New Orleans Drone Tour

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New Orleans Compilation 2019

Bumble Bee Productions

Check out this beautiful compilation of 4k drone footage of New Orleans, Louisiana, compliments of content creator and drone pilot Bumble Bee Productions. Some of the featured locations include the Crescent City Connection bridge, the World War II Museum, one of the city's legendary crypts, Tiger Stadium (home of the Louisiana State University men's football team), the Lake Pontchartrain Causeway, Tulane University's Benson Field, the Gulf of Mexico coastline, the Downtown district, and more.

4k Aerial Views of New Orleans

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Beautiful Day In New Orleans

Bumble Bee Productions

Here's a brilliant 4k aerial view of New Orleans, Louisiana, compliments of contributor and drone pilot Bumble Bee Productions.  It opens with a shot overlooking the World War II Museum, the USA's most well-known museum devoted to the great conflict.  From there it's over to the Crescent City Connection, the most prominent bridge over the Lower Mississippi.  From there you'll head over to the downtown area before ending up in the French Quarter, the historic and aesthetic heart of the Big Easy.

Dronie from Bourbon Street

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Content creator and drone pilot LightandDrawing created this amazing aerial view of Bourbon Street, the most well known thoroughfare in New Orleans, Louisiana.  It forms the heart of the French Quarter, the historical district of the Big Easy along the Mississippi River.  The French Quarter figures prominently in the 1973 James Bond film Live and Let Die, the ninth in the series and the first to star Roger Moore as Agent 007.  An important scene in the film was shot on Chartres Street, just two blocks from Bourbon.  

Sunset over the Big Easy

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One Sunset Day in New Orleans

Bumble Bee Productions

New Orleans, the “Big Easy,” is known for its round-the-clock night life, fantastic French, African, American and seafood cuisine, vibrant music scene, voodoo lore, and southern charm.  The home of the world's largest Jazz Festival and the USA's largest Mardi Gras celebration, its location on the mighty Mississippi River near the Gulf of Mexico gives it its unique weather patterns and warm nights.  In this drone video by Bumble Bee Productions, you'll see day to turn to night with some beautiful sunset views of the Big Easy.

The New Orleans Jazz Festival

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Buzzing the Jazz Festival 2019

Bumble Bee Productions

The New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival, better known as Jazz Fest, is an annual celebration of the music form which was born in the African American community of the Big Easy.  The festival started in 1970.  Held the last week of April, it's one of the city's biggest events and draws jazz lovers from all over the world.  In this drone video by contributor Bumble Bee Productions, you can see some of the sights and sounds of the 2019 Jazz Fest, which is held at the Fair Grounds Race Course north of downtown.

Lake Pontchartrain

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Sunset at Lake Pontchartrain

Bumble Bee Productions

Louisiana's Lake Pontchartrain isn't actually a true "lake"; it's really a brackish section of Mississippi River estuary.  It forms the northern boundary of the city of New Orleans.  Lake Pontchartrain covers an enormous area of 1.6k square km (around 600 square mi.) but is quite shallow - its maximum depth is only 20 meters or 65 feet.  In this drone video by Bumble Bee Productions, you'll get a bird's eye view of the great lake, which famously overflowed when Hurricane Katrina struck the city in 2005.

The Mercedes-Benz Superdome

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Mercedes Benz Superdome

Bumble Bee Productions

Check out this drone video of the Mercedes-Benz Superdome in New Orleans, Louisiana, compliments of contributor and pilot Bumble Bee Productions  The 73.2k seat stadium (expandable to 76.5k) opened in 1975 as the home field of the New Orleans Saints of the National Football League.  The Superdome has hosted seven NFL championship games as of 2019, most recently Super Bowl XLVII in 2013.   Famously, the SuperDome became the shelter of last resort when Hurricane Katrina devastated New Orleans in 2005.  

Lake Pontchartrain to the Mississippi

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Aerial Louisiana - Lake Ponchartrain to Mississippi River


TampaRandy created this aerial tour of southern Louisiana.  It covers the area between Lake Ponchartrain to the Mississippi River.  Pontchartrain is a brackish lake which is part of the river's delta.  It sits north of New Orleans, and flooding from the lake caused catastrophic damage to New Orleans following Hurricane Katrina in September, 2005.  It's a very large, shallow lake, with an area of about 1.6k square km (about 630 square mi.) but an average depth of only about 4 meters (around 12 ft.).  

Algiers Point

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Sunset At Algiers Point

Bumble Bee Productions

As it passes through the city of New Orleans, Louisiana on its way to the Gulf of Mexico, the mighty Mississippi River makes a sharp right turn.  The landform created by this turn is known as Algiers Point, and it's just east and opposite the river from the French Quarter, the historical core of this historic city.  Several decades ago, the neighborhood around the point began being called the Algiers Point neightborhood.  You can check it out from above in this drone video by Bumble Bee Productions.  

New Orleans at Night

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New Orleans Revisited

Bumble Bee Productions

New Orleans, Louisiana is one of the oldest major cities in the Southeastern United States, and it was the largest Southern city up until the US Civil War.  Situated near the mouth of the Mississippi River, New Orleans continues to have a hold on the American imagination, particularly so after the devastating Hurricane Katrina nearly leveled parts of the city and killed at least 1,000 people (possibly many more) in 2005.  In this video Bumble Bee productions gives us a nice aerial tour of the Big Easy at night.

The Port of New Orleans

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Port Of New Orleans Cranes


Contributor @WesTheDroneMan created this fascinating drone video of the Port of New Orleans in the Southeastern USA.  Situated near the mouth of the Mississippi River, New Orleans is home to one of the busiest ports in the world.  It handles both containers and bulk cargo, and is one of the ten busiest ports in the United States by tonnage.   It handles several different types of ships, including barges (which move goods up and down the Mississippi) and ocean-going containerships and bulk cargo ships.  

Aerial Views from Rampart Street

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City In The Morning

Bumble Bee Productions

Rampart Street is one of the more important thoroughfares in New Orleans, Louisiana.  Running on a generally east-west orientation and parallel to the Mississippi River, Rampart forms the northern boundary of the city's French Quarter.  It's name derives from the fortifications which were once built here to protect the then-French controlled city in Pre-Revolutionary (and Pre-Louisiana Purchase) times.  Contributor Bumble Bee Productions brings us this excellent drone video shot over Rampart Street on a beautiful morning.  

Abandoned Six Flags Amusement Park

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Six Flags (Abandoned) New Orleans

Bumble Bee Productions

Among the permanent casualties in New Orleans from Hurricane Katrina is the former Six Flags Amusement Park.  Situated in New Orleans East, the park opened on a 140 acre site in 2002.  It has been closed since the historic storm and subsequent flooding devastated the city in August, 2005.  While there have been numerous plans floated to redevelop the site, it remains in a completely abandoned state as of mid-2019.  You can see this eery reminder of pre-Katrina New Orleans in this drone video by Bumble Bee Productions.  

Tulane University's Yulman Stadium

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Yulman Stadium

Bumble Bee Productions

Yulman Stadium in New Orleans, Louisiana is one of the newest college football stadiums in the United States.   Opened in 2014, it's the home of the Tulane University's Green Wave men's football team.  The team moved here as its new home following 39 seasons in the Mercedes-Benz Superdome.  Yulman seats 30k fans and has 4.5k premium seats.   Tulane is a premiere private research university; founded in 1834, it currently has an enrollment of about 13.6k, of which roughly two-thirds are undergraduates.

The French Quarter

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French Quarters Downtown New Orleans, LA


In this drone video by contributor and pilot LIFT504, you'll get bird's eye views of the most well-known neighborhood of New Orleans, Louisiana: its storied French Quarter.  Ride along for some great views of this fabled historical  district, which is the epicenter of the great annual Mardi Gras celebration.  At around the :35 mark you'll get a great top-down view of the Quarter's most famous landmark: Jackson Square, built in the 19th century to commemorate the "purchase" of Louisiana from France.    

New Orleans by FPV

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New Orleans Freestyle

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New Orleans, Louisiana. The Big Easy. The historic city near the mouth of the Mississippi River saw catastrophic flooding in August, 2005 when the center of Hurricane Katrina passed just southeast of it and caused much of its water-containing infrastructure to fail.   To this day many of the buildings flooded in 2005 still sit empty. Always spot-on pilot SFPV explored New Orleans and was able to float through some of those places, taking it all in with his quad and landing him on the FPV Pilots to Watch list in April of 2019.

New Orleans Cemetery Views

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Cemetery Flight 2nd day

Bumble Bee Productions

The city of New Orleans was built on low-lying swampland.  One of the implications of this geographic fact runs to how New Orleans deals with its dead: given the wet and often unstable ground conditions, traditional burial techniques don't work here.  Rather, for centuries, the city's dead have not been buried but rather interred in above-ground mausoleums.  In this drone video by Bumble Bee Productions, you'll get an aerial view of one of the city's famous cemeteries, which have long captured the imagination in both literature and film.    

Sunset in the French Quarter

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French Quarter Sunset

Bumble Bee Productions

The French Quarter is the "old city" of New Orleans, Louisiana, the heart of the original city built by the French in the 18th century.  Much of its architecture is of French origin, although a number of its buildings were constructed after it became US territory following the Louisiana Purchase in 1803. In this piece by Bumble Bee Productions, you'll get an aerial view of this historic neighborhood along the Mississippi, including some great shots of its most prominent landmark: Jackson Square, which lies on the edge of the French Quarter.