AV News: Drones throughout History

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Do you ever wonder where drones came from? Did you know they actually came about over 150 years ago? Or that Marilyn Monroe was discovered while working on a drone manufacturing line? Learn a few new things about your favorite aerial cameras in this AirVūz News story!


AV News: Tips for Handling Drone Adversaries

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Unfortunately, most drone pilots have been in situations where bystanders aren't thrilled with his or her flying. By talking to multiple professional pilots, we've come up with a list of ways to handle these situations. Hear a few tips by watching this AirVūz News story. 


AV News: Part 107 Test Tips

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Thinking of taking the Part 107 Test but don't know where to start? Kendall Mark chats with AirVuz News Reporter Tyler Mason about his recent experience. Hear how he prepared, what the test was like, and what you should prepare for here!  These may be the tips you need to ace the test to become a legit drone pilot.



AV News: Mav Meet Up

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AV News: Drone Camp For Kids

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