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<p><strong>Here's a travel tip from us here at <a href="">AirVūz</a>...Grab your drone and get over to the Philippines NOW!</strong></p>
<p>The Philippines, located in Southeast Asia, is a perfect destination to hop from island to island, city to city, and UNESCO site to UNESCO site to get that drone footage.  This country has over a thousand islands, including <a href=""><strong>Palawan</strong></a> and <strong><a href="">Coron</a>,</strong> that are surrounded by sparkling seas, tropical jungles, and heavenly beaches.  If that's not enough to entice you, then perhaps the bustling citylife of <strong><a href="">Manila</a> </strong>is more your thing? Or there is always the remarkable steps of the <strong><a href="">Ifugao Rice Terraces</a> </strong>to capture from an aerial view! Whether you're exploring <strong><a href="">Boracay</a></strong>, <a href=""><strong>Cebu</strong></a>, or <strong><a href="">Bohol</a> </strong>make darn sure you capture those spots from above and share your drone videos with the community here on <strong><a href="">AirVūz</a>!</strong></p>
<div>Check out all the aerial footage of the Philippines in the collection of drone videos below!  Also, don't forget to show these contributors some love with some <strong>comments</strong>, <strong>likes</strong>, and <strong>follows!</strong> </div>
<p><br /><strong>AirVūz | United by Drone | <a href="">Featured Photo</a> by <a href="">BigHeadGreg</a></strong></p>
From my exclusively drone footage series &quot;From The Sky&quot;, check out this video of Bohol, The Philippines. Bohol is in the Central Visayas region of The Philippines, it contains some absolutely stunning scenery. From white sandy beaches to the geological oddity that is The Chocolate Hills. Check out it's beauty in this weeks episode of 'From The Sky'.

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Aerialapse in Coron Philippines 1:00

A Day in Coron

Drone Pilot: Guio Carlo Baniqued<br />Location: Province of Mountain Province, Philippines 0:40

That Place Called Sagada

Sisiman is a small coastal village with a beautiful landscape at the tip of Bataan, Philippines<br />Music Credits: Breakthrough by Tony Anderson 4:49


Philippines , Negros island north in the Kanraon(Canlaon) mountain .<br />It is an active volcano at an altitude of 2,435m(7,989ft). It is possible to see such huge the active Lugud crater and green-covered Margaja Valley. There is also a huge waterfall at the foot .<br />There is an eruption in 2015 and 2016, and it is currently active in alert level 1.<br /><br />**Drone Movie Contest 2017 Grand Prize Winner 3:00

Kanlaon Volcano(Canlaon)

El Nido, Palawan, Philippines 4:30