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Spring in the Alps


Highlights of My Spring, 2020

Muhamad Ab...

AirVuz contributor Muhamad AbuShakra is one of the top content creators in the AirVuz community; as of mid-2020 he's won the Drone Video of the Week award four times and has been a Finalist several more.  In this incredible piece, he's compiled some of his best aerial footage from exploring the mighty Alps Mountains in the Spring of 2020.  Opening with a spectacular dronie from atop a rocky peak, the video will take you across some of the world's most beautiful natural scenery as the region emerged from the Winter months.  

Cherry Blossoms on Poľana


Spring in Slovakia


Check out this stunning springtime aerial view from the Central European country of Slovakia, compliments of DVOW finalist HikeTheWorld.  The area filmed is near the inactive volcano known as Poľana, which is part of the Slovak Central Mountains.  Situated near the geographic center of the country in the Banská Bystrica Region, these mountains in turn are part of the Inner Western Carpathian Mountains.  Poľana is particularly beautiful in the Spring, when the cherry trees which line its gentle slopes blossom.  

The “Super Bloom” of Southern California


Super bloom from above

Dave Yip...
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The “Super Bloom” of southern California, United States, is a once-in-a-decade experience where the state’s flowers blast in color. This year SoCal experienced a super bloom to remember because of the right combination of rain, temperatures, and lack of the usual damaging winds. The combination allowed the wild flowers to burst, especially the very colorful poppy flower. Drone pilot Dave Yip took in the colorful flowers with his drone for this short video.

Tulip Season in the Netherlands


It’s that time of the year again - tulip season in The Netherlands 🌷🌷🌷

Pavlo Glaz...

Most of the famous tulip farms in Holland are in Noordoostpolder, Flevoland or the fields along the coast of The Hague and Leiden up to Alkmaar. The bright bulbs you’ll see in this aerial film by Pavlo Glazkov are from the village of Urk in Flevoland. Enjoy the vibrant flowers that are a sign of spring as they soak in the suns rays. 

Spring on California's Carrizo Plain


Superbloom 2023

Dave Yip...

Former Drone Video of the Week Finalist Dave Yip brings us this stunning drone video from the California's Carrizo Plain in th midst of its famous spring "superbloom".  One of California's great natural treasures, the grassland plain runs a length of about 50 mi (around 85 km) in San Luis Obispo County, about two hours north of Los Angeles.  During the Spring, wildflowers turn the plain into a sea of yellow.  With copious snowfall during the preceding Winter, the 2023 Superbloom was one of the most spectacular in recent memory.  

Holland Ridge Farms, New Jersey




Top contributor Zekedrone created this beautiful springtime drone video of a spot in the middle of New Jersey.  While many identify the state with the heavily populated areas around New York and Philadelphia, central New Jersey presents a completely different landscape.  Here, the state's nickname of the Garden State is much more apparent to the eye.  The spot filmed is called Holland Ridge Farms, and as the name suggests it's a tulip farm.  It hosts one of the largest tulip festivals on the East Coast.

May in Italy's Tuscany Region



Chris Borg...

Tuscany is a region of north central Italy on the Adriatic Sea.  Its primary city is Florence, considered the birthplace of the Rennaissance.  Top content creator Chris Berg and his traveling companion used a DJI Mavic Pro drone to create this spectacular aerial portrait of the region, which is distinguished by brilliant rolling hills, stands of Cyprus trees, and historical estates.  The video was shot in the Spring season, providing an epic bird's eye view of the region at its greenest.

Austrian Spring


Spring in Austria


In this video, top contributor and drone pilot Hiketheworld takes us on a springtime tour of the Gesause Park in Styria, the southeastern region of Austria.  From the heart of Central Europe, the video captures the verdant valleys and still snow-capped peaks of this national treasure, which includes the peak of Mt. Hochtor at 2.4k meters above sea level (7.8k ft).  This alpine park was established in 2002, and covers about 115 square km (about 40 square mi.) of some of the country's most beautiful landscapes. 

Spring in Germany's Algau Region


Start of Spring in Germany


Algau is a region of Swabia in the far south of Bavaria, Germany, near the border with Austria.  Located just east of Lake Constance, its landscape transitions from the foothills of the Alps to the great range itself.   It is a place of stunning snow covered mountain peaks, alpine lakes, and fairy tale forests.  Top contributor and drone pilot Eye-Catchography flew a drone over the area just as winter was ebbing and spring was beginning to bloom.  The aerial video, captured at the most beautiful time of year, is simply breathtaking.  

Dutch Tulip FIelds in Spring


Tulips 2023


Multiple Drone Video of the Week/Month Winner By_ewold brings us this stunning drone video from one of the Netherlands' most famous tulip fields.  It's called Keukenhof (aka the Garden of Europe), and it's located near the town of Lisse in the province of South Holland.  Actually one of the world's largest flower gardens of any type, the park covers about 80 acres, over which an astounding 7 billion bulbs are planted annually!  In addition to tulips, hyacinths, daffodils, lilies, roses, carnations and irises are also planted here. 

The Arrival of Spring in Ontario, Canada


Lucid Dreaming: Ontario Spring

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In a temperate climate like Ontario, Canada, the transition from winter to spring is as profound as that from summer to fall.  The transition can occur quite quickly, depending on weather conditions.  In this amazing video, contributor elnaz555 filmed the Ontario landscape over a three week period and used timelapse editing to put together this remarkable aerial perspective of Canada's largest province turning from winter to spring.  The aerial footage in the video was captured with a DJI Phantom 4 drone. 

Spring Planting on the USA's Great Plains


Spring Planting 2017

Doug A...
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Spring is not only the time for flowers to bloom, it is the time for farmers to plant their fields.  In the wealthier countries, this process is invariably mechanized, with large tractors providing the energy required to seed large areas of cultivation.  In this video, top AirVuz contributor and pilot Doug A used a drone to aerially film a John Deere  8420 tractor being used to plant corn and soybeans at LaRosh Farm in Osborn, Kansas in the USA.  This area is on the eastern end of the vast region known as the Great Plains.  

Spring in the Bosnian Mountains


Spring in Ljubuski

Andrej Viš...

Ljubuski is a small village in the West Herzegovina Canton in southern Bosnia Herzegovina, lying near the country's western border with Croatia in Southeastern Europe.  Situated in the foothills of some of Bosnia's spectacular mountains, the region is full of rivers and waterfalls which drain the elevated areas.  Drone pilot Andrej Vištica created this amazing look at some of the natural scenery around the town during the spring season.  As you'll see, the spring runoff feeds some spectacular looking falls.

Superbloom in California


Drone Captures Superbloom on California's Carrizo Plain

Drone One ...

While California isn't generally known for pronounced changes of season, that isn't true throughout the entire state.  For example, the Carrizo Plain near San Luis Obispo in central California sees a pronounced transition to spring, a time when thousands upon thousands of wildflowers come to life.  In the spring of 2017, heavy winter rainfall caused a somewhat rare phenomenon known as a "super bloom", which was skillfully captured via drone by top content creator and drone pilot Drone One Media.

Spring Reel from Southern Portugal


Aerial & Timelapse - Spring Reel 2018


For an aerial overview of Algarve, the province covering the southernmost part of Portugal, it's hard to beat this reel by contributor and drone pilot eMotionScapes.  The video features epic bird's eye views of many areas of the Algarve coastline, some of which faces west to the open Atlantic and some of which faces south to the body of water known as the Bay of Cadiz.  Much of the footage was shot at sunset, and there's an amazing shot of a windmill farm operating somewhere in the region, also shot at sunset. 

Spring in the Pyrenees Mountains


Hispadrone - Spring in Cerdanya #DJI #4K


While most people associate Spain's Catalonia with Barcelona and the Mediterranean Sea, the region is also blessed with stunning mountain scenery.  Catalonia is partially covered by the Pyrenees, the great range that separates Spain from France.  Other parts are covered by a line of foothills which run parallel to the Mediterranean coastline.  Contributor Hispadrone created this epic aerial video of Cerdanya, a Catalan sub-region that sits next to the tiny independent Pyrenees country Andorra.  

Cherry Blossoms in Japan by FPV


Fly at the most popular cherry blossom place in Tokyo.


Japan’s world-renowned sakura, or cherry blossom, season takes place in early spring, typically between late March and early April. Thousands of tress across the island nation will burst with color, popping reds, bright pinks, and brilliant whites dominating the landscape. NAMAIKIfpv flew her micro drone through one of the most popular sites to see the colors in Tokyo. The sakuras' flowers are absolutely breathtaking, we only wish we could smell the wonderful fragrance too!

Springtime in the Jeseniky Mountains


Spring in Hrubý Jeseník

Jan Baranč...

ArVuz contributor Jan Barančík - DronistaCZ brings us these marvelous springtime drone views of the mountains of the Czech Republic.  The Jeseniky Mountains (Hrubý Jeseník) are the highest in this Central European country.  Part of the Sudetes chain, the Jeseniky are located in the northeastern part of the country, forming the border between the historical regions of Moravia and Czech Silesia.  The highest peak of the Jeseniky is Praděd Mountain, which has a peak elevation of about 1.5k meters above sea level or around 4.9k ft.  





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Spring Blossom feat. Castle 🇯🇵


English Spring: Exploring Britain


Dutch Tulip Season 2021


"Tulip mania" 🌷🇳🇱

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