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Trieste: Italy's Adriatic Port


Drone Shots: The Great Port City of Trieste, Italy


Trieste is one of the largest cities in northeastern Italy and the capital of the automous Friuli–Venezia Giulia region.  Trieste is the easternmost city in Italy, lying just a few km from Slovenia to its east and also from Croatia to its south.  Situated at the north end of the Adriatic Sea, it's also the largest port on that body of water and it's Italy's #2 port by cargo tonnage after Genoa.  For hundreds of years, Treiste served as the major port of the Austro-Hungarian Empire; control shifted to Italy after World War I.

Aerial Tour of Udine Province


Italian alps


Contributor Bryceogers created this beautiful drone video of the Udine Province of northeastern Italy.  It's the largest province within the semi-autonomous Friuli–Venezia Giulia region, which covers italy's northeastern corner.  Lying between the Adriatic Sea and the Julian Alps, the region is not only spectacularly beautiful but also of immense strategic importance relative to key historical trade routes.  The video captures the natural beauty of the province, filmed during the depths of the winter season.

Peak in the Friulian Dolomites


Campanile di Val Montanaia


While Italy's Dolomite Mountains lie primarily in the Trentino-Alto-Adigio and Veneto regions of the country, they do extend further east into the Friuli Venezia Giulia region.  In this excellent video by former Drone Video of the Week Finalist RyanFlies, you'll get an aerial view of one of the peaks of the Friulian Dolomites: Campanile di Val Montanaia.  The mountain has a summit elevation of about 7.1k ft. above sea level or just under 2.2k m.  The video includes footage from a DJI Mavic 3 as well as from a first person view (FPV) quad.  

Over the Julian Alps


Bivacco Vuerich + Cima di Terrarossa (GoPro 4 + Phantom 3 Pro)

Cristian M...

Contributor and pilot Cristian Mari used two different DJI drone to create this video of a pair of spots in the Julian Alps of northeastern Italy.  Bivacco Vuerich and Cima di Terrarossa both lie in the province of Udine, in the region of Friuli-Venezia-Giulia, which takes up the northeastern part of the country.  Bivacco Vuerich has an altitude of about 2.5k meters (just over 8k ft.) above sea level, while Cima di Terrarossa lies at a slightly lower altitude but is more well-known for its hiking trails.  

Kobarid: On the Slovenian Border


MAVIC - Cineamtic

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AirVuz content creator and pilot GOMAVIC used a DJI Mavic Pro drone to create this beautiful aerial view of the area around Kobarid, on the border between northwestern Slovenia and Italy's Friuli-Venezia Giulia region.  Part of the Julian Alps, the area is famous as the site of the Battle of Caporetto (also known as the 12th Battle of the Isonzo), a bloody World War I clash which took place in late 1917.  The battle, in which Italian forces were routed by the Central Powers, was immortalized in Hemingway's 1929 novel, A Farewell to Arms.

Montasio: Italy's Northeastern Corner


DJI MAVIC PRO 4K - Above the Mountains | Montasio

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Check out this drone video of the area of Montasio in northeastern Italy, compliments of AirVuz content creator and pilot GOMAVIC.  Montasio lies within the Friuli-Venezia Giulia, the semi-autonomous region which covers the northeastern corner of the country.  The area is part of the Julian Alps, a subrange of the Alps system which extends from northeastern Italy into Slovenia and Austria.  Montasio is known worldwide for a type of cheese which is produced here, which is sometimes referred to as Montasio Friulia cheese.  

Sappada: Mountain Commune in Udine


Sappada's Dolomites

Dream To F...

Check out these magnificent drone views of a mountain getaway spot in northeastern Italy, compliments of AirVuz contributor and pilot Dream to Fly.  The video was filmed over and around the commune of Sappada in the historical province of Udine, in the Friuli-Venezia Giulia Region.  Located in the Southern Limestone Alps close to the Austrian border and about 80 mi. (around 130 km) north of Venice, Sappada is largely German-speaking, as this area was part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire prior to World War I.  

Meduno: On the Great Venetian Plain


MAVIC - Meduno


Here's a nice aerial view of the commune of Modena in northeastern Italy, compliments of contributor GOMAVIC.  It's part of Pordenone, a historical province which covers the westernmost portion of the Friuli-Venezia Giulia region.   While much of the Friuli region is mountainous, Pordenone is split between the highlands in the foothills of the Julian  Alps and adjacent Dolomites and the lowlands of the Po River Valley.  The valley is part of the great Venetian Plain, one of the major geographical features of northeastern Italy.

Lignano Sabbiadoro, Udine Resort Town


DJI MAVIC AIR 2 | Cinematic Video | Lignano


Check out these beautiful drone views of a seaside town in northeastern Italy, compliments of brand-new AirVuz contributor and pilot robertionescu_.  Shot with a DJI Mavic Air, the video was filmed over the commune of Lignano Sabbiadoro.  It's located on a peninsula which separates the Adriatic Sea from the Marano Lagoon in the province of Udine, which is part of the Friuli Venezia Giulia Region.  One of the top summer seaside resort towns in northeastern Italy, it's roughly halfway between Venice and the port city of Treiste.

Mountain Valleys of Fruili


Colors of Autumn

Alberto Ar...

Check out this stunning drone video from a mountainous area of northeastern Italy, compliments of top content creator and pilot Alberto Ardit.  The video was filmed during the Fall season in the area of Vajont in the region of Friuli-Venezia Giulia.  This is the northern part of the Friuli region, an area covered by the Julian Alps which extend into the neighboring country of Slovenia.  The area is characterized by numerous valleys through which run rivers that drain into the plains area which covers the southern part of the region.  

Miramare Castle


Castello di Miramare, Trieste, Italy - Dji Mavic Pro drone - Skydronauts


SKYDRONAUTS created this aerial video of a famous 19th century castle in northeastern Italy.  It's called Miramare Castle, and it's located near the port city of Trieste on the Adriatic Sea in the Friuli Venezia Giulia region.  It was built in the mid-19th century for the Archduke Ferdinand Maximilian of Austria-Hungary, which (prior to World War I) controlled much of what is now northeastern Italy.  It was completed during the Archduke's three year reign as Emperor of Mexico; he was soon deposed and executed there.    

Barcis, Province of Pordenone


Barcis FVG - Cinematic video 4K

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Barcis is a town in northeastern Italy, in the Friuli Venezia Giulia region.  It's situated on a lake of the same name in the historical Province of Pordenone, about 110 km (around 70 mi.) northwest of Treiste.  Barcis lies toward the southern edge of the alpine foothills which cover the northern part of Friuli and which give way to the Po Valley as one moves south toward the coast.  In this drone video by contributor Dalfy, you'll get a bird's eye view of this beautiful alpine setting, which is just east of the Dolomiti Friulane National Park.  

Andreis: Edge of the Po Valley


Andreis FVG - Cinematic video 4K

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One of Italy's more dramatic landscape transitions occurs in its northeastern reaches, where the foothills of the Alps abruptly give way to the plain of the Po River Valley.  This transition is most pronounced in the historical province of Province of Pordenone, the westernmost of the provinces which make up the Friuli Venezia Giulia region.  In this drone video by Dalfy, you'll get a bird's eye view of the town of Andreis, which lies about 25 km (around 16 mi.) north of Podenon's namesake provincial capital.  

Along the Tagliamento River


Italy, Friuli Venezia Giulia, Tagliamento river 4K fimix8se


Check out this beautiful drone video from northeastern Italy, compliments of FREEFLY.  It was filmed along the Tagliamento River in the Friuli Venezia Giulia region.  The river runs a course of about 180 km (around 110 mi.), draining the Julian Alps into the Adriatic Sea.  The area filmed in the video is around the midpoint of the river, northwest of the provincial city of Udine.   Featured spots include Ragogna Castle (the original structure of which dates to the 6th century AD), the Pinzano Bridge, and Colle Pion.  The river 

Vajont Dam, Pordenone Province



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Check out this drone video of the infamous Vajon Dam in northeastern Italy, compliments of AirVuz contributor and pilot pietropilot.  Vajont Dam is located on its namesake river in the municipality of Erto e Casso in the province of Pordenone, less than an hour's drive from Venice.  One of the tallest dams in the world, it failed catastrophically during the filling process in October, 1963, killing up to 2,500 people - one of the worst such disasters in history.  While the dam wall was reconstructed, the project was never completed.    



Phantom 4 4k Trieste - Italy

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MAVIC - In The Clouds

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MAVIC - Mountain Footage

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Mavic - mountain Footage


MAVIC - little lake


MAVIC - above the river

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MAVIC- Lake and mountain


MAVIC - sea water