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WRC Announces It's Partnership with DJI

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AV News: Droning the FIA World Rally Championship

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The World Rally Championship is an internationally recognized series of rally races organized by the FIA (Fédération Internationale de l'Automobile/ International Automobile Federation) that crown a driver, co-driver, and car manufacturer.  The series consists of 14 different events, each with several stages of races on challenging courses set on real roads, and the terrain ranges from asphalt, to dirt, or to even snow. Drones capture the races best, explaining the partnership between DJI and the WRC.

WRC Champ Sébastien Loeb Chased by Pilot Red-fpv

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Sébastien loeb rally wrc poursuit by fpv racer drone


Sébastien Loeb is a French professional rally, racing and rallycross driver who has competed all around the world in the sport he loves. In fact, he is the most successful driver in WRC (World Rally Championship) history having won a record 9-times in a row. Red—fpv tails him in this epic car vs. FPV drone stand off that earned him an FPV Pilot to Watch nod. You’ll have to watch to find out who wins! 

FPV Reel with Killer Rally Footage

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Montage | Hero 7


Whether it be gliding over waterfalls, racing behind rally cars, speeding over mountains and water, or ripping through bandos and ancient structures, FPV pilot Barbicyanide has been able to capture some fantastic footage. Shot with the GoPro Hero 7 on his customized long-range mountain surfer or mid-range parkour model quad, this footage is so good it earned him the title of FPV Pilot to Watch in February of 2019.  With views like this, we can see why!

More Sweet Footage of WRC Champ Sébastien Loeb

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Sébastien Loeb is a professional rally, racing, and rallycross driver from France. He’s won the World Rally Championship a record nine times in a row. Daniel Elena is a Monégasque rally co-driver who works with Sébastien and has helped him win his record number of titles. Daniel has 79 wins, which makes him the winningest co-driver in WRC history. Drone racing pilot Red—fpv got the opportunity to track the two in this epic car chasing by FPV video.

Tracking the SJCAM Super Rally

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Founded in April of 2014, the SJCAM Super Rally is an event to remember. Ripping up the dirt track are motocross riders, dune buggy drivers, four wheelers, and more extreme sports athletes. FPV drone pilot Fly-Cam.Fun was fortunate enough to attend the event so he could track the racers with his mini quad as they exploded off the course. This drone video, which captures the spectacle from the best seat in the house, is quite the wild ride!

Rally Footage Captured by FPV Pilot Livyu FPV

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The Rally FPV Experience

Livyu FPV

When drone racing pilot Livyu FPV gets invited to film some rally car action, you better believe he says yes. With drivers getting up to 105 mph (170kmph) on the straight lines, keeping up with the speed ain’t easy. However, this talented drone pilot has the skills to do it and his 5-inch quad has the speed he needs to make this video one for the books.  Can't help but feel our adrenaline pumping just watching it...