AV News: Drones Helping Disaster Recovery

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With natural disasters on the rise due to climate change, drones are becoming a more common too to help in recovery. 

DJI's Romeo Durscher has been on the ground in California, using drones to help with relief efforts multiple times over the past year. 

See how UAVs are being used and learn more about how drone pilots can continue to help in this video. 


AV News: Aerial Anthropology Helping People Relive Memories

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A group out of Cleveland is helping hospice patients relive memories by "visiting" places they'll never see again. Since more of the patients can't travel to the areas they love, drones are taking them there. Find out more about this incredible group in this AirVūz New story. 


AV News: Drones Helping Rid Oceans Of Plastic Waste

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The build up of plastics in the world's oceans is a major issue many people are aware of. But, did you know that drones are helping with clean up efforts? Find out more about the group The Plastic Tide and how they're using UAV's to fight pollution in this AirVūz News story. 


AV News: Drone Saves Stranded Mountain Climber

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When Rick Allen started to climb the infamous mountain K2, he thought he had all that he would need to get through the journey alive. What he didn't know was that the elements would take hold and he'd be lost for days. Luckily a random drone pilot was out helping search for him Rick, eventually saving his life. Watch the story for more!


AV News: ConservationDrones.org

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The Conservation Drones Organization uses drones to collect data on wildlife and forests in Southeast Asia to inform them on challenges with conservation.  Gathering this kind of data in the tropics isn't easy due to the environmental obstacles, however drones have made this an easier task. The data they collect is shared with local universities, zoos, and research foundations to help guide them in their own studies of conservation. 


AV News: Drones vs. Poachers

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The Lindbergh Foundation non-profit has teamed up with UAV and Drone Solutions in South Africa to form the Air Shepherd Initiative. Their goal is to battle the poaching crisis in the Kruger National Park and surrounding areas. For more information on how you can help their valiant and effective effort to save Rhinos, Elephants, and other animals, go to www.airshepherd.org.



AV News: Unequal Scenes

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AV News: Drone Rescue

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AV News: Medical Drones

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AV News: Bomb-Detecting Drones

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