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Compilation Video of Catalonia

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Catalonia Region from Above

AirVūz Social

See the best drone videos of Spain's Catalonia region all in one aerial compilation created by AirVūz. Catalonia (sometimes refereed to as Catalunya) is made up of four provinces: Barcelona, Girona, Lleida and Tarragona. Fly over some of the most famous sights in Barcelona, like La Sagrada Familia. Check out the the coastal Costa Brava region in Girona. And watch drone videos from Lleida and Tarragona to see more historic places and breathtaking landscapes! 

DVOW Nominee in Barcelona

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Mi Girano Forte

Check out this beautiful drone video of Barcelona, Spain, compliments of Mi Girano Forte.  The video opens with some epic footage of the city's Columbus Monument on the La Rambla thoroughfare.  From there you'll see Barcelona Cathedral, the ultra-modern W Barcelona Hotel tower, the spectacular (yet still not finished) Sagrada Familia, the Torre Glòries, the Venetian Towers, the Arc de Triomf over the Passeig de Lluís Companys promenade, the Temple Expiatori del Sagrat Cor, and more.  

Aerial Tour of Catalonia

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Top contributor Oliver Astrologo created this stunning, DVOW-nominated visual tour of Catalonia, the northeastern region of Spain.  Here are some of the locations featured: Barcelona, Blanes, Cadaqués, Sant Pere de Rodes Monastery, Besalú, Sant Pau, Fageda, Sant Martí del Corb, Vall de Núria, Pedraforca, Sant Llorenç de Morunys, Congost de Mont-Rebei, Montsec and Àger, Seu Vella in Lleida, Terres de l’Ebre, Siurana, Tarragona city, Montserrat, La Foradada, Cantonigròs, Osona, Girona, and more.

Catalonia and Barcelona by Drone

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Barcelona Catalunya Drone & Travel Video - DJI / GoPro - 4k - Arrival Of The Birds

PROEPICS (Jannis & Carlota)

Catalonia is a triangle shaped region in the northeast portion of Spain, which shares a long border with France.  Bounded by the Pyrenees Mountains and the Mediterranean Sea, Catalonia combines the feel of the Iberian Peninsula with the glamour of the French Riviera.  In this video, contributor Jannis & Carlota use a drone to create an amazing look at this wealthy and culturally advanced region, which is the home to the highly cosmopolitan metropolis of Barcelona.  

Barcelona 4K Drone Video

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Barcelona in 4K

iDrone Aerials

Barcelona is the second largest city in Spain and the capital of the Catalonia region in the country's northeastern corner.  Situated on the Mediterranean Sea, it is one of the wealthiest and cosmopolitan cities in Europe.  Top contributor iDrone Aerials used a DJI Mavic Pro drone to create an amazing aerial portrait of this great city, which was founded by the Romans in the first century BC and hosted the Summer Olympics at the end of the 20th century.     

Spain's Costa Brava

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Costa Brava by dronewise


Costa Brava is a coastal region of Catalonia in the far northeastern corner of Spain.  The area covers the coastline of the province of Girona, from Blanes to the French border.  With a fantastic Mediterranean climate, it has become a major tourist destination for beach-seeking travelers in Europe and around the world.  Contributor Dronewise used a DJI Phantom 4 drone to create this amazing aerial view of this magic Mediterranean beach paradise, which is frequently compared to the French Riviera.  

Catalonia's Southern Coastline

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Mediterranean | A Mavic Pro and GoPro 5 short film

Karl Veca

One of the distinguishing features of the Spanish region of Catalonia is its long coastline along the Mediterranean Sea.  While many associate the province with the glittering coastal city of Barcelona or the crowded beaches of Costa Brava, contributor Karl Veca shows us a quieter but equally beautiful view of the Catalon coast with this amazing drone video.  You will be amazed by these bird's eye views of lighthouses, coastal cliffs, and centuries-old estates.  

MTB above Costa Brava

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Mountain Bike in Giverola by


With foothills that come up nearly to the Mediterranean coast, the Costa Brava area of northeastern Spain has become extremely popular with mountain bikers.  The steepness of the hills allows them to be climbed by (physically fit) mountain bikers, and the downhill runs provide epic views of the blue waters of the Mediterranean.  Swiss contributor Ultraprod created this beautiful drone video of the mountain biking scene in the area of Tossa de Mar, about halfway between Barcelona and the French border.

Catalonia's Ter River

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Mists in the Ter River, Catalonia


The Ter is a river in Catalonia in northeastern Spain.  The river rises in the Pyrenees and flows eastwards to the Mediterranean Sea.  The river constitutes a major hydropower resource, and in 1962 a dam was built on the waterway.  The resulting reservoir swallowed up the town of San Román de Sau.  As the river's flow has decreased. the old town is slowly re-emerging.  This magnificent "sunken town" is captured in this beautiful drone video by contributor Pepinair.  

Empúries, Girona

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A Morning in Empúries


Empúries is a small town on the Mediterranean Sea coast in Gerona, the northeasternmost province of Spain.  One of the oldest settlements in the country, the city was founded by Greek colonists and was later conquered by Rome.  During the period of uncontrolled piracy in the Mediterranean in the Middle Ages, Empúries was abandoned due to its vulnerability to seaborne invasion.  In this video, contributor Pepinair used a DJI Spark drone to create a beautiful bird's eye view of this historical site.  

Tarragona Province

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Montferri and Tarragona: DJI Mavic Pro


Rescuebcn created a this breathtaking drone video of Montferri and Tarragona, two of the most popular spots in the province of Tarragona, the southernmost of the four provinces which make up Spain's Catalonia region.  The former, which lies a bit inland from the Mediterranean, is home to the sanctuary a well known Benedictine monastery.  The latter is an ancient port city, the second largest urban area in the region after the great Catalan capital Barcelona.  

Cerdanya: Foothills of the Pyrenees

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Hispadrone - Spring in Cerdanya #DJI #4K


While most people associate Spain's Catalonia with Barcelona and the Mediterranean Sea, the region is also blessed with stunning mountain scenery.  Catalonia is partially covered by the Pyrenees, the great range that separates Spain from France.  Other parts are covered by the a line of foothills which run parallel to the Mediterranean coastline.  Contributor Hispadrone created this epic aerial video of Cerdanya, a Catalan sub-region that sits next to the tiny independent Pyrenees country Andorra.  

Montserrat's Famous Monastery

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Fantastic Montserrat Abbey - Final


The Montserrat mountain masif northwest of Barcelona, Spain is the home of one of the most important sites of the Christian religion: the Santa Maria de Montserrat Abbey.  Founded in the 12th century, it's home to the Virgin of Montserrat statue, the most famous of the Black Madonna icons.  The monastery was rebuilt in the 19th and 20th centuries and is currently houses about 80 Benedictine monks.  In this video by Franlac-Channel-France, you can get a bird's eye view of the famous monastery and the adjacent basilica.  

Pedraforca: Mountain of the Pre-Pyrenees

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Pedraforca is one of the most well known sights in Spain's northeastern Catalonia region.  It's part of the Pyrenees Mountains, in an area sometimes called the "Pre-Pyrenees" which lies to the south of the tallest peaks.  The mountain's peak is about 2.5k meters (8.2k ft) above sea level.  It's so well known in part because it presents so prominently, with no other mountains directly connected to it.  Contributor Pepinair created this magnificent aerial video of the mountain using a DJI Mavic Pro drone.  

Lleida: Mtont-Rebei Gorge

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Incredible Kayak Trip in Mont Rebei Gorge


Voted the top outdoor attraction in Sant Esteve de la Sarga on Trip Advisor, Mont-rebei Gorge is a sight to behold. It's located in the Province of Lleida in the Catalonia region of northeastern Spain.  The area is a bit inland  from the Mediterranean in an area of foothills sometimes referred to as the Pre-Pyrenees.  Pilot Clouds Trip shows us his adventure kayaking and hiking through this magnificent canyon, replete with incredible rock formations.  Don't miss the group dronie at 1:25! 

Monseny: Mountains of Catalonia

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Montseny - Mavic Pro


While Spain's Catalonia region is closely tied to the Mediterranean, some of its most beautiful areas are on the interior, where coastal landscapes quickly transition to mountainous terrain.  Monseny is a small mountain range just north and west of Barcelona.  With a maximum altitude of about 1.7k meters (about 5.6k ft.), it's part of the Catalan Pre-Coastal range, which runs parallel to the coast.  Contributor Guillemcostas used a DJI Mavic Pro drone to create this beautiful video of the area.

Vallter: Ski Resort of Girona

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Contributor and drone pilot tried out his new DJI Mavic Pro 2 and created this beautiful summertime (aerial) view of a well known ski resort in Spain's Catalonia region.  Vallter 2000 is in Gerona, the northeasternmost of the four Catalan provinces.  It's in the valley of the Ter River, in the foothills of the Pyrenees Mountains.  The video makes great use of the M2P's boomerang and timelapse functions to capture this beautiful area of the Iberian Peninsula. 

Catalonia's Ebro River Delta

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Catalonia Delta de l'Ebre || Mavic Pro + GoPRo Cinematic

Karl Veca

The Ebro River is the most important waterway in Spain.  It drains much of the mountainous are in the northern part of the country, running 930 km (a bit under 600 mi.) to a discharge point into the Mediterranean in Catalonia, south of Terragona.  If you look at a map of the lower river, you'll see where the term "river delta" comes from; the area of land around the mouth makes an almost perfect triangle.  In this video, you'll get an aerial view of the Ebro Delta, compliments of contrbutor Karl Veca. 

L'Ametlla de Mar: Spain's Gold Coast

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Beaches in Ametlla de Mar


L'Ametlla de Mar is a beautiful town on the Mediterranean Sea coast in Catalonia, Spain.  It's in the southern part of the region, on a stretch of coastline known as the Gold Coast.  Stretching from the Ebro River Delta to Tarragonna, it's not as well known as the Costa Brava area north of Barcelona.   It's a more laid-back scene, one in which the watercraft are more likely to be fishing boats rather than yachts.  The beautiful town can be seen from above in this amazing drone video by Bedrone.

Water Fun on Spain's Gold Coast

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Jetski on Spain's Gold Coast


The area north of the Ebro River Delta in Catalonia, Spain is often referred to as the Gold Coast.  With relatively calm Mediterranean waters, it's become a magnet for watercraft enthusiasts just like the better known Gold Coasts of Australia and Florida.  And it's watercraft of all types, from yachts to personal watercraft.  In this video by Bedrone, you'll get a bird's eye view of the very active jetskiing scene in this beautiful spot on the southern Catalan coast.

Montserrat: Catalan Monastery

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Soaring Over Montserrat (4K)


The great mountain of Montserrat which looms over Barcelona, Spain is home to one of the world's most famous monasteries.  Santa Maria de Montserrat Abbey is a Benedictine abbey which is built into the side of the mountain, with its distinctive rock formations.  The monastery dates to the 11th century, and was rebuilt in the 19th and 20th.  Martigen created this beautiful drone video of the abbey, which is still functioning and today has over 70 monks who are in residence.

Benedictine Monastery in Girona

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Monasterio de Sant Pere de Rodes, Port de la Selva, Gerona. Rescuebcn-Mavic Pro 4k dron drone


Sant Pere de Rodes is a well known Benedictine monastery in the northeastern corner of Spain.  It's situated in the county of Alt Empordà in Girona, the northernmost of the four provinces which make up the region of Catalonia.  It dates to as early as the ninth century AD.  By the 17th century, it was no longer in use.  The site affords excellent views of the Bay of Llançà on the Costa Brava.  In this excellent video by contributor and drone pilot D_Drone, you'll get a bird's eye view of this landmark.  

The Mountains and Coastline of Catalonia

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Catalunya in 4k | DJI Mavic Pro

Karl Veca

The Catalonia region of northeastern Spain is wedged between the Mediterranean Sea and the Pyrenees Mountains.  Its natural scenery features a nearly unique blend of mountain and coastal landscapes.  In this drone video by top contributor Karl Veca, you'll get a bird's eye view of the nature of this amazing region in the corner of the Iberian Peninsula.  The video transitions back and forth between the mountainous and coastal Catalonia's, in the latter case on the Costa Brava north of Barcelona.  

Blanes: Gateway to the Costa Brava

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Blanes 4K


Contributor and drone pilot Rescuedron created this beautiful drone video of a town on Spain's Mediterranean coast.  The town of Blanes is situated on the coastline of Girona, the northernmost of the four provinces which make up the Catalonia region.  Blanes is generally considered the southern terminus of Costa Brava (roughly translated, the "Wild Coast"), which runs north to the French border and in recent decades has emerged as one of the top beach/coastal destinations in Europe.  

Costa Brava's Lloret de Mar

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Spain 2019 - Lloret De Mar

Maciej Ziomber

Contributor Maciej Ziomber created this beautiful drone video from a Spanish seaside town called Lloret de Mar.  It lies near the southern end of the famed Costa Brava, the Mediterranean coastline of the province of Girona in the northeastern corner of the country.  Situated about an hour northeast of Barcelona, the town dates to the Middle Ages and is home to a number of important cultural sites.  Nowadays it's known first and foremost for its main beach, considered one of the finest anywhere in Spain.  

Girona: Where the Mountains Meet the Sea

1:53 click to play video Discovering Spain and activities


This drone video from top contributor Ultraprod will help to explain the allure of Catalonia, the northeastern region of Spain.  Like almost no other place in Europe, it offers the charms of the mountains and the sea in one metaphorical frame.  The video was shot in the area of the Giverola Resort.  This is in the province of Girona, the northernmost of the four which make up the Semi-Autonomous Region of Catalonia.  Here, the foothills of the Pyrenees seem to drop straight down to the waters of the Mediterranean Sea. 

The Losa del Caval Dam

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Dji Phantom 4 Dam


Check out this amazing drone video of an important dam in northeastern Spain, compliments of contributor Javi.Bdn.  It's the Llosa del Cavall dam on the Cardener River in the province of Lleida, which lies in the western part of the Catalonia region.  The double-arch dam, completed in 1997, measures just over 120 meters (about 400 ft.).  The dam is currently used for flood control rather than power generation, although the infrastructure to produce hydropower is in place.  

Montserrat's "Other" Churches and Abbeys

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Fantastic Catalonia Part three Montserrat Moutains and church


While the Santa Maria de Montserrat Abbey is the most famous of the religious landmarks in the Montserrat Mountains northwest of Barcelona, Spain, it's not the only one.  In this drone video by Franlac-Channel-France, you'll get to take in aerial views from other religious sights in these jagged mountains which are foothills of the Pyrenees chain.  Sites featured in the video include San Esteve Marganell, the Monastery of Sant Benet de Bages, the monastery of Santa Cecília de Montserrat, and the town of Manresa.  

Cruise Ship in Girona's Port

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Marella Explorer, Palamós (Gerona Girona) rescuebcn mavic pro 4k dron dron


Contributor Rescuebcn used a drone to aerially film a cruise ship in the port of Gerona in northeastern Spain.  It's the Marella Explorer, a Century-class ship operated by Marella Cruises.  Launched in 1996, it's a fairly large ship by Mediterranean Sea standards - 260 meters (about 850 ft.), displacing about 77k tons and with capacity for just over 1,900 passengers and about 900 crew.  Situated on the famed Costa Brava, the provincial capital city has become an important port of call for cruise ships in the western Mediterranean.  

Barcelona and Lloret de Mar

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Spain - Barcelona and Lloret De Mar 4K (youtube link)

Maciej Ziomber

Contributor Maciej Ziomber created this drone video featuring the two best-known attractions of the fabled Catalonia region of northeastern Spain.  The first is the provincial capital of Barcelona, Spain's Second City, a port city which hosted the 1992 Summer Olympics.  The second is the seaside town of Lloret de Mar, which lies at the southern end of the Costa Brava, Spain's most famous beach district.  The Costa Brava runs along the coast of the Girona province all the way to the French border.  

Costa Brava: Spain's Wild Coast

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Costa Brava 2.0 | Mavic Pro + GoPro Cinematic Footage

Karl Veca

If Barcelona is the leading draw to Spains's Catalonia region, then the Costa Brava is a close second.  This famed stretch of the Mediterranean Sea coastline begins just north of Barcelona and runs about 300 km (around 180 mi.) north to the French border.  It sits entirely within the province of Girona.  In this beautiful drone video by top contributor Karl Veca, you'll get a bird's eye view of the Costa Brava, and you'll also understand where it gets its nickname - the "Wild Coast".  

The Mighty Monterserrat Mountains

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Montserrat - 2018 - 4K


DanDrone's vacation to Spain's Catalonia region with his DJI Mavic Pro drone yielded this epic aerial video of Montserrat, the sawtooth-topped mountain masif which lies just west of Barcelona.  This spectacular looking mountain has a modest altitude of 1.2k meters (4k ft) and is easily accessible by foot.  It is home to the Santa Maria de Montserrat a famous Benedictine Abbey which is considered one Spain's greatest cultural treasures and a possibl burial site of the semi-mythical Holy Grail.  

San Pere de Rodes Monastery

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Fantastic Catalonia Part one Costa Brava


Part of what makes Spain's Costa Brava such a popular destination is that it offers more than just world-class beaches.  Running along the northern stretch of Catalonia's Mediterranean coastline, it also hosts a number of important cultural sites.  In this drone video by Franlac-Channel-France, you'll get a bird's eye view of two of these sites, both of which are in the comarca (county) of Alt Empordà.  The second of these sites is the most significant: the San Pere de Rodes Monastery, a 1000+ year old Benedictine monastery.


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Embalse de Sau

2:38 click to play video

Spain with Jess Dantas

1:59 click to play video

Barcelona Buzz

Tommy Choi
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Costa Brava by drone