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DVOW Winner from Madeira


Behind the clouds - Madeira


Check out this magnificent video from the Portuguese island of Madeira, compliments of Drone Video Award winner videobros. Shot just before much of Portugal went into lockdown to combat the Covid-19 worldwide pandemic, the video plays upon the cloudcover which prevented the creator from hiking to the top of Pico Ruivo, the island's highest mountain. "Behind the Clouds" is a metaphor for the uncertainty faced by humanity as the deadly virus disrupts the lives of billions around the globe.  This video won DVOW in April 2020.

Madeira by Drone


Discover Madeira Island From The Sky l Cinematic Aerial Film


The traveling duo known as the DigitalTravelCouple brings us this spectacular drone video from the Portuguese island of Madeira, which lies off the coast of northwestern Africa.  The video opens with a beautiful shot of the sun hanging over a mountain ridge, followed by a view of an immense coastal cliff.  Other highlights include a "reveal" of a village tucked in the island's interior at the :42 mark, a giant rock arch near Ponta de Sao Laurenzio (1:03), the white clock tower in the town of Ribeira Brava (1:20), and much more.  

DVOM Nominee Video of Madeira




This film captures the essence of a trip to Madeira, a group of islands off the coast of North Africa which are a semi-autonomous region of Portugal.  As you'll see from the video, Rocky cliffs, towering mountains, and shining coasts make this a great bucket list destination for any avid traveler.  Contributor used a combination of ground camera and drone footage to create this epic record of his trip, which was a Finalist for both the Drone Video of the Week and the Drone Video of the Month in August, 2018.   

Madeira's Spectacular Rock Formations


A Story of One Sunrise and a Rock


AirVūz contributor andril_lutsyk created this stunning aerial film of a spectacular coastal rock formation on the Portuguese island of Madeira.  It's called the Ilheus da Ribeira da Janela, and it's located on the northwestern coast of the island, just a bit to the southeast of Porto Moniz and about a 45 minute drive from the island's main city, Funchal.  It's an example of the spectacular natural scenery of Madeira, which is located off the coast of North Africa.  This video earned a Drone Video of the Week nomination in January 2020. 

Madeira by DJI Mavic Pro 2



Chris Borg...

Former Drone Video of the Week Finalist Chris Borg brings us this fantastic drone video from the island of Madeira, a region of Portugal which lies hundreds of km/mi from the Portuguese mainland.  Shot with a DJI Mavic Pro 2, the video opens with a top-down shot of the Madeira coastline and then heads to its interior.  The piece features some epic dronelapses from the Madeira mountains peeking through the clouds that covered its lower elevations, as well as some great shots of its giant offshore rock formations and its hillside towns.

4K Aerial Tour of Madeira


Madeira, Portugal

Henrique N...

The autonomous region of Madeira, Portugal is a stunning collection of four islands off the coast of northwest Africa. Known for their namesake wine, the volcanic islands offer  some of the world's most unusual landscapes. The warm, subtropical climate with its rolling, rugged cliffs and pebbly beaches can be seen in this 4K drone video Henrique Nibes. He’ll explore this beautiful land, which is considered the first conquest in Europe's Age of Discovery that began in the early 15th century.  

Madeira by DJI Mavic Pro


Madeira on Drone I Dji Mavic Pro

2B OptiK...

Take an aerial tour of the Portuguese island of Madeira in this beautiful 4k drone video by 2B OptiK.  Shot with a DJI Mavic Pro drone, the video will take you over some of the most spectacular spots on this small island off the northwestern coast of Africa, the first territory claimed by Prince Henry as Portugal (and Europe) embarked on its Age of Discovery over 600 years ago.  Watch it and you'll get bird's eye views of some of the islands famous cliffs, its red-roofed hillside villages, and quaint ports.

Madeira Drone Views


Madeira- Green island

JS Videogr...

Check out this highly cinematic drone video from the Portuguese island of Madeira, compliments of AirVuz contributor JS Videography.  Located about 700 km (around 425 mi.) west of Morocco, Madeira is considered the first "overseas" European territory.  With annual tourist traffic around 5x its permanent population, Madeira is popular with eco-tourists, cruise ship passengers, and others who seek out its beautiful beaches, multiple UNESCO World Heritage sites, and mountainous interior.

Volcanic Madeira


Madeira (Volcanic Island) in 4K UHD

XL Creatio...

Madeira is a group of Portuguese islands located southwest of the mainland in the Atlantic Ocean.  The tip of a giant volcano rising from the ocean floor, it's a popular resort area and is considered to be one of the leading European island destinations, with over a million tourist arrivals per year.  Contributor XL Creations took a four day trip to Madeira with a drone and made this amazing video, which includes aerial footage from Achada do Teixeira, Funchal, Ilheus da Rib, Porto da Cruz, Ribeiro Frio, Seixal, and more.  

Madeira by Mavic Air



Marian Pec...

Madeira is an archipelago that is made up of four islands off the northwest coast of Africa. The autonomous region of Portugal is known for its namesake wine and warm, subtropical climate. The main island of Madeira is volcanic with high cliffs, pebbly beaches, green forested interior, and rugged features. Pilot Marian Peciar took his DJI Mavic Air to the island, creating this beautiful video of the island which was the first real conquest in Europe's Age of Discovery and is the last remnant of the once-mighty Portuguese Empire.  

23 Sites in Madeira


Madeira Explored By Drone | 23 Stunning Locations | DJI Mavic 2 Pro | 21-25.05.2019.

Csaba Jona...

Check out this captioned drone video of the Portuguese island of Madeira, which lies off the mainland in the North Atlantic Ocean and is one of the country's seven official regions.  The video covers the island in three groupings: the north island, the mountains (in the center), and the southern coast.  Watch it to see footage of a total of 23 distinct sites, including Ponta do Rosto, Sao Vincente, Porto Moniz, Pico Do Arieiro, the Ponta do Pargo Lighthouse, Cais da Ponta do Sol, the Cabo Girão Skywalk, and the statue of Cristo Rei.  

Madeira's Offshore Rock Formations


Madeira Island

Drone Eye ...

Check out this amazing drone video of some stunning rock formations off the Portuguese island of Madeira, compliments of contributor DroneEyePerspective.  Ilheus da Rib and Ilheus da Janela are both situated off the northwestern coast of the island, which is one of the seven autonomous regions of Portugal.  The rocks are volcanic in origin, as is the island - the visible parts of Madeira are the tip of a giant volcano on the ocean floor.  On an island known in part for its rock formations, these are stand-outs.  

Madeira by FPV and Mavic Air 2


MADEIRA ISLAND | cinematic fpv, mavic air 2

Rein Marte...

With the lines between gimbal-stabilized aerial videography and first person view (FPV) video capture becoming increasingly blurred, content creators are using both types of platforms to create amazing travel videos.  Case in point is this fantastic piece from the Portuguese island of Maderia by top AirVuz contributor Rein Martens.  He combined footage from a DJI Mavic Air 2 drone with an FPV racing drone to create a memorable portrait of the island, which lies about 520 km (320 mi.) west of the North African mainland.  

Rock Climbing in Madeira


Epic Sunrise and Rock Climbing adventure in Madeira, Portugal


Former Drone Video of the Week Winner DigitalTravelCouple brings us this epic drone video from a rock climbing trip in the Portuguese island of Madeira.  The video was filmed around the Bica da Cana overlook, which towers over a plateau near the center of this volcanic island.  Shot with a DJI Mavic Pro 2, the video captures Madeira's stunning beauty as it emerges from early-morning cloud cover.  While much of the area is accessible via a loop trail, reaching the top of the Pinnacle rock requires some serious rock-climbing skills!  

Flying over Madeira


Exploring Madeira


Contributor KasperReisner created this amazing drone video of the Portuguese island of Madeira.  Actually a main island plus a small group of islands, it lies almost due west from the Moroccan city of Marakkesh.  Its volcanic origins and rare fauna and flora have turned it into a magnet for outdoor-seeking tourists looking for somewhat off-the-beaten-path destinations.  Enjoy the aerial views of the magnificent coastlines and lush green interior of this volcanic wonder in the Atlantic Ocean!

Madeira: Funchal, South Coast, and Interior


The Magic of Madeira

  • Lexern
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Lexern created this beautiful aerial mini-tour of Madeira, an island territory of Portugal which is located off the coast of North Africa.  The video opens with an impressive shot of Funchal, the main island's primary city, which is also capital of the Madeira administrative region (one of the seven into which Portugal is divided).  The city lies on the island's southern coast.  From there, you'll get a look at some spots on the interior of the island, which was formed by a giant stratovolcano on the ocean floor.  

Curral das Freiras (Nun's Valley)


Epic drone flight through clouds of Nun's Valley, Madeira, Island

Jackson Gr...

Check out this stunning drone video from the Portuguese island of Madeira, compliments of AirVuz contributor and pilot Jackson Groves.  The area filmed is called Nun's Valley (Curral das Freiras), and it's located near the middle of this North Atlantic Ocean island.  Surrounded by steep mountains and cliffs, the valley is one of the most isolated parts of Madeira.  In recent years, it has become somewhat more accessible with the construction of a tunnel which cuts through to the island's capital city of Funchal, on its southern coast.  

Pico do Arieiro, Seixal, and More


Discover Madeira - Volcanic Tropical Island

  • Boyanoo
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Located off the coast of northwestern Africa, Madeira is an archipelago known for its warm, subtropical climate, volcanic interior, dense jungles, high cliffs, and beautiful beaches. One of the seven official regions of Portugal, Madeira can be seen from above in this drone video by top contributor Boyanoo. He’s taken his DJI Mavic 2 Pro out to Pico do Arieiro, the island’s third highest peak, down to the beaches of Seixal and beyond, shooting a variety of close up shots, time-lapses, and more from this natural wonder. 

Northwestern Madeira: Porto Moniz


Madeira Porto Moniz


Porto Moniz is a town on the northwestern coast of the Portuguese island of Madeira off the coast of North Africa.  It lies roughly opposite Funchal, the island's capital and largest city, which is on the southeastern coast.  First colonized at the end of the 15th century in the early stages of Portugal's Age of Exploration, Porto Muniz is home to a group of lava pools which are popular tourist destinations on the island.  In this video by contributor bailongas, you'll get a bird's eye view of this corner of the volcanic island.  

Mountains of Madeira


Madeira, Portugal (Mavic 2 Pro)


Check out this beautiful aerial video of the mountainous interior of Portugal's island of Madeira, which was shot with a DJI Mavic Pro 2 drone.  The island is actually the visible tip of a giant volcano rising off of the North Atlantic Ocean floor.  The volcano created a series of peaks which cover most of the interior of the island, which has a land area of just under 750 square km (a bit under 250 square miles).  Its highest peak is Pico Ruivo, which has an elevation of about 1.85k meters (just over 6.1k ft.).  

Funchal, Christ the King Statue, and More




The powerful beauty of the Portuguese island of Madeira is on full display in this drone video, which was shot on a DJI Mavic Pro 2.  It opens with some shots of Funchal, the island's capital city, which sits on the south side of the island. At about the :30 mark you'll get a view of one of the island's most famous landmarks: the Christ the King statue in Garajau, just east of the capital city.  From there you'll get to see some of the other towns along Madeira's coast, as well as its legendary coastal cliffs. 

Calheta: Western Madeira


Pearl of Madeira

Jani Ojala...

Check out this stunning footage of a village on the Portuguese island of Madeira, compliments of Jani Ojala.  The area is around the town of Paul do Mar, part of the municipality of Calheta which covers the western portion of the island.  The town is built on a steep hillside, and historically sustained itself on fishing.  Today there is some tourist travel, although it's some ways from the main tourist destinations on the island.  It's also gained an international reputation for its surfing spots.  

Point of Saint Lawrence


Madeira Point of Saint Lawrence


Enjoy the aerial views of one of the most spectacular spots on the Portuguese island of Madeira, compliments of contributor oszibusz.  The Point of St. Lawrence (Ponta de São Lourenço) is a cape at the eastern tip of the volcanic island, which lies off the coast of North Africa and is one of the last remnants of a once-mighty Portuguese overseas empire.  Since the early 1980's, the Point has been a designated as a nature preserve, known for its flora and fauna including a rare type of seal.  

Paragliding in Madeira


Madeira paragliding experience


The creative duo known as DigitalTravelCouple is one of the top contributors on AirVuz, with multiple Drone Video of the Week wins.  In this short but excellent piece, they use a drone to film themselves paragliding on the island of Madeira.  Part of Portugal, Madeira is located off the coast of northwestern Africa, in the North Atlantic Ocean.  The island's stunning coastal cliffs make for some epic paragliding, which is captured via a combination of drone and "ride" along camera and skillfully edited.  

Ponta do Pargo: Madeira's Western Tip


MADEIRA - Ponta do Pargo (Lighthouse and Waterfall)


Ponta do Pargo is a point at the tip of the western end of Madeira, a Portuguese island in the Atlantic Ocean, southwest of the Portuguese mainland and closer to the North African coast.  In this drone video by AirVuz contributor, you'll gtet an aerial view of this idyllic spot.  The video includes footage of the stunning coastline here, as well as a beautiful nearby waterfall.  You'll also see the  lighthouse of Ponta do Pargo, which was constructed in 1922.  

The Cliffs of Cape Girão


Madeira Drone road trip part 1


Check out this stunning aerial video of one of the world's highest coastal cliffs, compliments of contributor Franlac-Channel-France.  Cape Girão is located off the southern coast of Madeira, the North Atlantic island which is part of Portugal.  The cliffs feature a drop of 580 meters (about 1.9k ft.).  In 2012, a skywalk was built here, the highest such structure in Europe.  The cliffs are just a short distance from  Câmara de Lobos, a suburb of the provincial capital Fumchal on the eastern side of the island.  

Around Funchal


Madeira from above

  • Breo
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In this drone video by Breo, you'll get a nice aerial tour of the area of Funchal, the main city of Portugal's Madeira island.  Located on the southern coast of the main island, Funchal founded by the Portuguese in the early 1400's, when the country's Age of Discovery was just in its infancy.  Funchal has a population of a bit over 100k (making it Portugal's sixth-largest city by population), and it includes the main core city right on the coast plus numerous smaller settlements in the hills which surround the city.  

Madeira's Interior Mountains


Madeira by Drone (4K)


The Portuguese island of Madeira is known as much for its interior mountains as it is for its coastline.  Like the island itself, the mountains of Madeira are geological infants, having been formed by a series of eruptions on the Atlantic Ocean floor beginning "only" about five million years ago.  The main mountain chain here runs down the center of the island, reaching peak altitudes of about 1.85k meters (around 6.1k ft.) above sea level.  Checkout the beautiful Madeira Mountains from above in this drone video. 

Madeira Drone Tour: 4th Segment


Madeira Drone road trip part4 the final


Here's the fourth installment of a drone video series of the Portuguese island of Madeira, compliments of contributor Franlac-Channel-France.  The video is helpfully captioned and includes footage from spots both in the mountainous interior of the island as well as on its coasts.  Here are the areas you'll see in the video: Curral das Freiras, Praia de Sao Jorge, Pico Ruivo, Pico Do Areiro, Seixal Piscines Naturales, Porto Moniz, Ponta Da Cruz Rhumerie, and Ponte de Sao Lourenco.

Sperm Whale Family Near Calheta


Family of Sperm Whales on Madeira Island, Portugal

Jackson Gr...

Among the many attractions of the Portuguese island of Madeira is its whale-watching.  Situated in the North Atlantic Ocean, Madeira is home to both year-round as well as migratory populations of many whale (as well as dolphin) species.  In this amazing drone video by AirVuz contributor Jackson Groves, you'll get an aerial view of a family of seven sperm whales plying the waters near Calheta, a town on the southwestern corner of the island.  Sperm whales are the largest toothed whales and are considered the largest toothed predator.  

Madeira by DJI Spark


MADEIRA BY DJI SPARK (Travel Drone Footage)


For his first upload to AirVuz, aleksjboss created this beautiful aerial tour of the Portuguese island of Madeira.  Shot with a DJI Spark drone, the video features footage of the following locations: the Point of St. Lawrence, Miradouro de Guindaste, the interior mountains Pico do Arieiro and Pico Ruivo, the mountain village of Miradouro do Curral das Freiras, the coastal village of Miradouro de São Cristovão, the regional capital of Ponta Delgada, the coastal town of Miradouro do Véu da Noiva, and more.  

Air/Ground Tour of Madeira


Madeira, Portugal 4K 2019 (Cinematic DJI Mavic Pro 2 / Sony A7iii)


Contributor dylanamble created this marvelously cinematic aerial tour of the island of Madeira, a semi-autonomous region of Portugal in the North Atlantic Ocean.  Beautifully edited, the video combines aerial footage captured with a DJI Mavic Pro 2 drone with ground footage from a Sony A7iii camera.  Watch it and you'll see why this island is sometimes called the "Hawaii of Europe", known for its stunning vertical coastal cliffs and rock formations, semi-tropical interior forests, volcanic peaks, hillside villages, and more.  

Madeira Mountains in a Snowstorm



Jackson Gr...

Located closer to the African than the European mainland, the Portuguese island of Madeira is known for its mild climate.  However, with mountains as high as 1.9k meters above sea level (just over 6.1k ft.), the island is no stranger to snowfall.  In this drone video by Jackson Groves, you'll see some rare drone footage of the mountains of Madeira in a snowstorm.   Shot with a DJI Mavic Pro 2 drone, the video features some stunning footage captured flying over one of the island's rocky mountain ridges.  

Pico das Torres: Madeira's #2 Peak


Climbing to the summit of Pico das Torres on Madeira Island, Portugal

Jackson Gr...

Follow along with new AirVuz contributor Jackson Groves on a climb to one of the tallest mountains on the Portuguese island of Madeira.  The Pico das Torres is actually the second-highest mountain on this North Atlantic island, which is sovereign Portuguese territory but which lies closer to the coast of Morocco in northwestern Africa.  The mountain lies west-northwest from the island's capital city Funchal, in the north-central part of the island.  It has a summit elevation of about 1.85 meters above sea level (just under 6.1k ft.).  

Narrated Madeira Tour


Travel Madeira island with a drone for 10 days

Marian Pec...

Enjoy this narrated piece from the North Atlantic island of Madeira, compliments of AirVuz contributor and drone pilot Marian Peciar.  He says he bought a camera just to encourage him to explore and travel the world more.  Madeira is an autonomous region of Portugal that is known for its stunning coastline and offshore rock formations, namesake wine, subtropical climate, pebbly beaches, and volcanic, rugged interior. The archipelago sits off the northwest coast of Africa and has a lush, green landscape on all four islands. 

Hiking a Ridge in Northern Madeira


Epic Ridge Hike on Madeira Island in Portugal

Jackson Gr...

New AirVuz contributor Jackson Groves skillfully combined handheld camera and drone footage to create this epic video record of a hiking trip on the Portuguese island of Madeira.  The video was filmed along (very precarious) Pico do Alto Ridge, which separates the seaside town of São Jorge from the smaller interior town of Boaventura.  It's roughly in the middle of the island's northern coast, which is dotted by towns but which is home to only a small fraction of the island's full-time population of about 250k.  

Four Days in Madeira


Madeira Portugal - Slow Movement shot by drone


Check out this marvelous travel video from the Portuguese island of Madeira, compliments of AirVuz contributor pedrolftavares.  It was shot over the course of a four day trip using a combination of drone footage and a DJI Osmo stabilized ground camera.  The video features epic top-down views of the island's rocky coastline, shots of its mountainous interior, and aerial views of its giant offshore rock formations.  At the 2:10 mark, you'll even get a glimpse of some of the island's giant wind turbines.

Madeira Drone Views


Madeira Island

Dani Massa...

Here are some amazing aerial views of the Portuguese island of Madeira, compliments of Dani Massaro.  At about the :35 mark, you'll see the clock tower of the town of São Vicente on the island's northern coast.  Starting at the :50 mark, there's a stunning aerial view of a the small coastal village of Seixal.  After this you'll see the rocks around São Lourenço at the island's eastern tip, followed by the Bridal Waterfall (Véu da Noiva) just east of Seixal, which empties directly into the ocean.  

Madeira by DJI Mavic Pro


Madeira 2018 by DJI Mavic Pro 4K

Gabika Tra...

Contributor Gabika Travel used a DJI Mavic Pro drone to create this stunning aerial video of Madeira, the Portuguese island in the Atlantic Ocean.  The first part of the video was shot in the island's mountainous interior, where the peaks reach as high as 1.86k meters above sea level (around 6.1k ft.).  Then it's on to the beautiful capital city of Funchal on the island's southern shore, which is home to roughly 40% of Madeira's population.  The final shots are along more isolated stretches of the island's famously rocky coastline.  



Madeira Island: 4K Drone Footage

Rasmus H-P...

Amazing cliff + sunset!

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Madeira, Portugal


600 Years Old Trees