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Italy's Famed Cinque Terre

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Cinque Terre in 4k

iDrone Aerials

Cinque Terra is a an area consisting of five pristine villages on the northern Italian coast in the region of Liguria.  The colorful seaside villages make for what is perhaps the most iconic spot in the whole country.  Top content creator and drone pilot iDrone Aerial created this stunning aerial view of the area, which is characterized by the incredible visual interplay between the colors of the Adriatic Sea, the brilliant looking village rooftops, and the surrounding hills and mountains. 

Aerial Reel from Liguria

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Dronerd Showreel 2018


For an epic aerial tour of Italy's Liguria, it's tough to beat this showreel from Dronerditaly.  It shot from across the great region in the northwestern part of the country, along the Ligurian Sea extension of the Mediterranean.  The area is well recognized for the way in which mountains backdrop its famous beaches and harbors.  The video is shot both in the interior mountainous areas and along its famed coastline, all or portions of which are sometimes called the Italian Riviera.

Cinque Terre; Five Lands

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Cinque Terre


Top contributor Zimydakid created this brilliant drone video montage of Cinque Terra, a stretch of coastline on the Italian Riviera in Liguria.  The name translates to "five lands", for the five villages which comprise the area (from northwest to southeast): Monterosso al Mare, Vernazza, Corniglia, Manarola, and Riomaggiore.  This entire stretch of the Ligurian coastline has been designated as a UNESCO World Heritage cultural site.  

San Giovanni Castle, Ligurian Coast

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Finalborgo_Castel San Giovanni

Alessio Forlano

Contributor Alessio Forlano created this amazing drone's eye view of Castel San Giovanni, a fortress near the Ligurian Sea coast of northern Italy.  It is situated in Finalborgo, a small town in the western part of Italy's Liguria region.  The fortress was built in the 17th century on the ruins of a structure which had been built a few centuries prior.  The fortress served as a prison for a time, and was taken over by the government and restored to its current form in 1960.  

Aerial Tour of Liguria

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Liguria (Italy) - 2017 Edit


Contributor Posaticla used both ground camera and drone footage to create this memorable virtual tour of Liguria, the area in northern Italy.  With some beautiful editing (including some timelapse sequences), the video will give you a picture of the beauty of this area, oftentimes called the Italian Riviera.  You'll see some of the five towns of the famed Cinque Terre, the brilliant blue waters of the Ligurian Sea, and some of the adventure sports like mountain biking are on offer here.      

Cinque Terre's Veranazza and Cornigula

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Italy - Cinque Terre Dronetrip


Dronetrip created this beautiful short videos of two of the towns in the middle of the famed Cinque Terre region of northern Italy.  Vernazza, which is the next to westernmost of the five, is probably its most widely recognized for its fairy tale like appearance.  And not to be outdone is Corniglia, in the center of the five.  Corniglia is easily distinguished by its location atop a promontory accessible by a stairway with 382 steps descending to the Ligurian Sea below.  

Riomaggiore: Treasure on the Italian Riviera

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Contributor Marco.ghisetti creted this brilliant short drone video of Riomaggiore, a famed town on the Italian Riviera.   Riomaggiore is one of the towns of Cinque Terre, a famed stretch of the Ligurian coastline on the Mediterranean annex known as the Ligurian Sea.  The southern and easternmost of the five towns, Riomaggiore lies just a short distance west as the crow flies from the larger port city of Spezia, beyond which lies the region of Tuscany.


Genoa's Fortification System

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Fortresses of Genoa - I Forti di Genova

The Italian city of Genoa was once one of the most powerful entities in Europe.  The city sits on the Ligurian Sea but is otherwise surrounded by the Appenine Mountains.  Genoa's ability to defend itself against invasion through the mountains was critical to maintaining its power as a city-state, and a defensive system was developed over centuries which made Genoa one of the world's most heavily fortified cities.  In this drone video by, you'll get a bird's eye look at some of these defenses.

La Spezia: Portovenere

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Contributor and drone pilot AAME created this beautiful aerial view of Porto Venere, a small municipality on Italy's Ligurian coast.  It's situated in the province of La Spezia, which also includes the more well known towns of Cinque Terra which lie just a bit north.  Porto Venere lies at the southern end of a peninsula, with the Gulf of La Spezia to the east and the Mediterranean to the west.  The municipality actually consists of three small villages: Fezzano, Le Grazie and Porto Venere.

Aerial Collage of Liguria

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Drone Showreel by Alberto Canale Coverphoto

Prepare to be amazed by this drone reel from northern Italy, compliments of contributor  It was mostly shot in the Liguria region of Italy, sometimes called the Italian Riviera.  The reel contains a mix of action shots as well as some gorgeous aerials of the Ligurian coastline and boats plying the waters of the Ligurian Sea.  There's also some amazing shots of the coast of Genoa, the great Ligurian capital city and (famously) the birthplace of Christopher Columbus.

Parkour in La Spezia

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Parkour in Italy - La Spezia (4K)


Contributor Postaticla created this remarkable drone video of a very athletic individual who managed to turn a town on the Italian Riviera into a giant parkour course.  La Spezia is the capital of the province of the same name, in Italy's Liguria region in northwestern Italy.  It's the second largest city in Liguria after the regional capital Genoa, which lies a bit to its northwest.  Situated on a bay in the Ligurian Sea, La Spezia is the closest major city to the famed Cinque Terre region. 

Sanremo, Imperia

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Little Part of my Summer


Check out this beautiful drone video of a seaside town in northern Italy, compliments of Drone_biker. It's called Sanremo, and it's on far western side of the Ligurian coast in the province of Imperia.  Part of the Italian Riviera, it's just a few km/mi. from the border with France.  A town of about 50k population, it's probably best known as the site of the annual Sanremo Music Festival, one of the most popular music festivals in Europe and a sort of musical equivalent of the Cannes Film Festival.  

Coastal Caves of Balsi Rossi

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Balzi Rossi


Balzi Rossi is an area near Ventimiglia on the far western end of Italy's Liguria region, very close to the French border.  Balzi Rossi is known for its seaside caves which have become an important archaelogical site.  The site has produced several remains of Cro Magnon people who form an important link in human evolution.  In this drone video, you'll get a bird's eye look at the area around the Balsi Rossi caves, which sit on the Gulf of Genoa in the Ligurian Sea.

Drones over Liguria's Coastline

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A collection of aerial shots over Liguria.


For an aerial overview of Italy's Liguria region, it's hard to beat this drone video by contributor Dronerditaly.  Liguria occupies the coastal parts of Northwestern Italy on the Ligurian Sea, which is considered part of the Mediterranean.  Its capital is Genoa, which was one of the most important cities of the Renaissance and continues to be the largest port in Italy.  The Ligurian coast is oftentimes referred to as the Italian Riviera, and it begins just to the east of the French Riviera. 

Santa Margherita: Paradise on the Ligurian Sea

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Santa Margherita Ligure


Mauro76Genova created this beautiful aerial view of Santa Margerita, a well known town on the Italian Riviera.  It's located less than an hour's drive east of the Ligurian capital of Genoa.  Situated on the same peninsula as Portofino, roughly midway between that famed seaside village and the larger city of Rapallo.  A long-established fishing town, it's now home a much wider variety of watercraft, including recreational varieties ranging from small speedboats to giant yachts.  

Bergeggi Island, Savona

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Summer during winter | Bergeggi Island, Italy

Tim K
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Here's a rare aerial look at a tiny island off the coast of Italy's Ligurian Coast.  It's called Bergeggi, and it sits in the Ligurian Sea just offshore from a town of the same name.  The island is just a few acres - .1 square km, or about .03 square miles.  Nevertheless, it's home to the ruins of a monastery which was built here in the 10th century AD.  The island and adjacent coastline are part of Savona, one of the four provinces of the official region of Liguria.

Rapallo and Genova Nervi, Metropolitan Genoa

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Rapallo & Genova Nervi - 4K Drone Footage


Here's a great aerial view of two well-known areas of Metropolitan Genoa in northwestern Italy, compliments of contributor Posaticla.  The first is Rapallo, which lies about 25 km (around 15 mi.) southeast of Genoa along the coast, at the base of a small peninsula.  It's considered a national cultural treasure, with many historical sites such as the Castello di Punta Pagana fortress. The second spot is called Genova Nervi, a fishing village-cum-resort town which is situated roughly halfway between Rapallo and central Genoa.  

The Ligurian Coast

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Beautiful Liguria


Contributor Tibaltlavega created this stunning drone video of the Ligurian coast in northern Italy.  It opens with a spectacular shot of Portofino, perhaps the most glamourous spot on the Italian Riviera.  Portofino sits at the tip of a small peninsula jutting into the Ligurian sea, just a bit to the east of the Ligurian capital Genoa.  It's been extremely fashionable since it inspired the 1922 bestselling novel The Enchanted April by Elizabeth Arnim, which was subsequently adapted as a screenplay in the 1990's.