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Montreal and Quebec City in Winter

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The Beauty of Frozen Québec | Aerial Film

Matthew Chirico

Quebec is the most distinctive of Canada's provinces, having maintained its strong French heritage in a country which is otherwise much more tied to its roots as a group of British colonies.  Matthew Chirico gives us an aerial tour of this eastern Canadian province in the winter.  Using his DJI Mavic Pro drone, he provides stunning winter  aerial views of Montreal, Quebec's largest city, and the provincial capital Quebec City, which lies some ways down the St. Lawrence River.    

Montreal Dronelapse

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Montreal DroneLapse

  • RomeR
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Check out this fantastic dronelapse of the great Canadian city of Montréal, compliments of RomeR.  The video was shot from the perspective of the St. Lawrence River, facing west.  In the foreground you'll see the Grande roue de Montréal ferris wheel which opened in 2017 to commemorate the city's 375th anniversary.  The ferris wheel lies in the city's Old Port, the historic core of the largest French-speaking city after Paris; further west, you'll see the modern downtown, and beyond that the peak of Mt. Royal.    

Quebec Fall Colors

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Fall in Quebec

Omar Uddin

The Canadian province of Quebec covers an enormous land area - about 1.35 million square km or around 527k square mi., roughly twice the size of France.  Much of the province is forested, and in the more temperate latitudes the trees are decidious.  In the Fall, these areas become a sea of colors, presenting some of the world's most beautiful Autumn landscapes.  In this drone video by Omar Uddin, you'll get a sense of the spectacular beauty of the hills of rural Quebec near the peak of the Fall color season.   

Quebec City by Mavic Pro 2

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DJI Mavic 2 Pro - Québec City by drone


Check out this awesome aerial video of Québec City, compliments of Qfsaviation and his DJI Mavic 2 Pro drone.  The province's capital city is set on the banks of the mighty St. Lawrence River.  At the 1:00 mark in the video you'll get an epic bird's eye view of  Château Frontenac, the city's most visible landmark.  Completed in 1893, the hotel was built by the Canadian Pacific Railway, it's one of the country's grand railway hotels.  The hotel was a filming location for Season 5 of the TV show the Bachelor.  

The Mighty St. Lawrence River

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Le Fleuve St-Laurent


Canada's St. Lawerence River is the country's most important waterway.  It provides the connection between the Great Lakes and the Atlantic Ocean, and is also an immense source of hydroelectricity for Canada and the United States.  Only 500 km (just over 300 mi.) long, it's North America's largest river by discharge volume, and it created the Gulf of St. Lawrence, the largest river estuary in the world.  Contributor Dizfilms created this epic aerial tour of this mighty seaway.   

The Magdalene Islands

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La Îles de la Madeleine, Canada (Aerial Cinematography for BBC travel


The Magdalene Islands (La Îles de la Madeleine) in Quebec is one of Canada's least known natural treasures.  It's a group of islands located in the middle of the massive Gulf of St. Lawrence, where the St. Lawrence River empties into the Atlantic Ocean.  Magdalene's location in the middle of busy shipping lanes and the notorious winter weather of the region have led to hundreds of shipwrecks. Contributor Utcinema created this stunning drone video of these remote islands.   

Mont Ham, Notre Dame Mountains

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Fall in the Mountains of Québec


The eastern portion of the Canadian province of Quebec is basically a triangle formed by the St. Lawrence River and the USA border.  Much of this part of the province is covered by the Notre Dame Mountains, which are part of the Appalachian range.  In this drone video by seabass, you'll get a nice aerial view of the area around Mont Ham, one of the peaks in the southern Notre Dame Mountains. With a peak elevation of just over 700 meters (around 2.3k ft.), it makes for a spectacular Fall scene.  

The Beautiful Gaspé Peninsula

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Roadtrip Gaspésie 2019

Alex AirTravel

Contributor Alex AirTravel created this video of one of the most beautiful parts of the Canadian province of Quebec. It's called the Gaspésie Peninsula, and it forms the southern side of the Gulf of St. Lawrence, the estuary of the St. Lawrence River.   Situated to the north of New Brunswick, the peninsula covers 31k square km (around 11k square mi.) yet only has about 140k inhabitants. The video combines drone and ground camera footage to provide some amazing views of this stunningly picturesque area. 

Tigers at Zoo Sauvage

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Prepare to be amazed by this amazing drone video of Siberian tigers at a zoo in eastern Canada.  The Zoo Sauvage de Saint-Felicien is a zoological park in central Quebec, well north of Montreal and Quebec city.  Contributor Dizfilms, one of the top professional drone pilots in Quebec, worked with the zoo to film its Siberian tiger pair by drone.  The video shows how the animals react with a vague indifference to the hovering DJI Inspire drone.  This was a finalist for the AirVuz 2017 Drone Video Awards.  

Winter in Frozen Quebec

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While the population of the Canadian province Quebec is heavily concentrated in its southern area along the St. Lawrence River, the province is enormous.  It extends over 1.3 million square km (over 500k square mi.) of land area, making it the largest southern tier province.  Most of this area is in the northern part of the province.  In this amazing video by contributor Dizifilms, you'll get an aerial view of this frozen wonderland, which extends to latitudes running through Greenland.  

FPV on the St. Lawrence River

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Freestyle tower over water, don't miss the landing!

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You will get a completely new perspective of Quebec's St. Lawrence River in this amazing first person view (FPV) video by contributor Gab707.  Gab707 is one of the top drone racing pilots in Canada and indeed the world: he has competed on multiple seasons of the Drone Racing League, and has been seen regularly on ESPN.  Here, he goes for some freestyle FPV action, taking his racing drone out for a spin over the famed river near his native Montreal.  

Rural Quebec

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Canada Québec - je me souviens -


The Canadian province of Quebec has a land area of over 1.3 million square km (about 525k square mi.), making it over 2x the size of the USA's state of Texas and over 3x the size of California.  Most of it far from the province's urban centers, and features some of the most spectacular natural scenery in North America .  Contributor Macheco went on a 2400 km road trip around the rural areas of this gigantic province, and created this stunning drone video along the way.  

Victoriaville: Heart of Quebec

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Country side in Québec


Check out this beautiful drone video of the countryside of rural Quebec, compliments of contributor Seabass.  It was shot around the town of Victoriaville, in the central part of Canada's second most populous province.  Victoriaville is situated to the south and east of the St. Lawrence River, the great waterway on which Quebec's two main cities (Montreal and Quebec City) lies.  It is in a region known for its fine (often handmade) hardwood products, ranging from hockey sticks to caskets.  

Quebec's Cottage Country in Fall

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A cottage in the hills

Optique Video

Contributor Nicoricosancho made it out with his drone just in time to capture the short-lived fall scenery in Quebec, Canada. Complete with warmly-tinted foliage, plump pumpkins in a field, and a quiet cottage in the hills, this aerial footage clearly conveys all the lovely attributes of the autumn season. Quebec is home to some of the most spectacular Fall scenery in North America, particularly in the "triangle" formed by the St. Lawrence River and the US border.  

Drone Views of the Magdalens

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Magdalen Islands


The Magdalen Islands is an archipelago in the middle of the Gulf of St. Lawrence in eastern Canada.  The group consists of eight major islands and a number of smaller ones. Although they lie closer to the three Maritime provinces as well as to Newfoundland, the Magdalens are part of the territory of the province of Quebec.  In the winter months, the islands are completely isolated from the rest of the country due to the freezing of the Gulf.  You can check out these beautiful islands from above in this drone video by seabass.

The Old City of Quebec

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Mavic 2 Pro : Splendid images over St-Laurent River and Old Quebec City


Caffespresso used a DJI Mavic 2 drone to create this spectacular aerial video of Quebec city, the last major city of the Great Lakes system before it drains into the North Atlantic.  Quebec city is situated near the mouth of the St. Lawrence River, which extends from Lake Ontario, past Montreal, and thence to Quebec city, the provincial capital.  The video contains epic footage of Quebec's Old City, one the oldest fortress-city in the United States or Canada with some preserved structures.  

Aerial Tour of Montreal

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Montreal is the largest city in the Canadian province of Quebec and the second largest city in Canada.  It stands in stark contrast to its larger, flashier neighbor Toronto.  What Montreal lacks in skyscrapers though it makes up for in culture, with a unique blend of French and English heritage.  Contributor Dizfilms created this epic drone video of the great city on the St. Lawrence River, which is also known for being the second largest French-speaking city after Paris.

Profile of Dizifilms

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The Drone Dish: dizifilms

The Drone Dish

In this episode of Drone Dish, Tyler Mason travels to New York City and chats with David Durivage of dizifilms. David is from Montreal, Quebec and discusses his short film "DIZI" which was selected in this year's New York City Drone Film Fest.  Also, hear how David was able to get his Inspire drone up close and personal with some Tigers at a Canadian zoo! His videos are features throughout the Quebec regional collection as well as the Canada collection in Countries.


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Snowboarding the East

Optique Video
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Cité Mémoire

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Fall's colors

Gino Caron