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Aerial Tour of Algarve


Amazing Algarve (Portugal)

Laurent Pa...

This drone video by Laurent Paris will show you why the Algarve region of Portugal has become one of the hottest destinations in southern Europe.  Algarve is the southernmost of the country's five official mainland regions, and also it's least populous.  As tourists have discovered the incredible beauty of the region's coastline, it's become one of the most popular destinations in the country, rivaling the Lisbon region (until recently the dominant region for tourism) by some measures.  

Timelapse: Algarve


Aerial & Timelapse - Spring Reel 2018


For an aerial overview of Algarve, the province covering the southernmost part of Portugal, it's hard to beat this reel by contributor and drone pilot eMotionScapes.  The video features epic bird's eye views of many areas of the Algarve coastline, some of which faces west to the open Atlantic and some of which faces south to the body of water known as the Bay of Cadiz.  Much of the footage was shot at sunset, and there's an amazing shot of a windmill farm operating somewhere in the region, also shot at sunset. 

Aerial Views of Top 5 Spots in Algarve


Our Top 5 Places in Algarve - Travel in Portugal


Contributor armandoWDN, who has spent years pursuing the "van life" traveling around Europe, spent some time in the Algarve region of Portugal.  He used a drone to put together this aerial "top 5" of the best spots to see in the area, the southernmost of the regions of mainland Portugal.  The video includes epic bird's eye views of the Cabo de Sao Vincente lighthouse, Cabo Sardao, Praia Bordeira, Praia de Carvalho, and more.  Watch it and you'll understand why this has become the hottest destination in Portugal.  

Algarve's Beaches and a Dam


Portugal: Sea, Surf and Sun (and Tennis) | DJI Mavic 2 Pro / GoPro Hero 5 Session & 7 Black


If you want to know why Portugal's Algarve region has become one of Europe's hottest destinations, check out this video from Matt38130.  Combining GoPro ground camera and aerial footage, the video will give you a nice sense of the range of the sights and activities on offer in this region, which covers roughly the southern tip of mainland Portugal.  The video features footage from two of Algarve's most legendary beaches (Praia da Luz and Praia do Castelejo) as well as the Barragem da Bravura dam.

Algarve by DJI Mavic Pro in 4K


Algarve : A new perspective

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The magnificent natural beauty of Portugal's Algarve region are on full display here in this amazing video by contributor and drone pilot Breo.  The region at the southern tip of Portugal has emerged as one of Europe's top beach destinations, and when you watch this you'll see why.  Its pink cliffs, the deep blue waters of the Bay of Cadiz, and the complex shape of the coastline, and the charm of its seaside towns combine to create an irresistible appeal.  The video was shot with a DJI Mavic Pro in full 4K.  

Algarve Southern Coast Highlights


Algarve Coast by Drone in 4K (Portugal 2020) | DJI Mavic Pro 2


In this excellent drone video by AirVuz contributor HendrikW, you'll get an aerial tour of some beautiful spots in the Algarve region of southern Portugal.  The video features footage from the following locations on the western end of Algarve's southern coast: (1) the Benagil Sea Caves; (2) the village of Armação de Pêra; (3) the secluded beach of Praia do Carvalho; (4) Praia da Marinha, rated by Michelin as one of Europe's top ten beaches; (5) the lesser-known beach of Praia de Albandeira; and (6) the lighthouse Farol de Alfanzina.  

The Ria Formosa


Moments from ALGARVE - Into the Sunset

Daniel Nun...

Former Drone Video of the Week Finalist daniel.nunes brings us this fantastic drone video from the Algarve region of southern Portugal.  The video was shot in an area known as the Ria Formosa, a system of barrier islands and inlets which lies on Algarve's southern shore along the Bay of Cadiz.  Located near the town of Faro, the Ria Formosa is home to some of Algarve's most popular beaches.  It's an important wetland area and bird sanctuary; because of its ecological significance the Ria Formosa has been designated a Ramsar site by UNESCO.

Lagos: On the Bay of Cadiz


The Beaches of Lagos Portugal


Top contributor Justin Poore created this beautiful drone video of the "other" Lagos, this one not the Nigerian metropolis but rather a small city in the Algarve region of southern Portugal.  Lagos is one of the larger cities of the province, which covers roughly the southernmost 10% of the country.  Lagos is situated towards the southwestern extreme of the province (and the country), facing the Gulf of Cadiz.  It has been one of the main beneficiaries of the explosion of tourism which has occurred in Algarve.  

Sagres: Southwestern Corner of Europe


Sagres Portugal - Sunset surfing at the cliffs 4K

Henry Andr...

Contributor Henry Andris created this beautiful drone video from the very southwestern corner of Europe.  It's called Sagres Point, and its on the tip of a peninsula which juts out into the Atlantic Ocean from Portugal's Algarve region.  The video shows the area's rocky coastline, it's iconic looking lighthouse, and Sagres Fortress.  In addition to its beautiful surfing beaches, Sagres is closely connected to Portuguese maritime history; Prince Henry the Navigator spent much of his time here.

Arrifana Beach


Portuguese Surfing Paradise: Arrifana Beach, Algarve


Contributor Pedrolftavares gives us this epic drone video of the surfing scene in Portugal's Algarve region.  It's shot at Arrifana Beach, which is on the western side of the province.  It's part of Portugal's growing surfing culture, which has traditionally been centered on beaches further to the north.  The beach lies within the city of Praia da Arrifana, which is one of a relatively few towns and cities in this lightly populated region which has seen its tourism traffic explode in recent years.

Three Beaches in Algarve


Aerial Footage of Algavre Beaches in South of Portugal


Contributor and drone pilot Albodrone created this aerial tour of three of the most well known beaches in Algarve, the southernmost region of mainland Portugal.  The video covers the three largest beach town's on Algarve's southern coast: Albufeira, Lagos, and Farro.  The area between Albufeira and Lagos is the center of an area which is known as the Golden Triangle.  The resorts in the Triangle have become some of the top beach destinations in Southern Europe and have helped to propel the Portuguese economy.   

Sea Caves of Lagoa


Benagil Sea Cave Algarve Portugal


The Algarve region of Portugal is home to some of the country's most well-known beaches. In part that's because of the sea caves which can be found along the Algarve coast, particularly on the southern (Bay of Biscay) side.  The caves are formed from the unique combination of soil composition and wave-erosion patterns to be found in southern Portugal.  In this drone video by Tech Drone Media, you'll get a great aerial view of one of these caves.  It's near the village of Benagil, in the town of Lagoa.

Cape St. Vincent and More


Algarve,"The end of the world"


Check out this fantastic drone video from Portugal's Algarve region, compliments of AirVuz contributor and pilot ProNin2816.  Much of the video was shot around the Lighthouse of the Cape of St. Vincent (Cabo de São Vicente), an iconic landmark near the very southwestern point of mainland Portugal.   You also be treated to some great aerial views of the beaches and cliffs which line the coast of the region, which competes with the Greater Lisbon region for the largest share of international tourist traffic.  

Praia de Quarteira


Praia de Quarteira | Vilamoura | Almargem

Tiago Mont...

Contributor Tiago Monteiro created this beautiful drone video of one of the famed beaches of Algarve, Portugal's southern region.  Praia de Quarteira is situated towards the western end of the region's coastline on the Gulf of Cadiz, an inlet of the Atlantic Ocean.  It's near the town of Vilamoura, which is one of the three corners of Algarve's Golden Triangle.   With pristine beaches like what you'll see in the video, Algarve has emerged as one of Portugal's top destinations, displacing Lisbon by some measures.

Selfie through an Algarve Rock Arch


Threading the Needle in the Algarve

Esteban Ca...

AirVuz contributor Esteban Castle brings us this rather epic drone "selfie" from the Algarve region of southern Portugal.  What makes this video unique is his flight pattern, in which he backs up through one of the region's famous rock arches.  These formations, which generally lie just offshore of the cove-type beaches which are prevalent here, were created by the unique sedimentation and erosion patterns found on Algarve's coastline.  Formations like this are one of the reasons why Algarve's beaches are some of the most popular in Europe.

Carvoeiro, Lagoa Municipality


CARVOEIRO - Algarve ● Portugal [2019] Cinematic DRONE 4K📷


Check out this drone video of a well-known beach town in Portugal's fabled Agarve region, compliments of top contributor and pilot TravelPenguin.  The town is called Carvoeiro, and it's located in the municipality of Lagoa, which lies along the country's southern coastline along the Gulf of Cadiz.  Located just east of the mouth of the Arade River, the one-time fishing village is now known primarily for its semi-secluded beaches, many of which are "hidden" by series of steep coastal cliffs.  

Algarve's Barril Beach


Barril Beach, Algarve - Portugal 🇵🇹


Some of the best beaches of Portugal's famed Algarve region actually lie not on the mainland but on a series of narrow islands which lie just a short distance offshore.  They run parallel to the coastline just east of Faro, the regional capital.  One of these is Tavira Island, which is about 11 km (7 mi.) long and just 1 km (less than a mile) wide.  In this video by contributor Aerodrone, you'll get a bird's eye view of Barril Beach, which lies on this tiny strip of paradise on the Atlantic Ocean inlet known as the Bay of Cadiz.  

Skydiving in Algarve


Algarve Portugal - Skydiving in paradise


This film puts new meaning to the term ‘aerial video’. Creator ChrisNorway combines drone footage with skydiving footage to highlight the stunning coast of Portugal in its Algarve region of the south.  It skillfully combines "ground" footage from the skydivers themselves with drone footage of the on the coastal side of the drop zone.  Prepare to be amazed not only by the skydiving but also by the spectacular coastline of this increasingly popular region of the Iberian Peninsula.  

Praia da Marinha


Algarve Coast Stories

Daniel Lam...

Come along on an aerial tour of the well-known Algarve coastline, on the southwestern edge of Portugal.  AirVuz content creator Daniel Lamotte was so taken by the area - now known as the most significant travel region in the country - that he was inspired to capture its signature rocks, limestone cliffs, golden beaches (like Praia da Marinha, as seen here) and lapping waves.  Believed to be the sunniest destination in Europe at 300 days a year, tourists and ex-pats have long sought the serenity the Algarve provides.

Sagres by Drone


Sagres Surfspot Portugal


Here's a fantastic aerial view of one of the natural and cultural wonders of Portugal.  Sagres is a town that lies at the tip of a peninsula in the southwestern corner of the Algarve region.  It is, quite literally the southwesternmost spot of the European mainland.  Now known primarily as a tourist destination and a top surfing spot, the area played a key role in the process by which this small country on the Iberian Peninsula came to assemble one of the greatest empires in the world beginning in the 15th century.  

Drone Views of Lagos



Hugo Aérod...

Lagos is one of the most well-known beach town of Portugal's Algarve region, which covers the southern part of the country.  Situated at the mouth of the Bensafrim River on the Bay of Cadiz, Lagos regularly appears atop authoritative lists of the world's most popular beach destinations.  Historically associated with Portugal's great Age of Discovery which began in the 15th century, Lagos now known for its spectacular offshore rock formations.  Check out Lagos from above in this fantastic video by Hugo Aérodrone.

Ria Formosa by FPV


Algarve, Cacela Velha

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One of the main geographical features of the Algarve region of southern Portugal is the Ria Formosa, a system of lagoons and outlying barrier islands which run along Algarve's southeastern shore, separating the mainland from the Gulf of Cadiz.  In this first person view (FPV) video by MazzaFPV, you'll get to see the Ria Formosa from a new perspective - through a camera mounted to a racing drone.  The video was filmed around the town of Cacela Velha,near the eastern end of the lagoon system.  

Algarve by Air + Ground



Chris Thod...

Portugal's Algarve region is home to some of the most beautiful coastal scenery in EUrope.  To see for yourself, check out this fantastic drone video by new AirVuz contributor and pilot Chris Todd.  Combining aerial and ground camera footage, the video will take you around the Algarve coast, which is characterized by colorful cliffs, beautiful and semi-secluded beaches, and fantastically-shaped offshore rock formations.  At the :40 mark, there's a great shot of the iconic rock arch at Marinha Beach (Praia da Marinha) near Lagoa.  

The Algarve Coastline


Algarve trip 2020


Brand-new AirVuz contributor Simph59 brings us this excellent drone video from the coast of Portugal's Algarve region, the southernmost portion of this Iberian country.  With its secluded beaches interspersed with steep cliffs, and its fantastically-shaped offshore rock formations, the Algarve offers some of the most distinctive-looking coastal scenery in Europe.  It's also something of a drone pilots' paradise; a quad permits the exploration of huge rock arches and other features which are otherwise inaccessible.  



Portugal DRONE 4K


Arrifana Beach, Portugal



Antonio Br...

A Little bit of Portugal


Beach cave

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