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DVOW Nominee from the Azores


Azores Singularity


The Azores.  Located in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, about 1.4k km (around 850 mi.) from mainland Portugal, this Portuguese archipelago is made up of nine volcanic islands. In this Drone Video of the Week Finalist video, pilot AeroGrafica takes us up above islands' clouds, over the abundant waterfalls, around the steep, jutting cliffs which drop vertically to the ocean.  The video does a great job incorporating some epic selfie type shots which show off the beauty of this natural wonder.  

Aerial Tour of the Azores


Journey through Azores


There is something about this drone video by top contributor and pilot Nonexistent Jay of Portugal's Azores archipelago that is just amazing.  The deep blue water of the Atlantic Ocean, the volcanic craters, the narrow winding roads, the fog-enshrouded hilltops, the lush green valleys - it just works.  The nine volcanic islands are vestiges of the once-mighty Portuguese Empire; now they operate as a semi-automous region, similar to Madeira, which is an island located closer to the Portuguese mainland.  

Mavic Air Views of the Azores


The Azores - Açores


AirVuz contributor BakerNasser used a DJI Mavic Air drone to create this marvelous aerial video from the Azores, the chain of Portuguese islands which lie about 1.35k km (around 850 mi.) west of the Portuguese mainland in the Atlantic Ocean.  The video opens with what is probably the most well recognized spot in the archipelago: the Lagoa do Fogo.  It's a crater lake within the Água de Pau volcanic massif in the center of São Miguel, the largest and most populous of the Azores.  

São Miguel, São Jorge, Pico and Faial.


AZORES (Portugal) 🇵🇹

Eneko Garc...

The Azores is an archipelago of over 150 islands in the North Atlantic Ocean, grouped into an Eastern, Central, and Western sub-region. A territory and region of Portugal, there are nine main islands in the group, which have a combined population of just under a quarter million. In this drone video by Eneko Garcia-Amezaga, you'll get aerial views of four of the five larges Azores by population São Miguel, São Jorge, Pico and Faial. This video was a DVOW finalist in September, 2019.

Top Spots São Miguel and Pico


A hidden gem called the Azores


Trippiccs put together this excellent 100 second aerial tour of some of the most well-recognized spots in the Azores Island chain in the North Atlantic Ocean.  Enjoy the views of the Ribeira Quente Waterfall in the east-central part of São Miguel island (:20); the great volcano on the island of Pico (:25); the spectacular crater lakes of Lagoa de Santiago (:30) and Lagoa das Sete Cidades, both back on São Miguel (:60); the tiny islet of Vila Franca off the southern shore of SM (1:10); and more.

Sao Miguel: Lagoa do Fogo


Lagoa do Fogo - Azores - Portugal


Sao Miguel is the largest (by population and land area) of the nine islands which make up the Azores, an Atlantic Ocean island archipelago which is an autonomous region of Portugal.  Sao Miguel lies towards the eastern end of the chain, closer to the mainland of Portugal.  In this video, LostSoul82 used a DJI Mavic Pro drone to create a bird's eye view of Lagoa do Fogo, a crater lake which is part of the island's Água de Pau Massif stratovolcano complex; it's one of the best known sights of the entire archipelago..

Faial Island: Largest of the Central Group


Aerial Faial Island in the Azores, Portugal


The Azores archipelago in the North Atlantic is actually three groups of islands, sometimes referred to as the East, West, and Central groups.  While the largest of the islands in population is Sao Miguel of the Eastern group, the next four islands are all in the Central group.  In this video, contributor Flyingbydaniel gives us an epic bird's eye view of Faial Island, which is the second largest of the Central group.  It has a population of about 15,000, which is about 1/10 the size of Sao Miguel.

Central Group: São Jorge


Journey to São Jorge Island in the Azores


Flyingbydaniel created this stunning drone video of São Jorge Island, part of the Azores archipelago which is a semi-autonomous region of Portugal in the North Atlantic.  São Jorge is one of five islands which make up the Central group of the Azores, collectively home to about a third of the quarter million people who call the this semi-automous region of Portugal home.  Sao Jorge has a permanent population of about 10,000, about a fifth that of Terceira, the largest of the Central group islands.  

Azores' Central Islands


The Azores: An Aerial Story

Make It Vi...

Contributor din_film used a DJI Mavic Air drone to create this stunning teaser for a planned series on Portugal's Azores islands.  The first part of the video features footage from three of the lesser known islands of the North Atlantic Ocean island group: Villa do Corvo (the northernmost Azore), Faial, and Pico, which are situated near the main island of Sao Miguel in the middle of the archipelago.  The video concludes with some epic shots of Flores, which is the westernmost of the main islands.  

Azores Cloud Formations


Another Earth


Azores, the autonomous region of Portugal, can be seen from high above in this remarkable, 4K drone video by AeroGrafica. Gaining it’s political autonomy relatively recently (September 4th, 1976), the Azores is a remote, nine-island archipelago with volcanic landscapes and natural geothermal hot springs located around 850 miles (1368 kilometers) away from Portugal’s coast. The UNESCO Biosphere Reserve does, indeed, look like heaven on earth in this incredible aerial peice above the clouds. 

Western Azores: Flores and Corvo


Lost in the Ocean: Flores and Corvo Islands


Contributor Pedrolftavares created this stunning drone video of the so-called Western Azores, the islands which lie the furthest distance from mainland Portugal.  There are two main islands in the group: Flores and Corvo.  The two islands are not only the most remote of the group, they are also the least populous.  Flores, the larger of the two, has a population of around 4,000.  Corvo, which lies to the north of Flores, has only a tenth as many people.  The video was shot with a DJI Mavic Pro drone. 

Sao Miguel: The Green Island


Sao Miguel Azores from Above

Enrico Pes...

If you wonder why the Portuguese island of Sao Miguel in the Azores is nicknamed the "Green Island" (Ilha Verde), check out this stunning drone video by top contributor Enrico Pescatini.  Situated in the North Atlantic Ocean, the island is one of the earth's natural wonders.  Sitting near the spot where three major tectonic plates join together, Sao Miguel is home to some of the most geologically unique phenomenon on earth: it's literally covered in lava domes, crater lakes, and active and semi-active volcanoes.  

Weekend in São Miguel


A weekend in AZORES 4K - Drone & Sony A7iii


Top contributor Francescoview won the Drone Video of the Week award for his video from Lisbon.  In this outstanding follow-up, he and his photogenic roommate head for another part of Portugal - the Azores archipelago, specifically the main island of São Miguel.  Follow them around this ecological wonderland, which is sometimes called the Green Island for reasons which you'll understand completely when you see the video.  The video was shot with a combination of drone and ground camera footage.  

Terceira: Cinco Riberas


Drone Selfie from the Azores: Cinco Riberas, Terceira

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Contributor Wrenee, aka the Queen of the Dronie, brings her trademark dronie pull out shot to the Azores Islands in the North Atlantic.  This video was taken on the island of Terceira, which is the easternmost of the five so-called Central Islands of the archipelago.  While Terceira has roughly comparable land area to two of the other Central islands, it's by far the largest in population with a bit over 50k residents, second only to Sao Miguel of the Eastern group which has a population of nearly 140k.

Western Group: Flores


Dreams: Flores Island, Azores


Behold this stunning drone video of Flores, one of Portugal's Azores islands, compliments of contributor AeroGrafica.  Flores is the westernmost of the group.  It's a stunningly beautiful place, with an interior full of crater lakes and a coast which is characterized by spectacular cliffs.  Its highest peak, Morro Alto, has an altitude of just over 900 meters (around 3k ft.) above sea level.   With about 4,000 permanent residents, it is far less densely populated than Sao Miguel and Terceira to the east. 

São Jorge and Pico Islands


Nevoeiro (the fog) - São Jorge and Pico, Azores Portugal


Portugal's North Atlantic Azores archipelago consists of nine main islands, clustered into three groups: west, central, and east.  Five of the islands are in the central group, which includes four of the five largest islands by land area.  In this drone video pedrolftvares, you'll get an aerial tour of two of these central islands: São Jorge and Pico Islands.  The former is a long, narrow island in the middle of the group, while the latter lies to its south and is the second-largest of the Azores after São Miguel.

São Miguel: King of the Azores


Paradaise Islands, Acores

Drone mani...

Drone Mania created this beautiful drone video of São Miguel Island, the largest of the Azores archipelago in the North Atlantic.  It's the easternmost of the nine main islands of the group, and by far the most populous - roughly half of the roughly 250k residents of the islands live on São Miguel.  Much of the video is shot around the town of Ponta Delgada.  Situated on the south shore of the island, Ponta Delgada is by far the largest city in the Azores, and is the capital of the Azores administrative region.

Pico: The Black Island


Pico Azores, to the top of the volcano | Dji Mavic 2 pro

Paride Mus...

Check out this absolutely stunning travel video from the Azores Islands, compliments of contributor Paride Musci.  The video was shot on the island of Pico, one of the islands near the center of the North Atlantic archipelago which is a region of Portugal.  The video features footage from across Pico, sometimes called the Black Island due to its volcanic soil.  Highlights include the Ponta da Ilha Lighthouse in Manhenha and Mt. Pico.  The last is Portugal's highest mountain, with a summit elevation of 2.35k meters above sea level or about 7.7k ft.

Drone Views of São Miguel


The Green Island: São Miguel


MIAPVIDEOS created this beautiful drone video of São Miguel, the easternmost and largest of the nine islands which comprise the Portuguese Azores islands in the Atlantic Ocean. The video opens with a shot of a gorgeous rainbow over the island's coastline.  From there you'll get a shot of an almost impossibly beautiful small settlement at the tip of a little promontory.  The video also will take you into the interior of the island, which (like all of these islands) is of volcanic origin.  

Drone Tour of Terceira


Terceira Island Azores, Portugal


Take a tour of the Portuguese island of Terceiras, compliments of contributor raytweezy.  It's one of the central islands of the Azores group, a semi-autonomous region of Portugal in the North Atlantic.  Less well known than neighboring island Angra do Heroísmo, it's the site of the oldest town in the Azores: Angra do Heroísmo, a port town in the southern part of the island.  The video features some great footage of the town, which was established in the 15th century near the dawn of the Portuguese Empire.

São Miguel's Legendary Twin Lake


St Michael Island - Azores

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Check out this stunning drone video from the interior of São Miguel, the largest of the Azores group of islands in the North Atlantic Ocean.  The focus of the video is the Lagoon of Seven Cities (Lagoa das Sete Cidades), which is a pair of ecologically separate lakes in the crater of one of the island's (dormant) volcanoes.  The origins of the lake are tied to a local legend in which a princess and her beloved are forbidden to marry by the king; their tears form the two neighboring lakes.  

All around the Green Island


Azores Island - São Miguel - 4K ( DJI MAVIC PRO 2 )

Gabika Tra...

Here are some marvelous aerial views of the North Atlantic island of São Miguel Island, compliments of Gabika Travel.  The video features footage from across this spectacular volcanic wonder, the largest of the 18 main islands which make up Azore Islands.  Here are the spots featured: Faro do Arnel, Ilheu da Vila, Salto do Rosal, Salto do Cabrito, Lagoa das Furnas, Castelo Branco, Chá Gorreana, Furnas, and Ponta da Madrugada.  The video was shot using the DJI Mavic Pro 2 drone.  

Flying over São Miguel Island 


M I S T – Azores


Take in these marvelous aerial views of the Portuguese island of São Miguel, compliments of AirVuz contributor pdschunha.  Sometimes called the Green Island, São Miguel is the largest of the Azores archipelago and home to about 60% of its roughly quarter million full-time residents.  Sitting at the intersection of several continental plates, São Miguel is only a few million years old, an infant in geological terms.  Shot with a DJI Mavic Pro drone, the video will take you over some of the most iconic sights of this ecological  wonder.  

Bird's Eye Views of São Miguel Island


Paraíso no Atlântico - Açores, São Miguel (Atlantic Paradise)


Nicknamed “The Green Island”, São Miguel is the largest and most populous of the islands that make up Azores, the Portuguese archipelago in the North Atlantic Ocean.  The island is known for its volcanic scenery, flora, rich marine life, perfect calderas, and azure lakes.  In this drone video by goncaloafranco, you'll get bird's eye views of some of the island's top sights, including the  Miradouro da Vista Do Rei (Viewpoint Of The King), the Vila Franca islet, Lagoa de Santiago, and more.

Flores: Portugal's Westernmost Point


Drifting to the fire


Contributor AeroGrafica brings us these marvelous aerial views of the island of Flores, part of the Azores archipelago which is a region of Portugal which lies well off the mainland in the North Atlantic.  Flores is the main island on the western part of the archipelago, which consists of 18 main islands; it actually represents the westernmost point of Portuguese territory anywhere.  Among the highlights of the video are some great shots of the Cascata do Poço do Bacalhau, a waterfall near the parish of Fajã Grande.

Vila Franca do Campo, Southern São Miguel


Vila Franca do Campo

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Check out this beautiful drone videos from the Azores Islands, compliments of ElGomez.  The video was shot in and around Vila Franca do Campo, a town on the southern side of São Miguel.  It's one of about a half-dozen small-medium sized settlements along the southern coast of the main island in the archipelago.   Founded in the 16th century, the town lies a bit to the east of Ponta Delgada, the regional capital.  The colorful town and its idyllic marina make for a great visual contrast with the green hills in the background. 

Drone Tour of Terceira


Azores - Terceira Island Best Locations for Filming with Drone 4K Cinematic


For a first upload to AirVuz, new contributor ICanFilmThat brings us this stunning drone video from Portugal's Azores Islands.  It was filmed on Terceira, the second-most populous of the Azores after São Miguel.  The video features footage of the following spots: Serra da Ribeirinha, the Nossa Senhora da Conceição Sanctuary, Misericórdia Church, Mina Islet, Contendas Lighthouse,  Serra do Cume Viewpoint, the Biscoitos natural pools, Vigia das Baleias, the Biscoitos Vineyards, and more.  

Winter in São Miguel


São Miguel in winter time - My solo trip in Azores

Paride Mus...

The beauty of Portugal's Azores Islands is on full display in this stunning piece from top contributor Paride Musci.  It was shot on the main island of São Miguel during the winter months, using footage from a DJI Mavic Pro 2 as well as ground camera footage.  Some of the highlights include a magnificent overhead shot of the Elephant Trunk rock formation at the 1:02 mark; the famous crater Lake of Fire (Lagoa do Fogo) (1:12); the Arnel Lighthouse (2:05); the Cintrão Point (2:30); Vila Franca do Campo (3:25); and more.  

Faial Drone Views


Faial in winter time - My solo trip in Azores | Dji Mavic 2 pro

Paride Mus...

Top AirVuz contributor and pilot put together this fantastic trip video from his travels to the Portuguese island of Faial.  Part of the Azores chain of North Atlantic islands, Faial is part of the Azores' Central Group.  Somewhat less well known than the islands of Pico (to its east) and São Jorge (to its southeast), Faial shares the volcanic origins of its sister islands.  It's sometimes known as the Blue Island in reference to the color of the Hydrangea which bloom in abundance here in the summer months.  

More São Miguel Drone Views


Eagle Flights

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Take in these stunning drone views of the Portuguese island of São Miguel, compliments of ELGomez.  It's the largest of the Azores archipelago, a chain of islands in the North Atlantic.  Known as the "Green Island" for reasons which will be obvious when you see the video, São Miguel is also a geological wonder: it sits at the intersection of three major continental plates.  The video includes footage of the island's volcanic interior as well as its coastline, including the regional capital city Ponta Delgada.



The Azores - a FPV Drone Experience

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Azores in November.


Portugal from Above | Azores


A Lagoa das Furnas 4K/UHD

Jorge Novo...