Western Australia by Mavic Pro 2
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Why Does Nature Inspire Us? [Aerial Reel]

Merr Watson

In this video which was shot in Western Australia, top contributor Merr Watson wonders aloud what about nature inspires each of us. Narrating her answer over stunning aerial shots of the countryside, she says it inspires her because it reminds her that there is something so much bigger than each of us, keeping us truly present in the moment and reminding us that there is always room to grow.  The video was created with a DJI Mavic Pro 2 drone. 

Esperance: WA's Southern Coast
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Esperance-Travel Video

Sandrine Hecq

Top contributor Sandrine Hecq donned her swimsuit and grabbed her drone, allowing her to create this stunning video from Esperance in Western Australia.  Esperance lies on the southern coastline of this gigantic state, which would be amongst the ten largest countries in the world in land area if it were independent.  And with 80% of its population living in and around Perth (on WA's west coast, over 700 km or 450 mi. from Esperance), that leaves a lot of open spaces to explore.  

Lancelin's Dunes
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Family Trip in Western Australia: Pinnacle and Lancelin Dunes

Sandrine Hecq

For some epic views of people having fun in the sand, it's hard to beat this video by Sandrine Hecq, who was nominated as a Finalist in the second annual Drone Video Awards.  She records a family trip up the coast of Western Australia to the area around Lancelin, about a two hour drive north of the WA capital city Perth.  It's a place of spectacular sand dunes and (slightly inland) some fabulous scenery in the Pinnacle Desert, home to the spectacular pinnacle sandstone formations.

Beautiful Esperance
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Through My Eyes: Esperance, Western Australia

Merr Watson

This recap of a trip to Western Australia is another gem by contributor and travel vlogger Merr Watson. She visited Esperance, a small city on the lightly populated southern coast of WA.  In Merr's own words: “words cannot describe how truly beautiful Esperance is with its stunning white, sandy beaches, rocky coastlines, extremely turquoise waters and magical sunsets. It had left me breathless and I never wanted to leave!”  Watch the video and you will likely share her sentiment! 

Water Sports in WA
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Crystal Clear Water, Summertime, Surfing, Jetskis, Boats & Dolphins in WA.


The title says it all. Take a trip surfing, snorkling, jetskiing, boating, suntanning, and whale watching in this water adventure piece by azure_co. Shot on a DJI Phantom 3 along Western Australia's stunning coastline, it's pretty amazing what the group was able to capture on what is now considered an older drone. So impessive, in fact, that it is now a nominee in the Extreme Sports category in the second annual AirVuz Drone Video Awards. 

Rottnest Island
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Australia Day 2017- Rottnest Island- Boat Party

Sandrine Hecq

Rottnest Island is situated off the coast of Western Australia, just a short distance due west from from Perth, the capital of the state.  Using a DJI Phantom 4 drone and a GoPro Hero 5 mounted to a DJI Osmi, contributor Sandrine Hecq gives us an aerial view of an epic boat party held off the island to celebrate Australia Day.  Held on January 26th every year, the national holiday commemorates the arrival of the first British ships in Sydney Harbor in the 18th century. 

Perth: WA's Capital City
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Perth, Western Australia: The World's Best Sunsets!

Intrepid Drone Services

Perth is the capital of Western Australia, the vast state which would be a large country on its own.  Roughly 80% of WA's 2.5 million inhabitants live in this city on the Indian Ocean, making it the fourth largest city in the country.  The city is extremely remote from other Australian cities, the closest one being Adelaide nearly 2.7k km (1.5k mi) away.  Using a DJI Inspire 2 drone, contributor Intrepid Drone Services created this memorable aerial video of Perth at sunset.  

WA's Lancelin Sand Dunes
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Lancelin Sand Dunes in HD

Merr Watson

On the Western coast of Australia, contributor Merr Watson basks in the warmth of the sun setting upon the Lancelin Sand Dunes.  They lie near a small town of the same name, about a two hour drive north along the coast from the WA capital Perth.  In the video, Merr and friends take in views of the ocean as they stand atop the sandy drifts — capturing dronies from a bird's eye view and playing around as though they're in the world's biggest sand box.

Australia's Southwestern Corner
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South Western Australia

Sky Perth

A huge percentage of the population of the Australian state of Western Australia live in the southwestern corner of the vast state, which covers roughly the western third of the country.  Sky Perth, one of WA's top drone piloting companies, created this beautiful all aerial tour of the region.  With compelling views of Sugarloaf Rock, Cape to Cape Track, North Point Gracetown, and Meelup Beach, this calming and inspiring piece will leave you craving a getaway down under.


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Albany Western Australia