Canada's Nature
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Canadian Nature

Fujiabra Films

While the Canadian province of Ontario is Canada's most populous by a considerable margin, it actually has very low population density.  The province occupies an enormous land area of almost 1.1 million square km (a bit over 400k square mi).  This is about equal to the combined USA states of California and Texas, which together have about 5x the population of Ontario.  In this video, Fujibara Films gives us an aerial view of a very rural (and beautiful) Ontario.

Touring Canada with a Drone
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Colorful Canada


Top contributor Zimydakid created this amazing collage of Canada from a road trip across the great expanse of the world's second largest country by land area.  Strap yourself in for some epic bird's eye views of this amazingly diverse land.  You'll see the country's famous endless forests, some of its countless rivers and lakes, and also get a taste for its wildlife.  In terms of urban views, prepare to be amazed by the amazing aerial shots of Toronto and Montreal, Canada's two largest cities.  

Aerial Views of Toronto
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Toronto, the capital of Ontaria, is the largest city in Canada as well as its principal business and financial center.  Contributor 416 Shots gives us an aerial tour of this metropolis on the shores of Lake Ontario.  Using a DJI Phantom 3 drone, he gives us bird's eye views of the Toronto skyline, which is graced by the gigantic CN Tower (once the world's tallest structure, with a rooftop height of 450 meters or about 1.5k ft.)) and numerous gleaming bank headquarters buildings.

Fall in Ontario
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Lucid Dreaming: Fall in Ontario


The province of Ontario is home to some of Canada's largest westlands.  They cover much of the central and northern part of the province, where bogs and marshy areas abound amidst thousands of lakes.  In this drone video by Elnaz555, you'll get a bird's eye view of one of Ontario's cranberry bogs, which put wetlands areas to agricultural use.  It's near the town of Muskoka Lakes, an area of Ontario's "cottage country" located a two hour drive north of Toronto.  

Frozen Quebec
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The Beauty of Frozen Québec | Aerial Film

Matthew Chirico

Quebec is the most distinctive of Canada's provinces, having maintained its strong French heritage in a country which is otherwise much more tied to its roots as a group of British colonies.  Matthew Chirico gives us an aerial tour of this eastern Canadian province in the winter.  Using his DJI Mavic Pro drone, he provides stunning winter  aerial views of Montreal, Quebec's largest city, and the provincial capital Quebec City, which lies some ways down the St. Lawrence River.    

Drone Tour of Montreal
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Montreal is the largest city in the Canadian province of Quebec and the second largest city in Canada.  It stands in stark contrast to its larger, flashier neighbor Toronto.  What Montreal lacks in skyscrapers though it makes up for in culture, with a unique blend of French and English heritage.  Contributor Dizfilms created this epic drone video of the great city on the St. Lawrence River, which is also known for being the second largest French-speaking city after Paris.

Quebec City
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DJI Mavic 2 Pro - Québec City by drone


Check out this awesome aerial video of Québec City, compliments of Qfsaviation and his DJI Mavic 2 Pro drone.  The province's capital city is set on the banks of the mighty St. Lawrence River, the largest waterway in North America by discharge volume.  At the 1:00 mark in the video you'll get an epic bird's eye view of  Château Frontenac, the city's most visible landmark.  Completed in 1893, the hotel was built by the Canadian Pacific Railway, it's one of the country's grand railway hotels.

Mavic Pro 2 over Quebec
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Mavic 2 Pro : Splendid images over St-Laurent River and Old Quebec City


Caffespresso used a DJI Mavic 2 drone to create this spectacular aerial video of Quebec city, the last major city of the Great Lakes system before it drains into the North Atlantic.  Quebec city is situated near the mouth of the St. Lawrence River, which extends from Lake Ontario, past Montreal, and thence to Quebec city, the provincial capital.  The video contains epic footage of Quebec's Old City, one the oldest fortress-city in the United States or Canada with some preserved structures.  

Magdalene Islands
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La Îles de la Madeleine, Canada (Aerial Cinematography for BBC travel


The Magdalene Islands (La Îles de la Madeleine) in Quebec is one of Canada's least known natural treasures.  It's a group of islands located in the middle of the massive Gulf of St. Lawrence, where the St. Lawrence River empties into the Atlantic Ocean.  Magdalene's location in the middle of busy shipping lanes and the notorious winter weather of the region have led to hundreds of shipwrecks. Contributor Utcinema created this stunning drone video of these remote islands.   


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Toronto Skyline Views!

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Canada 4K 2017

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Road Trip

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