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The Austrian Alps by Drone


See The Beauty Of The AUSTRIAN ALPS in 4K


This drone video by top AirVuz contributor Eye-Catchgraphy brings out the intense beauty of the Austrian Alps.  Technically called the Central Eastern Alps, the mountains actually also cover adjacent territory in Italy, Lichtenstein, Slovenia, and Switzerland.  The highest peak of the range (Mt. Grossglockner) sits at an elevation of about 3.8k meters above sea level (just under 12.5k ft.).  While the Austrian Alps are a bit shorter than some of their cousins to the southwest, they are as beautiful as any mountains in Europe.    

Vienna: Austria's Grand Capital City


The very Best of WIEN - VIENNA from above...

New Entert...

New Entertainment Pictures created this marvelous drone video of the top sights in Vienna, Austria.  Combining drone and ground camera footage, the video features aerial shots of City Hall at the :20 mark; Josefsplatz square at the Hofburg Palace (:50); St. Stephens Cathedral (1:20); the Konzerthaus (2:25); Schönbrunn Palace (3:30); Belvedere Palace (4:20); the Hofburg Palace (4:30); the Museum Quarter (5:30); the Vienna Ferris Wheel (Wiener Riesenrad) (6:25); St. Charles Church (7:35); and more.  

Styria: Ganzalm and Stuhleck


Ganzalm and Stuhleck

  • ClearSky
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  • almost 3 years ago

The Styria region of Austria lies in the southeastern part of the country, and is the second most populous of the country's nine federated states.  Styria is home to a single large city (Graz) and much lightly inhabited semi-mountainous country, albeit with peaks much lower than in the state of Tyrol to the west.  In this stunning drone video, top contributor and pilot ClearSkys takes us on a tour of the Mt. Ganzalm and Stuhleck areas of Styria,  which includes footage of a giant mountaintop wind farm.  

Styria: Gesause Park


Spring in Austria


In this video, top contributor and drone pilot Hiketheworld takes us on a springtime tour of the Gesause Park in Styria, the southeastern region of Austria.  From the heart of Central Europe, the video captures the verdant valleys and still snow-capped peaks of this national treasure, which includes the peak of Mt. Hochtor at 2.4k meters above sea level (7.8k ft).  This alpine park was established in 2002, and covers about 115 square km (about 40 square mi.) of some of the country's most beautiful landscapes. 

FPV Views of the Lake District


Lakes & Mountains


Former DVOW winner backpackpassion brings us this stunning first person view (FPV) drone video from northern Austria.  The video was filmed in the Salzkammergut, also known as the Austrian Lake District, which extends east from Salzburg into the state of Upper Austria and is home to some of the most popular resort areas in Central Europe.  The featured locations in the video include Schiederweiher, Langbathsee, Signalalkogel, Hochleckenhaus and Loser.  This video was picked for the FPV Pilots to Watch list in June, 2020.

Styria: Austria's Green Lake


Grüner See: Austria's Emerald Jewel

  • ClearSky
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  • over 2 years ago

Green Lake (Gruner See) lies near the center of Austria in its Styria province, in the southeastern part of the country near the Slovakian border.  As its name suggests, Gruner See is known for its emerald green (yet extremely clean) water emanating from the surrounding Hoschwab Mountains (part of the Alps range).  In this video, content creator and pilot ClearSkys flies over this stunningly beautiful body of water with a drone, giving us an aerial view of one of Austria's most iconic sights! 

Finstertal: Austria's Magnificent Alpine Lake


First Snow Kühtai / Finstertal Lake, Austria


Austria's Finstertal Lake (Finstertalspeicher) lies in the heart of the Tyrol province in the western part of the country, not far from Salzburg.  The magnificent alpine lake is known for its aqua blue color, on which the peaks of the surrounding Tyrolean Alps reflect.  Content creator and pilot DJPhotography flew his drone over this beautiful area in September, just as the season was starting to turn.  The aerial footage of this stunningly beautiful area in the heart of Central Europe will make your jaw drop. 

Austria's Haldensee Lake


Haldensee Austria - Phantom 4 Pro Moments


Austria's Haldensee lies in the north of the Tyrol province, near the border with Germany.  It is one of the most beautiful lakes in Austria, a country known in part for its stunningly clear lakes set amidst pristine alpine forests.  Contributor and pilot Eye-Catchography used a DJI Phantom 4 Pro drone to fly over this alpine marvel, including of the spectacular rock formations which surround the lake.  The resulting aerial video of this bit of the Austrian Alps is astoundingly beautiful.

Salzburg: Austrian Cultural Treasure


Salzburg Drone Footage - Austria


In this video, content creator and pilot Dronesantana007 gives us an epic bird's eye view of the Austrian city Salzburg.  Salzburg is situated in the northern part of the country, on the border with Germany.  It is the fourth largest city in Austria.  One of Europe's great cultural cities, the center of Salzburg has been designated a UNESCO World Heritage site.  It is possibly most well known as the shooting location for the epic film The Sound of Music, winner of the Best Picture award at the 1965 Oscars.

Styria: Rax Mountains


Hiking on Rax

  • ClearSky
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  • almost 3 years ago

If you've watched the 1960's classic movie the Sound of Music, you may have an image of Austria as a country filled with hikers.  While this is an over-generalization, the fact remains that this Alpine country offers some of the best hiking areas in the world.  Contributor and pilot ClearSky created this spectacular drone video on a hike in the Rax Mountains, in in the eastern region of Styria.  These "little" Alps are generally accessible by hikers and do not require technical mountain climbing equipment.    

Austria's Seebensee: On the German Border


The Sebensee and Mt. Zugspitze


In this drone video by contributor and pilot DJphotography, you'll get a beautiful bird's eye views of one of Austria's most spectacular alpine lakes as well as of the highest mountain in Germany.  The Seebensee is located in Austria's mountainous Tyrol province, which covers much of the western part of the country.  It's not far from the town of Ehrwald.  The lake affords excellent views of Mt. Zugspitze over the border in Germany.  This is Germany's highest peak, standing almost 3k meters (about 9.7k ft.) above sea level.

Austria's Winegrowing Region


Into the Light: Austria's Vienna Woods Thermal Region


Behold this spectacular drone video from contributor Dronographer of the most well known wine region of Austria.  The "Vienna Woods thermal region" stretches from the southern outskirts of Vienna along a hilly chain to the region south of Baden. The vineyards are located at the foothills of the Vienna Woods.  The region is home to about 1300 wine-growing enterprises. The area features ideal grape-growing conditions: cool and dry, with a plentiful nearby supply of high quality freshwater.  

Carinthia: Hochosterwitz Castle


Burg Hochosterwitz


Luiz.Moura created this short but beautiful aerial look at one of the most well known castles in Austria.  Hochosterwitz castle is built on a giant rock overlooking the countryside in the southern state of Carinthia.  The structure dates to as early as the 9th century.  The castle was heavily fortified in the 16th century to protect against the threat of invasion by the Ottoman Turks.  Considered one of the top tourist spots in southern Austria, and the castle is visible from many km/mi away.

Hallstatt: Gem of Upper Austria


Hallstatt remake in 4K


Top contributor dronesantana007 brings us this fantastic drone video of Hallstatt, Austria, one of the most iconic-looking spots in this Central European country.  Hallstatt is a small town on the shores of the Hallstätter See (lake) in the state of Upper Austria, in the north central part of the country.  It is framed by the Hoher Dachstein mountain, the second highest in the Northern Limestone Alps, which reaches a peak elevation of just under 3k meters above sea level (just over 9.8k ft.).  

Sölden: Legendary Austrian Ski Resort


Sölden: Heaven for Winter Sports

Alin Const...

Contributor Alin Constantin created this amazing drone video of Sölden, one of the most well known ski resorts in Austria.  It's situated in the Ötztal Valley in the West Tyrol region, near the Italian and Swiss borders.  Sölden featured prominently in the 2015 Jame Bond film Spectre (#26 in the series): the Ice Q restaurant (the glass paneled building which you'll see in the video) was the shooting location for the Hoffler Klinik, and the slopes of the resort were used to shoot a chase scene. 

Ennstal: Austrian Winter Wonderland


Ennstal: Winter, 2017

Phil Go...
  • Phil Go
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  • almost 3 years ago

Contributor Phil Go created this stunning drone video of Ennstal, an area of eastern Austria.  The Ennstal Alps are situated in the province of Styria, in the eastern part of the country.  The centerpiece of the area is the spectacular  Gesäuse National Park.  The tallest mountain in the group is Großer Pyhrgas, which has an elevation of about 2.24k meters (7.36k ft.) above sea level.  These spectacular mountains are generally accessible by long hikes and do not require rock climbing for the most part.

Zillergrund: Zillertal Alps


Zillergrund, Austria Short Film | DJI Mavic Pro


Zillergrund is a a 20 km (roughly 12.5 mi.) long valley that is part of the Zillertal Alps in Tyrol, the western state of Austria in Central EUrope. Shot in 4K with the DJI Mavic Pro, AirVūz Contributor and pilot Sennevd1 shows us how beautiful this historic valley can be. With rushing waterfalls and streams, lush forests, and hidden towns, it's a little alpine gem.  The Zillerton Alps are a sub-chain of the Alps range which lies primarily within the borders of Austria, with a small portion in northern Italy.

Belvedere: Habsburg Palace


Vienna's Schloss Belvedere


Contributor and pilot W. Obereder created this amazing aerial view of the Belvedere Palace complex in Vienna, Austria.  Built in the 18th century at a time when Vienna was at the height of its imperial splendor, the palace is considered one of the great works of Baroque architecture.  The palace was the primary home of Franz Ferdinand, the heir to the Austro-Hungarian throne whose assassination in 1914 set off the chain of events which led to the outbreak of the conflict now known as World War I.

Aerial Tour of Austria's Winter Landscape


Winter in Austria


Austria is a country defined by mountains, and not just in the western half of the country.  In this beautiful drone video by ClearSky, you'll see the stunning alpine beauty of eastern Austria.  The video features footage of (1) Wurzeralm, an area due east of Salzburg in the Upper Austria region; (2) Rax, a mountain range in the Northern Limestone Alps, which forms the border between the Lower Austria and Styria provinces; (3) Almsee, a lake in Upper Austria; and (4) Hochkar, a ski resort in Lower Austria.  

Horarlberg: Western Tip of Austria


Vorarlberg: Feel the Freedom


Contributor and pilot Hager.Daniel created this beautiful drone video of Horarlberg, the small state which sits at the western tip of Austria.  It's probably the least well known of the nine states which make up the modern state of Austria.  Sitting to the west of West Tyrol, it's in the heart of the Austrian Alps.  Horarlberg is surrounded on three sides by Germany (Bavaria) and Switzerland, as well as tiny Lichtenstein.   It s known by the nickname Ländle ("Little Land") due to its diminutive size.  

FPV Views of Salzkammergut


Moody Days


Prepare to be amazed by this drone film of Austria's lake and alpine region of Salzkammergut by top AirVūz contributor backpackpassion.  Shot with a combination of first person vew (FPV) drone and a DJI Mavic 2 Pro, this video features footage from some of Austria's most idyllic locations such as alpine mountains, pristine waterfalls, and lush green countryside.  The Salzkammergut is located to the east of Salzburg in the northern part of the country.  This video was selected as a Drone Video of the Week nominee in July 2020. 

Winter in Tyrol's Karwendel Mountains


Winter at Karwendel


DJPhotography created this magnificent drone video of the Karwendel Mountains in Austria's Tyrol state.  It's the largest mountain range in the Northern Limestone Alps, which form part of the Eastern Alps.  The video features footage of Riss Valley and the Ahornboden alpine pasture, two of the most spectacular spots in the country.  The highest peak in the Karwendel Mountains is Mt. Birkkarspitze, which has an altitude of 2.75k meters (just over (9k ft.).  The range extends into Bavaria in sourthern Germany.

Aerial Views of Innsbruck Region


Amazing Drone Shots from Innsbruck, Austria

Marian Pec...

Watch this amazing video of the Austrian Alps, compliments of contributor Marian Peciar.  It was shot in the area around Innsbruck, the host city for both the 1964 and 1976 Winter Olympics.  It includes footage of Lake Plansee and Nordkette.  It also includes footage from the top of the Axamer Lizum ski resort, the venue for the slalom skiing events at both Olympics.   The 1976 Games were originally scheduled to be held in Denver, but the US city withdrew and the games were awarded to Innsbruck for a second time.  

Hallstatt, Salzburg, and the Salzkammergut


Austria drone footage in 4K


Take a tour of some of the most beautiful sights of Austria in this fantastic video by top AirVuz contributor and pilot dronesantana007.  The video features footage from the following locations: the iconic town of Hallstatt in Upper Austria; the city of Salzburg, of "Sound of Music" fame; Lake Wolfgang (Wolfgangsee), the best-known lake in the Salzkammergut lakes region east of Salzburg; the small but beautiful Lake Fuschi (Fuschlsee) also located in the Salzkammergut.  Shot in brilliant 4k, this video is well worth a watch.

Lower Austria's Wachau Valley


Wachau und Stift Göttweig

copter one...

Contributor mavic pro created this beautiful drone video from the Wachau Valley in northwestern Austria.  The 32 km (roughly 20 mi.) valley, through which flows the Danube River, offers some of the most popular attractions in the state of Lower Austria.  The video features footage of the ruined Dürnstein Castle, where Richard the Lionhearted was held captive following the Third Crusade.  It also includes footage of the magnificent Göttweig Abbey, an 11th century Benedictine monastery.  

Austria's Tyrolean Alps


The Art Of Drones - The Majestic Alps of Tirol Austria 4K

The Art Of...

Tyrol (Tirol) is one of the nine states of Austria, occupying most of the western portion of this Central European country.  Mostly covered by the Austrian Alps, it's known for its alpine vistas, shimmering mountain lakes, historic sites, and folk traditions.  As much as anything though, it's known for its skiing; some of the finest ski resorts in Europe are here.  Enjoy the incredible mountain views and ski slopes the area has to offer with this stunningly clear, 4K drone video by The Art of Drones. 

Salzburg's Hochkönig Mountains


5 days in the mountains // Hochkönig 2019


The Hochkönig is a mountain group that includes the highest mountain in Berchtesgaden Alps. Located in the Austrian state of Salzburg in the northern part of the country, it is just 26 miles outside of the city of Salzburg. Travel cinematographer backpackpassion takes us on a short escape into the hills, documenting his journey skiing and hiking through the snow with buddies.  While we might not be able to escape their ourselves, we do get to sit back and enjoy the beautiful views thanks to this aerial edit.

Beautiful Tyrol in Summer


Summer in Tyrol

  • ClearSky
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  • about 2 years ago

Check out this stunning drone video compilation from beautiful Tyrol, Austria.  The state, which occupies most of the western part of the country (but for its very western tip), offers some of the most spectacular scenery in the world, including some of the highest peaks of the Eastern Alps.  Here are the locations which you'll see in the video:  Kitzbühel, Hintersteiner See, Weißsee Glacier World, Pitztal, Ötztal, Kaunertal, Wildspitze, Rifflsee, Wilder Kaiser and more.  

Krimml: Austria's Highest Waterfall


Krimml Waterfalls


Check out this stunning wintertime drone video of Austria's highest waterfall, compliments of contributor DJJphotography.  Krimml Falls is a tiered waterfall on the Krimml Ache River in the state of Salzburg, in the west-central part of the country.  It is part of the High Tauern National Park, named for a chain of the Central Eastern Alps.  The waterfall has a total drop of 380 meters (about 1.25k ft.).  The river is fed by glacial runoff and the flow through the falls varies dramatically by season.  

Dürnstein Castle, Wachau Valley


Ruined Castle Dürnstein

  • ClearSky
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  • about 1 year ago

Some of the most beautiful stretches of the Danube River are in the Wachau Valley in northwestern Austria.  In this drone video by ClearSky, you'll get a bird's eye view of Dürnstein Castle, one of the most well-known landmarks in this fabled region.    Built in the early 12th century, the castle was used to imprison King Richard I (the Lionheart) of England when he was returning from leading the Third Crusade.  Dürnstein has been in a semi-ruined state since being ransacked by Swedish troops during the Thiry Years War.  

Burg Dobra, Lower Austria


Ruined Castle Dobra


See the ruins of Dobra Castle, which lies east of Zwettl, Austria, in this 4K aerial video by contributor and pilot ClearSky. Dobra Castle, also known as Burg Dobra, was first mentioned in 1278 when it was given to Otto von Dürnstein. The castle was built on a ridge in the valley of the Kamp River and changed ownership many times between 1278 and 1645 when it was besieged by Swedish troops. Dobra was abandoned in 1725 after falling into ruin and was used for many decades as a quarry by the local townspeople. 

Halstatt, Salzburg, and More


Welcome to Austria

  • IshPri
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  • over 1 year ago

Characterized by mountain villages, baroque architecture, and its rugged, Alpine terrain, Austria is a country straight out of a fairytale. See for yourself in this stunning aerial film by pilot IshPrihe. Most of the video was shot in two spots.  The first is Halstatt, a town at the foot of the Hoher Dachstein mountain on the shores of Hallstätter See in Upper Austria.  The second is the great city of Salzburg, famous for its Baroque architecture, which lies on the Salzach River near the border with Bavaria in Germany.

Salzkammergut: Fuschlsee


Fuschlsee drone footage [AUSTRIA] in 4K


Here's an aerial view of a stunning alpine lake in Austria, compliments of dronesantana007.  It's called Fuschlsee, and it's in the famed lake district of Salzkammergut, which stretches eastward from the city of Salzburg.  The lake is bit under 3 square km or around a square mile, and its maximum depth is about 66 meters or around 220 ft.  Like the other lakes in the district, Fuschlsee is set amidst a number of masifs of the Northern Limestone Alps. It lies a bit northwest of the better-known Wolfgangsee. 

Austria's Lake District



  • minglam
    • 2.9k VŪZ
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    • 37
  • almost 3 years ago

Austria's Lake District is an imprecisely defined region lying to the east and southeast of Salzburg in the state of Upper Austria.  The lakes are situated in valleys of various masifs of the Northern Limestone Alps.  In this drone video by minglam, you'll get a captioned aerial tour of this famed resort area, home to some of the most beautiful scenery in Central Europe.  The video features footage of the following locations: Strobl, Österreich, Hallstatt, Wolfgangsee, Sankt Wolfgang, Steinberg am Rofan, and Bad Blumau.

Zell am See-Kaprun


4K Austria Kaprun Kitzsteinhorn Zell am see ( DJI Phantom 4)

  • Palliedg
    • 1.2k VŪZ
    • 29
    • 31
  • almost 3 years ago

Check out this drone video of one of the most beautiful spots in Austria, compliments of contributor Palliedg. It's called Zell am See-Kaprun, and it's two neighboring towns (Zell am See and Kaprun) that lie to the south of Salzburg.  Zell am See sits on the shores of the small (but stunningly beautiful) Lake Zell, while Kaprun lies just to the south, near the border with the neighboring state of Carinthia.  This is the northern slope of the Glockner group of mountains, which includes the Großglockner - Austria's highest peak.  

Skiing the Austrian Alps


NOVVON - Life In The Mountains


Some people will do anything for the best, freshest powder. One of those people is AirVuz contributor and drone pilot, _davidpeterson_ who set out to find the best snow in the Austrian Alps. The three-month adventure led he and his friend to some ridiculously good skiing and snowboarding as well as some of the most picturesque views to be found anywhere on the European continent.   The resulting 15-minute drone video of the Austrian Alps is part captivating imagery, part adventure journal and all worth the watch.

Styria's Hohenwang Fortification




Check out this aerial view of a well-known Austrian fortress ruin, compliments of contributor ClearSky.  It's called Hohenwang Castle, and it's located in the municipality of Langenwang in the state of Styria.  The original fortification dates to the 12th century.  It was later strengthened and became part of a line of fortifications across Styria that served to protect Habsburg lands during the long periods of time when the heart of Europe was under continual threat from Ottoman forces to the south.  

Almsee, Austrian Lake District


Almsee, Austria (DJI Mavic 2 Pro)

Funk Desig...

Contributor and pilot Funk Design used a DJI Mavic Pro 2 create this stunning HD video of a lake in a famed alpine recreational area of Austria.  The lake is called the Almsee, and it lies toward the eastern end of a region which is variously called the Austrian Lake District and the Salzkammergut.  Almsee is in the portion of the district which is part of the state of Upper Austria; it's about an hour's drive southeast of the city of Salzburg, and a bit over two hours west of the Austrian capital city of Vienna.  

The Traunsee, Austrian Lake District


Traunsee, Austria 4K DJI Mavic Air

  • Mawefo
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    • 23
  • over 1 year ago

Contributor Mawefo brings us this breathtaking, 4K drone video featuring Traunsee, a famous lake in north central Austria. The popular tourist destination's attractions include the medieval castle Schloss Ort and Grünbergseilbahn Gmunden, a mountain cable car. At the north end of the lake is the resort town of Gmunden, while at the south lies Ebensee, a market town that formerly housed a concentration camp during World War II. The lake is located in the fabled Salzkammergut lake district east of Salzburg.

St. Wolfgang: Market Town in Salzkammergut


Sunrise Wolfgangsee 沃爾夫岡湖

  • minglam
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  • over 2 years ago

Check out this beautiful drone video from the town of St. Wolfgang, a market town on the shore of Lake Wolfgang in Austria's fabled Salzkammergut lake district east of Salzburg.  The lake, which is also called Wolfgangsee, is the largest in a series of glacial lakes formed in valleys of the Salzkammergut and filled by their runoff.  The town of St. Wolfgang lies on the lake's northern shore.  It dates to the 10th century and is considered one of the most beautiful of Austria's market towns.  

Villach, Carinthia


Villach, Austria - Mavic 2 PRO


Villach is one of the main cities of the Austrian state of Carinthia, in the southern part of the country.  The city was ravaged during the Thirty Years War of the 17th century and suffered further depredations during the Napoleonic Wars in the early 19th century.  With a population of about 60k, it's situated in a valley of the Drau (Drava) River, a major Danube tributary. Contributor KoBaVisuals used a DJI Mavic Pro 2 to create a beautiful aerial view of beautiful Villach, Austria's seventh-largest city as of 2019.

Hahntennjoch: Mountain Pass in Tyrol


Hahntennjoch | | Austria (Cinematic Drone Footage 4K)


Contributor and pilot rainer.p created this stunning drone view of a well known mountain pass in the Austrian Alps.  It's called Hahntennjoch, and it connects the Inn and Lech River Valleys in the western Austrian state of Tyrol.  The pass has an altitude of just under 1.9k meters above sea level (6.2k ft.).  The pass is closed to traffic over 14 tons, which is understandable given that its grade is as high as 19%(!).  The road through the pass conencts the town of Imst to Elmen and runs for 29 kim (around 17 mi.).  

Tyrol in Summertime


Summer in Tirol, Austria

Robin Viss...

Austria's Tyrol (Tirol) is widely considered to be one of the most beautiful provinces in Europe.  It's one of the nine federal states that make up modern Austria, covering most of the western part of the country.  Once a princely state of the Holy Roman Emperor, much later it became a Crown land.  Covered almost entirely by the Eastern Alps, Tyrol is home to Austria's tallest mountains.  In this drone video by Robin Visser Photo, you'll get an aerial tour of this storied province in the height of summer.  

Tyrol's Karwendel Mountains


Goodbye Winter


With an elevation of just under 2.1k meters above sea level (around 6.8k ft.) Austria's Mt. Schneeberg is the highest mountain in the state of Lower Austria and the easternmost mountain in the Alps to exceed 2k meters (around 6.55k ft.).   The Karst plateaux of the mountain have provided water to the city of Vienna since 1873 and is supposedly the best drinking water in the world. Contributor and drone pilot Dronographer takes us to the “snow mountain” to say a long-overdue goodbye to winter!

Schneealpe: Dividing Lower Austria and Styria


Portrait of Schneealpe


AirVuz content creator and drone pilot ClearSky brings us these excellent aerial views of the Schneealpe masif (cluster of mountains) in the Austrian Alps.  With a maximum elevation of about 1.9 meters above sea level (around 6.3k ft.), the range serves as the boundary between the states/regions of Lower Austria and Styria.  Situated in the eastern part of the country the Schneealpe are considered part of the Northern Limestone Alps, which in turn are part of the larger Eastern Alps range.  

Aerial Tour of Vienna


Vienna - The world's most liveable city


For centuries up until World War I, Vienna was (with Paris and St. Petersburg) one of the three grandest cities of Europe.  Heavily damaged late in World War II but later restored, Vienna remains one of the continent's top cultural centers.  In this outstanding drone video by Dronographer, you'll see some highlights of the great city on the Danube, including Maria-Theresien-Platz, the Hofburg Palace, the Albertina Museum, Belvedere Castle, St.. Stephens Cathedral, St. Francis of Assisi Church, St. Charles Church, and more. 

Burg Kreuzenstein, Lower Austria


Kreuzenstein Castle, Austria


Burg Kreuzenstein is one of the most well-known castles in the northeastern Austria.  The existing structure was built in the late 19th century, on the site of an 11th century fortification that had been destroyed in the Thirty Years War.  The current castle was built using section of medieval castles all over Europe, lending to its authentic look.  Seen here in this drone video by NGreyTravels, Kreuzenstein has made numerous movie and TV show appearances, most notably in the 2011 film Season of the Witch starring Nicholas Cage.

Mavic Pro 2 Views of Hochkar


Hochkar 4k Austria

mares trav...

For a first upload to AirVuz, brand-new contributor and pilot mares traveling brings us this fantastic drone video of the Austrian mountain area of Hochkar.  It's located about 150 km (90 mi.) from Vienna in the east-central part of the country, on the border between the states of Lower Austria and Styria.  Easily accessible from the Austrian capital city, it's a popular spot both for skiers in the winter months as well as for hikers and mountain bikers during the summer period.  The video was shot with a DJI Mavic Pro 2.

The Grossglockner High Alpine Road


Grossglockner High Alpine Road

Mike Tavel...

Check out this excellent drone video of a famous mountain pass in the Austrian Alps, compliments of brand-new AirVuz contributor and pilot Mike Traveljunkie.  It's called the Grossglockner High Alpine Road, and it connects two towns in the states of Salzburg and Carinthia, respectively.  With a peak elevation of 2.5k meters above sea level (around 8.2k ft.), it's Austria's highest mountain pass.  It's named after the nearby Grossglockner, the highest mountain in Austria and the highest in the Alps east of the Brenner Pass.  

Bad Ausee, Halstatt, Gmunden, and More


Drone flight over the astonishing nature of the Alps area - 4K 60 FPS footage (Mavic Pro 1 double speed video)

  • Edwinux
    • 763 VŪZ
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    • 8
  • about 2 years ago

Central Austria is home to some of the most iconic scenery in Europe.  In this drone video by Edwinux, you'll get a mini aerial tour of some of the most beautiful spots in this mountainous land in the heart of the continent.  Featured locations include Bad Ausee, a town near the geographic center of Austria; the towns of Hallstatt Gmunden, in the Lake District of the state of Upper Austria; and the city of Salzburg, of Sound of Music fame.  It also includes footage of Vaduz Castle in the tiny neighboring country of Lichtenstein.  

Wolfgangsee: Largest Lake in the Salzkammergut


Aerial Austria Lake on January

  • minglam
    • 3.6k VŪZ
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  • about 3 years ago

Lake Wolfgang (Wolfgangsee) is one of the national treasures of Austria.  Located a bit to the east and south of Salzburg, it's the largest lake in the legendary Salzkammergut lake district.  Seen in January in this drone video by minglam, the lake covers a surface area of about 13 square km (around 5 square mi.) and is extremely deep - 114 meters at its deepest point, or just under 375 ft.  The lake is home to two of Austria's most popular resort towns: St. Wolfgang, where the lake narrows in the middle, and St. Gilchen at its northern end.

Saalbach: Ski Resort in Salzburg State


Saalbach 2020 - 4K Drone video

Ben Kala...

For a first upload to AirVuz, new contributor Ben Kala brings us this fantastic drone video from a famed ski resort in the Austrian Alps.  Saalbach is located in the municipality of Saalbach-Hinterglemm in the Zell am See District of the state of Salzburg, about 100 km (around 60 mi.) south of the state's namesake capital.  The resort is situated in the east-west oriented Saalbach Valley, surrounded by the Kitzbühel Alps (a subchain of the broader Alps system).  The resort hosted the FIS Alpine World Ski Championships of 1991.  

FPV: Fortress Hohensalzburg


Fortress Hohensalzburg


You may have seen lots of drone videos of famous castles and fortress on AirVuz, but probably not many of them (if any) have been of the first person view (FPV) variety.  That's what makes this piece by AirVuz contributor and FPV pilot littlewing fpv so special.  He was able to fly his racing quad out over Austria's Hohensalzburg Fortress, one of the largest medieval fortifications in Europe.  The result is a one-of-a-kind view of this hilltop landmark which dates to the 11th century AD and is situated in the great city of Salzburg

Großglockner: Austria's Highest Peak


GrossGlockner Austria MAVIC AIR 2

RIK Fotos...

For a second upload to AirVuz, new contributor and pilot RIK Fotos brings us this beautiful drone video from Austria's tallest mountain: Großglockner.  Sometimes called Mt. Glockner, it has a summit elevation of almost 3.8k meters (12.46k ft.) above sea level.  It is situated in the southern part of the country, not far from the Italian border.  It's believed that the first ascent of the mountain took place in 1799, inspired by the earlier ascent of France's Mt. Blanc.  The video was filmed with a DJI Mavic Air 2 drone.

Tyrol's Karwendel Alpenpark


Alpenpark Karwendel


Austria's Karwendel Alpine Park covers about 700 square km (around 250 square mi.) in the western state of Tyrol, just northeast of Innsbruck.  The park covers most of the Karwendel Mountains, a major subchain of Northern Limestone Alps.  The park includes about a dozen specially protected areas, for which permission is needed to access.   Austria's largest nature park, it features a wide range of alpine scenery, as you'll see in this amazing drone video by AirVuz contributor DJPhotography.  

Vilsegg Castle: Tyrol Mountain Fortification




Check out this drone video of an important mountain fortification in western Austria, compliments of AirVuz contributor #OBENDROHNE.  It's called Vilsegg Castle, and it's located in the state of Tyrol, less than a mile/km from the present-day Austrian-German border.  Built only 60 meters (about 200 ft.) above the Vils Valley, the position of the fortress was difficult to attack due to the steepness of the hill on which it sits.  Originally dating to the early 13th century, the fortress fell into a ruined state by the late 18th century.

Rauris: Western Salzburg State


Rauris: Enjoying Our Holiday in the Austrian Alps

Alin Marin...

Contributor and pilot Alin Marincus created this beautiful drone video from the Austrian resort town of Rauris.  The town is situated in the state of Salzburg, in the west-central part of the country.  Its mountains are part of the High Tauern, which is part of the Central Eastern Alps chain.  The area was once home to some substantial gold mining operations, although the resource has long since been depleted.  As you will see from the video, this is now an alpine paradise in the heart of Austria.  

Riegersburg, Castle of Styria



copter one...

AirVuz contributor copter one brings us this excellent aerial view of a volcano-top medieval castle in Austria.  It's called Riegersburg Castle, and it sits atop a small inactive volcano in the southeastern state of Styria.  Dating to no later than the 12th century, the castle came to be of considerable strategic importance during the years when it sat near the boundary with the Ottoman Empire, with whom Austria was locked in mortal combat during much of the 16th-17th centuries.  It's now owned by the Princely Family of Lichtenstein.   

Kitzbühel: Ski Destination Extraordinaire


Kitzbuhel (Austria) bird's eye view 4K

Baltic Dro...

Kitzbühel is a medieval town in western Austria.  Seen from above in this excellent drone video by AirVuz contributor Baltic Drone Videos, the town is located in the state of Tyrol, about an hour's drive east of Innsbruck.  Located in the Kitzbühel Alps, it's a skiing destination of international reknown.  The area is home to over 10k hotel rooms, whose guests have access to almost 170 km (around 110 mi.) of ski slopes and over 50 lifts.  It's also popular during the summer months, with extensive hiking trails.  

Krimml: Austria's Tallest Waterfall


Krimmler Waterfalls

Mike Tavel...

Check out this drone video of Austria's tallest waterfall, compliments of AirVuz contributor and puilot Mike Taveljunkie.  It's called Krimml Waterfall, and it's situated on the Krimmler Ache River in the state of Salzburg.  Part of the High Tauern National Park, Krimml is a three stage tiered waterfall.  The three stages have a combined drop of 380 meters or around 1.25k ft.  Fed by glaciers, the volumetric flow of the falls varies drastically over the seasons, with peak flow in June and July about 40x that of the winter low point.  

Mountains of Schladming


White Moments

werner obe...

Check out this magnificent drone videos from the mountains of central Austria, compliments of contributor werner obereder.  It was filmed in the area around Schladming which lies near the geographic center of the country.  The mountains here are the Northern Limestone Alps, which serve as the natural boundary between the Austrian states of Styria to the South and Upper Austria to the north.  The area is home to some of Austria's finest ski resorts, which have hosted numerous internationally-reknowned skiing competitions.  

Tyrol's Stubai Valley


Winter Wonderland


Top AirVuz contributor and pilot DJphotography brings us this amazing drone video from a famous valley in the Austrian Alps called Stubaital.  It's named for the Stubai Alps, which form the valley and in turn form a portion of the Central Eastern Alps.  The area is situated just a bit to the southwest of Innsbruck, within the western Austrian state of Tyrol.  The video was filmed when the magnificent alpine valley, through which flows the River Ruetz runs, was covered in a blanket of pristinely white snow.  

Austrian Alps by Mavic 2 Zoom


Amazing Alps |4k Cinematic drone footage|

Akos Kovac...

AirVuz contributor and pilot Akos Kovacs used a DJI Mavic 2 Zoom drone to create this marvelous aerial mini-tour of the Austrian Alps.  Shot in 4k, the video captures the beauty of these mountains, which cover much of this Central European country.  Considered part of the Central Eastern Alps, the highest peak of the Austrian Alps is Mt. Grossglockner, which has a summit elevation of about 3.8 meters above sea level or around 12.5k ft.  The video features footage of mountain peaks, verdant alpine valleys, and quaint alpine towns.  

Upper Austria's Reichersberg Abbey




Check out this drone video of a well-known Austrian monastery, compliments of AirVuz contributor#OBENDROHNE.  It's called Reichersberg Abbey, and it lies on the banks of the Inn River in the state of Upper Austria, on the German border.  The Augustinian monastery was founded in the late 11th century.  The original structure was destroyed by a fire in 1624 and later reconstructed in the Baroque style seen today.  Still home to about 20 canons, the monastery houses a large library and a substantial art collection.

Wolfsberg Castle, Carinthia


Wolfsberg Castle, Asustria

RIK Fotos...

Check out this drone video of Wolfsberg Castle, a famous landmark in southern Austria.  The castle sits atop a knoll on the northern side of its namesake town, in the state of Carinthia.  First mentioned in the late 12th century, the town was granted its charter late in the 13th century.  In the late 16th century, the castle was converted to a fortress as a means to defend against the Turkish threat from the south.  In the mid-19th century, the castle was converted by a local industrial magnate into an English Tudor style structure.  

Tappenkarsee: Radstadt Tauern Alpine Lake


Tappenkarsee Austria - Cinematic Drone Movie


Check out these stunning drone views of a largely unknown lake in the mountains of Austria, compliments of AirVuz contributor and pilot altra_studios.  The lake is called Tappenkarsee, and it's located in the southern part of the state of Salzburg.  Situated in the Radstadt Tauern, a subchain of the Austrian Alps, it's a popular if still somewhat off-the-beaten-path hiking destination.  The lake, which has an elevation of about 1.75k meters above sea level (around 5.8k ft.), is most easily accessible via the town of Kleinarl.  

Großer Ahornboden: Alpine Valley of Austria


Großer Ahornboden


The Großer Ahornboden is an alpine valley in Austria's western Tyrol province, near the Bavarian region of southern Germany.  It is part of an Austrian conservation preserve called Hinterriss Nature Park, which is expected to help maintain the ecological health of the area for future generations.  With the Tyrolean Alps towering over, this valley makes for one of the most iconic scenes in all of Central Europe.  Contributor DJPilot captured  beautifully in this amazing drone video.  

Gesäuse National Park, Ennstal Alps


Gesäuse Austrian Alps 4k

mares trav...

AirVuz contributor mares traveling combined drone and ground camera footage to create this marvelous video from the Alps of eastern Austria.  The video was filmed around Gesäuse National Park in the state of Styria, which covers much of the eastern part of the country.  The mountains here are known as the Ennstal Alps, which form part of the greater Northern Limestone Alps chain.  The park includes Mt. Hochtor, the highest of the Ennstal Alps, which has a peak elevation of just under 2.4k meters above sea level (around 7.8k ft.). 

Austria's Tyrolean Alps


The Art Of Drones - HinterTux Austria 4k

The Art Of...

Tyrol province in western Austria has much in common with Switzerland and the German state of Bavaria, neighbors with whom it shares sections of the great Alps Mountains range.  In this breathtaking aerial video, contributor and drone pilot The Art of Drones uses his DJI Mavic Pro drone to capture the beauty of the the Tyrolean Alps.  Flying at Hinterrtux, near Innsbruck (the state capital of Tyrol), he takes us on an unforgettable aerial tour of snow-capped mountains, glaciers, and pristine ski runs.  

West Tyrol: Verwall




Austria's Verwall Mountains, part of the larger Alps system, are situated in the country's western Tyrol province.  They are home to some of the most picturesque views in all of Central Europe, with favorable comparisons to the very best sights that that Switzerland or Bavaria has to offer.  In this video, content creator and pilot M. C. Black flies his DJI Mavic Pro drone over the lakes and valleys of this stunningly beautiful area, giving us a breathtaking aerial view of the alpine district.  

FPV: Styria's Lake Weissensee


Weissensee Austria | FPV Paradise

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Austria is widely considered one of the world's most beautiful countries, so it's perhaps not surprising that it's being discovered by cinematically-oriented first person view (FPV) pilots to use as a canvas.  That's exactly what AirVuz contributor janwido did in this fantastic piece, which was shot flying over a lake known as Weissensee.  The long, narrow lake is located in the southern state of Carinthia in the Gailtal Alps.  This highly cinematic piece was picked for the AirVuz FPV Pilots to Watch list in June, 2020.

Winter at Zell am See


Zell am See in Winter


Many of Austria's most well-known lakes and lake towns are in its Salzkammergut lake district, which runs east from the city of Salzburg.  In this drone video by contributor and pilot stefan.beumer, you get an aerial view of an equally beautiful lake region which lies some distance from the Salzkammergut.  The town is called Zell am See, which sits on the shore of Lake Zell.  The town and like lie in the southwestern part of the state of Salzburg; it's one of Austria's most beautiful lakeside towns.  



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