FPV Plane Chasing Highlights

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BEST OF FPV - Pinky FPV - Freestyle & Chasing Planes

Pinky FPV

When a pilot says “best of” in the title of the video, you know you are in for a wild ride. Those two words really up the ante, putting the pressure on the pilot to make sure the work truly encompasses what they can do. This compilation of freestyle sessions by Pinky FPV, set to Queen’s “Somebody to Love,” features plenty of aerial moves around the fields and through bridges, tree proximity work, even some fixed-wing plane chasing. We have to say, this video has earned it’s “best of” title. 

Chasing an Eflite Carbon Cub SS

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Sky Dancing - Carbon Cub Chase

bjarnerimi fpv

Contributor and drone pilot bjarnerimi fpv created this awesome video from a racing quad chasing a large RC plane.  The plane being chased is the new Eflite Carbon Cub SS, a giant-scale form RC plane that can be outfitted with either traditional landing gear or floats.  It's an updated version of the Carbon Cub SS, which has been one of the most popular giant scale RC airplanes on the market.  The footage of the plane flying over Meløy, Norway is fantastic; you will get as close as it's possible to get to a flying RC aircraft! 

Chasing a Talon Rebel GT

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Chasing Planes - ZOHD Talon Rebel GT

bjarnerimi fpv

Who doesn’t love a little air-to-air action, especially when it is set against the mountains of a Norwegian fjord? This air-to-air, fixed-wing drone chase is brought to us by FPV pilot bjarnerimi fpv. He flew his MB Epic 262 V2 quad with a GoPro Hero 7 to capture this 4K chasing flight through the mountains, along the ocean-shoreline and over the waterfalls of the Norewegian countryside. The plane being chased is a Talon Rebel GT, which is also being flown via FPV.  

Chasing Two Extra 330's

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FMS Extra 330 & Pilot Extra 330 both airbourne, chased by FPV

Pinky FPV

The Extra 330 is one of the most popular RC airplanes, particularly for 3D pilots.  3D flying is a style of RC flight which takes advantage of the tremendous power/weight ratios in modern RC planes.  In this FPV video by Pink FPV, you will see some epic chase footage involving two different versions of the Extra: an electric-powered foam model, and a gas-powered balsa model. Needless to say, keeping up with a high-powered RC plane flying complicated 3D maneuvers requires tremendous FPV flying skill.  

Tracking a High End RC Biplane

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Chasing a $5000 RC Plane


While much of the RC airplane market has shifted to electric-powered foam models, there are still many purists who prefer the authenticity of traditional RC aircraft, which are generally constructed of balsa and powered by gas (nitro) engines.  The largest of these models can cost thousands of dollars, and are virtually impossible to repair in a severe crash.  All of which should be kept in mind when you see this FPV chase video by bluelinefpv, who managed to aerially film a very expensive RC plane with an FPV racing drone.  

DRL Champion Chasing RC Planes

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The Proper way to enjoy Fixed Wing


Top contributor ad 2019 Drone Racing League Champion nurkfpv put together this remarkable video in which he used an FPV racing drone to chase a pair of RC fixed wing aircraft.  Keeping up with a high-speed radio-control aircraft requires an extremely high level of FPV flying skill; simply keeping the target in view is difficult enough, and maintaining the level of proximity you'll see in this video is something that only a few top FPV pilots are able to master.