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Bucegi Mountains
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Bucegi - Land Of Gods 4K

Frame Hunters Media

Frame Hunters Media created this spectacular drone video of the Bucegi Mountains in central Romania.  They are part of the Southern Carpathians, which form the dividing line between Wallachia (the core of modern Romania) and Transylvania to its north.  Their highest peak, Mt. Omu, is one of the tallest in Romania with an elevation of 2.5k meters 9about 8.3k ft).  The Bucegi's are known in part for their spectacular rock formations, caused by extensive wind and rain erosion.

Romania's Prahova Valley
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Prahova Valley


Contributor Mihaiflorea used a DJI Phantom 3 drone to create this remarkable aerial tour of the Prahova Valley, a scenic alpine valley in the Carpathian Mountains in the Wallachia (Montenia) region of Romania.  The Prahova Valley is created by the junction of the Eastern and Southern Carpathian Mountains, and it serves to connect Wallachia with Transylvania to the north.  The video contains epic bird's eye views of some of the highlights of the region, including Pele's Castle.

Bucharest: Romania's Capital City
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Bucharest: Romania's Capital City


Contributor Mihaiflorea used a DJI Phantom 4 drone to create this aerial video of the Romanian capital Bucharest.  Bucharest is part of the Wallachia region of the country, which united with the Principality of Moldavia to form the immediate predecessor of modern Romania in 1859.  Bucharest became the national capital of this proto-Romania (called the United Principalities) in 1862, following an initial three year period in which Iasi served that role.

Transfagarasan: Winding Mountain Highway
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Mountain Highway: Transfagarasan


One of the most well recognized sights in the  Carpathian Mountain region is the Transfagarasan, a road which passes between the two highest mountains of Romania.  It is one of the links between the Transylvania region and the Wallachia region to its south.  Though it was only built in the 1970's, its crazy winding pattern has captured the imagination of aerial photographers.  In this video, Adrian87 brings us bird's eye views of this incredible 90 km (56 mi) alpine road.  

Romania's Southern Carpathians
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Flying Over Romania


Romania's landscape is dominated by the Carpathian Mountains, which serve as the borderlands between its core regions.  The various sub-ranges are spectacular to behold and include some of the world's most breathtaking rock formations and valleys.  Contributor Webmosphere treats us to an incredible aerial tour of the Romanian mountains, which includes footage of the spectacular Transfăgărășan road, which connects the region of Wallachia with Transylvania to its north.

Bran Castle: Home of Vlad the Impaler
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Bran: Dracula's Castle


Transylvania is forever associated with a fictional "vampire" from the famous late 19th century novel gothic horror novel Dracula by Bram Stoker .  The character is loosely based on Vlad the Impaler, a medieval nobleman known for his cruelty.  The castle most closely linked to the Dracula legend is Bran Castle, which is located right at the border between the regions of Wallachia and Transylvania.  In this epic drone video by Fabriziob you'll get a bird's eye view of the famous Carpathian castle.

Peles Castle in Prahova County
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Peles Castle, Romania


The Neo-Renaissance Peles castle is one of the most recognized sights in Romania.  It's in Prahova County in northern Wallachia, near one of the routes connecting Wallachia through the Southern Carpathians to the Transylvanian Plateau.  The castle was built as a hunting lodge for King Carol, the first king of modern Romania.  Contributor Nikolaikarpatov flew a drone over the remarkable landmark to create this amazing video.

Berca Mud Volcanoes
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Romania's Mud Volcanoes


GeorgeMarcu used a DJI Phantom 4 drone to create this epic aerial video of the Berca Mud Volcanoes, one of the most well known natural sights in Romania.  They are located near the town of Berca, in the Wallachia (Muntenia) region of the country, roughly halfway between Brasov and the national capital Bucharest.  The structures actually aren't volcanoes; they are caused by saltwater and mud pushed up by gas eruptions thousands of meters/ft. below the surface.

Abandoned Mansion in Muntenia
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Conacul Marghiloman

Alin Constantin

Conacul Marghiloman is a prominent mansion near Hagişti, a small town in Romania's Wallachia (Muntenia), a short distance northeast of the Romanian capital city Bucharest.  The current structure was built in the late 1800's on top of a partially-destroyed structure which had been there for over 200 years.  The mansion features some of the best 19th century Italian craftsmanship, and it's recently been put into a program which protects cultural landmarks in Eastern Europe.

Coal Mine in the Prahova Valley
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Prahova Valley: The Life of a Romanian Coal Mine

Alin Constantin

Romania has a long tradition in coal mining, although (like most of Europe) most of what it produces is low quality lignite.  Today it's a mid-tier coal producer within the EU, using virtually all of its production for domestic electricity generation.  In this video, contributor Alin Constantin gives us a fascinating look at a coal mine in Filipestii de Padure, a town in the Wallachia (Muntenia) region of the country not far from the capital.  Dating to the 1800's, it was one of the first modern coal mines in the country.

Bucharest: Parliament Building
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Bucharest's Romanian Parliament Building


Contributor Guydrory flew his drone over the Romanian Parliament Building in Bucharest, Romania to create this awesome aerial view of the landmark structure.  Built in a neoclassical style, it's actually quite new, having been completed in 1997.  It was ordered built by the Romanian dictator Nicolae Ceaușescu, who had been removed from power shortly before it opened.  Dominating the Bucharest landscape, it's the second largest governmental building in the world after the Pentagon.  

Bușteni: Cantacuzino Castle
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Cantacuzino Castle


Contributor Nikolaikarpatov brings us this beautiful aerial video of a well known Neo-Roman castle in the middle of Romania.   Cantacuzino Castle is situated in Bușteni, which is located in Prahova County in the region of Wallachia (also known as Muntenia).  It's on the southern slope of the Carpathians, near where Wallachia, Moldavia, and Transylvania come together.  It belonged to a Romanian noble family prior to being nationalized by the Communist government after World War II.

Fall in the Buzau Mountains
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Fall in Romania's Buzau Mountains

T H Neacsu

Contributor T H Neacsu used a drone to create this magnificent video of Romania's Buzau Mountains.  The mountains lie in the eastern part of the region of Wallachia, which was the core of modern Romania.  The Buzau's are essentially foothills of the Carpathian Mountains, which run through much of Romania and for the most part define the boundaries between its core regions.  The video was taken during the height of the Fall colors season.  

The Danube in Cazanele Dunarii
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Cazanele Dunarii - Danube - Romania


While the Danube is not the longest in Europe it is generally considered its most important.  It rises in Germany's Black Forest, and runs through four European capital cities (Vienna, Bratislava, Budapest, and Belgrade) before discharging into the Black Sea in Romania.  At 2.85k km (just under 1.8k mi.), it's second only to the Volga in length.  In this video, contributor Fabriziob treats us to a drone's eye view of the mighty river as it flows through  a region of Romania called Cazanele Dunarii.

Wallachia's Poenari Fortress
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Poenari Citadel


Check out this amazing drone video of a famous Romanian fortress, compliments of contributor cnaerialview.  Poenari Citadel is located on a plateau above the Argeș River, near the great Transfăgărășan highway which connects the regions of Wallachia (Muntenia) to Transylvania through the Southern Carpathian Mountains.  In the 15th century, it was fortified by Vlad the Impaler, the notorious Wallachian prince who was the inspiration for Count Dracula.

Castles of Wallachia
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Romania's Legendary Castles


In this video by Guydrory, you'll get to see three famous landmarks in Romania's Wallachia (Muntenia) region, which covers the southern third of the country.  Peleș is a neo-Renaissance 19th century castle built on the traditional route between Wallachia and Transylvania for the Romanian monarch of the time, King Carol I.  Bran Castle, a 14th century castle, is connected to legend of Dracula, is located a bit to its northwest.  Poenari is a fortress located to the west of the two castles.  

The Mighty Bucegi's
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Bucegi - Romania


Take an aerial tour of Romania's Bucegi Mountains in this amazing drone video from contributor nikolaikarpatov.  The Mountains are part of the Southern Carpathian chain which separates the Regions of Transylvania (to the north) from Wallachia (to the south).  The highest peak of the chain, Mt. Omu, has an elevation of about 2.5k meters (8.2k ft.) above sea level.  To the east, the mountains slope down to the Prahova Valley, one of the most popular spots in the Wallachia region.

Celebration in Ramnicu
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International Education Day celebrated in Râmnicu Vâlcea- Romania

Municipality of Ramnicu Valcea

The Municipality of Ramnicu uploaded this video of the Romanian city as it observed International Education Day in 2018.  The city is the capital of Vâlcea County, one of the counties which makes up Romania's Wallachia region.  It's located in the western part of the region, near the border of its two halves - Muntenia to the east and Oltenia to the west.  The city sits just south of the Southern Carpathian Mountains, beyond which lies the region of Transylvania.  


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Discover Romania

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Monastery fortress

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Capra Vecinului