See the Faroes from Above with these Drone Videos

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Unbelievable Faroes


Contributor Haussmannvisuals hit the mark with this epic drone video of the Faroe Islands, a group of Danish controlled isles in the North Atlantic Ocean.  The video will show you some of the hundreds of islands and islets which make up the group, replete with magnificent volcanoes, gushing waterfalls, sheer cliffs, and coastal rock formations which will absolutely blow your mind.  It's Iceland before Game of Thrones and on steroids! 

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The Faroe Islands

  • Taam
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  • a year ago

The Faroe Islands is an archipelago controlled by Denmark in the northern Atlantic Ocean.  They lie north of  Scotland, southeast of Iceland, and west of Norway.  Once part of Norway, the islands were eventually ceded to Denmark by treaty in the early 1800's.  In this drone video by contributor Taam, a DJI Phantom 4 Pro drone beautifully captures the rugged landscape and moody colors of the islands, with amazing time-lapse effects built in as well.

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Faroe Islands Adventures

  • Boyanoo
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  • 6 months ago

Hit the road with contributor Boyanoo and his travel buddy, @Kaptain.kenny, on their aerial adventure through the Faroe Islands. Cruising through roads that wind between the Danish island's sea towns, tight sounds, and craggy mountains, and mind-blowing rock formations along its coasts, the sights seen from above completely arrest the viewer's attention. Similar yet quite distinct from Iceland (to which the Faroes are often compared), there's nothing else quite like them on Earth.

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Windmill's in the Faroe Islands.


The Faroe Islands, a Danish-controlled North Atlantic archipelago, has ideal conditions for generating wind electricity.  With many unobstructed passes amongst its hilly islands, low population density, and Denmark's very strong position in the windpower industry, it's not surprising that the giant windmills are now familiar sights on these islands in the North Atlantic Ocean.  DroneDirector created this fantastic aerial view of a Faroese wind farm on a briliant sunny day.  

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Climbing a Cliff Face (EPIC)


The rocky cliffs of the Faroe Islands have been drawing rock climbers from around the world to this North Atlantic archipelago.  In this video, contributor DroneDirector used a DJI Phantom 4 drone to film some climbers scaling the vertical cliffs which abound throughout the islands.  It is definitely not a place for people who are scared of cold water -  the North Atlantic waters rarely exceed 11 degrees Celsius (about 50 degrees Farenheit).

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Kunoy in 4K (Faroe Islands)


Contributor DroneDirector created this spectacular drone video of Kunoy, one of the Faroe Islands.  Kunoy is one of the smaller of the 18 main islands which make up this Danish-controlled North Atlantic archipelago.  It has an area of about 35 square km (a bit less than 15 square mi) and a population of about 600.  It is situated a bit to the northeast of the largest of the Faroe Islands, amidst a group of a half dozen (approximately) similar size islands.  

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Faroe Islands - Nature’s Finest in 4K (compilation)


DroneDirector produced this beautiful montage of drone footage from across the Faroe Islands.  The islands, which operate as a semi-autonomous territory of Denmark, sit well off in the North Atlantic, roughly halfway between Western Norway and Southern Iceland.  The group consists of 18 "major" islands, the largest of which is about 375 square km (roughly 150 square mi.) plus several hundred small to tiny islands and islets, some of which are no more than large rocks.  

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Experience the drama - Faroe Islands

  • Boyanoo
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  • 6 months ago

Both informational and inspirational, contributor Boyanoo's aerial footage highlights the pure grandeur of the Faroe Islands. The baritone voice of the narrator and the sweeping aerial shots depict the beauty of the untouched landscapes of the North Atlantic Danish archipelago.  It's a land of hundreds of mini-Icelands, with landforms that hint at the short period of time these islands have been in existence.  A true force of nature calls to us in this moving Drone Video of the Week Nominee.

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The Faroe Islands in 1 Day | 4K Cinematic Drone Video

XL Creations

XL Creations made the most of his day on Streymoy, the largest of the Faroe Islands.  His drone video shows the stunning beauty of this North Atlantic archipelago, which has been a territory of Denmark since the early 19th century.  Streymoy has a population of just under 25,000 and occupies a land area of about 375 square km (about 150 square mi.).  Watch the video to see why the Faroe's are becoming the go-to spot for drone pilots around the world! 

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Øldan Seastack in 4K UHD


What exactly is a sea stack?  Watch this video from Drone Director to find out.  He filmed some very brave climbers tackling a sea stack north of the island of Kunoy in the Faroe Islands.  Sea stacks are essentially giant rocks protruding from the floor of the North Atlantic Ocean.  This particular sea stack is called Oldan, and it's located just to the north of the island.  If it looks small, it's only by comparison to the giant cliffs of the island!

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The Faroe Islands | A Drone Adventure in 4K


If you watch this video from 2guyswithadrone and didn't know where it was filmed, you might initially guess Iceland.  There certainly are some resemblances - volcanic landscape, epic waterfalls, endless expanses of hills and cliffs.  In fact, this video was shot in the Faroe Islands, an archipelago in the North Atlantic that is being hailed as the "Next Iceland" by the world's drone pilots.  The islands lie roughly 450 km (about 280 mi) southeast of Iceland.

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Boat Party in the Faroe Islands


It's not the Spanish Armada, it's an epic boat party in the Faroe Islands!  It's probably no surprise that there are many boat enthusiasts in this Danish controlled group of islands which lie between Norway and Iceland.  And what better way to enjoy the outdoors and get together with friends than a boat party?  Once a year, hundred of Faroese and their boats converge for a day of music and fun; DroneDirector was there to film the whole scene from a bird's eye view!


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Faroe islands in 4K

Thomas Vitali
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EPIC Dronie!! :-D

Breath of Iceland