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Montreal Dronelapse


Montreal DroneLapse

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Check out this fantastic dronelapse of the great Canadian city of Montréal, compliments of RomeR.  The video was shot from the perspective of the St. Lawrence River, facing west.  In the foreground you'll see the Grande roue de Montréal ferris wheel which opened in 2017 to commemorate the city's 375th anniversary.  The ferris wheel lies in the city's Old Port, the historic core of the largest French-speaking city after Paris; further west, you'll see the modern downtown, and beyond that the peak of Mt. Royal.    

120 Seconds over Montreal


Montreal from the sky in 2 min


TheWorldAsPlayground stayed in an AirBNB room in Montreal one weekend and created this informative 2 minute aerial tour of the great city in Quebec.  The video features nicely captioned footage of many of the most popular sights, including multiple shots of the downtown skyline, Olympic Stadium, Habitat 67, the Old City, and St. Joseph's Oratory.  The video was shot using drone footage from a DJI Mavic Pro drone and combines it with gimbal-stabilized ground footage.

Unique Aerial Views of Montreal




Contributor and drone pilot Dizfilms became a finalist for the New York City Drone Film Festival with this amazingly edited drone film of his native Montreal, Canada's second largest city.  The film uses some amazing post-production editing techniques to turn high quality drone footage into something truly unique - brand new way of looking at this mighty city on the St. Lawrence River in Quebec.  For more information on how he did it, check out his episode of Drone Dish.

Drone Tour of Montreal




Montreal is the largest city in the Canadian province of Quebec and the second largest city in Canada.  It stands in stark contrast to its larger, flashier "neighbor" Toronto, which lies about 540 km (around 320 mi.) to its southwest.  What Montreal lacks in skyscrapers though it makes up for in culture, with a unique blend of French and English heritage.  Contributor Dizfilms created this epic drone video of the great city on the St. Lawrence River, which is also known for being the second largest French-speaking city after Paris.



Mont-Royal drone footage in Montreal - Phantom 4

realMont V...

Montreal takes its name from Mount Royal, the small mountain which lies immediately to the west of the center of Quebec's principal city.  It's really a series of hills, the tallest of which is about 230 meters (just over 760 ft.) above sea level.  Its modest peaks provide great views of the city's downtown area.  It stands to reason then that flying a drone over Mt. Royal provides an even better view of the city.  Contributor RealMont Vlog - Montreal did just that, creating this beautiful aerial view of the river city.

VFX Montreal




Known for his fascinating and visually stimulating mirror-image-style edits, damienlair says the goal of this edit was to challenge himself to work on more transitions and color styles to improve his work.  We were blown away! In this latest video, Damien brings us to Montréal. Montréal is the French-Canadian city set on an island in the Saint Lawrence river in Québec.  It's the largest city in the province and the second largest in the country, and the largest French-speaking city outside of Paris.   

Saint Joseph's Oratory



Shawn Part...

Check out this drone video of one of the most well known landmarks in Montreal, Canada, compliments of contributor Shawn Partenza.  Saint Joseph's Oratory is what is known as a minor basilica, of which there are about 1,750 around the world (the four major basilicas are all in Rome).  Situated on one of the three peaks of Mont Royal (the mini-mountain which overlooks the city), the Oratory is the largest church in Canada.  Construction of this masterpiece took four decades; it wasn't completed until 1967.

Montreal's Olympic Stadium


Olympic Stadium - Phantom 4 footage in Montreal - 4K

realMont V...

During the last two weeks of July, 1976, the Canadian city Montreal became the center of the world.  As host city of the 1976 Summer Olympics, Montreal had the added burden of being the first Summer Games host following the terrorism-marred games of Munich four years earlier in which several Israeli athletes were killed.  In this video, contributor realMont Vlog - Montreal gives us a drone's eye view of Olympic Stadium, which was the main venue for the event and became the home stadium for the Montreal Expos baseball team.  

Profile of Dizifilms


The Drone Dish: dizifilms

The Drone ...

In this episode of Drone Dish, host Tyler Mason travels to New York for the city's 2017 Drone Film Festival and chats with David Durivage (AirVuz profile: dizifilms). David is from Montreal, Quebec and discusses his short film "DIZI" which was selected in this year's NYC Drone Film Fest.  Also, hear how David was able to get his Inspire drone up close and personal with some Tigers at a Canadian zoo!  His videos are features throughout the AirVuz Quebec regional collection as well its "Best of Canada" collection.



Hello Montreal


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