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Mexico City by Mavic Pro 2
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HYPERIA - Mexico City the Hypercity


Prepare to be blown away by this spectacular dronelapse of Mexico City, the largest urban center of the Western Hemisphere.  Award winning contributor Postandfly used a DJI Mavic Pro 2 to create an unforgettable timelapsed aerial view of this massive city on the plateau known as the Mexican Valley.  Originally the great Aztec 14th century city called Tenochtitlan, it went on to became the de facto capital of Spain's once-vast overseas empire and today is the financial capital of Latin America.  

The Two Mexico Cities
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DUOPERIA - Mexico City Contrasts


Award winning contributor Postandfly makes briliant use of his DJI Mavic Pro 2 drone to create this very powerful "aerial story" of Mexico City.  With a metropolitan population of over 20 million, the Mexican capital city presents enormous contrasts: it's home to over a dozen billionaires, many millions who live in cramped apartments or worse, and millions more in countless varieties in between.  In this video, you'll get a great bird's eye perspective on the way in which millions live in the great city. 

#3 in Mexico City Trilogy
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Duoperia: After Mexico City


This is the third in the "trilogy" of Mexico City compiled by award winning contributor Postandfly.  Like the two videos which proceeded it, it takes a balanced view of this gigantic metropolis of over 20 million souls.  It opens with some shots which show off the city's impressive skyline yet also highlight the terrible smog which often hangs over it.  As it shows both sides of this great city, one thing is consistent: Postandfly has captured some of the most amazing aerial footage of the Western Hemisphere's largest city.

Christmas in Mexico City
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Mexico City Christmas


Behold this spectacular drone video of Mexico City, fully decked out for Christmas 2018.  Award winning content contributor and drone pilot Postandfly gives an astounding demonstration of the new DJI Mavic Pro 2 drone to create a stunning bird's eye view of the Mexican capital as it prepares for the holiday.  Most of the video was shot around Zócalo, the main square in the center of the city, where a giant outdoor skating rink becomes part of the cityscape during the holiday season.  

Mexico City Airport
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Mexico City International Airport from Above


Award winning contributor and drone pilot Postandfly collaborated with the Mexico City Airport authorities to create this amazing drone videos of the busiest airport in Latin America.   The airport is served by nearly 50 airlines and typically processes over 100k passengers per day.  A search for a replacement airport is underway.  Please note that this was done in full collaboration with the airport authorities and should NEVER be attempted otherwise.

Chapultepec Castle
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"Tenemos Historia" Castillo de Chapultepec - CDMX, Mexico City (song by Raquel Sofia)

  • inigui
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  • 7 months ago

Contributor Inigui created this phenomenal drone video of showing the blend of old and new that is Mexico City.  The video opens with a shot of Chapultepec Castle, the only true "royal" castle in the Western Hemisphere.  It was built by the Spaniards who conquered Mexico on a sacred Aztec site.  The video then cuts to some epic aerial views of the city's newest skyscraper: Chapultepec Uno (left), which topped out at just over 240 meters (slightly under 800 feet) and became the city's second tallest skyscraper.   

BBVA Bancomer Tower
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Halloween on Reforma, CDMX - (BBVA Bancomer Building)

  • inigui
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  • 6 months ago

Contributor Inigui created this amazing drone video of one of Mexico City's most prominent skyscrapers dressed in orange for Halloween.  Completed in 2015, the BBVA Bancomer building (Torre BBVA Bancomer) is 50 stories and stands about 235 meters (770 ft.) at its rooftop.  As of year-end 2018, it was the third tallest building in the capital city and the fourth tallest in the entire country.  It's the headquarters for BBVA, the country's dominant banking institution.

Mexico City by Drone
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Mexico City


Mexico City is the capital of Mexico and its largest city.   The metropolitan area is home to over 21 million people as of 2018, making it the largest urban area in the Americas.  The city was built on the Aztec city of Tenochtitlan, which was largely destroyed by Spanish conquerors following a lengthy seige in 1521.  In this drone video, AirVūz contributor @emotiondrones soars through the city's highly modern central business district at night, providing an epic view of its many skyscrapers.  

Zocalo Square and More
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Mexico City Compilation


Contributor Rentaundrone collaborated with the prestigious New York Times to create this amazing four minute aerial tour of Mexico City, the largest urban area in the Western Hemisphere.  Highlights include epic bird's eye views of the Palace of Fine Arts, the Angel of Independence Monument, and other sights around the city.  The highlight is probably the footage of the Zócalo Square, beinning at 2:00; this was the primary filming location for the opening scene of the 26th James Bond movie, Spectre (2015).   

Earthquake-Proof Skyscraper
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Eje Central


Lienzoenelaire created this brilliant drone video of the landmark Torre Latinoamericana skyscraper in Mexico City.  Built in 1956, the 45 story building stands 182 meters (just under 600 ft.) at its rooftop.  While it's only the 8th highest building in the city as of 2018, it was the tallest building in Mexico for nearly three decades.  Notably, it was the first modern skyscraper to endure a major earthquake: the 1985 quake, which registered 8.1 on the Richter Scale and killed thousands, left the building unscathed.  

Mexico City's Xochimilco Borough
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Award winning contributyor Postandfly created this spectacular drone video of a side to Mexico City most never knew existed. Xochimilco is a southern borough of the Federal District, the city's metropolitan administrative region.   Located south of the core city center,  Xochimilco began its life as an independent Aztec city, known for a vast network of canals.  With the growth of the capital city, it became essentially a vast suburb of Mexico City, yet one which has a highly distinctive and visually appealing look.  

Mexico's New Baseball Stadium
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The New Diablos Rojos Stadium


Award winning contributor and drone pilot Postandfly used a DJI Mavic Pro 2 drone to create this stunning aerial video of the new Diablos Rojos Stadium in Mexico City.  It's the home of the Mexico City Red Devils (Diablos Rojos del México), a Triple-A minor league baseball team which is part of the Mexican League.  Since their founding in 1940, they have been the league's dominant team, with 16 championships.   The stadium, which has 13,000 covered seats, hosts its first game in March, 2019.

Polanco District
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Polanco Sunrise - CDMX, México

  • inigui
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  • 2 months ago

Top contributor created this gorgeous drone video of Mexico City's Polanco District at sunrise.  Located just north of Chapultepec Park, Polanco is the most upscale of the capital city's districts, and is sometimes called the Beverly Hills of Mexico City.  The district began to be developed in the 1930's, with some of the city's first department stores opening here.  Now it has some of the most expensive land in the city, which complicates further development because of height restrictions in the district.  

Parque la Mexicana
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Parque La Mexicana - CDMX


Parque La Mexicana is a new park in Mexico City.  It is situated to the southwest of the city center, north of San Mateo Tlaltenango and south of Lomas de Vista Hermosa.  Situated near the western border of the Mexico City Federal District, this was considered an outlying area not many years ago.  No longer.  As you'll see in this video by c13studio, the park is now a green oasis set against an impressive looking set of skyscrapers which have sprung up along the La Marquesa freeway.  

Angel of Independence
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CDMX - Angel of Independence | Paseo de La Reforma

  • inigui
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  • 7 days ago

Top contributor Inigui created this stunning drone video of Mexico City's Avenue de la Reforma.  The video opens with an epic shot of the Angel of Independence (sometimes referred to simply as  El Ángel), a statue which was built in 1910 to commemorate the centenary of the Cry of Dolores, a call for Mexico's independence from Spain which was eventually achieved in 1821.  The video also features some of the skyscrapers that line this famous thoroughfare in the Western Hemisphere's largest city.     

Mexico City Blossoming
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JACARANDAS [the Mexico City Blossom]

  • inigui
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  • a month ago

Jacaranda mimosifolia is a species of tree that is native to south-central South America. However, its beautiful periwinkle purple and blue bloom has made it a poplar plant in other parts of the world. The roughly two-week bloom lights up the Mexico City, Mexico metropolis, splashing the city with its vibrant foliage like a paint brush splashing a canvas. AirVuz Drone Video Awards' nominee inigui couldn’t resist capturing its beauty in this short, aerial video. 

Torre Latinoamericana
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CDMX: El Centro

Reed Rickert

Contributor Reed Rickert created this beautiful video of the central district of Mexico City.  The focus of the video is the Torre Latinoamericana, one of the city's most recognizable landmarks.  Built in 1956, the 45 story tower stands just over 180 meters (just under 600 ft.) tall.  While it's only the #8 building by height (as of early 2019), it has the distinction of being the first skyscraper built in an active seismic zone, and its performance during the devastating earthquake of 1985 is considered examplary.    

Profile of Postandfly
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The Drone Dish: Postandfly

The Drone Dish

Tarsicio Sañudo, aka Postandfly, has created more than 90 drone videos of his native Mexico, which have garnered numerous awards and honors.  His epic videos of top sights like Mexico City, Acapulco, and Oaxaca can be found throughout the Mexico collections on AirVuz.  In this episode of the Drone Dish, host Tyler Mason speaks with him about his passion for drones and his epic aerial videos of Mexico, one of which was one of the first winners of the AirVuz Drone Video of the Week contest. 


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Mexico City Skyline

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Torre BBVA Bancomer

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Fly wandering

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Mexico City from above

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Polanco (zona Carso)

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Twenty Seventeen Reel