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Belgium Highlights Compilation


Belgium Drone Tour

DroneTV: P...

Soar above the sights of Belgium in this compilation video, which was created with footage from the "Belgium by Drone" collection.  You'll be treated to bird's eye views of the Meuse River town of Namur, the modern infrastructure of Antwerp and Brussels, the medieval architecture of Bruges, and more.

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Pro Drone Reel from Belgium


KH Aerial reel

Kelly's He...

Drone pilots aspiring to become professionals will appreciate this inspiring reel from Kelly's Heroes, one of the top pro aerial filming companies in Belgium.  The video features a beautifully-edited mix of cinematic landscape, action, and "people" shots, mostly shot on the plains and in the cities of this West European country.  From highway chase scenes to beautiful shots of the Basilica of the Sacred Heart and the Atomium spheres in Brussels, you're sure to enjoy this well-narrated piece.  

Demo Reel from Belgium


Drone showreel 4K 2020

Maxim Term...

New AirVuz contributor Maxim Termote brings us this fantastic drone demo showreel.  The reel opens with some beautiful footage from the city of Brussels in his home country of Belgium; at the :06 mark, there's a great shot looking toward the Place Royale and beyond it the gold-domed Palais de Justice.  Then you'll head to the giant port of Antwerp, the EU''s second-busiest seaport. The video also features some excellent footage of some of the country's wind turbines, as well as some "action" shots involving factories, cars, and bikes.  

Flemish Brabant in Fall


TRANSIENCE - Autumn From Above

Jarne Butt...

AirVuz contributor Jarne Buttiens returns after a two year hiatus with this stunning Fall drone video from Belgium.  The video was shot over Flemish Brabant, one of the provinces which makes up the Flanders region, the (largely) Dutch-speaking northern half of the country.  Filmed or near the height of the Autumn colors, the video captures the beauty of the Belgian countryside around the towns of Rotselaar, Aarschot, Holsbeek, and Leuven.  This video was picked as a Drone Video of the Week Finalist in November of 2021.  

Bruges: Capital of West Flanders


Feeling Bruges (Aerial) // Атмосфера фламандского Брюгге, съемка с дрона


Top contributor vitaliy.karpovich garnered another DVOW Finalist spot in July, 2020 with this stunning drone tour of Bruges, Belgium.  The capital of West Flanders, Bruges is connected to the North Sea via canal.  Founded in 1128, it went on to become one of the world's most important cities, serving  as the hub through which the northern Hanseatic League towns traded with the ports of Southern Europe.  Eventually losing its position to Antwerp, its fortunes revived in the 1800's as one of the world's first tourist destinations.

Ghent: Flanders Capital City


Ghent in Motion / Tchaikovsky's Nutcracker edit.


Check out this magnificent drone video of Ghent, Belgium by AirVuz contributor in*motion.  Located on the Scheldt River in the (northern) Flanders region, Ghent rose to prominence during the High Middle Ages as one of the 2-3 most important commercial centers in Europe, and the largest city north of Paris.  The video features outstanding aerial footage of the most well-known spots in this cultural treasure, including the Saint Bavo Cathedral, the Saint-Nicholas Church, the Belfry, the Gravensteen Castle, and the old Graslei harbour. 

DVOW Finalist from Belgium



Kelly's He...

Belgian contributor and pilot Kelly's Heroes created an instant drone video classic with this amazing film, which was created to help promote the Comic Arts Museum and Hotel in Ghent, the great medieval city in the country's Flanders region. It tells a human story, set against a beautiful backdrop of the Benelux landscape of plains intermixed with hills.  The video combines both elements beautifully, and it was nominated for the Drone Video of the Week Award in one of the contest's first weeks.  

The Three Towers of Bruges, Belgium


The Meaningful Brugge

Iulian Ian...

Take an aerial tour of the famous Three Towers of Bruges, Belgium in this excellent drone video by AirVuz contributo Iulian Iancu.  The first is the Church of Our Lady, the tallest structure in this city, which was for a time during the Middle Ages one of the most important in Europe.   The second, first seen at the :07 mark, is the Belfry of Bruges, whose octagon-shaped upper stage dates to the 15th century, the base to the 13th.  The last tower, which you'll first see at the :13 mark, is the St. Salvator's Cathedral.  

DVA Finalist from Belgium



Kelly's He...

Created by the Belgian contributor Kelly's Heroes, "Drift" is a short that tells the story of a young boy named Oscar and his imaginary friend.  The film uses a drone photography technique that the creator calls Anamorphic retrozooms, which can only be understood by watching the film.  Suffice to say it's an extremely creative use of the power of the modern drone to make incredible content.  This video was chosen as a finalist for the first annual AirVuz Drone Video Awards in the Originality category.  

Battle of Waterloo Monument


Waterloo | Waterloo BattleField Monument | Butte du Lion | Waterloo Lion | Leeuw van Waterloo

RIK Fotos...

AirVuz contributor RIK Fotos brings us this excellent drone view of the Lion's Head Monument on the battlefield of Waterloo in Belgium.  The 4.5 meter (15 ft.) lion statue sits atop an artificial hill.  The monument commemorates the great battle which took place here in June, 1815 between the forces of Napoleon Bonaparte and those of the Seventh Coalition led by the British general the Duke of Wellington and the Prussian general von Blücher.  The smashing Coalition victory led to the final downfall and exile of the French Emperor.  

Brussels: Belgium's Capital City




This video will provide you with a drone's eye view of the city of Brussels, capital of Belgium and the second largest metropolitan area of the Benelux countries of Western Europe after Amsterdam.  Since World War II, Brussels has played an outsized role in European politics as the de facto capital of the European Union.  The video will show you the mix of old and new that is so characteristic of Brussels, including footage of the landmark Atomium building, a museum structure built in the late 1950's.

Dinant: City on the Meuse River


Dinant, Belgium: DJI Mavic Pro


Contributor andn pilot Mrgilchen created this aerial tour of Dinant, a small town in Belgium which was the site of a famous atrocity in the first weeks of World War I.   When Germany invaded France through Belgium in August, 1914, the fortress at Dinant on the Meuse River represented a formidable obstacle.  Following a hard-fought battle, German troops are alleged to have executed hundreds of civilians here, an act which helped to inflame anti-German public opinion in both Allied and Neutral countries.  

Fort Breedonk


Fort Breendonk

Brent De B...

Contributor and pilot Brent De Bleser created this rather haunting drone video of Fort Breendonk, a Belgian fortress in the north-central part of the country.  The fortification was constructed prior to the outbreak of World War I to protect the port of Antwerp, which was eventually overrun by the German Army as part of its invasion of France.  In World War II, Ft. Breendonk was again captured by invading Germans, and developed a fearsome reputation (by Western European standards) as an SS prison camp.  

Brussels' Atomium Landmark


Atomium: The famous landmark of the World Expo 1958 in Brussels by night


Top contributor and pilot BeemFlights created this amazing drone video of one of the top sights of Brussels, Belgium: the Atomium.  Now a museum, the building was originally built in connection with the World Expo that was held here in 1958.  The landmark is distinguished by its nine stainless steel spheres, each of which is 18 meters (about 60 ft.) in diameter and which represent atoms of the element iron. The Atomium situated on the Heysel Plateau in the northern part of Belgium's largest city.  

Averbode Abbey, Flemish Brabant


Abbey from Averbode

RIK Fotos...

AirVuz contributor and pilot RIK Fotos brings us this beautiful drone video of a famous abbey in northern Belgium.  It's called Averbode Abbey, and it's located in the town of Scherpenheuvel-Zichem in the province of Flemish Brabant.  Founded in the 12th century, the current structure dates to the second half of the 17th century.  The abbey was suppressed shortly after the French Revolution but re-established in 1834.  It's built of sandstone using a combination of Baroque, Gothic, and Renaissance styles.  

Limburg's "Transparent" Church


Reading Between the Lines

Brent De B...

Check out this amazing drone video of a "see through" chapel in Belgium, compliments of top contributor and pilot Brent de Bleser.  The video is entitled "Reading Between the Lines", for reasons which will become obvious when you watch it.  Its appearance depends greatly on the angle at which you are seeing the structure; from most angles it appears to be a "normal" church building.  Built in 2011, the church is in Limbuirg, one of Belgium's Dutch-speaking provinces in the northern part of the country.

Ooidonk Castle, East Flanders


Ooidonk Castle Belgium

RIK Fotos...

Check out this drone video of Belgium's Ooidonk Castle, compliments of AirVuz contributor and pilot RIK Fotos.  The castle is situated in the town of Deinze in East Flanders, one of the country's northern provinces.  The current castle was built in the Renaissance style on the ruins of an older structure which was destroyed in the late 16th century Wars of Religion.  Now a private property owned by the t'Kint de Roodenbeke family, the castle has been classified as a public landmark since 1944.  

Urban Renewal on the Brussels Canal


Brussels | Tour & Taxis | UP-site

  • Skyliner
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Check out this drone video of a rapidly-redeveloping area of Brussels, Belgium, the unofficial capital of the European Union.  It's the area north of the giant Tour & Taxis industrial zone on the west bank of the Brussels Canal.  Access to the canal, which connects the Scheldt River and thence to the North Sea, turned this area into the epicenter of Belgium's rapid industrialization in the late 19th century.  As you'll see in the video by Skyliner, sleek skyscrapers are rapidly replacing the factories and warehouses which once abounded here.  

Antwerp Harbor Tour


Droning the Harbor of Antwerp, Belgium

11 Shots M...

Contributor and pilot 11ShotsMedia created this drone video of Antwerp, the great Belgian harbor city.  Surprising to many, the city is actually Belgium's largest city proper, although in terms of metropolitan area Brussels is larger.  Antwerp is located in Flanders (northern Belgium) on the Scheldt River, near the end of its run where it flows into an estuary and thence to the North Sea.  The city's massive seaport is one of the busiest in Europe, second only to Rotterdam in the Netherlands.

Museum of Central Africa


Tervuren Park | African Museum | Tervuren | DJI MAVIC AIR 2

RIK Fotos...

Check out this drone video of Belgium's Royal Museum for Central Africa, compliments of AirVuz contributor RIK Photos.  The museum is located just outside of Brussels in the province of Flemish Brabant.  The original site was built in connection with the 1897 World Exposition to showcase Belgium's once-substantial colonial possessions in Africa then known as the Congo Free State; the main building dates to 1910.  The museum took its present name in 1960 when Belgium's African colony became the independent Democratic Republic of the Congo.  

Drone Tour of Ghent


Ghent, hidden pearl of Flanders


Ghent is the capital city of Belgium's Flanders region, as the northern part of the country is known. Situated at the confluence of the Scheldt and Leie Rivers, it's Belgium's third-largest city. Ghent was founded in the early Middle Ages, and by 1300 it was the largest city in Europe north of Paris.  Devastated during the 80 Years War in the 16th-17th centuries, it remains an important commercial center. In this DVOW nominated video by in*motion, you'll get an aerial tour of this great cultural and historical treasure.  

Dinant Drone Views


Dinant the Beautiful City of Belgium | City of Saxophone

RIK Fotos...

Take an aerial tour of the Belgian city of Dinant in this excellent drone video by AirVuz contributor and pilot RIK Fotos.  Dinant is located on the banks of the Meuse River in the province of Namur, in the southern part of the country.  Strategically located on the edge of the great North European Plain, Dinant saw heavy fighting in both World War I and World War II.  The video features some excellent footage of the fortress which sits above the city and the Collegiate Church of Our Lady perched below it.  

Drone Views of Bruges


BRUGES | Belgium by Drone in 4K - DJI Mavic Air 2


Former Drone Video of the Week Finalist eCKsplorer brings us this excellent drone video of the historic city of Bruges, Belgium.  At the :11 mark, you'll fly around the Church of Our Lady, a Gothic masterpiece which is one of the tallest brick towers in the world.  At :45, you'll get a similar view of the Belfry of Bruges, which dates to the mid-13th century and is an reminder of the city's glorious past as a center of the textile trade.  Other highlights include the City Hall, which you'll see at the 1:35 mark.

Profile of Brent de Bleser


The Drone Dish: Brent De Bleser

The Drone ...

In this segment of Drone Dish, we profile Belgian drone pilot and contributor Brent De Bleser.  Brent talks about the beauty of both his native Belgium and his current home Norway. You might think UAV regulations and landscapes are quite similar between the two countries, but Brent explains they distinct differences too.  Brent's videos are featured extensively in the Belgium as well as the various Norway related collections on AirVuz.  



Brugge, Belgium - Drone View

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Drone Places - Bruges, Belgium

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Bruges - Belgium


Welcom at liège


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Bruges - Belgium


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