial tour of the highlands of Lebanon.  Though a small country, Lebanon has an enormously varied landscape, with two parallel mountain ranges running down much of its north-south extent.  The highest mountains are in the northern parts of the Mt. Lebanon range.  The peaks here top out at around 3k meters (10k ft.).  This area is also home to Lebanon's six ski resorts, some of whose slopes are featured in the video.

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Exploring the Highlands

alex lockwood

Nominated for Drone Video of the Week, this aerial showcase by contributor Alex Lockwood defines life in the valleys (also known as glens) of the Scottish Highlands, the region occupying the northern and western reaches of Scotland.  Picturesque waterfalls, winding streams, and wildlife mix with mossy forests surrounded by misty, snow-capped mountains that create a pristine and diverse environment to capture with a flying camera aka a drone. 

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Scottish Highlands

Flying Horizons

Talented pilot Flying Horizons gives us a 4K aerial tour of both the Isle of Sky and the mainland Scottish Highlands via his DJI Mavic 2 Pro in this film, which is also a DVOW nominee.  It includes epic views of the Isle of Skye and its medieval castles, picturesque fishing villages, and rugged landscapes. The video also features footage of the Highlands on the nearby mainland, a mountainous region that is centered around Loch Ness, home to the mythical water monster “Nessie.” 

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Journey to the Icelandic highlands.


Explore one of the largest unpopulated areas in Europe from an aerial view with content creator Siggizoom.  In this drone video, he flies his DJI Mavic Pro and Phantom 4 Pro drones through the Mid-Atlantic Rift Valley of the Icelandic Highlands.  The drone footage he captured tells a tale of the volcanic and tectonic activity that has shaped this captivating landscape.

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Discovering the Scottish Highlands | Ben Mars

Ben Mars

The Scottish Highlands, which cover the northern and western portions of the region, offer some of the most spectacular scenery in the United Kingdom.  In this video, contributor Ben Mars uses his DJI Phantom 4 Professional drone to give us an unforgettable picture of this land, including shots of the mountainous Isle of Skye in the Inner Hebrides islands.  This video was picked as a finalist in for the AirVuz Drone Video of the Week Contest in the Spring of 2018.

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The Highlands Like You've Never Seen Before


Brintonphoto created this stunning drone video of the Highlands area of Cape Breton Island in Canada's Nova Scotia province.  The Highlands are located in the northeastern part of the island, which is the easternmost part of the Maritime provinces.  The video was shot near the peak of the Fall season, and the colors are simply stunning.  The Highlands are considered to be an extension of the Appalachian mountain chain which runs down a portion of eastern Canada and the USA.

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Philippines Highlands: Drone Footage of North Luzon


While the Philippines island Luzon is the country's most heavily populated, the vast majority of the island's population lives in the central part of the highland.  In contrast, the mountainous northern part of the island, which is home to some of its most spectacular natural scenery, is sparsely populated.  In this video by top contributor Jack Shirley, you'll get an aerial tour of the region, including some awesome bird's eye views of Sagada, Banaue, Buscalan, Tinglayan, Bugnay, and more.

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Glenfinnan Viaduct | Scotland

Ear Trumpet Media

Ear Trumpet Media used a drone to create this stunning aerial view of Glenfinnan Viaduct, an important train bridge in Scotland.  It's located on the West Highland Line, which runs through the Shire of Inverness in west central Scotland.  Completed in 1899, its iconic appearance has made it a shooting location for multiple movie productions.  The most well known of these is the Harry Potter series; the viaduct has appeared in all four films in the series thus far and is often referred to as Harry Potter Bridge.  

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Highlands of Iceland

Eaglewood Films

In this drone video, contributor Eaglewood Films explores the Icelandic Highlands in all its low-waving glory. Iceland has four major groups of highlands in the northern, southern, and central regions and this aerial footage covers a range of their ethereal features.  Take an aerial hike through the enchanting highlands of Iceland complete with ancient glaciers, hypnotizing aurora borealis, sleeping volcanos, and snow-capped peaks.

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Skyfall / Glencoe [Scottish Highlands]


Theperspectiveexperiment created this beautiful aerial view of a famous glen (or valley) in the Scottish Highlands.  Glen Coe is in the western Highlands, just north of Argyll.  Glen Coe's profile has increased considerably since it became the ancestral home of MI6 Agent 007 in Skyfall, the 2012 installment of the James Bond series, the 25th in the series.  The video even shows the exact spot where Bond (played by Dan Craig) and M (played by Judy Dench) stand and look out over the valley.

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Beautiful Beauty Of The Highlands Of The Northwest - Vietnam

Dang Cine

Contributor Dang Cine used a drone to create this magnificent aerial tour of the Highlands of northern Vietnam.  The region, called Tây Bắc, consists of four provinces in the northwestern part of the country, near the borders with Laos and China.  It's a stunningly beautiful mountainous area, far removed from the jungles and rainforests of the lowlands.  The video was produced in connection with helping the 2016 Miss Vietnam, who hails from the area, go on to win the Miss World pageant in China.

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Rannoch Moor, December 2018

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Moors are a type of wetland which can occur both in upland and lowland areas.  In this video by LKDWN, you'll get a drone's eye view of Rannoch Moor, a famous moorland in Scotland.  It is situated to the west of Loch Rannoch in Perth & Kinross, one of the Scottish council areas in the central part of the country.  Like many wetlands, the area is prized in part for its wildlife.  Famously, the moor is the sole natural habitat for the Rannoch-rush flowering plant.


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Rannoch Moor

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The Highlands

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Highlands/ Scotland

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Iceland Highlands 2017 Trip