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Aerial Tour of Chile


Chile from above


Take an aerial tour of the great South American nation of Chile in this excellent reel by brand-new AirVuz contributor Travelpic28. The video features the following locations:   Zapallar, a coastal town in the mid-coastal Petorca Province; Viña del Mar, another coastal town just outside of Valparaiso (Chile's second-largest city); the Atacama Desert in northern Chile; the great capital of Santiago, one of the largest cities in South America; and the Andes mountains, which run down most of the country's length.

Chile by Drone


Chile: Do You Like Travel?

Patagonia ...

Contributor Patagoniafixer created this mesmerizing aerial tour of Chile, home to some of the most amazing natural scenery in South America. The video features footage from the length of the great nation, from the snowcapped peaks of the Andes to the glaciers of Patagonia to the skyscrapers of its great capital city Santiago. The diversity of the natural and human-made scenery of this country, home to some of the world's highest mountains and largest glaciers, will take your breath away

Southern Chile in Fall


Epic Autumn landscape in Chile 4K


Top AirVuz contributor nuclearcl earned a Drone Video of the Week Finalist spot with this outstanding drone video from southern Chile.  Shot during the Fall months, the video features footage from the area in and around Villarrica National Park, which covers parts of the Araucanía and Los Ríos Regions, about two-thirds of the way down the country's length.  You'll be treated to some excellent views of the lanin volcano (which actually sits on the border between Chile and Argentina), Quillelhue Lagoon, the Puesco River, and more.  

The Atacama Desert


Atacama desert / Chile


Check out this absolutely magnificent drone video of Chile's Atacama Desert, compliments of top AirVuz contributor and pilot nevinxavier.  The Atacama runs in a north-south direction for a length of about 1k km (around 600 mi.) along Chile's west coast, with small portions in Peru and Bolivia.  Covering an area of roughly 105k square km (a bit over 40k square mi.), it's considered part of the Andes system.  In terms of aridity and lack of temperature variation, it's considered the most "perfect" desert.  This was a DVOW Winner in June, 2020.

Whaling Station in Valparaiso Region


Cinematic Drone Footage | Quintay | Chile


AirVuz contributor raguayo_arenas brings us this excellent drone video from the Pacific Ocean coastline of Chile.  The video was filmed near the town of Quintay in the Valparaiso Region, roughly in the middle of the Chilean coastline. The video features footage of an old whaling station which has been converted into a museum.  Chile's whaling trade, which rose to prominence in the 1940's before coming to a near-complete halt in the 1960's.  This video was a Finalist for the Drone Video of the Week contest in August, 2021.

Chilean Patagonia by Drone




Top contributor semberadventure created this stunning 4k drone video from Chilean Patagonia.  Picked as a Finalist for DVOW, the video beautifully captures the beauty of the southern "cone" of South America, home to some of the world's most spectacular glaciers, valleys, and mountain peaks.  There's something for everyone in this production, which begins with a shot of an iconic looking glacial lake and features footage from some of the region's famous hiking trails and even some of its unique wildlife.

Altiplano: Andean Plateau


Altiplano's Wildlife 4K

FreD ./....
  • FreD ./.
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  • over 5 years ago

Contributor and pilot FreD served up this epic video of the wildllife of the Altiplano in northern Chile.  Also known as the Andean Plain or the Bolivian Plain, the Altiplano is a key component of the Andes Mountain system.  It is the second largest high plateau in the world after the Tibetan Plateau.  It is dominated by vicuna and llama herding, species which you'll see in abundance in this spectacular video.  Most of the Antiplano territory is in Bolivia and Peru; it covers only a small amount of territory in Chile.

Dronie from Easter Island


Ahu Tahai, Easter Island Drone Selfie Dronie

  • wrenee
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  • about 6 years ago

Easter Island is a territory of Chile which sits far out into the Pacific Ocean.  The UNESCO World Heritage site is known for approximately 100 stone statues which are believed to have been built by Polynesian settlers who came to the island beginning in the 12th century.  In this video, the Queen of the Dronie (and two-time Drone Video Award Finalist) Wrenee frames an epic selfie with five of these stone marvels in the background.  Since the 1990's, Easter Island has been designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. 

Santiago: Chile's National Capital


4K - Santiago Chile Aerial Footage


Check out this fantastic drone tour of Santiago, Chile by new AirVuz contributor skyroamer.  Shot with a DJI Mavic Pro 2 drone, the video was taken in March, 2020, just as the country was implementing social distancing measures to fight the spread of the deadly virus.  The video features footage of the Costanera Center tower (South America's tallest building as of early 2020), the Andes mountains, Cerro San Cristobal, and the Virgin Mary statue which overlooks the city from a hilltop.  

Winter in the Andes


The winter at the Andes

Shiram Ger...

Contributor Shiram Gerson created this spectacular drone video from the Andes Mountains in Chile.  The great mountain range is actually a series of ranges that extend for an incredible 7k km (about 4.3k miles) length-wise along a very narrow strip that runs most of the way down the western side of the continent.  The southern portion of the Andes separates Chile from Argentina and on the Chile side is home to dozens of peaks over 6k meters (around 20k ft.).  This video was filmed during the winter months.  

Northern Chile Aerial Highlights


Corto Drone 17 / Norte de Chile y su Costa by Photodis


Check out these magnificent drone videos of northern Chile, compliments of AirVuz contributor and pilot Photodiswork.  While the fantastically long and narrow South American country is divided into 16 official regions, a system of five natural regions which dates to the 1950's is also used, and it's the northernmost of these five regions which is generally considered the "norte" super-region.  The region's southern extent is usually defined as the Copiapó River, which sits at the 27th (south) parallel.  

Chile's Biobío Region


Field and Mountains - Biobío Region


Here's a stunning 4k drone video from one of Chile's lesser-known provinces.  It's called Biobío, and it's one of the 16 administrative divisions (states) that make up the South American country.  It's located about 2/3 of the way down Chile's long Pacific coastline.  It's capital city Concepcion is the country's third largest, and it's one of the most developed parts of the country.  It's also known for its stunning mountain scenery, which is on full display in this beautiful drone video by nuclearcl.

Mavic Pro over Southern Chile


Corto Drone 1/ Mavic Pro 4K by Photodis


Contributor Photodiswork used a DJI Mavic Pro drone to create this stunning aerial tour of southern Chile.  The video opens with a gorgeous top-down shot descending through the clouds over a forest that is just beginning to turn colors, a reminder that this is very much a temperate climate.  Then it transitions to an epic shot of a snow-covered volcanic mountain.  From there, you'll see an alpine valley, some shots from within the mountains, and more natural beauty from the depths of Chilean Patagonia.  

Osorno Coast Drone Views


Nomade Festival 2020 - Chile / Teaser Aerial 2

Neilo Neil...

Top contributor and pilot Neilo Neila was nominated as a Finalist for the AirVuz Drone Video of the Week contest for his drone video from Chile's Osorno Coast region.  This is the second installment for his series, which was produced in connection with the Nomade Music Festival, which was held at the Reserva Costera Mapu Lahual in February, 2020.  An extremely remote part of the country's Los Lagos Region (also known as Region X), the nearest highway here is roughly 60 km (nearly 40 mi.) to the north.  

Patagonia: W Circuit


Torres de Paine, Chile: Hiking the W Circuit


Contributor Where-is-Fab created this amazing drone video of one of the top hiking trails in South America.  He and a group of friends tackled the "W" circuit at the Torres del Paine National Park in Chilean Patagonia.  The park is one of the larger tourist attractions in Chile, receiving about a quarter million visitors per year, many of whom are foreigners.  The stunning beauty of the area has caught the eye of filmmakers; Torres del Paine was a filming location for the 2012 action movie Wrath of the Titans.

Drone Tour of the Los Lagos Region


Corto Drone 15 / Verano X Región 2019 by Photodis


Take a tour of Chile's Los Lagos region in this amazing drone reel from Photodiswork.  The region was formerly designated with the Roman numeral "X" (10) pursuant to a regional numbering system which was abandoned in 2018.  Now simply known as the Los Lagos Region, it lies about 2/3 of the way down Chile's length.  Its southern half is considered part of the broader Patagonia region.  Known for its lakes, Los Lagos is also home to beautiful ocean beaches, towering mountains, and roaring rivers.   

Araucanía Region: Chile's Midsection


The Secret of a Magic Land: Araucanía Region

Patagonia ...

Contributor and pilot Patagonia Fixer created this spectacular drone video of Chile's Araucanía Region.  One of the country's six official administrative regions (provinces), it lies about midway down the country's long Pacific coastline.  Lying well to the south of Chile's main population centers, it's a rural land which is much more heavily populated with indigenous peoples.  Shot in the winter, the video shows some of the visual highlights of this region, which is a bit north of Patagonia.  

Valparaiso: Chile's #2 City, Quarantined


A E R I A L Anxiety Lockdown 2020

Neilo Neil...

AirVuz contributor and drone pilot Neilo Neila brings us this excellent drone video of the city of Valparaiso, Chile, in the midst of the Covid-19 lockdown in the Spring of 2020.  The center of Chile's second-largest metropolitan area, Valparaiso is a port city which is located about 120 km (around 75 mi.) northwest of Santiago.  The city came to the fore in the 19th century when it became a major stopping point for ships traveling through the Straits of Magellan and it became known as Little San Francisco.  

Sur de Chile by Drone


Corto Drone 19 / Sur de Chile Mix by Photodis


The region of Southern Chile (Sur de Chile) is not officially defined but corresponds (confusingly) to the next-from-southernmost of the five natural regions delineated in the 1950's.  It runs from the Bio Bio River in the north to the Chacao Channel in the south, roughly 37 degrees to 42 degrees south latitude.  In terms of Chile's 16 official regions, it runs from the southern half of Bio-Bio to the northern half of Los Lagos.  You can take an aerial tour of the stunningly beautiful in this excellent drone video by Photodiswork. 

Hyperlapse of Vina del Mar


Viña del Mar, Chile: Drone Hyperlapse


If you want to know why Chile's Vina del Mar is becoming THE up and coming beach destination in South America, check out this unbelievable drone hyperlapse by contributor Tricapture.  It begins with a beautiful descent through the clouds to this city on the country's Pacific coast, north of Valparaiso.  Vina del Mar appears in the top spot amongst most rankings of Chile's beaches, and is increasingly showing up on worldwide top beach lists. The city lies just north of Valpraiso, Chile's #2 city.

Zapallar: Beach Playground in Petroca


Sunset Zapallar Beach - Chile 4K


Contrbutor and pilot nuchearcl created this drone video of a beautiful seaside town on the Chilean coast.  It's called Zapallar, and it's in the Petroca province of the Valparaiso Region, a bit less than halfway down Chile's length.  The city is considered one of the top beach destinations from the Chilean capital of Santiago, which lies about two hours to the southeast, as well as from Valparaiso, which is only a bit over an hour away.  The city is distinguished by its steep hills and horeshoe-shaped bay.

Atacama Desert: Death Valley


Sandboarding in Death Valley, Chile's Atacama Desert

  • Airpica
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  • over 5 years ago

Enjoy an exciting ride down the sand dunes of Chile's Atacama Desert, courtesy of AirVuz contributor and drone pilot Airpica.  He and his friends packed their sandboards and headed to the driest desert on the planet, where the soil is so remarkably similar to that on Mars that it as been the backdrop for  the television series "Space Odyssey".  Airpica's exciting footage makes for an out-of-this-world experience and a worthy nominee for the Drone Video of the Week contest in September, 2018.

Patagonia: Pia Glacier


Pia Glacier

Fabio Knol...

The Pia Glacier runs along the Chilean side of the strait on the Beagle Channel, a strait which runs parallel to the Strait of Magellan in Patagonia (the name for the southern "cone" of South America).  In this stunning drone video, top contributor Fabio Knoll flew his drone over this magnificent ice formation, giving us a magnificent bird's eye view of the glacier's amazing texture.  The glaciers of Patagonia are some of the most spectacular in the world; a number are the world's biggest outside of the polar ice caps.  

Los Lagos: Region X


Corto Drone 18 / X Región de Los Lagos / Chile by Photodis


Check out this drone tour of one of the south-central regions of Chile, compliments of AirVuz contributor Photodiswork.  He brings us aerial highlights from the Los Lagos Region, which corresponds to Region X in the system of 16 official regions which dates to the 1970's.  The region consists of four provinces, and is considered (depending on definition) either partly or fully within Patagonia.  With a long Pacific Ocean coastline which transitions quickly to the Andes as one moves inland, it's one of the most beautiful parts of Chile.

The Austral Road to Chilean Patagonia


Austral Road - Chile Patagonia - 4k


Contributor and pilot nuclearcl created this stunning drone video capturing the highlights of a trip along a famed road in southern Chile.  The Austral Road (Carretera Austral), otherwise known as CH-7) runs for over 1.2k km (about 770 mi.) down the length of this very long and narrow South American country.  Its northern starting point is in Puerto Mont in the Los Lagos region (covering a mid-south portion of the country); its southern terminus is Villa O'Higgins, deep in Chilean Patagonia.  

Droning Calbuco Volcano


The Awakening of Nature: Calbuco Volcano Eruption 2015

  • mavdrone
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  • over 6 years ago

Contributor and pilot Mavdrone used a DJI drone to create this breathtaking video of the Calbuco Volcano, which lies along the Pacific coast of Chile in the region of Los Lagos.  Dormant since the early 1970's, the volcano erupted in a spectacular fashion in 2015.  Contributor Mavdrone was able to fly a drone over the volcano as it was erupting at that time, creating a memorable aerial video of this geological beast.  The mountain is situated in the heart of the Andes Mountains system, which runs down the western side of the continent.  

Concepción: Chile's #3 City


City of South America


AirVuz contributor and pilot drone.nomadic brings us this fantastic aerial tour of Concepción, Chile.  The center of Chile's third-largest metropolitan area, Concepción is situated near the middle of the country, well to the south of Santiago.  The city was originally founded by Spanish conquistadores in 1550 well north of the Biobío River, river, but a series of earthquakes and other natural disasters led it to being relocated to its current location at the river's mouth 200 years later.  It's one of Chile's most industrialized cities.

Cruise Ship in the Chilean Fjords


Cruise Ship in Chile by Drone

Exclusive ...

The complex shape of Chile's Patagonian coastline created large numbers of spectacular fjords, which are inlets created by glaciation patterns.  These natural wonders have caught the attention of cruise ship operators and travelers around the world.  Some of these travelers are also drone pilots.  Contributor Exclusive Aerials was onboard the cruise ship Crystal Serenity with a DJI Phantom 4 Pro drone when he created this magnificent video of the ship cruising this remarkably beautiful area on its southern Pacific coast.

Gran Torre: Tallest in South America


Chile, Dance between buildings against the tallest tower in Latin America


Check out this (literally) over-the-top view of the tallest skyscraper in South America, compliments of AirVuz contributor and drone pilot drone.nomadic.  Alternatively known as Costanera Center Torre 2 or Grand Torre, the 62 story office tower in Santiago, Chile has an architectural height of 300 meters or 974 ft.  As of 2023, that made it the tallest building on the continent.   One of the tallest buildings located in a major earthquake zone, the tower was completed in 2013 following a seven year construction period.

Antofagasta: Taltal


Secrets Destinations Of Chile

Patagonia ...

Contributor and pilot Patagonia Fixer created this spectacular drone video of a little known area of northern Chile with a spectacular coastline.  Taltal is a beachside town on the Pacific coast in the state of Antofagasta in northern Chile.  Its magnificent coastline is in the great Atacama coastal desert in the state of Antofagasca, south of the state capital.  Like most of northern Chile, it's been heavily driven by mining, but its magnificent beauty is starting to draw tourists in much larger numbers.

Viña del Mar Drone Views



Neilo Neil...

Check out this awesome pro drone reel from Chile, compliments of AirVuz contributor Neilo Neila.  Most of the footage was captured in and around Viña del Mar, Chile.  Sometimes called the Garden City, Viña del Mar is located on Chile's Central Pacific coast, just northeast of Valparaiso.  It's Chile's fourth-largest city as of 2019, as well as one of its youngest and most modern.  The video also features footage from the city of Puno in the neighboring country Peru; Puno is located on the shores of Lake Titicaca.     

Laguna del Maule


Laguna del Maule and Mr. Fox - Chile 4k


Laguna del Maule is a lake in the Andes Mountains of Chile.  It's created by a volcanic field that sits overlapping the Chile-Argentina border in the Maule region, about midway down the length of the country.  It's a stunningly beautiful area, part of the Andean Volcanic Belt which runs down much of the western side of South America.  You can see this mesmerizing lake and its surroundings in this amazing drone video by contributor nuclearcl; scroll to about 1:20 and you'll see where Mr. Fox comes in!  

Northern Chile's Lauca National Park


Wildlife in National Park Lauca - North of Chile Drone 4k


Check out this stunning 4k drone video from a spot in the far north of Chile in South America, compliments of contributor and pilot nuclearcl.  The Lauca National Park covers almost 1.4k square km (a bit over 400 square miles) near the country's border with Bolivia.  The park offers a mix of the Andean landscape, including massive volcanoes and a portion of the great Altiplano plateau.  The park lies just to the north of Las Vicuñas National Reserve, another natural treasure in the region.  

Valparaiso Province: Playa Quirilluca


Quirilluca - Quinta Región


Check out this stunning drone video from a beautiful spot on the Pacific Ocean coast of Chile in western South America.  Quirilluca Beach is situated near the town of Puchuncaví, around the middle of the country's enormously long western coastline.  It is part of the Valparaíso Province, one of the provinces which make up the Valparaiso Region.  Content creator and drone pilot cvenegasf does a marvelous job of aerially capturing the spectacular cliffs that line the coast here.  

La Mula Lagoon


National Reserve Ralco Chile Mountain Range 4k


Former Drone Video of the Week Finalist nuclearcl brings us this excellent drone video from central Chile in South America.  The video was filmed in the Ralco National Reserve in the Biobío Region, which is roughly halfway down the country's length.  Most of the video was filmed over and around the La Mula Lagoon.  You will also see some glimpses of the Callaqui volcano, which is one of the main features of the reserve.  The stratovolcano has a maximum elevation of 10.4k ft. above sea level or about 3.1k m.  

World's Largest Swimming Pool


The Largest Pool in the World (Chile)

Volare Vid...

Check out this stunning drone video of the world's largest swimming pool, compliments of contributor Volare Video.  The pool at the San Alfonso del Mar resort in central Chile was certified by the Guinness Book of World Records as the world's largest pool when it was completed in 2006.  It's situated in the town of Algarrobo, a bit over an hour's drive west of Santiago.  The pool is over 1,000 meters (about 3.3k ft.) long, and it holds a quarter billion (with a "b") gallons of H20, about 66 million gallons.  

Touring the Andes with a Mavic Pro


Mavic Pro vs the Andes


Top first person view (FPV) pilot ChileVuela demonstrates some serious aerial videography skills in this amazing drone video from the Andes Mountains of Chile.  Shot on a DJI Mavic Pro, the video will take you through some of the most spectacular mountain scenery to be had in either hemisphere.  The great mountain chain runs down the length of this very long country, just a bit inland from its Pacific (western) coastline.  Many of the Andes' tallest peaks straddle the border between Chile and Argentina.

FPV Diving Santiago's Costanera Center


Epic Dive at Gran Torre Santiago, Chile


Check out this unbelievable first person view (FPV) video of an epic diving session at South America's tallest building.  Contributor and FPV pilot prisvanrees strapped on his FPV goggles to take on the Gran Torre Santiago, the centerpiece of the Costanera Center office complex in the Chilean capital city.  Completed in 2013 at a cost of US $1 billion, the 64 story tower has an architectural height of 300 meters (984 ft.), making it the tallest building on the continent and one of the tallest in the Southern Hemisphere.

Los Logos: Osorno Volcano


Vulcão Osorno - Chile


Top contributor and pilot DRONEAVENTURA used a drone to aerially capture a climb to the top of one of the most famous volcanoes in South America.  Chile's Osorno Volcano is situated in two provinces of the Los Lagos region of the country, which is about two-thirds of the way down the country's length.  Its peak altitude is about 2.65k meters (around 8.7k ft.).  The volcano is known not so much for its height as its shape; its conical profile is often compared to Japan's near-perfectly formed Mt. Fuji.

FPV: The Devil's Fang (Quinquili)


El Comillo del Diablo (The Devil's Fang)


The GoPro Hero 8 is something of a game-changer for first person view (FPV) pilots.  With built-in stabilization, the new camera obviates the need for post-production image stabilization.  Witness this spectacular piece from top AirVuz contributor and FPV Pilot to Watch in January 2020, ChileVuela.  He mounted his GoPro 8 onto one of his racing quads and set out for a rock formation called the Devil's Fang (Quinquili) in Chile's Andes Mountains.  It's situated in the southern Araucanía Region, not far from the border with Argentina.  

Los Logos: Lago Llanquihue


Chile's Lago Llanquihue


Contributor and drone pilot Photodiswork created this marvelous video of the bird life on one of the best known lakes in Chile.  Llanquihue Lake (Lago Llanquihue) is situated in the Los Logos region of the country, about 2/3 of the way down the length of Chile.  With a surface area of over 850 square km (around 330 square mi.), it's Chile's second largest lake, and it's deep - over 300 meters (over 1k ft.) at its deepest point.   In addition to its bird life, it offers some stunning views of the Andes Mountains.  

Laguna del Inca, Valparaiso Region


Winter in Laguna del Inca - Andes Mountain 4k


Opening with a beautiful time-lapse of the clouds rolling past the mountains and over the lake nestled between the snowy peaks, this piece by contributor and pilot nuclearcl shows us the beauty of Chile's Andes Mountains in winter. The beautiful lake featured in this pieces is called Laguna del Inca, which sits in the Valparaiso Region of Chile, close to the Argentina border. It features a ski resort on the southern end of the lake, Portillo, which is a popular destination in the winter months. 

Drone Views of Concón


Starting 2018


Check out these stunning aerial views of the fabled Chilean beach town of Concón, compliments of AirVuz contributor cvenegasf.  It's located a bit less than 40 km (a little over 20 mi.) north of Valparaiso, in the Valparaiso Province near the middle of the country.  The town occupies two peninsulas at the southern end of a bay on the Pacific Ocean.  The city is particularly well known for its three main beaches - Playas Negra, Amarilla and Boca - as well as its acres of sand dunes and luxury resort hotels.  

Fun in the Andes


Simple Pleasures: 2018

  • Airpica
    • 1.6k VŪZ
    • 32
    • 30
  • about 5 years ago

Check out this stunning drone video from the Andes Mountains of Chile, compliments of content creator and pilot Airpica.  Much of the footage involves various action sports, which can be found in abundance in this mountain paradise of South America.  The video includes footage of some epic snow- and sand-boarding sessions in the Llaima and Licancabur Volcanos, and even some surfing on the nearby Pacific beaches.  Prepare to be amazed by the spectacular beauty of this mountainous land.  

Atacama Desert: Vale de La Luna


Vale de La Luna - Atacama Desert - Chile

Luiz Gerba...

Part of the Los Flamencos National Reserve in northern Chile’s great Atacama Desert, the Valle de la Luna is a sight to behold.  You can see its enormous sand dunes, rugged mountains, and unique rock formations in this drone video by content creator and pilot Luiz Gerbase. The landscape is fascinating; it will remind you of the surface of the moon, or possibly even that of the "Red Planet," Mars.  The park is located just a few kilometers/miles to the east of the city of San Pedro de Atacama.  

Panguipulli: Chile's City of Roses


Panguipulli - Chile - Los Rios Region


Checkout this drone video of Chile's "City of Roses", compliments of contributor nuclearcl.  The city is called Panguipulli, and it's an inland town in the province of Valdivia Province in the south-central part of the country.  It's situated on a lake of the same name, which is one of a group known as the Seven Lakes which are part of the same drainage basin.  The city is known for its beautiful natural setting, and also for its proximity to a mountain pass through the Andes into neighboring Argentina.  

Quintero: Chile's First Port


Quintero Mágico


Here's a drone video of a beautiful spot on the Chilean coast, compliments of content creator and pilot hansonscl.  It's a town called Quintero, which is in the Valparaiso Region, about 30 km (around 18 mi.) north of the city of Valparaiso.  Quintero has the distinction of being the country's first port.  It sits at the tip of a small peninsula which forms the western side of a bay of the Pacific Ocean.  The town is named after a Spanish explorer named Alonso Quintero, who "discovered" the bay in 1536.  

Concón: Beach Town in Valparaiso Region


Concón 01012018


Check out this beautiful drone video from a well-known beach town in Chile called Concón, compliments of contributor cvenegasf.  The town is located in the Valparaíso Region, one of Chile's 16 states.  Located a relatively short distance from both Santiago and Valparaíso (Chile's two largest cities) Concón has become a major beach destination in the central part of the country.  The video features some great footage of the rocky coastline and an epic shot of the city at around the 1:00 mark.    

The Seven Lakes of Valdivia Province




Contributor nuclearcl created this stunning drone video of a group of lakes in the Andes Mountains of Chile.  The so-called Seven Lakes are situated in and around the city of Panguipulli in Valdivia, one of the two provinces in the southern Los Rios region.  While the lakes are not physically connected, they are part of a single drainage basin which extends over the country's western border into neighboring Argentina.  Surrounded by volcanoes, the region is also known for its hot springs and other geological features.  

Arica y Parinacota Region: Sirure Salt Flats


Salt Flat Surire - Desert of Atacama - Chile


Chile is blessed with a plethora of stunning natural sights.  One of them is the Surire Salt Flats.  It's located in the Atacama Desert in the Arica y Parinacota Region, one of the sixteen primary divisions (states) in this South American country.  The home of several flora and fauna species which are unique to this region, most of the area is now part of the Salar de Surire Natural Monument.  It's been designated a biosphere by UNESCO.  The mountain in the background is the Arintica stratovolcano.

Santiago's Cajón del Maipo


Hyperlapse Road to "El Volcan" Cajon del Maipo - Chile 4K


Check out this stunning drone video of a canyon in the mountains around Santiago, Chile, compliments of contributor nuclearcl.  It's called Cajón del Maipo, and it's situated in the southeastern part of Greater Santiago, near the middle of this large South American country.  The canyon was formed by the Maipo River, a major waterway that drains a portion of the Andes and supplies water to Chile's most populated areas.  The canyon is surrounded by some of the highest peaks in the Western Hemisphere.  

O'Higgins Region: Pichilemu



Padawan D-...

Check out this beautiful drone video from an area of central Chile in South America, compliments of contributor Aerialize.  It's a municipality called Pichilemu, and it's in the Cardenal Caro Province of the O'Higgins Region, the latter being one of the 16 first-order administrative divisions (ie, states) of Chile.   Located near the center of the country's Pacific coastline, a bit south of Santiago, it's becoming one of the go-to beach destinations in South America.  

Central Coast: Punta de Lobos


Punta de Lobos - Pichilemu, Región de O'Higgins (DJI mini SE)


Contributor AulaRoboTics created this amazing drone video of Punta de Lobos, one of Chile's most well-known beaches.  Punta de Lobos is located in Pichilemu, a town on the central Chilean coast in the Cardenal Caro Province, part of the O'Higgins Region.  The beach is particularly well-recognized for its surfing and kiteboarding scene.  Its beaches sit between stretches of spectacular rocky coastlines, and the whole scene makes for a golden sunset.  Punta de Lobos is roughly a 2-3 hour drive from the cities of Santiago and Valparaíso.  

Southern Chile by FPV



Aleksandr ...

For a first upload to AirVuz, brand-new contributor Aleksandr Iskander brings us this stunning first person view (FPV) drone video shot during a trip to southern (Patagonian) Chile.  The video opens with a series of shot from the Pacific Ocean coastline, which (in the southern regions) is dotted with countless islands and channels.  Further on in the video, you'll be treated to some shots from the Andes Mountains, which run the country's length and in southern Chile run right up to the coast. 

Mocha Island, Arauco Province


Autumn Mocha Island - Chile 4k


Check out this amazing drone video of a small island off the coast of Chile, compliments of contributor nuclearcl.  It's called Mocha Island, and it's situated a short distance off the coast of the Arauco Province around the midsection of the country.  Covering less than 50 square km (a little under 20 square mi.) and covered with small mountains, the island is considered important to adherents of the Maupache Religion, the faith of many of the indigenous peoples of this part of South America.  

Car Chasing in the Atacama Desert


Atacama Desert Chile Chasing Car Drone 4k


Check out one of the driest places in the world, the Atacama Desert of South America, in this stellar car-follow drone video by contributor and pilot nuclearcl. Considered a near "perfect" desert, the Atacama owes its extreme aridity to extremely steady temperatures caused by the interaction between the Humboldt ocean current and the Pacific anticyclone. The desert’s natural beauty and stillness contrasts perfectly with the car driving down the open road, shown in perfect, 4K detail. 

Araucanía Region: Lake Malleco


Lagoon Malleco, Tolhuaca National Park - Araucania - Chile 4k


Here's an aerial video of a beautiful lagoon in one of Chile's national parks compliments of top contributor nuclearcl.  It's the Lagoon Malleco, which is part of the Tolhuaca National Park in the Araucanía Region in the middle part of the country.  The park is carved out of the Malleco Reserve, which was the first protected wildlife area in South America.  The region is known in part for a diverse population of seabirds, as well as for its flora and hiking trails.  The park lies at the foothills of the Andes Mountains.  

Puerto Varas, Los Lagos


Aerial film from PUERTO VARAS, Drone Chile


If you didn't read this and just watched this video by Chris-AD-Audiovisual, you might think it came from Europe.  In fact, it was shot in a city called Puerta Varas in Chile.  The town is located in the Los Lagos Region, an area that is considered part of Northern Patagonia.  It sits on the shores of Llanquihue Lake, the country's second-largest and a major tourist destination in southern Chile.  The town was settled by German immigrants in the mid-19th century and it's known for its German traditions.  

Araucanía Region: Lake Conguillio


Winter is Coming - Conguillío Lake - Araucanía - Chile 4k


Top content creator and pilot nuclearcl brings us this beautiful drone video of a lake in central Chile.  It's called Conguillío Lake, and it was formed by volcanic activity from the Llaima volcano that dammed the Trufultruful River.  The lake (and much of the river as well as the volcano) is part of the Conguillío National Park.  The park sits in two provinces of the Araucanía Region, about two-thirds of the way down the Chilean coast and a bit north of the Patagonia region.  

The Puelo River Basin


Rio Puelo Basin | Commune of Cochamo | Tagua Tagua Park


Check out this stunning drone video from the mountains of southern Chile, compliments of contributor mavdrone.  It was filmed in the basin of the Puelo River, which drains a portion of the Andes in the Patagonia region and flows in a generally northwesterly direction toward a discharge point in the fjord known as the Reloncaví Estuary.  One of the main attractions in the region is Tagua Tagua Park.  It lies just west of the south end of Lake Tagua, which is actually part of the Puelo River.  

The Elqui Valley, Coquimbo Region




Check ouyt these beautiful drone views of a mountain valley in northern Chile, compliments of AirVuz contributor and pilot aldofelip.  The subject of the video is the Elqui Valley, which is a winegrowing region just south of the Atacama Desert.  It's part of the Coquimbo Region, one of the country's 16 official first-order administrative units.   Located about 400 km (around 240 mi.) north of Santiago, the Elqui Valley is a comparative newcomer to the winery industry; it's only been undertaking large-scale grape production since the 1990's.

La Ballena: Fishing Village in Petorca Province


4K Drone Footage - La Ballena Chile


Check out this outstanding 4k drone video of an idyllic spot on the Chilean coast, compliments of AirVuz contributor and pilot skyroamer.  The video was shot around the fishing village of La Ballena, which is located on a small bay in Petorca, the largest province of the Valparaiso Region.  The area is about a two hours' drive northwest of Santiago on Route 5, and a comparable drive time due north from the coastal city of Valparaiso.  The video was shot with a DJI Mavic Pro 2 drone.

Viña del Mar: Reñaca


Beach Sunset, Renaca, Chile


Reñaca is a popular beach along Chile's long Pacific coastline.  It lies on the north end of Viña del Mar, Chile's fourth largest city and home to one of its largest concentration of beaches. Viña del Mar is part of the Valparaiso region, about midway down the coastline and just north of Santiago.  Reñaca was recently listed as one of the top beaches in South America in a ranking published by the Travel Channel.  Contributor Absafilms used a drone to create this beautiful aerial of Reñaca at sunset.

Puerto Varas and Lake Llanquihue


Corto Drone 20 / Paseo Amanecer Costanera Puerto Varas 2020 by Photodis


Puerto Varas is a town on the shores of Lake Llanquihe in southern Chile.  It's located in Llanquihue, one of the four provinces of the Los Lagos Region, the next-to-southernmost of the country's 16 official regions.  Nicknamed the City of Roses, Puerto Varas was founded by German immigrants, and it retains strong German cultural ties.  The lake is Chile's second-largest, covering an area of about 330 square mi (around 860 square km).  Check out this beautiful spot in this drone video by AirVuz contributor Photodiswork.  

Santiago's Surrounding Mountains


Santiago - Chile (Andes)

Gustavo Ch...

See the mountains surrounding the Chilean capital of Santiago in this fantastic aerial film by AirVuz contributor and drone pilot Gustavo Chisti. Chile’s capital and largest city is surrounded by the snow-capped Andes in the Chilean Coastal Range. The Andes Mountains are the world’s longest continental mountain range with 138 volcanos on the Chilean see alone. Near Santiago is the range’s highest peak, Aconcagua, reaching nearly 7,000 meters (23,000 feet) above sea level. 

Freeride Snowboarding in Biobío


Freeride snowboarding at Nevados de Chillan Andes volcano

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Top AirVuz contributor Airpica put together this awesome video of some epic snowboard freeriding in the Andes Mountains of Chile.  Show using a combination of drone and ground camera footage, the video was shot at the Nevados de Chillán Resort, which is located on the slopes of the Nevados de Chillán stratovolcano complex in the Biobío Region near the middle of the country.  The highest of the peaks, Cerro Blanco, has a summit elevation of about 3.2k ft. or around 10.5k ft. above sea level.  

Costanera Center at Night


Costanera Center Tower - Santiago de Chile


In this phenomenal drone video by nuclearcl, you'll get to see the tallest building in South America (as of 2019) from above.  It's the Costanera Center Torre 2 in Santiago, the capital and largest city of Chile.  Also known as Gran Torre Santiago, the 64-story office tower stands 300 meters tall (984 ft.).  The second tallest building in the entire Southern Hemisphere, the skyscraper is designed to withstand the gigantic earthquakes which are too well known in this giant metropolis.  

Portillo: Ski Resort in Valparaiso Region


Portillo - Los Andes - Chile

TakingOff ...

Check out this drone video of a well-known ski area in the Andes Mountains of Chile, compliments of contributor TakingOff.  It's the Portillo Resort, and it's located in the country's Valparaiso Region, about 160 km (around 100 mi.) from the Chilean capital city Santiago.  With a base elevation of about 2.9k meters above sea level (around 9.45k ft.), the resort's lifts reach an altitude of about 3.3k meters or around 10.85k ft.  It's hosted numerous international competitions, notably the World Alpine Ski Championship in 1966.

Ramuntcho Beach and Tree


Ramuntcho Tree - Hualpen - Bío-Bío - Chile 4k


Playa de Ramuntcho is in Hualpén, Region del Bio Bio, Chile. It's situated on a small bay just northwest of Concepcion.  The beach is a major tourist attraction in the area; you can see why in this aerial video by pilot nuclearcl. It’s superbly blue water, scenic rocky cliffs and white sand beaches look ideal for a summer getaway. Shot in 4K with the DJI Phantom 4 Pro, the video features a lone tree which has become as well known as the beach itself.  

The Osorno Coast, Los Lagos Region


Nomade Festival 2020 - Chile / Teaser Aerial

Neilo Neil...

Take in these splendid aerial views of the Chilean coast, compliments of top contributor Neilo Neila.  It was shot in an area of northern Patagonia known as the Osorno Coast, an area of noted biodiversity in the Province of Osorno, part of the country's official Los Lagos Region/Region X.  The video was shot in connection with the  Nomade Music Festival, held at the Reserva Costera Mapu Lahual in February, 2020.  This is an extremely remote section of the Chilean coast, the nearest highway is roughly 60 km (nearly 40 mi.) to the north.  

Trekking a Nature Reserve in Talca Province


You Have To Get There First


Check out this amazing drone video record of a trek through the Chilean Andes, compliments of AirVuz contributor withoneeyeopen.  The trek was through the Altos de Lircay National Reserve in Talca, one of the provinces of the Maule Region which sits near the geographic center of the country.  It's located near the Radal Siete Tazas National Park.  The trip included a hike to the top of Mt. Descabezado Grande, a volcano with a summit elevation of 3.95k meters above sea level (around 12.6k ft.).

FPV: Surfing in Chile


FPV vs SURF - Chile


With more than 6,000 kilometers (3728 miles) of Pacific Ocean shoreline, Chile is a popular destination for surfers around the world. Due to the cold in certain parts of the country, wetsuits, like the ones you’ll see in this drone video by prisvanrees, are needed for surfers to stay warm. In this killer FPV edit, the pilot takes us dangerously close to the waves, seemingly getting very close to losing his quad to the ocean. It’s a fun, exciting edit with some of the tightest shots a pilot can get while tracking surfers.

Drone Views of Santiago


Santiago Sunset and Skyline


Contributor and pilot atultaneja created this nicely captioned drone video of Chile's great capital city Santiago following a rainstorm.  The video includes footage of some of the city's most well-known spots, including Cerro San Cristobal, Parque Bicentenario, laguna Norte y Mestizo, Sky Costanera, and more.  Throughout the video, you'll get some great views of the Torre Santiago (part of the Costanera complex in the city's central business district); this is the tallest skyscraper in South America as of 2018.

Atacama Desert Drone Views


La Puna de Atacama - Atacama Desert - Chile 4k


Top contributor and pilot nuclearcl created this marvelous aerial video of Chile's famed Atacama Desert.  Situated in the northern part of the country (and partially on Bolivian and Argentinian soil).  It's considered one of the world's most "perfect" deserts from a scientific standpoint, one of the driest spots on earth.  The video features footage from the following locations in this much-studied desert region: Laguna Verde, the Lamas River, Nevado tres Cruces National Park, La Rosa Lagoon.

60 Seconds over Chilean Patagonia




For a 60 second tour of Chilean Patagonia, it's hard to beat this drone video.  In one place, you will see some of the natural scenery which has made this one of the world's fastest-growing tourist destinations.  You'll see fjords, iceberg lagoons, and epic views of snow-covered Andes Mountains peaks.  Throw in some amazing views of seals frolicking on the rocky coast, and a group of whales migrating off-shore.   The capper is an aerial shot of what appears to be a private cruise ship plying the fjords.  

Portillo by FPV


Mountain Surfing FPV | Portillo| CHILE


Check out this dramatic first person view (FPV) drone mountain surfing video from the Andes Mountains in Chile, compliments of AirVuz contributor raguayo_arenas.  The video was filmed at Portillo, which lies in the Valparaiso Region, about 100 mi. (around 160 km) northeast of the capital city of Santiago.  The lowest lifts at the resort begin at an altitude of just under 8.4k ft. above sea level (around 2.5k m), while the highest lifts extend up to 10.9k ft. ASL (3.3k m).  The video was filmed just after the season's first snowfall.  

Tepuhueico Park, Chiloé Island


Tepuhueico Park - Dock of Time | Cucao, Chiloé


Chiloé Island is a large island off the coast of southern Chile in the country's Los Lagos Region.  In this stunning drone video by AirVuz contributor mavdrone, you'll get an aerial view of the island's Tepuhueico Park.  The park lies on the western (Pacific Ocean) side of the island, which is Chile's second-largest and the fourth-largest on the continent of South America.  As you'll see in the video, the coast here is characterized by magnificent cliffs as well as some gigantic offshore rock formations.  

Gran Torre Drone Views


El Gran Costanera Center


As of 2023, the tallest skyscraper in South America is the subject of this drone video by AirVuz contributor AyM.DJI.DRONE: Costanera Center 2, also known as Gran Torre, which is located in the city of Santiago, Chile.  Designed by famed architect César Pelli, it's one of the tallest buildings ever constructed in an earthquake zone.  Completed in 2013, the 62 story office tower has an architectural height of 974 ft. (300 m).  Since 2015, the top two floors of the building are part of an observation deck which is open to the public.  

Aerial Tour of Chile


From Santiago to Patagonia

Patagonia ...

Content creator Patagonia Fixer, a company which does professional aerial videography throughout Chile, gives us a sense of their work and this great north-south expanse of the Andean nation in this great short film. It starts with shots of the gleaming skyscrapers in capital city Santiago, one of the largest cities of South America.  Then the video moves on to show us the beauty of Patagonia in southern Chile, treating us to aerial shots of some of the most epic mountain scenery in the world.  

Chile Compilation Video


Chile From Above

AirVūz Soc...

AirVuz created this video compilation of someof the best aerial footage of the South American country of Chile. Some of the locations featured include the the Atacama Desert, the Valle de la Luna in the Los Flamencos National Reserve, the Salar de Surire salt flat, Easter Island, the capital city of Santiago, Chile's "second city" Valparaíso, the Vina del Mar coastal resort city, the Torres del Paine National Park in Patagonia (as well as other sights in this southern region), the great Altiplano plateau, and more.

Aerial Traveler: Chile


Aerial Traveler - Chile

Aerial Tra...

Aerial Traveler is the newest of AirVūz Originals programming.  Each episode has hosts Allie and Rusty featuring a jaw-dropping travel destination via the incredible drone videos uploaded to AirVuz.  Each episode of the show focuses on a particular geography or theme. In this episode, you'll get to explore the great South American nation of Chile. Rusty and Allie will figuratively take you over some of the top sights in this fascinating country, ranging from the Atacama Desert to the Patagonia region.




Patagonia ...

Feel Good Andes Freestyle


Two years in the life of...


Road to the Mountain - Drone View

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Punta de Lobos, Pichilemu Chile

Altitud Pr...

San Pedro de Atacama, Chile