Top Aerial Views of Turkey's Black Sea Region

Trabzon: Sumela Monastery
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Sumela Monastery: Trabzon, Turkey


Check out this magnificent video of one of Turkey's most famous monasteries, compliments of contributor and drone pilot enghasanali.  Sumela is a Greek Orthodox monastery built into a mountain in Trabzon, one of the provinces of Turkey's Black Sea region.  Its "host" Melá Mountain is part of the Pontic range which runs parallel to the coastline.   The original structure dates to the 4th century AD, and it took its present form in the 13th century.   It's associated with a famous icon of the Virgin Mary.  

Kakar Mountains
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Turkey's Kakar Mountains: The Sky is the Limit


Contributor Ezgierol used a DJI Phantom drone to create this stunning aerial video of Turkey's Kaçkar Mountains.  These are the easternmost of the Pontic Mountains which run along much of Turkey's northern Black Sea coastline.  The video includes shots of Kaçkar Daği, the highest mountain in the entire Pontic range, which has an altitude of about 4k meters (just under 13k ft.) above sea level.  Most of the range lies within the province of Artvin.

Zilkale: Castle on Turkey's Black Sea Coast
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A Castle Among Clouds and Mist


Zilkale Castle lies in Turkey's Rize province in the northeastern part of the country, in its Black Sea region.  The medieval castle, which has a storied history involving multiple kingdoms, sits on a giant cliff overlooking a small river.  It's a prime tourist attraction in this part of Turkey.  Contributor Skaty was able to fly his drone over this magnificent 15th century structure on a day when it was enshrouded in mist. As you'll see from the video, the results are simply spectacular.  

Sinop Province: Boyabat Castle
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The Castle of Boyabat

Alp Karagulle

Contributor and drone pilot Alp Karagulle created this amazing aerial video of one of the most spectacular castles in Turkey's Black Sea region in the north of the country.  It's called Boyabat Castle, and it's in the Sinop province which is situated more or less in the middle of Turkey's Black Sea coastline.  The castle dates to the Antiquity, and was rebuilt as control of the area shifted first to the Roman, then the Byzantine, and finally the Ottoman Empires.  

Rize: Ağaran Şelalesi Waterfall
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Ağaran Şelalesi Falls

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Rize Province lies in the northeastern province of Turkey, along the Black Sea.  Contributor Secoko used a drone to aerially film the Ağaran Şelalesi waterfall, one of the most impressive bits of natural scenery in this part of Turkey.  The falls lie a bit inland from the Black Sea, due east of the provincial capital Rize.  As you'll see from the video, the cascading water forms beautiful spray patterns against the rocks.  The waterfall is part of a national preserve.

Turkey's Pontic Mountains
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Turkey's Black Sea Mountains from Above

Turkey Home

Northern Turkey contains some of the country's most spectacular mountain scenery.  The Pontic Mountains extend along virtually the entire Black Sea coastline, with peaks as high as almost 4k meters (about 13k ft.).  The tallest mountains in this range are the Kaçkar Mountains, which is a subrange towards the eastern end of the main Pontic range.  This video submitted by Turkey Home will give you an aerial tour of these amazing mountains of northeastern Turkey.

Bartin Province: Amsara
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A Fantastic Town: Amasra


Contributor Iskenderfilm created this beautiful drone video of the Turkish Black Sea port town of Amasra.  The town is situated in the Bartin province, about a third of the way along the coastline moving west to east.  The video provides bird's eye views of this ancient town, with its red roof buildings.  It also shows how closely the mountains of northern Turkey hold to the Black Sea coast, which form a lovely backdrop for port cities like Amasra.

Trabzon: Lake Uzungöl
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Uzungöl Drone Footage


Contributor Dronesantana007 created this stunning drone video of a mountain valley in the Trabzon province of northeastern Turkey.  Uzungöl is a lake which was formed by a landslide in the middle of the province, roughl equidistant between the provincial capital Trabzon to the northwest and Rize, the capital of neighboring Rize province, to the northeast.  The lake and the surrounding valley are now major tourist attractions in Turkey's eastern Black Sea region.

Drone Tour of Amasya
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Alp Karagulle

Amasya is am important cultural city in Turkey's Black Sea region and is the capital of the province of the same name.   Although the province is part of the officially recognized Black Sea region, it is actually inland from the sea, part of a rough line of provinces which lie to the south of the coastal provinces.  Contributor Alp Karaguelle created this beautiful drone video of this mountainous city, which was used as a training ground for Ottoman princes.

Drone Tour of Trabzon Province
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Trabzon Preview


Agrippa907 created this aerial mini-tour of Trabzon, one of the provinces of Turkey's Black Sea region.  The highlight of the video is an amazing shot of Sumela, one of the most important Greek Orthodox monasteries in Turkey.  The shot, which begins at about :20, will give you an idea of why this is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the region.  The monastery, which is built into a cliff at an altitude of about 1.2k meters (about 3.9k ft.), dates to the 4th century AD.  

Rize Province: Zil Castle
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Zil Kale (Castle)


Contributor Jesus_tr created this epic pull-out drone shot from Zil Castle, one of the most important landmarks in Turkey's Black Sea region.  It's situated in the Çamlıhemşin District of Rize, which is the next-to-easternmost of the Black Sea provinces.  The medieval castle overlooks Firtina creek, which you'll see in the video.  The castle played an important role in the maintenance of Ottoman power in the region.  This was shot with a DJI Spark drone.

Tortum: Waterfall of Northeastern Turkey
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Turkey's Tortum Waterfall


Contributor Skaty created this amazing drone video of Turkey's largest waterfall.  Tortum Waterfall is located in the northeastern corner of the country, in its Black Sea region.  A massive hydroelectric project completed in 1960 drastically reduced the flow of water over the falls, such that it's dry much of the year.  The falls and the lakes which surround it are popular sightseeing destinations in this part of the country.  

Kastamonu İnebolu: Ancient Black Sea Town
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Kastamonu Inebolu, Turkey

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Kastamonu İnebolu is a town which sits very near the middle of Turkey's long Black Sea coastline.  The town dates to the antiquity, and control of it has changed hands many times; at one point it's been part of the Macedonian, Byzantine, and Ottoman Empires, among others.  The area played an important role in the Turkish War of Independence of 1919-23.  In this video, you'll get a beautiful bird's eye view of Kastamonu İnebolu compliments of contributor Pascha.

Turkey's Dark Canyon
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The Canyon of Incesu


Check out this amazing aerial video of a canyon in northern Turkey, compliments of contributor and drone pilot BatuTurkey.  The Canyon of Incesu is located in the province of Corum, a province of the country's Black Sea Region.  It's part of the "second line" of provinces in the region which do not sit on the Black Sea; rather, it's inland from the Sinop province.  The canyon is located in the mountains which run parallel to the Black Sea for much of the length of the region.  

Zilkale: Medieval Turkish Castle
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Check out this amazing drone video of an important medieval castle in northern Turkey, compliments of contributor enghasanali.  Zilkale Castle is located in the Rize province, part of Turkey's Black Sea region.  It's the next-to-easternmost of the country's provinces on the sea, and is only a short distance west of the border with Georgia.  The castle is built in the 14th-15th centuries into the mountains which line much of the Turkish Black Sea coast, at an altitude of about 1.1k meters (around 3.7k ft.).  


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JetBoat Show

Alp Karagulle
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