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Toronto at Night: Dronelapse


Toronto Aerial Timelapse-Hyperlapse 4K

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Top contributor Majestic, winner of one of the first Drone Video of the Week awards, is the master of drone timelapse photography - particularly with major cities around the world.  In this video, you'll get a marvelous dronelapse view of Toronto, Canada.  Shot at night, the video brilliantly brings to life this city on Lake Ontario, the center of a metropolis of over 7 million.  Watch it for the amazing perspective of one of the most impressive skylines amongst the North American cities.  

Toronto under Covid-19 Lockdown


Toronto Amidst the COVID-19 Pandemic


In this rather haunting drone video by new contributor AerialsFinest, you will see the virtually empty streets of Canada's largest city: Toronto, Ontario.  Given Canada's highly federalized structure, most social distancing measures were imposed at the provincial level.  As the most populous province as well as the location of Canada's "patient zero" (confirmed in Toronto on January 25th), Ontario was fairly quick to act, declaring a state of emergency on March 17th and closing most non-essential businesses about a week later.    

Golden Hour in Downtown Toronto


Toronto: 5:00 PM


For a <1 minute tour of the ultramodern Toronto skyline, it's hard to beat this drone video by Sukoon2Fly.  This city on Lake Ontario has one of the most impressive skylines in North America.  Part of the reason is the concentrated nature of the Canadian financial industry: the so-called Big 5 banks are all based in Toronto, and their headquarters towers dominate the city's skyline.  The tallest of these is the nearly 300 meter (978 ft.) First Canadian Place, headquarters of the Bank of Montreal.   

Aerial Tour of Toronto



  • 416Shots
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Toronto, the capital of Ontaria, is the largest city in Canada as well as its principal business and financial center.  Contributor 416 Shots gives us an aerial tour of this metropolis on the shores of Lake Ontario.  Using a DJI Phantom 3 drone, he gives us bird's eye views of the Toronto skyline, which is graced by the gigantic CN Tower (once the world's tallest structure, with a rooftop height of 450 meters or about 1.5k ft.)) and numerous gleaming bank headquarters buildings.

The Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area


All In One - Canada


Take an aerial tour of the great urban conurbation known as Greater Toronto in this excellent drone video by AirVuz contributor dronefate.  Inspired by's award-winning "Magic of Hong Kong" video, this piece features footage from the three largest cities within Canada's largest metropolitan area: Toronto, Mississauga, and Hamilton, which are arranged counter-clockwise around the northwestern shores of Lake Ontario.  The officially-recognized Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area has a population of over 7 million as of 2020. 

Toronto's Epic Skyline


Toronto Skyline Views


Sukoon2Fly created this amazing drone video shot from flying off of one of Toronto's many tall buildings.  It offers some great panoramas looking north at the center of Canada's largest city, as well as the waters of Lake Ontario behind it.  You'll also see some shots of the waterfront and CN Tower, the observation tower which was once the tallest structure in the world.  You'll be able to see the city's impressive downtown from multiple angles, and at the end you'll even see some fireworks.  

Mississauga: Toronto's "Twin City"


Mississsauga 905


Sukoon2Fly created this awesome drone video of one of the most prominent landmarks of Mississauga, a city in Ontario, Canada.  The two Absolute World towers are distinguished by a unique "twisting" structure, which was the design chosen by a public competition in the 1990's.  Completed in 2011 and 2012, the taller of the two towers (both residential) has a height of 175 meters (about 575 ft.), making them the tallest in Greater Toronto outside of the Toronto Central Business District.

Toronto's Outskirts


Daydreaming in Toronto

Arthur Luy...

Take an aerial mini-tour of Greater Toronto with this drone video by Arthur Luyens. The video mixes shots of the impressive skyline in downtown Toronto with footage from the less populated areas on the outskirts of the great city.  The video features impressive overhead shots of the city's busy thoroughfares and its ultra-modern skyline, as well as shots of some urban art and the pristine shores of Lake Ontario.  It ends with a nice shot of the waterfront and the CN tower.

Casa Loma and the University of Toronto


Casa Loma and University of Toronto


Contributor Sukoon2Fly used a drone to aerially film two of the landmarks of Toronto, Canada's largest city.  Casa Loma is perhaps its best-known mansion.  Situated in the city's Midtown area, the landmark was completed in 1914.  It's been used as a filming location for numerous TV shows and movies.  The second location is the University of Toronto campus. Located in Queens Park near downtown, it's considered one of the country's top 2-3 institutions of higher learning.  

New Developments Around Ft. York


Fort York/Canoe Landing Park


As the great metropolis of Toronto continues to grow, older areas along the city's Lake Ontario waterfront have become prime candidates for redevelopment.  Some of the largest projects are found on either side of the Gardiner Expressway around Fort York, just southwest of the Financial District.  Seen in this drone video by dronelab_to, the area is now home to dozens of new mixed-use developments, one clustered around the Canoe Landing Park just east of Fort York and another just across the expressway from Fort York.  

Yonge-Dundas Square


Yonge and Dundas Square Toronto


Check out this aerial view of the largest public square in Toronto, Canada, compliments of contributor Sukoon2Fly.  Yonge-Dundas Square (sometimes simply Dundas Square) is located at the intersection of Yonge and Dundas Streets in the downtown of Canada's largest city.  It's situated northeast of the core area of downtown, in an area that had become somewhat rundown by the 1990's.  The square opened in 2002, and has become the heart of a now-thriving entertainment district.  

Hamilton: City of Greater Toronto


Hamilton ON Reel - Mavic 3


AirVuz contributor dronefate used a DJI Mavic 3 drone to create this impressive aerial view of the city of Hamilton, Ontario.  Hamilton is located at the western end of Lake Ontario, about 35 mi. (around 60 km) southwest of central Toronto.  A substantial city in its own right, it's part of the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area, one of the great urban agglomerations of North America.  With a  population of well over a half-million, in recent decades Hamilton's economy has undergone a shift from heavy industry to service sectors.    

Toronto's Corktown Neighborhood


Corktown Flyby


New contributor and pilot dronelab_to brings us this excellent drone video shot over the Corktown neighborhood of Toronto, Canada.  Located just south of Regent Park, Corktown is an older district once largely populated by immigrants from Ireland.   The video features some great shots of the Financial District skyscrapers which lie a few blocks to its west, the Gardiner Expressway (which runs just south of Corktown), as well as some of the new construction which is taking place in the rapidly-redeveloping neighborhood.  

South Ajax and Pickering: Greater Toronto


South Ajax & Pickering in the Fall | Ontario, Canada | 2019 Drone Tour | 4K

Shaun Rick...

Greater Toronto (Canada) has grown in part by pulling once-independent towns and villages along the north shore of Lake Ontario into its orbit.  At the same time though, many of these areas have been able to retain much of their attractive natural scenery even as they become in effect Toronto suburbs.  In this drone video by Shaun Rickard, you'll see two towns which lie close to the eastern edge of Greater Toronto: South Ajax and  Pickering.  The latter lies just to the east of Scarborough Bluffs, west of the former.

Richmond Hill: Northern Greater Toronto



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Check out this beautiful drone video of wintertime in Richmond Hill, Ontario, compliments of top contributor elnaz555.  Richmond Hill is located about 30 km (around 20 mi.) north of downtown Toronto.  Once an independent town, it's become part of Greater Toronto as the metropolis has expanded northwards as well as to the east and west along Lake Ontario.  With a population of about 200k, Richmond Hill has been one of Canada's fastest-growing cities in recent decades even as it retains much of its rural feel.  

CN Tower and Toronto's Skyscrapers


Aerial Toronto 4K | Phantom 3

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Toronto is not only Canada's largest city, it's also one of the most vertical cities in North America.  With 60 buildings over 150 meters (just under 500 ft.) as of 2018, it's more skyscraper-dense than any USA city save New York and Chicago.  And that doesn't include CN Tower, the observation tower whose spire sits over half a kilometer (553 meters, over 1.8k ft.) above Lake Ontario.  Here's an epic look at the skyline of this amazing city, complements of 416shots.  It was shot with a DJI Phantom 3.

Scarborough Bluffs


Scarborough Bluffs Toronto Ontario


Here's an amazing drone's eye view of a beautiful area of Toronto, Canada, compliments of contributor Bubbawoods.  It's called Scarborough Bluffs, and it's situated on the Lake Ontario waterfront east of the downtown area.  Originally a separate village, it was incorporated into Toronto in the 1950's.  In addition to its beautiful bluffs overlooking the lake, Scarborough Bluffs is known for being welcoming to Canada's large immigrant population; it's one of the most diverse areas of this very diverse city.

Whitby and Ashawa, Greater Toronto


Filming Things Episode 01 (DJI MAVIC PRO)


In this drone video by AirVuz contributor THEJORDON, you'll get some aerial views of the area which lies just at the easternmost extent of the vast area known variously as Greater Toronto or the Golden Horseshoe.  It was filmed in the vicinity of Whitby and Oshawa, the next two towns to the east of Ajax.  Located roughly an hour's drive east of downtown Toronto, these areas have retained much of their original natural scenery even as they have become in effect outer suburbs of Canada's largest city.  



Summer Toronto 2017

miguel are...

Ontario | Canada | Aerial


Caribana 2017 Toronto


December Sky


Toronto Inception!


Dawn to Dusk Toronto

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Toronto at Night