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Containership Compilation


Mavic 2 Pro | Ship Chase 3 | Container Ships


OCEANCRAFTS Motion Gallery put together this terrific compilation of drone footage of giant containerships.  These vessels, which are designed exclusively for standard-sized containers, are the lifeblood of the global economy.  The largest containerships are now capable of carrying an astounding 24k twenty-foot equivalent units (TEU's).  These cargoes can be worth billions of US dollars; to get them to their destinations quickly, containerships reach speeds in excess of 30 knots using some of the world's largest diesel engines.

Containership on the Baltic Sea


Container ship, Kronstadt


Check out this fascinating drone video by chill_side of a containership plowing its way through half-frozen waters of the Baltic Sea near St. Petersburg, Russia.  The video was shot near the city of Kronstandt, which is located on Kotlin Island about 30 km (around 18 mi.) west of central St. Petersburg, in the Gulf of Finland.  The island, which is part of the city of St. Petersburg, is the long-time home of the Russian Baltic Fleet.  The waters around Kronsadt are generally completely frozen during the winter months.  

Bulk Carrier in Kuwait City


Shuwaikh Beach 4K / شاطئ الشويخ l The Drone Life PK

The Drone ...

Check out this fantastic drone video of a cargo ship heading into the harbor of Kuwait City, compliments of top AirVuz contributor The Drone Life PK.  He filmed the Hong Kong flagged Yangtze Ambition bulk carrier sailing into the Shuwaikh Port, which is just to the southwest of the city center.  It's the primary import port for this oil-rich (but otherwise resource-poor) emirate.   The Shuwaikh port is part of an industrial complex that includes many of the country's manufacturing facilities.  

Containership in Tacoma, Washington


Incoming Container Ship

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Check out this impressive drone video of a giant containership headed into the port of Tacoma, Washington, compliments of AirVuz contributor and pilot cward360.  The port is located at the head of Commencement Bay, at the southern end of Puget Sound.  In 2014, the ports of Tacoma and Seattle effectively combined operations, creating the Northwest Seaport Alliance; as a combined entity, as of 2018, it was the fifth-busiest containerport in the USA and the busiest on the country's West Coast outside of Los Angeles.

Maersk Containership


The Maersk Enfield: Ultra Large Containership

Yaniv Schw...

One of the major innovations in global trade has been the development of massive containerships capable of carrying billions of dollars of cargo around the world in a single voyage.  The newest Ultra Large Container Vessels are capable of handling over 19k 20 foot container equivalent  units (known as "TEU's" in the shipping trade).  Contributor Yaniv Schwartz flew his drone over one of these gigantic vessels in 2017, resulting in this amazing video. 

Ice-Breaking Cargo Ship


Drone on IceBreaker


The title says it all.  Top drone pilot and aerial videographer David Etienne Durivage (profile name "Dizifilms") created this spectacular aerial video of a cargo carrying ship operating in the Canadian Arctic.  The video shows the containership plowing through the thick ice of the foreboding Arctic Ocean, and the bird's eye perspective of this scene is incredible.  A ship like this is capable of breaking through modest ice coverings; much thicker ice would require a dedicated icebreaker to clear a path.  

New Panamax Containership


Maersk Emden | Container Ship | 13100TEU


Ther expansion of the Panama Canal which was completed in the mid-2010's has profoundly altered the world of international shipping.  Pre-expansion, the largest "Panamax" ships which could pass through the canal's two lock systems were limited to about 5k 20 foot equivalent container units ("TEU's") of capacity.  As of June, 2016, the canal can now accommodate ships carrying up to 13k TEU's.  Contributor OCEANCRAFTS Motion Gallery brings us this drone video of the Maersk Emden, which is an example of a "Post-Panamax" ship.  

Containership Leaving Port: Miami


Cargo Ship Miami Beach, FL

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Located on Biscayne Bay, PortMiami is one of America's most scenic ports.  Better known for its cruise ships, the port also handles cargo traffic.  Whether carrying tourists or containers, virtually all shipping in and out of the port use the Government Cut, a channel which runs between Fischer Island and Miami Beach's South Pointe,  and which is the only deep draft connection between the bay and the Atlantic Ocean.   Check out this drone video of a cargo ship heading through the channel out to sea, compliments of cubanfly.  

LNG Tanker


Al Khor | LNG Tanker


Liquified natural gas (LNG) is a compressed form of natural gas which is transportable by specialized ships that can carry the clean-burning fossil fuel to distant markets.  In this drone video by OCEANCRAFTS Motion Gallery, you'll get an aerial view of a Japanese-flagged LNG tanker called the Al Khor.  Measuring just under 300 meters long (about 1k ft.), the ship can carry about 135k cubic meters of LNG or about 4.8 million cubic ft; this equates to about 80 million cubic meters of natural gas or around 2.8 billion cubic feet.  

Car Carrier


Car Carrier Metis Leader

Smith Cine...

Not as large or glamorous as their containership cousins, car carrier ships nonetheless play a critical role in the global auto trade.  Car carrier ships are expressly designed to carry thousands of passenger vehicles on journeys around the globe.  In this video, contributor Ryan Smith uses a drone to give us an aerial tour of the car carrier Metis Leader as it carries 8,500 vehicles through the Cape Cod Canal in Massachusetts (USA).

Shipping Chemicals through the Bosphorus


Bulk Carrier in the Bosphorus

OGB - Omer...

Bulk cargo ships can be easily distinguished from containerships; while the latter will be stacked with thousands of usually colorful shipping containers, the cargo of the former is hidden in the massive cargo holds. Dry bulk cargo comes in many varieties, but by weight most cargo is iron ore, coal, or agricultural foodstuffs. In this video, contributor Omer Gocken used a drone to capture a bulk cargo carrier cruising through the Straits of Bosphorus near the great city of Istanbul, Turkey. 

Oil Tanker


Big Red: Oil Tanker in the Cape Cod Canal

Smith Cine...

Among the assets most critical to the global economy are oil tankers.  Since the vast majority of petroleum is consumed far from where it is extracted, the world depends on a fleet of massive ships carrying this liquid cargo from producers to consumers.  These ships are able to transport oil virtually anywhere for just a few dollars per barrel.   Contributor Ryan Smith managed to use his drone to capture the tanker Iver Prosperity cruising through the Cape Cod Canal in Massachusetts, USA. 

Containership in the Port of Hamburg


Containership in the Port of Hamburg: Phantom 4 Pro

Elb Cut Me...

Contributor Elb Cut Media used a DJI Phantom 4 drone to shoot this epic aerial video of a containership being pulled by tugboat through the Port of Hamburg.  Hamburg is Germany's largest port and one of the keys to its export-driven economy, although it lies not on the seacoast but 110 km (about 70 mi) upstream from the (North Sea) mouth of the Elbe River.  The video provides a great bird's eye perspective on the complex process of safely moving massive ships through crowded ports like this one.  

Giant French Containership


Inauguration du Navire CMA-CGM - Saint Exupéry

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Check out this fantastic drone video of a giant containership moored at the port of Le Havre, France, compliments of AirVuz contributor JAZ.   The ship is the CMA CGM Antoine de Saint Exupery, operated by the French shipping line CMA CGM.  Launched in 2018, the ship is one of the world's largest containerships, with a carrying capacity of nearly 21k 20 ft. equivalent units (TEU's).  Located on the country's Normandy coast, Le Havre is France's second-busiest seaport by tonnage (after Marseille) and its largest container port.  

FPV Shots of a Containership


Afromax Tanker by FPV Drone


Contributor Red-fpv is one of the top FPV pilots in France, and his freestyle exploits are legendary.  In this video, he takes his FPV act out into the middle of the Mediterranean Sea.  He and one of his friends flew their FPV racing drones over an oil tanker cruising in the international waters near the island of Malta.  Prepare to be blown away by the way he handles this Afromax tanker, a tanker class which runs up to 120,000 tons of gross deadweight.  

Containership in Port of Melbourne


Huge Containership Passing Under Westgate Bridge with Melbourne City as the Backdrop


In this drone video by Steffshots, you'll get a bird's eye view of a giant containership heading under the West Gate Bridge in Melbourne, Australia.  Opened in 1978, the cable-stayed bridge spans the Yarra River and connects the Melbourne CBD with the city's western suburbs.  The bridge has a total length of about 2.6k meters or around 8.5k ft..  Its clearance of 58 meters (190 ft.) permits the passage of the largest containerships in and out of Australia's busiest seaport.  It's one of the busiest stretches of road in Australia.  

Containership in the Port of Miami


Headed out to Sea - Port of Miami


If you want an idea of how much large containerships have revolutionized the economics of shipping goods, check out this fantastic drone video by contributor and pilot Passport_Aerial.  He put together a great top-down shot of a massive containership easing its way out of the port of Miami, Florida.  Those little "boxes" you see are each 20' and 40' containers.  With the largest ships carrying up to 20k 20 foot equivalents (TEU's), a single ship can transport several billions of dollars worth of goods.

LPG Carrier


LPG Ship


Contributor Atamer.Medya used a drone to create this aerial view of a liquified petroleum gas (LPG) ship sailing in the Ukraine.  LPG is a compressed form of natural gas which allows it to be transported long distances by ship rather than pipeline.  Purpose-built LPG ships like this one can carry over one hundred million cubic meters (several billion cubic ft.) of natural gas.  LPG facilities and transportation permit the development of natural gas resources which would otherwise be stranded.

Barge on a River


Chasing the Ingram Barge in Nashville TN


AirVuz contributor DereksAerial created this drone video of a barge plying the Cumberland River in Nashville, Tennessee.  Barges are a unique type of cargo ship: they do not have onboard power.  The flat-bottomed ships are used to transport cargo on rivers or in other shallow waters that prohibit the deeper drafts associated with on-board propulsion.  During the great age of canal-building in the 19th century, before the widespread adoption of rail transport, barges were the critical form of transportation.  

Icebreaking Cargo Ship


Arctic - The Icebreaker & Ships - Cinematic Drone Footage | Oculus Films


Former Drone Video of the Week Finalist oculusfilms brings us this fantastic drone video of an icebreaking cargo ship pulling into harbor in a semi-frozen Arctic Sea.  The video features some excellent top-down shots of the ship and the small tugboat which helps it reach its berth.  Icebreaking ships (which may be cargo ships with special hulls or ships which are designed to clear ice for other ships) generally have a specially-shaped (and strengthened) hull designed to ram through the ice as well as extra propulsion power.  

Ultralarge Containership


The 366m Cosco Shipping

Yaniv Schw...

Contributor Yaniv Schwartz was able to fly his drone over an ultralarge containership plying the waters of the Mediterranean.  The ship, operated by th Chinese state-owned Cosco shipping company, measures an incredible 366 meters or 1.2k ft.   That's about 10% longer than the world's largest aircraft carriers.  In terms of their physical size and cargo value, large containerships are the kings of the seas, although in terms of weight they are outdone by the largest oil tankers and dry bulk ships.  

Aframax Tanker


Tanker [Aframax LR2]


It's not every day you see footage from a racing drone flying around a giant oil tanker.  Contributor Nilsen F. did just that.  He attached a GoPro Session 5 to a Cheetah x-frame FPV drone and found the Phaedra Bright cruising in international Mediterranean waters near Malta.  This ship is an Aframax-class oil tanker.  Aframax-class ships are the next size class from Panamax, meaning they are too large to pass through the Panama Canal.  Needless to say, the FPV views of this vessel are incredible.  

Nuclear Icebreakers on the Berents Sea


The Biggest Nuclear Icebreaker

DVA winner created this stunning drone video of two Russian nuclear-powered icebreakers powering through the ice-covered Barents Sea.  Fifty Years of Victory and the Yamal are the only two active Arctica-class icebreakers.  These double-hulled vessels are just under 150 meters (486 ft.) long and displace about 25k tons.  Their two OK900A nuclear reactors produce an incredible 340MW of power, enough "juice" to fully supply a medium-sized city. This video won the X-Factor category at the 6th Annual NYCDFF.

Towing into the Port of Tacoma


Container Ship Getting Towed To Port Tacoma Washington


Here is an amazing aerial view of a large ship being towed into one of the USA's busiest ports.  The vessel is a containership operated by Evergreen Marine, a large Taiwanese shipping company which operates about 150 of these behemoths.  The ship is being towed into the Port of Tacoma, which lies south of Seattle on Washington's Puget Sound.  The ports of Tacoma and Seattle merged their operations in 2015 to form the Northwest Seaport Alliance, which is now the fourth-busiest container port in the United States.

Containership in Western Turkey


Lonely Ship with İzmir View - 4K


Top content creator and pilot jesus_tr created this phenomenal drone video of a containership off the coast of İzmir in western Turkey.  One of Turkey's oldest cities, İzmir has been one of the most important eastern Mediterranean ports for millennia.  Turkey's third-largest city and the largest in the country's (western) Aegean Region, it's also the home of the country's largest container port.  The city sits at the head of the Gulf of Izmir and features one of the region's finest natural harbors. 

Bulk Carriers in Tokyo Bay


Mavic 2 Pro | Ship Chase 1 | LNG Tankers


Dry bulk carriers are the unsung "heroes" of international shipping.  Carrying cargoes that range from iron ore to soybeans, they are vital to keeping the population of food-importing countries properly fed, as well as to industries like steel manufacturing.  With their comparatively low value cargoes by weight, they sail at considerably slower speeds relative to containerships.  In this drone video by OCEANCRAFTS Motion Gallery, you'll see a number of dry bulk carriers heading out of Tokyo Bay, Japan.   

Semi-Submersible Heavy Lift Ship


Drone Recon: BOKA Vanguard - The World's Largest Semi-Submersible Heavy-Lift Vessel


In this drone video by DudezUAV, you'll get an aerial view of one of the world's most unusual ships.  It's called the BOKA Vanguard, and it's the largest semi-submersible heavy lift ship in the world.  Built in South Korea's Hyundai shipyards, the vessel was launched in 2012.  It's used for transporting extremely heavy cargo such as floating oil rigs to their drilling locations around the world.  It's also capable of carrying other ships.  Using massive ballast tanks, the BOKA is capable of carrying up to 110k tons.  

Containership in the Port of Hong Kong


Droning a Cargo Ship in Hong Kong's Port

JN Drone ...

Contributor JN Drone used a DJI Mavic Pro 2 drone to create this awesome aerial view of a giant containership heading into port in Hong Kong.  The Port of Hong Kong sits in Victoria Harbor, one of the earth's finest natural harbors.  Part of the great delta of the Pearl River, it is one of the 5-6 busiest ports in the world, measured by twenty foot equivalent container units ("TEU's").  The ship shown in the video is operated by COSCO; the Chinese state-owned company is the world's third largest shipping concern.

FPV Cargo Ship Flight


Flying a Cargo Ship | GoPro Hypersmooth

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Flying his custom 5-inch quad with the GoPro Hero 7 Hypersmooth, mini-quad pilot JZFPV takes us out on the water for a little early morning cruise in Savannah, Georgia. The costal city is known for its manicured parks, romantic antebellum architecture and historic downtown. You won’t see any of that in this FPV flight, but you will get those silky, smooth southern vibes thanks to JZFPV’s pristine flying skills and the gorgeous sunrise over the water.

Refrigerated Cargo Ship


Solent Star | Refrigerated Cargo Ship


Refrigerated cargo ships revolutionized the business of transporting perishable commodities, which previously had to be consumed near where they were grown.  Nowadays, reefers (as they are called) play a more modest role in transporting spoilable cargo, with most perishables now transported by air or by specially outfitted containers. In this drone video by OCEANCRAFTS MOTION GALLERY, you'll get an aerial view of a reefer called the Silent Star.  The Bahamas-flagged ship was built in 2001 and displaces about 10k tons.    

Giant Panama-Flagged Containership


NYK Venus | Container Ship | 9012TEU


When it was launched in 2007, the NYK Venus was one of the world's largest containerships.  The Panama-flagged vessel has a length of just under 340 meters (about 1.1k ft.) and displaces just under 100k gross tons.  It carries nearly 10k 20 ft. equivalent units (TEU's) at speeds of up to nearly 25 knots.  In this drone video by OCEANCRAFTS Motion Gallery, you'll get an aerial tour of the giant ship, which was built in South Korea.  Incredibly, the largest containerships today have over double the displacement and carrying capacity.  

Chemical Tanker Near Cape Cod


Chemical Tanker vs fathers day Sunset!

Smith Cine...

AirVuz contributor and pilot PO3SMITH is one of the world's most prolific (and proficient) aerial filmer of oceangoing ships.  Based in New England, he's filmed everything from 19th century sailing ships to coast guard cutters.  In this video, he was able to capture a medium-sized tanker vessel cruising at sunset in the Cape Cod Canal, which separates Cape Cod from the mainland of Massachusetts.  The Liberian-flagged ship was launched in 2008.  It has a length of about 185 meters (just over 600 ft.) and a deadweight of about 38k tons.  

Containership in the Port of Hamburg



Elb Cut Me...

Check out this fascinating drone video of a giant containership in the port of Hamburg, Germany, compliments of top AirVuz contributor and pilot Elb Cut Media.  Situated on the Elbe River about 110 km (around 70 mi.) upstream from its mouth on the North Sea, Hamburg's containerport is Germany's busiest; as of 2018, it was the third-busiest containerport in Europe after Rotterdam and Antwerp in the Netherlands and Belgium, respectively.  The main part of the port lies on the north bank of the Elbe, just to the south of the central city.   



New York's Verrazano Bridge


Cargo Ship in the Port of Miami

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SAITA I - Bulk Carrier


Miami Port

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Leaving Miami